A New Beginning Ch. 01

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Deana had a good life, a great career, two beautiful teenagers, and an ideal marriage. At least she thought so, but unfortunately, life often throws us a curve ball. Her marriage began to disintegrate after they celebrated their 20th anniversary. She struggled for a couple more years

to repair the marriage, but finally realized it could not be salvaged. She just turned 45; her children were now in college. She knew if she left things the way they were, her life would soon be over.

She decided to go back to college and get her nursing degree, that way she could live on her own. During this time, she bought a computer for her schoolwork. Not only would it help her with college, but also she could use it to communicate with her children. Never in her wildest dreams did she think it would change her life.

Deana used the computer for her studies, and soon found other ways to utilize it. The internet was a virtual walking encyclopedia, with websites and chatrooms. She found the chatrooms unique,a place where people could communicate from anywhere on the globe. Most of the people she met were friendly. They gave her the understanding and emotional support she needed in her life.

One of her favorite areas of the chat was the romance rooms. It was in one of these rooms she met a man named Wes. They were almost the same age, had similar dislikes and desires and soon became close friends. After a while, their online relationship turned intimate. They also agreed that no matter what happened in their lives, they would not let it mess up their friendship.

Wes’s cheerful-loving characteristics drew her to him like a moth to a flame. One night, Wes asked her if they could exchange phone numbers. He wanted to make sure they had a way to communicate if they could not get online. She agreed giving him her home and cell phone numbers, and he gave her his.

Deana was studying when the phone rang. When checked the caller ID, she was overwhelmed to see Wes’s name. She had not expected him to call her so soon. She picked up the phone and said, “Hello Wes, how are you?”

Wes replied saying, “I’m fine, but I was beginning to worry about you. I have not seen you online for two days and called to see if you were OK.”

She assured him she was safe, but was so involved with midterm exams that she had forgotten to drop him an email. She was so unhappy in her marriage.

She tried showing her husband a good time by making love in the usual manner. In addition, she even tried a few things Wes had suggested, all to no avail. No matter how she tried to please her husband nothing seemed to satisfy him.

She felt the blunt of all his anger now, not just his verbal attacks and temper tantrums, but emotional–physical abuse. She knew she should leave him, but was too afraid of him right now.

Wes spoke with alarm in his voice, into the phone saying, “Oh my god, Deana, you should not have to endure abuse of any kind! Honey, you know I am just a phone call away, please do not hesitate to cal if you need me. I love you very much baby, and I do not want him to harm you.”

Wes paused for a moment then continued saying,

“Deana you need some time away from all that stress so you can relax and think clearly. May I suggest we spent a night together–no strings attached. It will do you a world of good honey.”

Deana hesitated for a moment then said, “Let me think about it for awhile. I do love you Wes, but this will be a big step for me. For now, I need to go focus on my upcoming exams. I wish you were holding me, but then again if you were–I would not be studying–good-bye.”

Wes uttered, “Good-bye love,” and made a kissing noise on the phone before he hung up.

Later on that week when they were chatting, Wes asked, “Deana, what would happen if we spent one night alone, just the two of us?”

Deana thought for a moment then said, “I am not sure, but I probably would not even meet you. Oh Wes, you know I love you, but that’s not a good idea I am still married.”

Around 10 pm one evening, Deana’s husband was again yelling at her and telling her she stupid and worthless she was. Then stepped forward and began to slap her across the face several times. Even though she was afraid of him, she knew she had to do something now.

Deana stepped back grabbed the phone, dialed 911. She yelled, “My address is 1445 W. Omaha drive, before she could finish he grabbed the phone and hung it up. Then drew back his fist and hit her so hard it knocked her off her feet.

Then her straddled her and continued beating her saying, “You god dam bitch, why in the hell did you do that? You think they will come and help you. I hate to tell you, but they won’t believe your words–Deana you’re so fucking stupid!”

Deana cringed, he drew his hand back and was about to hit her one more time when the doorbell rang. Oh God, let it be the police please! He hit illegal bahis her hard in her arm then quickly got off her saying, “Answer the door bitch and don’t say a fucking word, YOU-HEAR-ME, if you do, you’ll be sorry!”

She shook so bad she could barely open the door when she looked their stood a police officer.

“Hello, did someone here call for help,” he said.

Deana blinked and swallowed hard and with a quivering voice said, “Y-e-s, I called, come in.” Then she pointed at her husband then told the police officer, “He’s beating me up, a-a-and I’m tired of it,” then fainted.

When she came, too the officer asked her, “Are you alright mam? “

She sat up and looked at her husband; the cop’s partner was talking to her husband. She sat up shakily and said, “No, I’m not alright I want him arrested for beating me! I’m pressing charges,

p-l-e-a-s-e take him away!”

After some discussion, one officer put the handcuff on her husband and led him to the squad car. The other officer got her a cup of water and asks her if she had someone that could come over and stay with her.

Deana replied, “Yes, “then picked up the phone and called her friend Jeanne to come over and stay with her.

The officer waited until her friend showed up. Then told her to come to the station in the morning and file the proper papers.

Deana grabbed Jeanne’s hand and said, “Thanks for coming over will you stay with me tonight?

Jeanne pulled Deana close and said, “I’m happy to be here. I am glad you called I have been so worried about you dear. I am here for you to lean on, let it out, you’ll feel better.”

Deana held her hand and with a cry in her voice told Jeanne, I just couldn’t take it anymore, I’m tired of his jealousy-anger-threats-and brutality.

He did not respect me and our sex life was virtually nonexistent. I made up my mind today, things needed to change, and I no longer needed him in my life.”

Deana finally realized she was not the cause his problems. She felt Jeanne’s arms go around her and let all her bottled up tears flow–and let go of everything and felt like a 100-pound weight was lifted from her shoulders.

Before going to bed, she sat down at the computer for the first time in her life as a woman with a free will of her own,god it felt good. She emailed

Wes saying, “Meet me online tonight at 12 am. I have made a big decision in my life and I need to tell you about it. Oh darling, I may need you now more then ever–I love you!”

That night when she chatted when Wes, she told him about her decision saying, “I’ve had my husband arrested; I’m pressing charges for spousal abuse and filing for divorce. I have had enough of his dam bullshit! Oh love, I need to get out of the house, it is driving me crazy! Can we meet somewhere darling? I need you–I want to feel your warm embrace as your lips kiss mine. I want to feel your fingers caressing me. Ooh God Wes, I want to make love to you—all night long.”

Wes and she continued to chat and decided to meet in a large town half way between them. Deana made up her mind; she needed this time for herself to rebuild her shattered life. Deana wanted to spent the night in Wes’s arms–and feel like a real woman again–even if was for only one night. She also wanted to meet him face to face and thank him for all the things he had done for her. Her life was changing a completely new world was opening for her.

Their first rendezvous two weeks from that Friday at 7 pm, at a popular hotel they both knew about.

Wes paused for a moment then seductively asks her, “Darling do you want me to treat you like a lover or sexy toy?”

Deana replied, “I want you to treat me like a lady and your lover. I‘ll treat you like “my” sex toy! I’m going to make that night–something we’ll both never forget.” Deana signed off their chat typing–“Kandikiss loves you!”

A week before they were to meet Deana emailed Wes some pictures of things she would be bringing with her for their first date. She could see him downloading the photos and drooling from both heads.

On Monday, she sent him a picture of a short seductive black dress with matching hose and heels that she planned to wear on Friday.

On Tuesday, Wes sent her the sweetest little gift package to her post office box. The box had a little basket that contained tubes of lubrication,

scented gels, bath oils and other fragrant personal sexy items along with a note. The note read, “Just a few sexy things we might need for our rendezvous.”

On Wednesday, Deana emailed him a picture of this eye-catching lavender negligee. Saying, “I might be wearing this hot number–that’s if I get a chance to. She never saw such a pretty thing to wear to bed–to hell with sleeping.

On Thursday, Wes sent her 11 roses with a note attached. The note read, “If you want the entire dozen, you’ll have to “CUM” illegal bahis siteleri and get it!” Everything is a go for 7:00 pm Friday night.

Deana woke up on that Friday morning feeling euphoric, and a little nervous, she had never done this before. She called her sister telling her she would be gone Friday and left a phone number where she could be reached. Jane teased her saying, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t–let your hair down and have some fun for a change!”

Deana started getting ready around 2 pm and took her time getting dressed. She had to travel for about an hour and wanted to looks dazzling when she arrived. As she got ready, she put everything she needed into the bag she would take with her.

While she was putting on her earrings the phone rang, it was Wes. He said, “Hi sexy, hope I caught you naked. I called to remind you not to forget the basket of goodies I sent you. I will call you around seven. Drive carefully–see you soon– I love you darling!”

Deana chuckled and replied, “I’m one step ahead of you sweety, and I already packed them. No, you did not catch me naked, you‘ll have to wait for that! Oh love, I can‘t wait–see you soon.”

Soon she was on the road, put some good music on and drove to meet Wes. In a matter of time, she was there with 15 minutes to spare before meeting him. She checked in, then found her room and stepped into the bathroom to check her hair and makeup. Then sat down on the bed and took a deep breath trying to calm her nerves. Deana looked in the mirror and with a Mae West voice said, “Hello gorgeous–you look delicious darling!”

Deana was startled when her cell phone rang, Wes told her he was a mile away and would be there soon. She told him what the room number was. She felt her nerves climb again while she waited for him to arrive. She jumped with the knock on the door. She opened it to find a well-dressed man with a rose in his hand. She felt her heart skipped a beat. She covered her mouth with her hand uttered, “Oooooh Wow–Wes–you’re so handsome.”

He handed her the rose–now she had a dozen. Wes took her in his arms and kissed her hello. After they kissed, he took her cheeks in his hands and said, “Soon Deana,I will make your sweet lips and the rest of your beautiful body happy.”

However, it would have to wait; he had planned a romantic dinner for two. He led her down to his car then drove to a quaint dinner club that had separate tables hidden by booths located on the edge of a beautiful lake. Soft candles along with the serenade of soft music illuminated each table.

Wes told her to order anything she wanted, and then ordered a steak well done along with some fine wine.

Deana sipped at her wine, but could not keep her eyes off him; she did not want to wait until we were in their room to turn Wes on. She took off her shoe then placed her foot in his lap, and began rubbing his cock. Soon his cock was hard–ooooh mmm just the way she liked it to be. In the darkened booth, Deana got up and sat on his lap, then gave him a passionate after dinner kiss.

Wes could not wait any longer, he paid the bill and they left for the hotel room. When his car got back to the hotel room, she slide across the seat, jumped out of the driver’s side, and put her arms around his neck. He took her in his arms and kissed her then walked hand in hand towards their room.

Wes opened the door, escorted Deana to the bed, and started to undress her. She stopped him for a moment telling him she needed to go to the bathroom and change into something more comfortable.

She opened her bag and handed him the little basket telling him to put it on the bedside table.

“We just might need something out of it before this night is over,” she said.

As she walked toward the bathroom Wes ogled her sexy ass then undressed himself and lay naked on the bed–god, his cock was already hard and seemed to be telling him–“I want her pussy too!”

Deana strolled toward the bed wearing they sexy nightie. Wes whistled and ran his fingers across the silky fabric and said, “Oh Wow honey you’re so beautiful–come here I want to make love to my baby.” He gently laid her gently on the bed and started kissing her face, neck, and ears, but when he found her lips, his kiss lit the fire of passion within her.

Deana thought to herself–oh my–wow–what a good kisser. Her mouth was watering as his tongue explored it. His fingers began foundling her breast and nipples through the sheer fabric they were the size of pencil erasers.

While Wes was giving her nipples attention, she reached down and took hold of his cock and balls. His cock was as hard as a rock–god–he must have taken VIAGRA that morning. Deana exclaimed, “Ooooh baby let me go I need to taste your cock–now! “

She stood up and he removed her negligee and cupped each breast in his hands, kissed them and said, “Hello, my pretties.” canlı bahis siteleri Then watched Deana dropped to her knees, staring at his cock, he muttered, “Oooooh–please–suck my cock! “

She started licking and kissing the head of his cock then sucked his cock in her mouth up to his balls. His pubic hair tickled her lips as she bobbed up and down on his shaft making him weak in the knees. Wes was under her power and could not help himself, he yelled, “Fuck–oh–I’m going to cum!”

Wes held her head and pumped a big load of cum in her mouth. Then breathlessly said, “Oh fuck, woman you sure know how to give head!” To his surprise, she swallowed every delicious drop.

Wes laid her on the bed and said, “The best is yet to come darling.” He spread her legs and began eating her vigorously lapping and nibbling every inch of her pussy.

Deana arched her back and rolled her head side to side then screamed, “Ooooh Wes–eat me–oooh yesss–do that again–oh my god–harder–aaaaaah–I‘m getting close!

He shoved two fingers inside her with hard fucking

motion then bit her clit gently. She felt the wave of climax overtake her as she filled his mouth with her sweet nectar. He moved up to her face and kissed her mixing a bit of each other’s cum in their mouths.

Wes’s cock was rock hard once more and he told Deana, “I’m going to fuck like you’ve never had been fucked before!”

She replied, “Come on big boy, make it happen! “ She wanted to feel his hands cock stretching her pussy to the limits.

Wes reached over and picked up a small tube out of the basket, the gel got warm when massaged into the skin. He rubbed it into her pussy, it only added to the fire already there. He rose up and slid his cock from her clit to her vagina making her hips buck wildly. She screamed, “Oh–god–hurry–lover–fuck me–or I’m going to cum before your cock is in me!”

Wes shoved his cock into her then rolled over until she was on top of him, and yelled, “Take control lover–ride–me–hard!” She rose up on her knees staring into his face, rocking back and forth on his cock, giving him one hell of a ride. Wes exclaimed, “Fuck—I’m going to cum again–honey–cum with me.” He felt her skin trembling, she too was about ready to climax and with a little effort, and they both came together.

Wes then said. “Deana I want to show you something

that you may not have done before. Remember one thing–I will go slowly and never make it hurt–I want it be a good experience for you. First sweetheart, you needed to relax. “He drew a tub of warm water adding some fragrant oil to the water then helped her get in.

Then handed her a glass of Captain Morgan and Coke and said, “Enjoy your drink.” By the time, Deana finished the drink, she was so relaxed, and she did not have a care in the world.

Wes helped her out of the tub and gently dried her off. Then he laid her on the bed and even though she was dry, the oil left a silky sheen on her skin. Deana rolled over on her side and Wes crawled into bed behind her snuggling like a set of spoons. He stroked and petted all over her body, each caress exciting her more and she said, “Oh darling, are you ready for round 3!”

He then spoke to her softly and said, “Deana, place all the pillows on the bed in one big pile near the center of the bed–then lay on your stomach and put your ass in the air.“

Deana did what he told her, but was just a little worried and asked him, “Will it hurt at all?”

He replied, “No darling–I will go slow and follow your lead and I have some numbing cream for your ass.” Then he reached into the basket for the balm put some on his finger and rubbed it on her asshole. Then teased her hole with his finger slowly until his finger was in her to the first knuckle and paused. She jumped when his finger slid into her asshole and he whispered, “Relax honey.”

Then started fucking her ass with one finger, she nodded yes then gradually added another one. God, he was stretching her asshole and it did not hurt, the cream did its job.

Deana smiled at Wes; she was starting pushing her ass onto his fingers. She glanced at him and said, “I like it honey! Keep going.”

Wes removed his fingers, added more cream to the entrance to her ass, and gently slid his cock head inside. At first, she did not think she could take it, but soon was moving in unison with him. It actually felt good and soon she was rocking back and forth with him in perfect timing.

Wes said, “Oh, god you are so fucking tight–it feels so dam good! I love to fuck a woman in the ass.”

She was really getting into having my ass fucked and shouted, “Fuck my ass–harder–ooooooh I am going to cum!” It did not take long for her too cum and he fills her bowels with his jism.

As Wes was cleaning, Deana told him, “You sure know how to fuck baby, but you’re wearing me out, I she needed some rest. “ They soon fell asleep in each other’s arms. For the first time, in a long while, she slept with out anything to worry about–but what they would do——-tomorrow.

Wes (hubby) said it was a masterpiece, but then again he thinks the all are…lol–bye!

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