A freaky step daughter

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I had just got home from work it was about 5:15pm.
I didnt expect anyone else home for about a hour or so.I had just turned on the TV and the phone rings.It is my step son John he tells me he will not be home for the weekend as he will stay at his girlfriends house.He then asks me if I would feed his snake a mouse and give him clean water.John has a pet bowa that is about 2 foot long and 3 inches around. I told him sure no problem then hung up the phone and headed to his bedroom as I walked in I got a big suprise.
There laying in John’s bed was 18 yearold my step daughter Sue with John’s pet snake shoved up her pussy.I asked her WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING??She yanked the snake out and pulled the cover over herself.I said that is fucking sick put the snake up get dressed and get the hell out of John’s room.I turned and left the room as I slammed the door behind me.
After a couple minutes Sue came out of John’s room.I could tell she was scared and upset at what I had just seen.She said Dad I am so sorry I dont know what made me do that please dont tell anyone.I told her fuck that as soon as your her Mom gets home YOU will tell her.With that she spun around and stomped to her room.
At around 7:00 my wife called and told me she had to stay late because there had been someone that was sick and wouldnt be at work so she had to help fill in.She then said I love you now I need to talk to Sue please.I said I love you and will see you when you get home then sat down the phone and yelled at Sue to get on the phone.Sue came in and picked up the phone.She said hello,oh thats to bad,sure I can,yeah no problem,ok I love you to MOM bye.As she hung up the phone she told me that Mom asked her to fix supper for us then said what would you like Did?? I didnt even look at her and said gee surprise me.She then walked away and into the kitchen. I stood up and went to the bathroom and took a long shower still thinking about how weird Sue was with that snake up her cunt,why the hell would she want to do that??
After my shower I put on a pair of shorts and went back into the frontroom and sat down to watch TV.Sue was busy in the kitchen and making enough noise for a army cook.After about 30 minutes she yelled out to me and said Dad its time to eat. I stood and went into the dinning room and sat down.Sue came in from the kitchen and said DAD you told me to surprise you so I hope this will now close your eyes.I said Sue it wont work you Mom will know when london escort agency she gets home.Sue looked at me and said yes Dad I know,but I still fixxed you a suprise so close your eyes.I said ok and shut them.She said now no peeking.I said sure ok what ever.I heard her moving around and heard the plates rattle as she walked closer to me she said ok now take a taste of this and tell me what you think it is without looking.I then opened my mouth when something hit my lips.Ok now guess. I felt something go in my mouth it was creamy I said that is whipped cream she said yes but what is the whipped cream on.I then started to bite down then stopped, yanked back and opened my eyes.There in front of my face was Sues naked tits with whipped cream on them. I jumped up and asked her WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING??She looked me right in the eye and told me that when Mom got home she might want to know why your step daughters tits was in your mouth.As she told me that she pointed at the web cam setting on the table.I felt weak like I had just been kicked in the chest I just sat back down and asked her Sure what the hell is the matter with you?? She then looked me in the eye again and said Dad You are going to do as I say or Mom will see what that web cam just seen and recorded on my computer by the way which is password protected.I said this is the biggest bunch of shit I ever heard your Mom will not believe this at all.Sue then said oh yes she will because she wont hear whats being said all she will see is me walking in and your sucking my tits.Then I said to her you are a low life cunt and ok I will not tell about the snake.She said oh I know you wont but thats not all you are going to fuck me also.You see when you was in the shower I was in your bed naked with your shirt on and Moms viberator shoved in my pussy ,oh that also was recorded.So as I see it you have no choice but to do as I say.I gave in and said you have me what the hell do you want??
Sue said first I am going to suck your cock.I said yeah ok but we are going out back I just dont want to do anything in the house.So we stood up and headed out back.
As soon as we got to the back yard she dropped to her knees and yanked my cock out of my shorts and shoved it into her mouth.I had not realized that I was hard as a rock from the thought of fucking her.Damn her mouth was working on my cock like a hungry fuck hole.After a few minutes of sucking me she stopped stood up and took the rest of her escort london clothes off.She then laid down on a picknic table and told me to eat her juicy pussy.
I was looking at her body I had never thought of it like this before but she was built like a brick shithouse.I leaned over and took a deep inhale of her aroma.She had a musky smell full of a sexual scent.I touched her pussy lips with my tongue and she quivered.I started licking softly then all at once I shoved 2 fingers into her cunt at the same time i lightly bit her clit.Sue screamed and moaned.WHen she did that Brutis or black lab came over to see what was wrong.I was back to finger fucking her and eating her pussy as she was moaning.Then I felt something touch my ass I jerked my head around and seen it was Brutis sniffing at my ass.I then had a idea I stood up and leaned over to Sue’s ear and asked so you want to be a slut huh??Sue then said yes make me a slut Dad.I said ok and then I went down and started sucking her nipples as I did that I patted her pussy so Brutis would come to it.As soon as he got there he shoved his wet cold nose right in her cunt.She let out another scream and shoved my head to the side so she could see what had just hit her pussy.She gasped as she seen Brutis’s big haed between her legs.But she did not complain about it because at that moment his massive tongue hit her clit.She reaced up and grabbed my face and brought it to hers.We started kissing.Then I whispered in her ear that I wanted to fuck her right now.
I then layed down on the deck and told her to get on top.She stood over me and started lowering herself onto my cock.As I started to penatrate her fuck hole her pussy juice was running down the length of my cock.She eased about 2 inches into herself and then with no warning dropped her whole weight onto my crotch.My cock burried to the hilt inside her hot warm snatch.She leaned down and we started kissing again.After a minute of kissing she froze and stiffened up.I asked her whats wrong??She said Brutis had just licked her asshole and it had just startled her.But it now was feeling realy great.With that she started riding my cock with long full strokes.Then I felt Brutis’s tongue hit me cock as it was on the out stroke.Holy shit what a feeling.Next thing I knew i seen dog paws falling off of Sue’s sides.Damn Brutis was trying to fuck this hot bitch.I felt his cock and balls flying all around my cock as he was trying to get in a hole.Then all at once Sue screamed london escorts out in pain and I knew Brutis had just nailed her asshole good.I could feel Brutis’s cock through the membrane between her asshole and pussy.It now made her pussy so tight it was like fucking a virgin.After a short time Sue was back to fucking my cock but she was now fucking 2 cocks.Her eyes was glazed over.She was in a world all to herself.I knew she couldnt last long.I had no more thought that and she started girating faster and moaning louder then all at once she contracted realy hard and started shaking.her body convulsed over and over.I knew she had came several times.Just then my cock started hurting like it was getting squeezed in half.I then realized that Brutis had just slid his knot in.It was filling her so much that it made it where my cock wouldnt hardly move.But as he was driving in and out of her it was working my cock like a cock sucker would be.Sue started cumming again.Then Brutis shoved in her hard and deep and begain to quiver then his doggy cum started running down my nuts.That was all I could take and my cock was filling this hot pussy with my man cum.Shot after shot filled her.Then all at once Brutis turned on Sue and was hung.The way he was standing and the size of his knot also had me hung.I could get out from under her because she was held down by Brutis’s weight there we was all 3 trapped.I could feel cum running on my from everywhere.
I looked up at Sue and she was still kinda out of it.After a few minutes Brutis finally pulled out when he did my cock popped out also.Then there was a flood of cum running out onto my lower tummy,cock and balls.Sue then got off of me when she noticed the cum she said Dad let me clean you up.She then bent down and started licking and sucking the cum off of me.After a few minutes she looked up at me and said all clean Daddy.I reached down and pulled her up to me and started kissing her.I could taste the cum on her tongue and I will tell the truth and tell you I liked the taste.With that we both stood up and headed in the house I said I am going to shower would you like to join me?? She said I sure would so off to the shower we went.In the shower as we was washiung each other she said Dad I have something I need to tell you but I dont want you to get mad.I said ok tell me.Sue then said well to tell you the truth my web cam wasnt hooked to my computer I lied.I just wanted to get you to do something so you wouldnt tell Mom.I said well that was low down but I wasnt going to tell anyway.But I wanna hear what the having some of that snake inside you felt like??

The End maybe next time we talk about the snake

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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