12 crazy kids

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Big Tits

Last Friday was a crazy day and also one of the greatest days of my life. I’m Kerry and I’m 14 years old. I have a cool boyfriend Justin, and we love to fuck. It was super-hot that day and we were riding the school bus to my best friend Ashley’s house. She was with her boyfriend Scott.
The four of us were incredibly horny and made out on the bus the whole way. Ashley and I were dressed like little sluts with tiny tank tops and cut-off jean shorts that hardly even covered our asses. I sat on Justin’s lap and Ashley was on Scott’s as we made out like crazy. We were all so hot that we even switched places and I made out with Scott and Ashley did the same with Justin.
But when we got to Ashley’s we were really disappointed. All we wanted was to get out of our clothes and fuck, but Ashley’s little brother was home with a couple of his friends. They were running around the house so we knew there was no hope. But we were all so horny we had to do something.
I knew my parents wouldn’t be home from work for at least a couple of hours so we headed over there. It was so hot out and we were a bunch of sex-crazed 14-year-olds, we had to get started soon. And we barely even got in the door before we started going at each other. We all started making out and undressing, right there in the front hallway of what I thought was my empty house.
Justin had worked my shorts down and was starting to take off my top, as I had my hands inside his oversized sleeveless T-shirt rubbing his chest. Ashley had gone a little farther, she had Scott’s cock in her hand and his shorts on the floor.
Just then my mom walked in from the side door. “What’s going on here?” she asked.
We all stopped and stared at her. She and my dad both knew I liked to fuck and made sure I was on birth control. But she had never caught us before. The other kids all weren’t sure what to do, but no one made a move to put their clothes back on.
After a few seconds, I got the courage to say what we were all thinking.
“Mom, we just really want a place to fuck. We’re all really hot and really horny and Ashley’s little brother was home with his friends, so we came here.”
My mom said she wasn’t sure, but then she probably remembered to when she was a teenager.
“Okay, fine, but all you guys don’t forget to do your homework later,” she said.
I went over to her and give her a kiss on the cheek and said thank you. Ashley and Scott couldn’t wait london escort that long. They finished stripping and she dropped to her knees and started sucking her boyfriend’s cock, right in front of everyone. I decided I didn’t have to be shy either, so Justin and I both got naked and I got on my knees to start my blowjob too.
My mom watched us for a few seconds, her daughter and her daughter’s best friend, naked on their knees, both sucking their naked boyfriend’s cocks. After she left, we continued. I loved sucking Justin’s cock, it felt so great in my mouth and completely turned me on. But we needed more.
The four of us ran upstairs to my room to start some serious fucking. My bed had a bunch of stuffed animals on it but Ashley threw them on the floor as she and Scott got started. Ashley and I laid on our backs side by side while the boys fucked us from above. We all switched positions after a while, and knew my mom could hear all the screaming going on, but we didn’t care. At one point, I got on all fours while Scott pounded me doggy-style. Ashley laid in front of me so I could lick her pussy. But this left Justin with nothing to do.
We needed more kids, so I called our friend Beth, who I knew would be with her boyfriend Timmy, and told them to come over right away. “Don’t bother wearing too many clothes,” I told her. “Why not?” Beth asked. “Cause you won’t be wearing them for long.”
Well, they knew what that meant cause they got to my house in 10 minutes. My mom opened the door for them. “The kids are all upstairs in Kerry’s room,” she said. Beth had on a bikini top and tiny shorts and Timmy had just a tank top and basketball shorts, so my mom figured they’d be naked and joining the party too.
As soon as Beth and Timmy came into my room, we got started again. With six of us we could try all kinds of positions and combinations. At one point, all six of us got on the floor in a daisy chain and sucked each other until we all came. After a couple of hours we were completely wiped out and fell asleep.
My dad built a basketball court in our big backyard for my older brother Mike, and it was the noise from there that woke me up. After all our fucking I didn’t think I’d be up for more, but what I saw in the backyard changed my mind and got me all wet again.
Mike’s 18 and he was shooting hoops with two friends who I’d seen before, Kenny and Miguel, who were also 18. Kenny’s an incredibly hot london escort agency black guy and Miguel just moved to our town from Mexico. He had a bunch of tattoos that were really cool. All three of them were incredibly hot (yes, my brother too), and you could tell they worked out a lot with their muscled arms and tight abs. They had nothing on but shorts on this hot day and they were all glistening with sweat.
I whispered to Ashley and Beth and motioned them over to the window. They started licking their lips too. I knew Ashley’s always had a secret crush on my brother and we all knew this was our chance. We were dying to get those shorts off the boys and see how big they all were.
We snuck out of the bedroom and put on our skimpiest bikinis to go lay in the sun. As I passed my bathroom, I got an idea and grabbed a big bottle of baby oil. “Hey Mike,” Ashley said, flirting with my big brother, as the game stopped so the three guys could check out the hot girls who were now in the backyard.
“Hey yourself,” he said. “You look hot, Ashley. And so do you Kerry.”
I knew we looked good and I also knew there was no way I could wait any longer to see what was under those shorts. I walked over to Kenny, Ashley to Mike and Beth to Miguel and we started brushing up against the guys. I put my hands around Kenny’s neck and we started making out. I looked over and Ashley was doing the same with Mike.
Things moved fast from there. The guys untied our bikini tops and our tits bounced free. Then they pulled down our bottoms so we were naked.
I made the first move with Kenny, pulling down his shorts and dropping to my knees. His cock had to be about 10 inches and I just couldn’t wait to get it in my mouth. As I started sucking, I noticed we were all suddenly naked. Ashley and Beth were also on their knees. Mike’s cock was just as long as Kenny’s and Ashley was enjoying every inch of it sliding in and out of her wet mouth. Miguel’s cock was even longer but Beth was having no problem with it filling her hungry mouth.
I looked out of the corner of my eye and could see my mom in the kitchen making dinner. She was watching the six of us. She didn’t say anything or come outside, which was a good thing since a massive orgy was about to start. We had big fences surrounding our yard so we knew no one could see anything and we really didn’t care about how much noise we would make.
The guys were about ready escort london to come after a few minutes and we couldn’t wait. I wanted to feel Kenny’s warm, gooey cum all over my face. He pulled out and started to squirt like a hose until his cum dripped down my face. Ashley and Beth’s faces were completely covered too.
Now the girls wanted to get fucked and get fucked hard. I went over to get that bottle of baby oil and started rubbing oil all over the guys’ chests. The other girls helped too, wiping down their arms and legs until they were covered with oil and sweat. Then we oiled each other up. The six of us were glistening in the sun as the oil dripped off of us.
I got into position first. I got on my hands and knees cause I needed to have one of those monster cocks slide deep inside me. Miguel obliged, grabbing my oily hips and sticking his 11-inch tool in my pussy. Beth went over to Mike and got him to lay on his back so she could ride him like a cowgirl. And Kenny picked up Ashley and turned her upside down so he could fuck her from above.
The six of us got into a fucking rhythm pretty quick and I can only imagine what the neighbors thought. Meanwhile, Justin, Scott and Timmy came out into the yard, I’m sure attracted by all the noise. They had nothing on but board shorts and they were really cute but they didn’t have the huge cocks that we were enjoying.
But their cocks were big enough for my little sister Jen and her friends Kim and Zoe. They were all 12 years old and were just getting home from soccer practice after school when they saw the action in the back yard. Jen looked like she couldn’t believe it, her oiled-up sister Kerry getting fucked doggy-style but a tattoo-covered high school senior, her brother Mike fucking her sister’s friend Ashley, and all six naked covered in oil fucking their brains out.
And standing off to the side, three super-cute 14-year-old boys with no shirts on and obvious hard-ons inside their shorts. Well, you can guess what happened. The 12-year-olds and 14-year-olds soon paired off and got naked. Now it was a 12-person orgy in the back yard and my mom’s eyes just about fell out of her head.
There was her 12-year-old Jen, naked and sucking her middle daughter’s boyfriend’s cock as her middle daughter was now getting fucked up the ass by a big black guy. And her son was on his back with one girl riding his cock and another sitting on his face.
We passed the baby oil around and soon all 12 of us were covered in oil, sweat and cum, fucking the afternoon away in the backyard. We had threesomes, foursomes, 69s all over the place. It was incredible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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