Best Shower!

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Warm water runs over my body I lean back to rinse suds from my hair enjoying the feel of the tapping on my skull and the smooth flow as it courses through my hair, I lean my head forward bracing my hands against the wall treating my upper back to that same tapping, and i hear you climb into the shower behind me the sliding door closes with a click..

I keep my eyes close but my muscles have tensed, anticipation overcoming me in a rush and I feel heady and flushed with…. desire…

you take my favorite soap and I smell as its fragrance fills the air the moment you touch my back my muscles begin to relax, you massage gently the ache in my neck that was previously there doing so very well what water could not have done.

You move to my shoulder both hands massaging in one direction and washing as well, first the left arm, then the right between my shoulder blades, Lower back, each leg in turn, my ankles I laugh because it tickles when you touch the sole of each foot.

Without turning me you reverse direction up the front of my thighs, my stomach, my breasts pausing long enough to tease and tweak each nipple.. you bring the shower head between us rinsing my back replacing it to catch the water in cupped hands and rinse the front You step away from me and I exhale my disappointment this was it, I was expecting so much more, thoughts of him fucking me, eating my wet pussy and me sucking his massive cock had already started to form in my head.

Just as I begin to turn your hand touches my upper back once more your right slightly warmer than the left…. you then massage my shoulders once more your touch firm, yet still sensual, I begin to moan but I i take an indrawn breath instead as you reach around to cup my breasts.

I feel the hardness of you dick pressed between my ass cheeks, I move slightly, and you pinch hard on each nipple I gasp in pleasure, moving my ass in a slow circle, you chuckle turning me, kissing me hard, tongue play intense as you move your hand down to my pussy.

I had shaved earlier and you groan deep as you feel the smoothness, taking a single finger you trace my lips then sliding it inside of me, I am wet, dripping wet inside and you withdraw it, massaging my clit for a moment then move your hands both up to my breasts gently pinching my nipples….

He lifts me then, effortlessly I quickly grab for the stall steading myself, inhaling on a scream as the movement had surprised me and his lips sucked and his teeth now nibbled on my inner thigh,


close, but while not touching my swollen pussy, driving me out ma dam mind!…

I breathed in slowly and deeply trying to slow my heart, slow my senses, as he paused over my waiting pussy… exhaling his hot breath on my wetness while his tongue flicked barely on skin. I exhaled loudly, hinting my impatience. He simply shifted casino oyna position…

renewing the sensations of first touch on the sensitive skin of my other thigh with the same seemingly endless array of nibbles and bites,. And I greedily sucked in air gasping as he passed in the same pattern across my pussy again… to one thigh and back… and again…. and again….”Shit..!!!”

I sounded like I was hyperventilating to my own ears as my breath came fast, I had decided that he was trying to make me slowly lose my G_D_ mind…. as he passed once more over my waiting pussy,

“Aahhhhh shit that is so fucking good bae, but u driving me out ma mind…”

If he didn’t suck my clit soon imma explode. He licked, pressing his tongue just slightly on my clit, then He paused deliberately and I strained upward in an unsuccessful effort to catch more pressure.

I had closed my eyes, I opened them but before I could focus, his tongue flicked on my swollen aching clit. I almost lost it, my head went back

“oohhh… mmy… gawwwdd”.

Another quick flick of my clit and his lips glided down my slick pussy and nibbled my pussy lips, sucking each fold gently into his mouth, flicking it with his tongue before releasing it and grabbing another nibble, slowly working his way up toward his target.

One firm nibble at a time, sucking, licking. Occasionally pulling with his head so that my lips were stretched, running his tongue up the length of my pussy over and over, working his way up. Finally!

I’m telling you that first touch.. holy!, and when he sucked it in,


my voice came out harshly on an exhaled breath


his mouth now wrapped around my clit was driving me crazy, my thighs rested on his shoulders, arms out stretched holding fast to whatever I could grab as he ate me out, the tremor started in my toes…

“oh god damn imma bout to come, put me down!!”

He ignores me moving forward slightly so my back is supported on the wall he grabs my ass cheeks lifting me slightly for better access and shoves his tongue inside me, then licks from hole to clit tip vibrating really quickly on my pearl, I scream, the tremor is in my thighs now, he doesn’t stop he takes my clit in his mouth fully sucking hard releasing it with a pop, repeats, then licks, repeats, lick,

“oh god…” “damm….!!!” “ssssss….aaaaah….” “mothaf…..” “babe…..plz….sssss….aaaahh….let….me…” “fuck!…imma cum…”

The tremor hits me full on and I let go not caring if I fall, I clamp my thighs around his head he grabs each one, steps forward supporting me fully on his shoulders, and continues to lick me as I come all over his face…

He slowly lets me back down, putting us both under the shower head, kissing me hard, I taste myself on his lips, sweet, lil salty, like slot oyna cream, my pussy walls jump, I put my hands on his shoulders and pull myself up, wrapping my legs around his waist, never breaking the kiss, as he turns off the water and opens the stall door. did I mention our bath is huge… LOL! it is….

no need for a bed, walking to the carpet wear I usually drip dry. I give him no time to adjust, his cock is already jumping hitting my pussy lips slightly. I reach down, position, impale, ah fuck! such thickness, and heat “damn babe!”

I begin to ride him, he slips his hands beneath each knee, braces his legs apart and We started fucking like two crazed animals. He was amazing and I knew he wanted to cum but he slowed and let the urge pass, slow fucking me. Letting the pace rebuild, Fucking me harder and faster, and i wrapped my arms around him and caught that rhythm, fast then slow.

“babe this is teasing me I need to feel you deep”

Smiling, he lowers me, I drop to my knees taking his cock in my mouth Licking my juices off greedily then taking him deep I pull back spit the collected juices on his cock head and take him deep again hitting the back of my throat…

I let his cock out slowly, lastly letting his cock head touch just the tip of my tongue and pulled back just enough to form a string from tongue to cock tip, a string that went through the tip and core of his cock, I wondered absently how far that string went.

Bobbing my head forward I roughly sucked the head of his cock between my lips, cheeks collapsing sucking hard up and out and back in….

My hands held the base of his cock while my lips were pumping on the head, gripping with my cheeks and lips my tongue poked into the hole. I take him all the way in, to the root Sucking hard, lifted my head and his length slids out for just a second before I plunged his cock back into my mouth.

My teeth gently scraped his cock head with enough pressure to cause sensation, but no pain. I hear him softly moaning above me, I clamped my lips tight as they reached the ring around the head and use my tongue to play with the bundle of nerves there.

I take his cock to the core and begin to humm low in my throat, with his cock buried deep in my throat I shake my head slightly slowly release and pulling my head back. with a loud slurp and in one fluid motion I squeezed the base of his cock in my tight grasp coming up with a pop, pressing my lips to the head.

I roll my head slightly and suck on the tip…. my pussys dripping I hear you groaning above me and I know your holding back you touch my cheek and pull out…..

dropping down to my level you lean in kiss me while positioning me under you you spread my legs with your knees, rubbing my clit with your thumb, as you move to my nipple, sucking hard, I feel the head of your cock teasing but not entering me, canlı casino siteleri I try to move down, force the issue but you hold me in place, looking at me my nipple still in your mouth you shake you head no, I gasp “please” again no I try to maneuver out of this position because your driving me wild.

But you deny me at every turn, i try to gain release by inserting my pinkie between my breast and your lips, releasing me you laugh before taking my wrists, placing my hands above my head, but holding me with one hand doesn’t work. you growl playfully, grabbing my wrist once more you pin them to my sides, the torture continues…

Sliding down you suck on my clit and just as I start to ride your face yo release with a pop and releasing my arms pull me toward your waiting cock slamming into me hard, fast, deep….

you use your hands to gently spread my thighs further apart i rise up to my elbows, plant my heels to your side and begin to find that rhythm, meeting each of your strokes, feeling as you cock slides in and out filling my pussy walls as they clench and release

“Ooohhh shit babe… oohhhh, put it deep in me NOW YESS… OH fuck”.

You put your hand beneath my knees, bring my legs together and high as you ram your cock deep into me, grinding into my pussy.

“Aw fuck…… oh damned… oohh your so damned tight ma… OH YES…Shit!”

Our breathing mingles, coming quick and as you push yourself all the way in my muscles contract around you you withdraw slowly, until only the tip remains before pushing back in hard but fucking me slowly, then softly letting me feel you inside me stretching, heat….

withdrawn from my body reentering, all at a pace far slower than usual my body starts to crave more, I slam my pussy on you speeding up my rhythm and i feel you begin to push harder, faster again I feel the tremor building again from my core as you fuck me harder.

I am screaming your name, the tremors are almost…. “Ahhhhh….Fuck!” Your pulsing member erupts and I so do I, cumming with you arching up and into you. You fill me a stream of cum pumping into me, once, twice, again and again. Your cock pounds back into me and our juices mix. So hard! Again and again, filling me. My pussy hot, hungry, dripping….


You collapse on me, breathing as hard as I am, slowly withdrawing, Sitting back you look at me smiling.

“I think I need to try this shower thing again”

We both laugh as you lift me Placing me in the shower once more, gently, you wash us both, lingering in places now sore, kissing, teasing… always teasing, laughing with me..

Once we are both clean to your satisfaction You lead me from the shower this time you grab the towel before i think of it you softly dry off every inch of me before drying yourself you take my hand, and lead me to the bed laying me down.

following suite and wrapping my leg around you folding me into your chest with you arms, you start to humm my lullaby As I start to drift, I hear you softly say..

“Babe I think that was the best shower ever!”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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