A Gym-Dandy Experience

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First of all, you must know about me, Sarah. I’m 5-feet-5, 120 pounds with long brownish-blonde hair and very, very blue eyes. I don’t like to brag, but my best assets are what guys normally admire most – firm, large breasts (36DD), slim waist with a firm, ripe ass that sits perched atop very long legs.

Don’t get me wrong, I work damn hard to look like I do. Of course, that comes with the price of spending quite a bit of time in the gym. It’s almost a chore anymore, but I still go 5 days a week.

And that’s where I was when I experienced the most erotic moment of my life. Being 26 and looking like I do, I’ve been with my share of men, but always in normal relationships – nothing kinky or with multiple partners. It was just something I never desired.

It was Sunday night and the gym closes at 8 p.m. on the weekend instead of the normal 11 p.m. So, with just a handful of people straggled about the gym, I finished up on the treadmill and headed to the locker room.

I was the only one in there, as far as I could tell anyway. I still had my headphones blaring away from my workout, so I certainly couldn’t hear anything. It was when I yanked them off as I entered the locker room that I heard muffled sounds kartal escort coming from the distance.

I thought it to be just a couple of people talking in the shower, but as I neared my locker it wasn’t talking, but a woman moaning. I was frozen in my footsteps. My first reaction was to see if she was OK, but then I realized it was a moan of pleasure rather than pain.

After that, I decided to just quickly get dressed and head out. As I pulled my top over my head and my soaked skin-tight shorts over my hips, her moaning grew louder and the works “fuck me” escaped her lips in between short, erratic breaths and grunts.

It was than that I finally realized she was in there with a man and not just masturbating. Not having had sex in several months, I couldn’t help but listen. I continued to undress, but not in a hurry as before. Instead of thinking of getting out, I wanted to stay in.

Her moans under the constant drone of the shower water sucked me in. I slowly undid my bra and then slid down against the locker while pinching my nipples. I had to have as my pussy, which was I’m sure every bit as wet as the duo in the shower.

I was under a spell, in a bostancı escort trance that I couldn’t break out. In my mind, I knew very well somebody could walk in and catch me, but I couldn’t stop. Just like the two in the shower couldn’t.

I closed my eyes and stroked my clit while inserting a finger. It seemed like hours passed, but I’m sure it was mere minutes when all of a sudden I realized the moaning had stopped – and so did the shower.

I quickly opened my eyes to see a beautiful, erect 8-inch cock two inches from my face. Frightened at first, I jumped a bit. Then I heard the voice that gave me so much pleasure moments ago say “Looks like we pleasured more than ourselves.”

I looked to the side to see a gorgeous redhead standing there naked with a body that even I would kill for. Her companion just chuckled and bent down slightly and stroked my face.

Once out of the stage of fright, I immediately returned to my state of arousal. The mammoth organ called to me as I looked at it again. Without hesitation or asking permission I put my mouth around its head.

I devoured his meat with my finger still in my pussy. He groaned with pleasure and she maltepe escort said “Oh David, I’m jealous.”

Suddenly my mouth was off his cock and he was picking me up. He laid me gently on the bench and mounted me. I was still in a fog, daze or under a spell – call it what you will

He slowly slid inside of me and bent down to take in one of my nipples. His pace continued and we shared a long, deep kiss. The sounds coming from me were so familiar as I moaned softly and then louder and longer.

Suddenly her pussy was on my face. I greedily lapped her juices, biting her clit and squeezing her ass.

“I had to keep her quiet,” she said to David. “She was getting loud and there’s no shower to drown out the noises.”

David continued to ravish my body as he penetrated me, longer, faster and deeper. My orgasm was building and I could hardly pay attention to what was on my face. She remained there, though, after I stopped eating her so my screams wouldn’t be too loud.

I grabbed her ass and clinched tight as my orgasm hit. I shuddered and the second it was over I dove back into her pussy to finish her off. David only needed a few more strokes as he pulled out and streamed his cum over my naval and breasts. I rubbed it in, still glowing in the aftermath of my orgasm.

Just then, on the other end of the locker room, the door opened.

“Anybody in here. Closing time,” the voice boomed.

“Just a minute. We have to hop in for a quick shower,” I yelled.

Suddenly, the gym wasn’t a chore anymore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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