Big Mike Ch. 14

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When I awoke the next day I was still sore between my thighs. I was bruised and tender, but it wasn’t as bad as I’d thought. I went to work after all, and let my aching thighs serve as reminder of Mike’s dominating size and an anticipation of what he may do to me next. I had agreed to be his personal call girl for two weeks, with no dirty kink off limits. I spent my whole shift at work wondering if I was lucky or insane.

Mike had texted me in the morning saying that I would get a day off to rest before my two week trick began. He’d wasted no time in issuing me orders like a slave owner. The first was to clear my schedule for the full two weeks, something that shift work at a restaurant came close to allowing; I was able to get all but two days off. The second command was to show up at his apartment the following day looking exactly as I’d looked when we first met. That meant the same cherry red dress, heels, and a face full of makeup.

All that was do-able, but one last thing he’d mentioned had given me pause. After I’d agreed to his commands he’d texted, -if ur pussy is that sore I may have to find another place to put my cock…- The thought of Mike’s huge dick in my ass was a terrifying notion. It was the closest thing to a deal breaker. I truly didn’t know if I could let him do that to me, and I didn’t know what he would do if I said no. There was something dangerous about our little game that made me tremble if I thought about it for too long. I really didn’t know what state my body would be in when my trick was up.

I bought the things I needed to help out our sex situation, and spent the night resting in preparation for whatever Mike’s commands would be the next day. As I lay naked on my mattress, fresh from a hot shower, Mike sent me a couple texts taunting my upcoming stint as his pet hooker.

-u home?- he asked.

-Yeah. Lying naked in bed. Thinking about you.-

-nice u ready for ur new job?- It was about eleven thirty at night.

-Of course, big man. I can’t wait to be at your beck and call.-

When we had agreed to the month long deal, the loose terms had been that I would spend two weeks as his cheap prostitute and he would spend two weeks as my boyfriend. He would thoroughly exercise his newfound kink for domination and I would get the larger-than-life thicc boi of my dreams…at least until we decided what the hell we were doing. I sometimes wondered if I was the one manipulating the situation or if Mike had taken control of our flirtation and was just leading me along. I wasn’t sure, but I was sure that it made no difference. Even with my lady parts still tender over twenty four hours later, I longed for his cock again, both enamored and afraid at what it would do to me.

It was a couple minutes to midnight when he texted me next.

-get dressed.-

-I will, but why?-

-cuz ur coming over cab is arriving at ur place at midnight-

I stared at my phone unsure if he was joking or not.

-Are you serious?-

-yup don’t make me repeat myself-

-or youl get punished ;)-

I smirked, staring at the screen. I had only just started to rise when my phone rang, and the cabby told me he was downstairs. The sudden materialization of his flirt becoming reality got me giddy with excitement. I rushed into my closet to get dressed and hurried into the cab. The driver already knew Mike’s address, so all I had to do was sit back and tremble with anticipation.

My hair was still wet from the shower so I’d slicked it back. I wore a thin, black, V-neck sweater that showed off loose cleavage. No bra, no panties, no make-up, just dark blue jeans below and my white runners without socks. I figured I would need to get naked quickly. As I waited on the ride, I noticed the cabby staring at me through the rear view mirror. It wasn’t hard to imagine what he was thinking.

-Here.- When we arrived, I tried to pay the driver, but he waved it off.

“Oh…well, thanks?”

“Yeah…see you soon.”

I walked up to Mike’s door, feeling my heart beat a bit faster. Again, I quietly laughed to myself at how silly my situation was.

“If this had been any other guy…” My amusement was interrupted as Mike opened the door.

Mike filled the door frame, wearing sweatpants and a huge baggy t-shirt. He was barefoot, and I could see the black curls of hair covering his fat feet. He stared down at me for a few seconds while I smiled up at him and offered a little flirtatious bounce of my eyebrows.

“Damn, you look good.” He complimented me while taking a step outside. He closed the door behind him. It was probably half past midnight at that point.


“On your knees.”

Mike’s words interrupted me, so I didn’t quite process the command. I just stood in silence, so he repeated himself.

“Get down on your knees. Let’s go.”

Realizing that our roleplay had begun, I quickly sank down to my knees and pressed my palms into my thighs. I looked up at him, his huge body blocking out the dim, yellow porchlight behind him. Mike pulled down his sweatpants and exposed the furry bulge of his bahçelievler escort bayan underbelly.

“Alright, go to work. A late night snack for you.”

I didn’t speak. I just looked up at Mike in awe. He glowered down without the slightest hint of a smile or jest on his face. I looked behind me to see if anyone was around. Mike lived on a quiet street, so there were no passersby. I could only see the rear end of the cab parked one house down. I turned back to Mike and stared into the furry depths of his heavy paunch.

I was no stranger to sucking cock, but I’d never had sex in public before. I realized quickly that Mike was taking our little game completely seriously. He was treating me like the cheap hooker that he’d missed out on when he was eighteen. In that moment, I had a brief flicker of realization of how the next two weeks were going to go. I was scared, aroused, and exhilarated.

“Hey slut, I told you to suck my dick. You’d better make my dick wet or I’m gonna have to punish you.”

Finally, his command took hold of my nervous system, and I lunged into his crotch without hesitation. I pressed both hands into his big belly and planted my lips on his cock with desperation. His thighs were flavoured with the slight tang of ball sweat. Out in the pleasant night air in the first thirty minutes of my two week trick, I sucked Mike’s cock with utter dedication.

The whole time Mike stood still and stayed relatively quiet. He offered me a few gentle moans of pleasure to root me on. I took his thick cock into my throat with pleasure and skill, and it didn’t take long for Mike’s testicles to clench in abundant release. I swallowed his load in three eager gulps, and continued to polish his cock and vacuum our any last droplets of his seed

After pulling my face out from his furry crotch, I wiped my mouth with my forearm and sucked down the last remnants of his warm load from my gums. I looked up to Big Mike with a smile. He looked down at me without any friendly reciprocation.

“Not bad.” He reached in his pocket and tossed me a fifty dollar bill. “Go home. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

And with that, in less than five minutes from when he’d opened the door, he shut it behind him and left me alone under the yellow porch light. I remained on my knees for few seconds, stunned, surprised, but not altogether unsatisfied. I got up and did a shameful little walk back to the cabby, who had clearly received instructions from Mike beforehand.

“Back home?” he asked.


I stared out the window as we drove, reflecting on how I felt about what had just happened. There was no follow up text from Mike. No emojis to remind me that this was a game and I was being a good sport. There was only the banter of the cabby’s Hindi radio station to drown out the silence.

I paid him the full fifty when we arrived and he thanked me for the generous tip. I got back into my apartment and lay on my mattress on the floor. I still hadn’t replaced the bed that Mike had crushed. I had told him that I would get a replacement from a friend so he wouldn’t feel bad. That time seemed so long ago, but it had only been a week. Mike’s bashful lack of confidence had become a memory. It had been overshadowed by this new dominating brute who currently held me at his beck and call.

I cleaned up and got my eight hours before I woke up to my phone ringing.


“Hey. You’re gonna come over at two. Wear that red dress.”


Mike hung up without any lingering conversation. I sat on my floor mattress and took a minute to mentally prepare myself for my new temp job as Mike’s pet hooker. Last night’s blowjob had been nothing but a foreshadow; the first day of my two week trick began that morning.

I showed at five minutes to two. I wore my cherry red dress and red heels, with heavy foundation, blush, and red lipstick. Underneath I wore rosy pink lingerie. I hadn’t thought that Mike cared about heavy make-up that much, but he’d said that he wanted me ‘polished’.

-Here. May I enter?-

It took a few minutes before he responded.


I opened the door and walked in with a touch of hesitation. I noticed my heart was beating faster as I walked in to see Mike sitting on his couch, watching tv, with his broad back to me. He didn’t turn to look at me; he only raised a hand and waved me over.

I walked around the couch so that he could see me. Mike wore the exact same outfit as the previous night, his sweatpants and giant sized t-shirt. He sat with his thighs spread and his huge belly resting between them. Both thick arms rested on the couch frame and he leaned back into the sunken center, collapsing under the weight of Mike’s huge ass. His black beard was thick and unkempt as usual, and perfectly framed his thick lips, which he licked while I walked before him. Mike looked at me with interest but without a smile.

“Nice. Looking good.”

I looked down at my feet and smiled at his compliment. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be in character or not.

“Thank balgat escort bayan you, sir. It still has your…love on it.” I traced my fingertips along my chest, outlining the stains from Mike’s semen. I’d been wearing it the first day we’d met; and that giant load he’d unleashed had coated the upper half of me. I’d been so impressed with Mike that I’d wanted to hold on to every little bit of him, even his stain.

Mike began to chuckle with his deep, bassy laugh. After a moment, his face went blank and serious again, as though he’s let his role slip.

“I’ll hose you down again and cover the rest of you. Now go get me a beer.”

I obeyed his command without delay. I walked barefoot to the fridge and brought back two tall boy cans. Mike cracked one and put the other on the table, where his fat, bare feet also migrated. He leaned back and looked comfy as he stared me up and down.

“Walk for me. Let me see you move.”

This began our afternoon flirtation. I walked back and forth and bit, making hungry eye contact every now and again. Mike ordered me to strike a few poses, bending over at the waist and running my hand up my thigh, and then planting my hands on the wall and sticking my ass out. I hate to admit it, but I twerked. Mike appeared nominally amused by my display. While I played the role of a braindead cabaret girl for him, I studied his face and guessed at what he was thinking.

I couldn’t tell if he was truly getting off on my body in that dress, by the way I moved and the way I spoke, or if the dress was just a costume that let me represent all women to him. The make-up, the lipstick, my blonde hair, and that red dress: to Mike they were an archetype of women’s sexual agency. I was the only woman Mike had ever been with, so to him I was all women. The women that had glared at him while he waddled in public, his huge thighs pressing together, the women that had rolled their eyes when he’d looked them over at the pub, even the girls in high school that had called him names: they were vicariously represented through me as I shook my ass and performed for him. And through his commands over me Mike was able to exercise power over them all.

“That’s good. But seeing you on your knees would be better.”

I turned to him and paused, only for dramatic effect. I had no intention of resisting; his deep voice and authoritative tone were music to my ears. I slowly dropped to my knees, running my palms down my waist, my thighs, and onto the floor. I arched my back on all fours and wiggled my hips while I looked up at him.

“That’s more like it. Come over here, little girl.”

As I crawled on hands and knees in as beguiling a manner as I could muster, I saw Mike’s eyes lighten. It was so clear to me in that moment, that more than the shape of my body or look of my face and hair, Mike lusted for my submission. I had awakened his taste for power over women, and nothing I could do would satisfy him as much as making my sexual agency into his plaything.

I arrived at his side, next to the table where his fat, hairy feet rested. He didn’t need his deep voice to command me; I already understood what was running through his mind. I pressed the heels of my palms together into the ground and leaned forward, slowly, over the table. I opened my ruby red lips and gently let my tongue slide out to graze against, and then press into the thick sole of one of his naked feet.

“Oohhh…” Mike breathed out his satisfaction as my tongue tasted the sole of his foot. Unlike the last time I’d played with his feet, I didn’t have the luxury of washing them first. They flooded my nostrils with a light stink, and the tang of sweat lit up my tastebuds. My eyes shifted over to watch for his approval, and he looked down at me with an open mouth and baited breath as I licked my lips in satisfaction.

“Mmm…god, how can you taste so good?”

I returned for another lick, and soon I was fully making love to his feet. Mike offered praise only in the pant of his heavy breath, and somehow through that act of self-degradation, I’d managed to take back an inch of control. I had captivated him. Lucky for me I like feet.

We stayed like that for a while. I slowly and gently licked his feet and sucked his toes. The big guy just let me taste him without any need for deep, bassy commands. Once I noticed his beer was getting low, I cracked his next and offered it to him before moving to his other foot. He took the can with a smirk and crushed the empty one with a single bear paw.

It must’ve been half an hour from when I entered that he finished his second beer. He crushed the second can while squeezing his cock with the other hand. With one big arm down his pants and under his belly, he seemed to have a good grip to beat himself off while I continued to lick his big heel.

“Shit, that’s so fucking hot. You’re just a filthy little slut, aren’t you?”

I wasn’t sure if I should stop licking to respond, but the perfect answer came to mind.

“I wasn’t…until I met you. It just feels like I belong down here.”

Mike pursed batıkent escort bayan his thick lips and blew a sharp whistle while he beat his meat even harder.

“All right, time for a snack, little lady.” Mike pulled his foot away from me and planted it on the ground with a thump. He lunged his upper body forward and did the slow, fat guy lurch up to his feet.

With his other foot planted on the table’s edge, he nudged it aside a bit and made some space between the couch and the table. His pants came down a bit and a handful of belly came up, bringing his thick cock into view. Standing there with leg raised, creating some space between his thighs, Mike looked like Captain Morgan as he jacked himself off.

“Hope you enjoyed the appetizer, cause I’ve got the entrée ready for you. On your knees, right here.”

The sight of Big Mike jerking himself off to near completion made me hungry indeed, or maybe thirsty was the proper word. I positioned myself between Mike’s thighs and sat back on my heels. Watching his huge belly wobble while his thick, hairy forearm clenched his cock was outstanding. Mike’s heavy panting signalled to me that my thirst was about to be quenched. I leaned my elbow back into the table, arched my head back, and stuck out my tongue to receive the bounty that was about to rain down on me.

“Ohh…fuck yeah.” Mike’s cock spurted out its first load of thick creamy semen, which splattered across my face and chest in a warm shower. His forearm clenched and he grunted as another burst squirted down on to me. Very little went in my mouth; I got only a light taste while the rest coated my cheeks, my forehead, my hair, my chest, and my red dress. Mike forced out another squirt before breathing a satisfied moan.

“Oh god…it’s so warm…all over me.”

I made vapid slut noises in appreciation of Mike’s big load. He looked down at me with a satisfied smirk. Seeing the confidence brimming out of him, I confirmed his true aim. He wanted to revel in the inversion of the power dynamic that had ruled his relationship with women. Having a man cum inside you can be either invasion or submission, but a man cumming on you is always domination.

“You like the taste of my sperm, little girl?

“Ooh, yes daddy. So much,” I cooed. Mike caught his breath while looming high above me.

“Well, I guess you should finish at all up then. I see some spots on the table, there.”

I saw that he was right. Some droplets of semen marked his coffee table. Without hesitation I leaned in slowly, closed my eyes, and pressed my tongue onto the surface of the wood. Mike was silent as I licked up every drip of his dna. I finished, smacked my lips, and looked up to him with a satisfied smile.

“That’s good. But you missed a spot.” Mike pointed down to the floor next to his foot at another drop.

I stared at it, braced myself, and slowly leaned down to the ground. My ass was arched up in the air and my mouth was less than an inch from the floor. There were a couple little hairs and specks of dirt on the floor. I did my best to quietly blow them away before sticking out my tongue and sliding it along his dirty floor.

“Ohh, shit. You filthy slut.”

I resisted gagging, and hoped to god he didn’t spot any more. I picked a hair out of my mouth, regained some sense of faux-composure, and looked up to Mike with a smile.

“Mmm…thank you, daddy.” Mike looked shocked and delighted.

“Wow…why don’t you go get yourself a glass of water. And two more beers.”

I did as I was told and Mike plopped his big self back down on the couch. I rinsed my mouth out and spat into his sink before returning with his beers. He was quick to crack one open.

“Take that dress off.” I obeyed.

I stripped out of my dress, now stained even more, down to my rosy pink bra and panties.

“Oh…cute. Now gimme that controller.” I handed Mike a playstation controller. “Good girl. Now you should take a drink of that water. Hydrate yourself.” Again, I did so without question.

Mike was sitting back comfortably again, looking perfectly content with himself.

“Now I think I want a nice, long, sloppy blowjob.”

The giant grabbed his belly with both hands and gave me space to access his cock. It was now flaccid and retracted into his heavy foreskin, but still so big and bulbous between his thighs. I quickly returned to my place, on my hands and knees, and crawled up to him. Before diving right in, I looked up at him over the curve of his huge belly.

“I haven’t showered since we fucked last. Might be a little ripe. But you don’t mind, do you, baby?”

With my face so close to his crotch, I smelled what he meant; he had fair amount of ripe musk going.

“No daddy, I love your smell. It just makes me wetter.” He smiled bigger.

“Good, now do what you’re good at.”

I nuzzled my head between his corpulent, hairy thighs and gave his dick a wet kiss and quick twirl of my tongue before pressing my lips deep into the furry bulge of his foreskin. After a few seconds and pressing my hands into his paunch and taking as much of his meat into my mouth as possible, Mike abruptly dropped his belly. His mammoth gut slammed down onto my back, neck, and arms. He completely squashed me, trapping me firmly in place between his thighs. Everything went black, and all I heard was Mike’s heavy chuckle and the faint noise of what I believed to be the Kingdom Hearts opening.

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