A Belated Birthday Present

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For your birthday, I know you didn’t want any big fanfare, so I planned a quiet night away for us. Dinner out and a hotel for the night is all I’ve clued you in on. After checking in, we head out to the steakhouse and then stop off for a couple of drinks, before heading back to the hotel.

Once settled in, I tell you to go take a shower so I can get your massage stuff ready. Once I hear the shower running and check to see that you’re actually in it, I make a quick call. Within minutes, my friend Lisa is at the door. Handing her a glass of wine, she quickly hides as we hear the shower turn off.

I watch you from the bed, and give a heavy sigh as just the sight of you makes me quiver and throb. Your eyes narrow as you notice I’ve changed into a sheer black chemise with just the tiniest hint of a panty. Patting the bed, I tell you to lie down so I can start your massage.

With no objections, you lie face down on the bed. I straddle your hips and start to work my magic on your shoulders with the oil I’ve had warming at the bedside. Leaning down over you, kissing you softly where my hands have worked your knotted muscles loose. Reaching under the pillow, I pull out the blindfold and slip it over your eyes…”to help you feel the experience, ” I whisper in your ear.

Lisa appears quietly at the bedside…I climb off your hips and work my way down your spine, asking you if it feels good. Your groan of a response tells me you like this. I pull my hands away and get off the bed, and nod to Lisa to take over. Immediately, I see you tense, your hand moves toward the blindfold, I gently place my hand over yours and pull it away.

“Enjoy lover.” I whisper in your ear, and I feel and see you relax once again.

Confident now that we can continue as planned, Lisa and I both work our way down your back fingers kneading, lips pressing against your skin. Turning you onto your back, Lisa straddles your stomach, and leans over to kiss you. I watch your reaction to her with interest, watching you kiss another woman, watch your body respond to her. I reach over and take your already hard cock in my hand, and start to stroke it, lightly almost absently. With the other, I run my finger along her slit, gently pushing between, sliding my finger along her wetness. I feel her push and canlı bahis wriggle against my finger, her kiss to you deepening. I kneel between your legs, behind her and slide a finger deep inside her as I continue to rub her clit. Lisa lets out a moan and begins grinding against my hands. Your hips arch up, your cock rock hard and wanting some attention.

Removing my hands from her pussy, she climbs up to straddle your face. I watch with a jealous satisfaction as your hands come up to hold her ass cheeks, pulling her closer to you, hearing her moans as your tongue works it’s magic on her, just as you’ve done with me so many times.

I pull your cock back to me, lower my mouth, swirl my tongue around your head, along the slit- catching the drops of precum that have already accumulated. Licking you from the base to your head, with long hard licks; cupping and lifting your balls, kneading them, sucking them into my mouth, my fingers wrapped around your shaft, stroking you.

Hearing Lisa’s moans, I look up to see her shaking, your arms locked around her hips- holding her tight to your mouth. I watch as she bucks uncontrollably her head thrown back, her arms bracing herself on the wall. I reach down and stroke myself as you keep her orgasm flowing, until she finally pulls away from your mouth and collapses against the wall. Leaving your balls, I climb up next to her and softly caress her back and ass as she tries to come back to this plane. She looks over at me, and I nod again, no words said, as she slides down and positions herself over your cock, sliding you back and forth along her lips before sinking herself down on your shaft. I turn your face to mine and kiss you deep and hard, tasting her juices, cleaning them from your lips, chin and cheeks with my tongue.

One of your hands pulls my head in close for a hot passionate kiss, tongues wrestling, breaths coming in pants- your other hand on Lisa’s hip, pulling her down hard on your cock, your hips pressing up, slamming into her. Both of our hands roam over your chest. As your thrusting quickens she climbs off of you and lowers her lips to your glistening cock, leaving your lips, I join her in cleaning your shaft, both of our tongues licking her juices from you. Your hands wound behind each of our heads, your body stiff, your groans bahis siteleri and our sighs echo throughout the room. Lisa comes over to my side of the bed and parts my thighs, running her finger up and down my wet slit as my head bobs up and down on your cock.

I slide up along your body once again kissing your lips, knowing that you’re way beyond wanting and needing to cum. Lisa’s tongue dives into my pussy, causing me to arch my back and groan. Her finger plunges deep as her tongue swirls around my clit.

I know that you’ve always wanted to see another woman eating my pussy so I pull the blindfold away from your eyes, slowly. Your face –inches from mine as I whisper, “Let me introduce you to your surprise.”

My fingers grab at her hair, and I pull her tight to my pussy, not wanting this feeling to end. I feel your fingers tug at my nipples. I pull your head to mine and kiss you again tasting her juices on your tongue. Lisa’s long nails dig into my thighs as she sucks my clit harder bringing me even higher.

As my orgasm subsides, I am sandwiched between the two of you. I turn to Lisa and kiss her softly, lightly licking her lips catching my own juices. Slowly our kiss deepens and I can fully taste myself. We mirror each other’s movements, caressing and kissing lips, necks, breasts. We grind against one another, her nude body against my silky clad one. She draws my chemise up and soon we are two bodies working as one. I reach down to her cleft and slide a finger along her lips- still swollen from your mouth. I tingle when I realize that the both of us will have sampled this woman. I slide a finger into her moist tunnel as she does mine.

I can feel you pressed against my backside, your cock hard against my ass. I move over Lisa and kiss her body her mound, her thighs- my finger deep inside her. I slide to the end of the bed pulling her with me. As I lean over the bed and lower my head to her pussy, I watch you caress and pull at her nipples, with your fingers and teeth.

I smile as I watch you, my mouth now feasting as yours had done. Our eyes meet, and I blink very slowly hoping to show you how appreciative I am that you would do this for us. I spread Lisa’s legs wider as my tongue replaces my finger. I feel your weight lift from the bed, watching you move bahis şirketleri out of my range of sight.

Lisa begins to writhe beneath me, I ease back a bit, not wanting her to cum again too quickly. I inhale her musky scent and lick teasingly along her outer lips, her writhing continues, although now I’m sure there’s a bit of frustration mixed in there.

I feel your hands now on my back inching down, painstakingly slow. My hips writhe as well. You stand against me now, your cock settled along my crack. Your fingers dig into my flesh causing me to moan. I want you to take me and you are not doing it fast enough. You slide away and your cock slides lower and lower until I feel you pushing against my pussy. I push back against you, but you move away. Like a petulant child I stomp my foot in frustration. I hear you laugh.

Lisa’s frustration is mounting as my teasing continues, her hands pulling at my hair, I give in to her needs and push my mouth directly on her hardened clit, softly I suck and lap at it, as I begin to suck her, I feel you enter me- torturously slow. I make a mental note to remind you what torturously slow means. I feel Lisa’s body quiver her moans fill the room.

You are completely inside me now, rocking me with each stroke. You reach around me and rub my already excited clit. Soon my excitement builds along side Lisa’s. The room is now filled with the sounds of two women deeply entrenched with passion. Your finger now rubbing hard pushing me closer to the heavenly abyss, your easy stroking becomes as demanding now as your finger, my tongue becomes one with her pussy.

I can feel Lisa’s body shake – I continue harder fingering her pussy as my tongue continues it’s assault on her clit. She bucks against me spilling her juices over my face as you now pummel me from behind. I continue to suck her hard as she screams out in delight, her pelvis and back arch. My own body gives into the pleasure and I too scream out against her dripping pussy. I feel you spasm inside me as I convulse against your cock, the three of us climaxing together.

As our bodies come down from their high, Lisa drinks her wine, and manages to stand. She disappears into the bathroom as we hold each other close on the bed, your body providing me with the warmth I need. She returns minutes later to thank us for sharing in this experience, leans down to give you a kiss and a “happy birthday” and leaves.

Snuggled deep in your arms, I murmur sleepily, “Happy Birthday Baby… again”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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