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‘Hello, Welcome!’ screamed a chorus of feminine voices as I pushed back the black velvet curtain and entered the bar. The space was small and dark, comprising of five or six glass-topped tables with high bar stools. I was shown to a table on the left and sat down. On each of the glass tables were one or two girls, all dressed in similar outfits; school girl style white tops tied in a not exposing their midrifs, plaid blue and grey miniskirts, high heels and of course, no panties. Each of their shirts was embroidered with the name and logo of the bar – ‘Beavers’.

‘Beer?’ asked the waitress with a smile, similarly dressed but in flat shoes, less makeup and I assume actually wearing panties.

‘Heineken, please’ I replied as I looked up at the girl shuffling around above me on the table.

She had smooth, dark skin and the faint outline of a juicy dark pussy flashed as she squatted down to talk to me. She shot me a big smile from a wide mouth with pouty lips and perfect white teeth. ‘My name is Air,’ she said as she offered her hand to shake. I shook her hand softly and replied,

‘My name’s Alex, how are you?’

‘I’m good, honey,’ she replied and promptly stood up to dance again. The waitress arrived with my ice cold Heineken. I half thanked her as I looked up at Air gyrating above me, her pert ass moving this way and that. She had a large tattoo on her thigh; a bird of paradise whose long neck snaked up towards her groin and what I assumed would also be paradise. I looked her up and down while she danced, only looking down at my beer when she made eye contact with me. She has small pert breasts with long hard nipples which jutted hard against the material of her top. I couldn’t see, but guessed they would be dark in colour. A few seconds later, the song changed and all the girls simultaneously pulled on the knots of their tops and their tops opened up to reveal a multitude of breasts of all shapes and sizes. Even though Air was the girl on my table, I had a look around to check out the tits of the other girls. There were big ones and small ones, some of the older girls sagged a bit along with other parts of their bodies, but they made up for that with the raunchiness and playfulness of their dancing as they squatted down on the heads of the lucky punters with their shaved pussies. I was right about Air’s nipples, they were hard and dark and beautifully long. Her areolas were small and she must have been cold as they were covered in the small bumps from her follicles. The breasts themselves casino siteleri were a perfect handful (as I was soon about to find out).

As the next song finished, the girls on the tables stepped off and another shift of girls stepped on, again dressed in their Beavers uniforms and again pantiless for all the bar to see. Air extended her hand to me to help her down from the table. As she squatted down I saw her pussy up close for the first time, it was plump and glistening as she squatted and I helped her safely off the table and down to the sticky floor of the bar.

Air pretended to drop one of her drink tickets on the floor and bent over right in front of me to give me a spectacular view of her backside and a glimpse of her pussy from behind. I noticed more tattoos, this one a large tattoo of a pair of dragons on her lower back. I immediately thought how good it would be to grab her from behind and fuck her til I shot my load all over that back tattoo. Air picked up her ticket and turned round with a cheeky smile.

‘You want to buy drink for me?’ she asked with a grin that no man could refuse.

‘OK’ I replied and she called out to the waitress in Thai to bring her a drink. The waitress returned with a small glass of cola with a red plastic straw. Air sucked deeply on the straw and finished most of the drink and turned round to watch the new girl who had replaced her.

‘She’s very sexy na’ she said as she sunk back to stand between my legs as I sat on the high stool.

‘Not as sexy as you,’ I replied quickly. It felt cheesy, but it was the truth. Air smiled sweetly over her shoulder at me, that big smile with those pearly whites and bright red lipstick. Air began to move her backside left and right in time to the music, brushing the bulge in my pants as she did. By now I was rock hard and thinking I might cum in my pants right there and then if she carried on. I put my arms around her waist and laced by fingers together under her bellybutton. Her stomach was toned and warm. She turned her head and began to nibble on the lobe of my ear. My cock swelled again in my pants and I felt it leaking pre cum into my underwear. Air must have felt me swelling behind her as she put her hand behind and felt my cock.

‘Wow!’ she exclaimed, ‘You are very happy with me!’ She giggled and drew her hand away, put it over mine and pushed my hands down to her waiting pussy. I wasn’t the only one who was wet. She rubbed my fingers over her sticky clit and down between her bulging flaps. Air moaned softly and slot oyna turned to nibble my ear again. I drew the wetness from her pussy up and over her swelling clit. Just then the song changed again.

Air stepped forward instinctively and said,

‘So sorry, Honey. I have to go dance. You wait me, OK?’

She moved quickly to a table just opposite and began to dance in the same way as she had when I walked in. By this point, my cock was drenching my underwear and my boner was showing no sign of subsiding. I knew Air would be back in a couple of songs time and I really didn’t want to shoot in my pants in front of her. The only option was for a tactical in the toilets. I had a quick swig of my beer which I had been neglecting, for obvious reasons, tucked my raging hard on into the waistband of my underwear and waddled the way of the toilets. The toilets were at the back of the bar, in the right hand corner, past the girls’ locker room, in which were three other girls, in various states of undress, fixing their g strings and topping up their makeup before they went back on.

‘Errr, hong nam yoo nai?’ I said blushing, asking where the toilet was. A slim girl with unnaturally large boobs pointed down the hall and I waddled off again. I found the toilet, locked the door and went to work, after some time shooting my load over the toilet bowl with a muffled grunt. I cleaned up and left the toilet, shooting the girls in the locker room an awkward smile as I went past.

‘Tam mai naan jang?’ called out the slim girl.

‘Huh?’ I replied, confused.

‘Why you so long? You chak wow, Lorr?’.

She giggled as she made the motion of masturbation, much to the enjoyment of the other two girls who burst out laughing.

‘Mai na, err no’ I replied turning bright red.

‘It’s OK’ she said, ‘Every night somebody do like that,’ she replied as she hitched up her skirt in the mirror and did a little half turn to check out her own ass in the mirror. I nodded my head sheepishly and headed back to the bar. I sat down in my seat and took another swig of my now lukewarm Heineken. Air was talking in the corner with two of the waitresses but quickly cut off the conversation when I returned.

‘Hellooo’ she said with a smile as she came over and placed a hand on my leg. ‘You want one more?’ she asked, picking up my beer bottle by the neck between her thumb and forefinger. Her nails were long and painted a deep red. ‘Or do you want to go somewhere else with me?’ she asked cocking her head to one side canlı casino siteleri and slurping at the remains of her cola through the straw. I was rather taken aback and stumbled over my words. ‘

Are you finished work now then? I asked.

‘No,’ she replied, ‘But you can pay barfine for me and I can go with you, no problem.’

I felt another surge of warmth rise from my pants at the thought of taking her out of the bar. I had never taken a girl out of the bar before and all of a sudden became quite nervous at the prospect of it and what was undoutably to follow. Air sensed my hesitation. ‘It’s OK if you don’t want.’ she said softly.

‘No, I do,’ I blurted out. ‘How much is the barfine?’ I had heard of the notion of barfining. The idea was that when a girl was taken out of the bar by a customer, the bar would lose out on potential cuts from the ladydrinks bought for the girls by the customers, so the customer who wanted to take a girl from the bar had to pay a ‘barfine’ to compensate the bar for loss of earnings.

‘600 baht’ replied Air, matter of factly. I pulled out my wallet, feeling the sticky patch on my jeans from our activities earlier, and checked how much money I had; 1000 baht. Just enough for my beer, her lady drink and the bar fine.

‘OK,’ I said nodding and handed her the note. Air smiled broadly and gave me a quick peck on the cheek

She motioned to the waitress, saying something in Thai that I didn’t catch and handed her the money. ‘Let me get changed first – five minutes,

OK?’ she said as she turned and tottered away in her high heels towards the locker room.

The waitress returned with my change, which I refused and gave her as a tip. My head was a whirl as I sat waiting for Air to finish changing. I looked absent mindedly around the bar at the other girls dancing, but not really paying attention, full of thoughts of what was going to happen that night between me and this intoxicating girl I had just met. After a few minutes, Air emerged from the locker room. She looked so different. Gone was the slutty school girl uniform and high heels and its place she was wearing a cute, white Minnie mouse t shirt with black jeans and flat shoes. She has tied a red bow into her bleached blonde hair and put in large gold coloured hoop earrings which bounced against her dark skin as she walked. She stopped to ‘wai’ the bar manager and the Buddha shrine above the bar, placing her hands together in front of her face, and bowing her head slightly in a show of respect, then walked over to me.

‘Let’s go,’ she said. I stood up and she took my hand as we drew back the black velvet curtain and stepped out into the steamy Pattaya night. ….(End of Part One – to be continued…)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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