11th Anniversary

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You arrive home from work on the evening of our anniversary, you lock the door behind you. You come into the living room to find me waiting for you dressed just the way you like…

I have my black stiletto boots on with black fishnet stockings and suspenders. The black dress I’m wearing shimmers in the dim light and is so short you can see the tops of my thighs peeping out invitingly. My tits are trussed up under my chin and my hair hangs loose down my back. I look at you through from behind heavy dark make-up, waiting for your approval.

You move me up against the wall and raise my hands above my head. The restraints are in place on wall ready for you to put my wrists in. Once restrained you lift up my dress to reveal my ass, then step back to get a good look at me. Running your fingers softly over my ass cheeks makes me quite weak at the knees. You hear me gasp so you make me spread my legs, telling me to stick my ass out and arch my back, making the tension on my wrists increase and I can’t move at all.

From no where your hand comes crashing down on my ass making me cry out. You smack me again before holding your hand there so it doesn’t sting too much and so you can feel the heat you’ve produced from my skin. Removing your hand you see the redness build and can’t resist smacking me again and again and again!

Now it really hurts and I’m surprised when you get on your knees and start to kiss and lick and bite on my sore ass cheek. Reaching under me you feel the wetness you’ve caused. Encouraged by this you delve your hand in deeper shoving all four fingers mercilessly into my soaking pussy.

I throw my head back in complete ecstasy, loving the attention I’m getting. You then remove your hand and place both of them on my ass cheeks, spreading them wide so you have full view of my ass hole. You shove your face at my ass, your tongue licking and lapping at my hole. You stab at it now, tongue fucking my ass!

You take the beaded butt plug that you brought home with you as a gift for me and work it into my ass bead by bead. Each one causing me pain and pleasure, but once in you don’t move them, you simply tell me that you’ll be back for it later. Right now you want to fuck my pussy.

Still in my restraints you push my feet as far apart as possible without me breaking my already straining wrists. Standing behind me, you grab my hips, escort cebeci move your groin forward and thrust your cock into my pussy, straight in and deep.

I arch my back more so my back is almost touching your chest. You reach round and grab my tits, all the while your fucking my pussy with slow, fierce movements. Twisting my nipples and grabbing handfuls of my tits you start to move faster. In and out, in and out. I drop my head and shoulders making your hands leave my tits and you place them on my hips.

My ass is still red from the spanking you gave me earlier, yet this doesn’t stop you from smacking my ass cheeks with both hands, grabbing at them violently. All this abuse leaves you wanting to give me more than just a spanking. Removing your cock from my pussy you again stand back to admire your work and can see my once perfect make-up is starting to smudge under my eyes and a fine film of sweat glistens on my skin.

My tits have jumped out of the top of my tight bra and now touch my chin. Whilst I pant open mouthed, the butt plug juts out from my red ass and I am all the more aware of it now your cock is no longer in my pussy. You step in towards me, pointing your dick at my ass, I’m confused by this as you haven’t removed the butt plug, but all becomes more clear to me when I hear you let out a groan as you watch your own piss run down my ass cheeks.

As I feel your warm piss run down the back of my legs I feel totally humiliated. I’m grateful when you undo the wrist restraints, unfortunately I don’t realise that I have gone completely jelly-legged and drop to my knees before you. Taking this as an invitation you shove your piss stinking cock into my mouth, making me swallow down as I gag.

Your cock slightly placid from the pee-break, is in my mouth waiting to be sucked back to it’s full glory. I look up at you from under my eyelashes as I close my lips around you and suck your cock. I make sure I use my tongue to move it around my warm, wet mouth, flicking it over the tip of your cock. I put my hand around the shaft, gripping you tightly, but not too tight, moving up and down all the while.

You pull your cock out my mouth and grab a handful of my hair, forcing my head back. I open my mouth to welcome your saliva as you dribble onto my waiting tongue. You brush my hands away from you and then direct escort çukurambar my mouth over your cock telling me to “open wide”. You put your cock into my mouth, and slide it all the way down my throat.

I cant breathe through my nose properly from the wetness around my nostrils and your stomach in my face. I gag and splutter yet you continue to hold the back of my head, gripping my hair tighter, just holding your cock in my throat for a while. You pull your cock out, allowing me a precious lung full of air before slapping my face and shoving my mouth onto your cock once again.

But this time my mouth is shut and I’m far less welcoming. You could care less! You pinch my nose, and force your cock through my lips and teeth. I give in, but suck hard hoping to gain more air. You shove your cock in further and get a rhythm going. Fucking my throat like it was a pussy!

After really working my mouth and throat over, you go to the sofa. Instead of sitting down though, you get on your knees, lean your head and arms on the back of the sofa and present your ass to me. I crawl behind you and head straight for your hole. My tongue wet and numb from the cock sucking I have no idea it feels so hard to you.

You love it! I hear you groan as I stab and spit at your hole. Really lapping at your ass, my whole face is in there whilst my hand reaches under you and strokes your cock. I turn over and move my attention to your balls, taking them into my mouth I gently suckle on them. Your ass still wet, I reach up and place a finger at the entrance, gently pressing over and over again. Each time getting a bit further in.

You pull your balls from my mouth and replace them with your cock. From this angle I have no choice but to accept it and it goes all the way down my throat. You fuck my throat for longer this time as it’s easier for me to breathe, I don’t put up any resistance and neither do you as I continue to finger fuck your ass.

My instinct tells me your about to cum but then you remember the butt plug is still in my ass. Pulling out of my throat quickly, you jump up and order me to sit on the sofa with my ass on the edge of the seat. I do so and lie back with my legs spread so you can see the butt plug sticking out from my ass. Pleased that I kept a firm grip of it throughout the session so far, you kneel in front of me escort demetevler with your cock poised and ready.

You first put your cock in my pussy, looking down on it, watching it go in and out, getting wet and juicy. You put your hand around the butt plug and begin to slowly remove it, bead by bead, still thrusting in and out of my pussy. I let out a moan as each thrust into my pussy is equaled with a bead being pulled out of my ass – it feels amazing!

Once the butt plug is fully out, you remove your cock from my pussy and watch with delight as it disappears up my ass hole. My feet are on your shoulders and my hands are on my pussy, my fingers seeking my clit. You look down at me whilst you fuck my ass, loving every minute of the tightness and nastiness of this. I smile when you turn your head and lick the leather of my boots.

Once you’re sure my ass is willing to accept the girth of your cock, you tell me to stand up. You sit down on the sofa where I was a moment ago and beckon me to you. I come straight for you and straddle you, thrusting my tits in your face as I grip the back of the sofa, I come down hard on your cock with my pussy. I’m going to fuck you like this for a while! And I do fuck you furiously for some time with my pussy, but I know you want my ass – no problem…

As I raise up your cock falls from my pussy and I use my hand to guide it into my waiting ass. Still in the same position I lower and raise my ass on your cock. Gripping my hips, you pull me down as you thrust up, making the impact so much more powerful. This being far deeper than I’ve taken a cock in my ass before, I can’t help but scream out.

You practically throw me off you and jump up, dragging me to the wall once again. You put both my hands behind my back telling me to spread my ass cheeks, which I do immediately. You press your body up against mine. My face is up against the wall as you drive your cock into my ass. My tits hurt as they get repeatedly crushed on the wall as you fuck my ass harder and faster.

One of your arms is tightly wrapped around my waist as you hold me close and your muscles tighten. Your fingers dig into the flesh of my mouth where I’m sucking the fingers of your free hand and I know you are about to cum.

With a final burst of fast thrusts, you seemingly freeze as your cock pumps cum into my bowels. I feel it shoot in me as my own orgasm takes hold and I can’t help but clench and force myself back onto you.

We gasp and moan and shudder together enjoying the final release of climax. We stay like this until we move apart and take a look at one another. What a mess! Maybe a shower is in order before dinner?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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