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Introduction: The story you are about to read is partly true but also partly made up. The

character is based on me and my many experiences but transformed into more

mature love stories.. I hope you like it better than my last story, adventures of a freak. I

also want you to consider this a love story because that is what it started out as, a love

story. I hopw you enjoy it and give it your honest opinion and please tell me about my

faults so i can try my best to perfect them.

My name is Randy Williams. I lead a very normal life, I go to work part time I am a full

time student at a local collage and I attend as many events as I have time for. I can

remember this day just like it was yesterday. I was driving home from school and I look

out the window and saw this beautiful young woman standing in the rain. I stopped

and asked where she was going and low and behold she live near me. She reluctantly

got in. We started to talk she told me she had just broken up with her boy friend of

seven years. When I asked why she said he was a dog. I quickly switched subjects. I

asked many question including do you attend school, do you work, and do you have

family near by. She said no to all of my questions.

When we escort london arrived at her house she discovered that she had locked herself

out. She went into a fit and she need ed someone to hold her so I did.. After a few

seconds she started to kiss me very passionately. I Tried to get away but she help

tighter and tighter. Her breather was so warm on that cold rainy night. She started to

fondle he all over, again I tried to pull away but I just couldn’t. When I finally pulled away

I broke the window with such force I astounded myself.As soon as we entered he living

room we started to undress. It was hot in her home an dour temperature started to

rise. I could feel my hard on getting bigger and bigger. I kissed her body from head to

toe. Her pussy was soooooo wet I thought I would shoot my load right then and

there. After I licked her cunt she sucked my huge cock. After that I started to plow away

at her tight pussy. I was in love. I started to hit harder and harder until she was

moaning so loud I thought neighbors would hear. She started to cum and she went

crazy. I suck on her huge tits as if I was a hungry baby. After I came I started to take a

rest but she climbed on top of me and started to ride my dick. She was a freak escort service and I

loved that. We both climaxed at the same time it was amazing. Then I started to hit her

from the back I had cum dripping from my cock but neither of us cared. I gave her the

fucking of her life. I finger her pussy at the same time. All I could hear was her soft

voice saying“fuck me, fuck me”

“cum in me baby please, I want your hot sperm inside me.”

This drove me crazier and crazier. I soon had to give up and I cummed for the last time.

From that night on i knew i had found the one. At first it was akward because i was

afraifd to call her nad she was the same. Then after a while we started to talk again. Its

been six months now and the sex is better than ever.

I have gotten so used to her body now i know how to make her scream, holler, and do

what ever else i want her to. I can remember our two month anversity. It started out with

dinner. Then off came the clothes. You would think we were trying to make a baby

because we went at it like dogs. My cock was really hard and her cunt was sloppy. I

rammed my dick in and out in and out until we both cummed. I started to suck her tits

while i played with her ass. She started escorts in london to fundle my cock until it was hard again.

We spent a while pleasing eacher other in a way neither of us will ever forget. I licked

her like that night would be our last. It tasted sooooo good and the smell almost made

me loose it.

she started to suck my dick and i almost unleashed my load right then. I was in love

and i wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. After that we started to hump

eachother. I never knew how good it felt to feel someone else’s body against mine with

penotration. I shout my sperm all over her and she went wild.

She loved my cumm and wanted more so she once again begun sucking me off. I

was loveing ever minute of the action. It didn’t take long befor i filled her mouth with my


10 years later

we got married and had children. I am still very much in love with her. Our sex life has

not slowed down at all. We still bang our brains out at least three times a week. Her

body is still in tact and i have also kept myself in shape for her.

we have even more adventures now. We like to do it on the couch because there is a

chance on eof our kids will catch us. I remember when we were 69ing on the couch

and our son walked it and sat down beside us and watched. All we could do was

laugh at him. And the there was the time her cought my licking her pussy.

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