A Few Thoughts on Cucumbers

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So you like to play with toys. You told me that when we were driving home from college. Well I have didoes, big, small, light and black, soft and firm. phallic that glow in dark, plastic pricks that vibrate with one, two or three speeds, two or more heads, nipple clamps, ankle restraints all manner of toys, not to mention my Louisville Slugger. That is all well and good but no substitute for a skilled hand, a quick tongue and the good old in and out.

But I have something for you, a cucumber. Not just your average garden variety cuke, but a King of the Cukes. I know a market where they always have a wonderfully erotic selection of produce, juicy melons, tantalizing bananas and always the biggest and knobbiest cucumbers.

Twelve inches long and twelve around with just the slightest curve to it, this wasn’t destined for sandwiches.

But I digress, you, your hubby waiting, in distress. You, on your back your feet up, your knees spread for your husband to see, just feet away. Your pussy is so wet from our previous play; there is no need for the K-Y. I run the gourd along your slit to bathe it in your juices. The cold peel sends shivers up your spine as it passes over your clit. You pull back at first, but as it warms from your heat you try to embrace, trying to force it between your Swollen lips.

“Not yet sweetie. I don’t think esenyurt escort we are all quite ready.”

I hear heavy breathing behind my back and remember your husband, bound there, a captive observer to our play.

“Here, see if you recognize her scent?” as I pass the vegetable under his nose.

He inhales deeply and I see his cock start to rise and twitch.

“Good, we are all having fun!” as I return to your waiting pussy. Now I begin full strokes up along your slit and then back down teasing your ass, spreading your juices as I go. The more I stroke the wetter you get, the wetter the cuke gets. You so wet, you so hot, squirming. I know I have been teasing, but you can’t rush the chef!

I spread your lips with my fingers and place my toy right at the opening of your sex and gently move it just a little in a little out, a little to the left and a twist, not penetrating you completely, but getting you to match my rhythm to appreciate the slow easy stretching.

I hear little gasps escape from your throat and soft moans coming from over my shoulder.

“Hmm! Him again!”

“Would you like a taste?” and offer him the cucumber once more.

This time he licks it like a kid with an ice cream cone.

“Hey, what about me?”

“I am sorry dear!” and with that plunge the cucumber up avrupa yakası escort into your eager cunt!

“Oh fuck!” the cry escapes between your clenched teeth.

“Hold this for me dear for a minute.” As I go for my bag and retrieve a condom. You don’t seem to mind my absence and take advantage of your control over the vegetable while I unroll the Trojan onto my cock.

“Okay give it back to daddy little girl!”

“But I want it, so bad!” as you hand it over.

I am close to the bed now and I have you legs high in the air for easy access. Again I am stroking you from the crack of your ass to the tip of your clit, hitting you with shallow penetrations every other stroke or so with our toy.

You try to meet the thrusts but you can never tell when they will come. You are so slick from your cunt to yours thighs all the way up the crack of your derriere; just what I wanted.

Now as I plunge the green toy into your cunt I easy my prick into your ass. At first touch you squeal and flinch but then you adjust, relaxing, enjoying my penetration, meeting me thrust for thrust. As I feel your pleasure and comfort grow I go deeper with my cock, with my cuke, deeper and deeper, harder and harder, faster and faster. We are in sync, our breathing, our thrashing anadolu yakası escort , our passion. And then the floodgates open and you hit your climax. I feel your anus spasm around my penis as the contractions of orgasm sweep through your body. I keep pumping as to draw out your pleasure for I get mine watching you get yours.

And finally I see the waves subside, your breathing eases and there is a tiny bead of perspiration on your forehead. I withdrew from your dripping love nest, lowered your legs and gave you a long deep kiss.

“Was it good for you? Did you come?” You sigh.

“It was and I will! Turn over.”

You do as you are told and present me with a wonderful view of your delicious derriere. I remove the condom and now my cuke and my cock trade places.

“Ohh fuuck!” you moan as animal and vegetable DP you once again.

This time there is no tease, no short little in and out. This is fucking loud and clear; the slapping of my hips against your ass. You have taken hold of the cucumber now as I have grabbed hold of your hips to control my target. Again and again thrust, withdraw thrust, grind, grunting as the animal passion surges through me. I hear myself, I hear you ,Oh god, I hear the slapping of flesh against flesh, I hear a faint panting behind me.

“Oh fuck I am cumming!” This time it’s me as I withdraw in time to unload on your ass.

“Did you come again?” a rhetorical question as the sheets are soaked, my prick is soaked, the cucumber is soaked.

“Your husband? Shit, he’s still there! Shall we allow him to taste the fruits of our passion? Maybe he can clean you up with his tongue? Maybe he can clean me up? It’s up to you!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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