Best Friends

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One thing leads to another

My wife, Terri and I are both pharmacists who grew up in Ohio but now live in north Florida. We moved to Florida shortly after getting married, following Terri’s graduation. I had graduated two years earlier from the same College of Pharmacy and had a good job in Columbus. After graduation, Terri received a fantastic offer from a major pharmacy chain and we moved to a beautiful area on the coast of north Florida. Having lived in Ohio all our lives it was like paradise in our new home on the beautiful Florida Gulf Coast. I had found a good job at a local hospital and we felt quite fortunate to both having great jobs , good incomes, and living in a wonderful climate. Although we left our families and friends behind, we could return for visits and our new life together was good.

We each developed new friends but our best friends were Mark and Jenny. Mark was our CPA and he and Jenny quickly became our closest friends. We did many things together and had much in common. With neither of having children yet, we spent a lot of time together. Mark and I both played golf and tennis and belonged to the same gym and Terri and Jenny enjoyed the same things. They were like sisters. We were almost inseparable. When Terri and I had our home built, we included both a pool and hot tub and we loved to relax in the pool and/or hot tub with our friends. Since Jenny and Terri are very attractive women and Mark and I, not considered slouches, with both having athletic bodies, needless to say, there was usually innocent flirting going on but overlooked by both couples.

When they were at our house, it was not unusual to have Terri and Jenny running around in shorts or bikinis. It was hard to avoid looking at their beautiful tanned bodies around the pool or hot tub. With Mark and I also having good bodies, the sexual tension would sometimes get pretty high. Mark and I had often showered at the club and to be frank, he was the only guy I have ever met with a cock larger than mine. Although I had seen actors in porn films with larger cocks, I had never known any one in person who was better endowed than me until I met Mark. He made a similar remark the first time we played tennis at the club and showered. It was kind of embarrassing to talk like that with a new friend but we both found ourselves looking at each other in the shower and couldn’t avoid saying something.

Terri was very inexperienced sexually before our relationship began. She had been raised to be “a good Catholic girl” and being a serious student wanting to get accepted into pharmacy school, had not dated a lot. She admitted to having had only one halfway serious relationship and had sex only twice, if you can believe casino oyna that. The guy was apparently pretty average in cock size and so she was quite shocked when she first saw my 9 1/2” cock. Although our sex was primarily oral for a long time she eventually became used to to its size and our sex life became fantastic. When we were alone, we were usually naked and enjoying wild and crazy sex. Life could not be better. Terri’s sexual needs were almost insatiable. I would sometimes tease her after a torrid lovemaking session that I was not enough for her and would have to find some help. She often said that she would like to have another cock the size of mine and give me that devious smile. Although she meant it only as a fantasy, I sometimes thought about it as a reality when Mark and Jenny were engaging in flirtatious behavior with us. Mark often commented that I was extremely fortunate to have Terri and if I ever mistreated her, he would steal her away in a heartbeat. Since we were quite competitive in both golf, tennis, and practically everything, we would just laugh about it. I would make the comments about his wife Jenny who I felt was equally as sexy as Terri. I sometimes fantasized about Mark and I having sex together with both Terri and Jenny.

One Saturday night after watching a football game together, we decided to cool off in the hot tub. We had been flirting around with each other earlier during the game. Mark suggested that the girls remove their bikinis in the hot tub and really relax. It wasn’t like we didn’t know each other. After all, we were both married. The girls seemed to go along with it and after a little prodding, removed their tops. It was quite a site to see these beautiful young women with naked breasts in the same hot tub. The sexual banter was getting hot and the prodding began to have them remove their bikini bottoms. It seemed we were not making any progress in this last step when Mark said that we would remove our swimsuits if they would. Just as he stood and started to remove his, they jumped out of the pool and headed inside the house not looking back at him. He was at full mast and his cock looked to be a foot long at this point. I was already semi-erect from looking at those beautiful naked girls and now having Mark in the same hot tub and naked was too much. I was red-faced and totally hard. Mark insisted that I remove mine and they would come back. I wasn’t embarrassed to have this tremendous erection since Mark had the same problem. We sat back down in the hot tub and called them to return but to no avail. We eventually put our trunks back on and went in the house. Mark and Jenny left shortly thereafter and Terri and I had a great evening having sex in every slot oyna possible position that you can imagine.

We cooled our relationship with Mark and Jenny a bit, with both perhaps a little shaken that things had gone that far and might have gotten out of hand. I continued to fantasize about that possibility.

Although I had never cheated on Terri, I had heard stories of Mark and various women in town. I didn’t pay much attention to the rumors since he had such a beautiful wife and they were friends of ours. So I was quite surprised when Terri called me to tell me that Mark and Jenny were divorcing and she blamed it on Mark’s infidelities. Terri was crushed. Shortly after the divorce, Jenny left Florida and returned to her hometown in North Carolina. Mark and I continued our friendship but Terri was uncomfortable having him come to house. She blamed him for the divorce and her losing her best friend. Mark dated a lot, of course, but always confided that none could hold a candle to Terri and would always say how lucky I was. I shouldn’t have allowed the conversations to continue but with no resistance from me, he continued to talk about his infatuation with Terri. I would remark to Terri that I felt sorry for Mark and would love to have us befriend him again. Initially saying no each time, Terri finally gave in and Mark started to come around again. Eventually, Terri accepted him bringing his date(s) and things appeared to be getting back to normal somewhat. He commenced flirting around with Terri and would often remark that the gorgeous girl that he was with at the time was second-rate compared to her. I guess we all succumb to flattery at some point.

I continued to talk about needing help satisfying Terri after our wild sex and one night mentioned that we should have Mark provide the help. She appeared angry at that suggestion and I began to tell her that his cock was larger than mine. She said that I was exaggerating and I continued to describe his large cock and the thought of us both satisfying her with more than 20 inches of hard cock. We ended up fucking like crazy again.

We invited Mark and a date over again the next weekend. About 2-3 hours before their scheduled arrival, Mark called to say his date had to cancel due to an illness in her family and he would come alone, if it was okay. Of course, we said it was.okay. Terri fixed a great meal and we decided to jump into the pool for a swim. Before long, the flirting began and I looked over and the outline of Mark’s cock was clearly visible beneath his trunks. He made no attempt to hide it and I caught Terri looking as she brought us a drink pool side. I suggested that it was almost too hot for any clothes and suggested that we canlı casino siteleri skinny-dip. Thinking that Terri might retreat to the house again, she surprised me by saying okay and removed her suit and jumped in the pool. Mark was ecstatic and removed his swimsuit showing a humongous hard cock. He jumped in the pool and I did the same. We horsed around and the touching became pretty obvious after awhile. Terri looked at me, with a smile, and said that she was tired and was going to take a shower. She went in the house and Mark told me that I was the luckiest man in the world. That he would give a million bucks to fuck Terri. I said that if he was serious that it might be arranged tonight.

We got out of the pool and walked naked to the house, our big cocks swinging as we walked. I was as sexually excited as I had ever been. I went to the bedroom and Terri was in the shower. It is a large walk-in shower and I motioned for Mark to follow me. We got on either side of her petite body and started to wash her with our large hands. To see another man’s hands on her was quite a site. She was loving it and turned and took a huge cock in each of her small hands. She was mesmerized at the sight of these two humongous sized cocks. She dropped down to place my cock in her mouth while Mark explored every inch of her body with his hands. He was rubbing her pussy as she sucked my cock. She turned and took his even larger member in her mouth and I picked up the same pace rubbing her pussy as she sucked his cock. We turned off the shower and headed for the bed not concerned about drying off at all.

I motioned for Mark to go first and I stood and watched my gorgeous wife and best friend engaging in beautiful sex. I finally laid down beside her and she turned and climbed on top of me (her favorite position) and rode my cock like a wild crazed woman. Mark was in total bliss as his dream was being realized. He came over and began to lick her beautiful body as we fucked. I could feel his tongue get closer and closer to my cock and balls as he licked her ass. She finally rolled off in total exhaustion and his head was within inches of my cock. She lifted my cock and placed it nearer to his mouth and he engulfed it and started to suck it back to life. Terri turned to his cock and started to suck him as he was making my cock huge again with his forceful sucking motions. Before long, the three of us engaged in every possible combination of sex between three people. After several hours, Terri returned to the shower. Somewhat embarrassed, Mark dressed , told me it was the best experience he ever had and left without saying anything else to Terri.. I jumped in the shower with her.

Afterwards, we fell asleep in each others embrace Words couldn’t describe how we felt about what had happened but both knew that a whole new friendship had been borne between Mark and us.

I’ll tell you more in another letter as this has become quite lengthy.

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