Bikini Party! My Favorite

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It was getting close to the end of the semester, but with finals still a few weeks off, the whole campus was abuzz with what the weekend had in store. The weather was supposed to be fantastic so our house had decided we were going to throw a day party on Saturday. Day drinking was one of our favorite things to do, as it allowed us to drink off our hangovers from the night before, use our big yard and pool, enjoy the sun, and, best of all, got all the girls out in their new spring bikinis.

I was getting towards the end of my junior year, and I stood about 6 feet tall and was in pretty good shape, having been an athlete most of my life before coming to school. At this point, I’d had my share of sexual encounters so far in college. The sorority girls here were known across the country. Every year during rush, a few hundred stunning skinny blondes, brunettes, and the occasional red-head or Asian would come running down the row to their new houses while we stood and watched and picked out some future targets. I think that year I had pointed out 4 or 5 girls from the house across the street and ended up fucking 3 of them in the first few weeks. You had to love that. Now I was looking forward to the warm weather to see all the girls out in their bikinis again. A little booze, a little music, and who knows what’s gonna happen.

When Saturday morning came around, I woke up slightly hungover from the night’s festivities, but took a quick shower and went down for brunch. The usual eggs and what-not and then the guys all huddled around as we tapped the first keg. We took the cover off the pool, set up the speakers, rolled out the hose for good measure, and kicked up the music.

It didn’t take long for the girls to start strolling over. I admired them as they came in. Before long, the yard was filled with C and D cups bulging from the colored fabric trying helplessly to hold them in. I thought to myself that it might not be long before my suit wouldn’t be able to hide my twitching cock.

I spent some time in the pool talking with a trio of blonde freshmen, one wearing a red and white striped top that I kept staring at as it couldn’t quite hold in her tanned breasts and one was a taller petite girl with some smaller B’s wrapped in a strapless pink garb and she had a just sexy smirk to her. We drank and danced around in the pool to the music. When I waded over the to steps to sit down, the girl in the red and white, whose name I learned was Kate, followed me over.

“Now where do you think you’re going?” she said, and I took this cue in stride.

As perched herself on my leg I replied. “I thought we needed some shots.”

“MMmmm, definitely,” she smirked. She reached behind her and grabbed one of the full plastic shot glasses on the side of the pool and calmly inserted it into her cleavage so that it rested there between her tits. Then she looked at me and smiled. “You first!”

“Oh, if you insist,” I said as I leaned my face into her chest, taking the opportunity to get a quick lick of her left breast as Kate squeeled before grabbing the glass with my teeth and tilting my head back to let the rum drop into my mouth. “Well done,” I said to her as I removed the shot glass and placed it back on the pool deck. She reached over and grabbed a shot and downed it as well.

“YUM!” Kate smiled and turned back to me, shifting her position off of my leg and moved her knees on each side of me so that she straddled my waist on the step. She looked at me and bit her lower lip, staring down at me seductively. I needed no other cue and I placed my hands on her ass and pulled her in. Her lips met mine and parted, allowing our tongues to tangle in each other’s mouths. As we kissed, she slowly rocked her hips back and forth, grinding her pussy on my crotch below the water. Her pace of her movements slowly increased, and she crept closer, her tits now rubbing up and down on my chest as she rocked. My cock began to twitch and grow in size. Kate clearly felt it and smirked at me once more seductively. She may have already been wet from the pool, but she was surely plenty wet on her own. I moved my right hand and placed it below her and cupped her pussy. Kate gasped slightly but gave no argument. I started moving my first two fingers around her pussy on the outside of her suit and felt her swelling labia.

“Mmmm… yessss…” She whispered a moan into my ear as I continued to pleasure her. Discretely, I slid the lower part of her suit aside and felt her bare pussy with the tips of my fingers. “Oohh yeaaahhh” she moaned again quietly. I continued to massage her. Then slowly I inserted a finger up into her, her warmth embracing my finger. “AWWwwww….”

I continued my movements beşevler escort down low while our lips met again. Her breathing was increasing and she tried what she could to conceal her moaning with the party still going on around us. I thought to myself again in that moment that today was going just as I would have hoped so far. I was gonna fuck this girl silly…


Kate jerked up out of her trance of pleasure and I quickly removed my hand from her inner depths. It was her friend in the pink top calling to her from the pool deck a little ways away.

“Steph is puking!” the girl in the pink yelled. “I need your help.”

“OK, be right there,” Kate responded. “I’m sorry I gotta go deal with her…” Kate said to me as she got up from around my waist.

“I’m sorry you couldn’t finish,” I said, and she chuckled, acknowledging. As she got up I realized my boner would be an obvious sight, so I dipped back into the pool for a few minutes waiting for it to subside.

This was the problem with freshmen; they just couldn’t handle their booze, I thought to myself. This was certainly a slam on the brakes for the day. And I was sure to get her up in my room just a little later…

Oh well, I thought to myself. My boner now subsided, I got up out of the pool and headed back to the keg for another beer.

As I’m standing over the keg filling my cup, I spotted this gorgeous brunette walking through the door out to the back pool deck. I immediately recognized her, but froze nonetheless at how just how hot she looked. Her name was Sarah. She had been in a large lecture class of mine during freshman year, but we had never really met. She was by all accounts one of the hottest girls in our year. She was around 5’4″ or so, with impeccable curves. She had nice, firm tits, probably C cups, and beautiful, athletic, toned legs. Her brown hair came down a little below her shoulders. Today, she was wearing a solid navy blue bikini that made her look even more stunning than I remembered. There are bikinis, and then there are bikinis, and this was certainly the latter.

Sarah walked right at me. I was not used to feeling intimidated by a girl, but I almost felt nervous.

“Showing up here alone today, are we?” I said.

“Oh, yeah… figured I’d come meet some of my friends,” and she pointed over to the chairs on the far side of the pool where four other girls were talking with a few guys.

“Ah, well, can I get you something?” I hoped she didn’t notice how nervous I felt.

“Sure. I’m Sarah, by the way.”

“I know. I’m Andy.”

“I know,” she responded, to which I was very pleasantly surprised. “Your reputation precedes you.”

“Then I hope it’s a good one.” She didn’t reply but just looked back at me, kind of leaning back on one foot and pulling her hair from behind her to rest on her left shoulder.

“Is there just cheap rum down here?” she asked. “Do you have something better?”

“I have some other stuff upstairs if you want,” I replied, wondering if I really was going to get her by myself so soon.

“Yeah, I’d love that,” she said and smiled. I had my own stash of some nicer booze up in my room, so I led her inside and up the stairs. As I walked her into my room, I couldn’t help but think to myself that I hoped this wasn’t the last time I would get to lead her into a bedroom. My cock twitched slightly at the thought.

“So what do you want?” I asked, showing her the shelf with a variety of different bottles.

I turned to her to get her response, but found that she was not looking at the shelf at all, but right at me. And she was slowly inching herself closer to me. I just stood there. “Well, actually,” she said, coming closer still so that her tits almost touched my chest, “this looks pretty good to me…” and she reached out her hand towards the now slight bulge beneath my suit and started to rub gently up and down on the outside on the fabric. “Is this one on the menu?” My cock may as well have answered for me because it was rapidly swelling, and Sarah continued to massage it slowly. With a look of her eyes at mine, she then knelt down and tugged down my suit, revealing my almost completely swollen member. I was still getting a hold on the situation, watching her as she giggled slightly. She took my cock in one hand, rubbing it back and forth and exclaimed, “Oh wow, it is verrry nice. The rumors are certainly true.” She looked up at me and held my gaze as the inserted my stiff cock into her mouth.

The pleasure was immediate, and I suddenly woke up from my trance. Oh, fuck yes, I am going to ravage this girl, I thought to myself. This was unbelievable. Sarah kept balgat escort her rhythm on my cock, bobbing her head back and forth, expertly using one hand on my shaft. I reached down and grabbed the back of her head, forcing my cock further into her throat. She responded by moving her hands to my hips, grabbing on and taking my cock entirely in her mouth. The sensation was incredible. Her eyes stared up at me lustfully as she pulled her head off my cock and licked some of the saliva that remained.

“Mmmm you like that?” she asked me, continuing to stroke my throbbing cock.

“Fuck yeah you slut,” I replied and forced her head back onto my member. She sped up her pace, and I felt my orgasm mounting. This was the best blowjob I’d ever received, and she just kept going, slurping and stroking, occasionally giving a long lick along the length of my shaft that sent shivers through my body. I held onto the bedpost next to me as I tried to keep my balance amid the rising sensation in my groin. “Holy fuck…. Aww yeahh baby…Suck that cock…. Fuuuuuck yeahhh…” And then I couldn’t stand the force of it any longer and I exploded a load of cum into her throat.

She swallowed it down and pulled my cock from her mouth, lapping up the remnants of my cum from my cock. “Mmmm, yes that’s much better,” she said. I looked down at her and could hardly wait for what was still to come. I stood her up and pulled her in, staring lustfully at her tits. “Are you gonna fuck me now, Andy?” she asked, “I want your cock inside me.”

“Oh, fuck yeah, Sarah, I’m going to ravage you.” She smiled, wanting, and I pulled her into a wet kiss. I moved my hands up to her breasts, groping them and started moving my kisses down her neck, kissed her collarbone and down to where her tits escaped the cover of her navy blue bikini. How was this still on, I thought to myself, and I turned Sarah around so she had her back to me and reached up and untied her straps, letting the fabric fall down to the floor. I reached around her and grabbed her bare breasts, massaging her nipples, and she moaned in delight. My kisses on her neck elicited more moans and sighs as I moved my hand down between her legs and felt her wetness already soaking through her suit. I began to rub the outside of the fabric and she arched her back slightly, welcoming the rush of pleasure.

“Mmmmm…yeahhhh,” she moaned as I rubbed her swelling pussy with my right hand and massaged her tit with my left. I then reached down and pulled loose the strings on each hip that held her suit and it fell to the floor. She turned and sat down on the edge of my bed and lifted her legs up into the air, spreading them to reveal her pink wetness. I dove in, sticking my face into her pussy, flicking my tongue over her clit repeatedly, her pussy juices seeping out onto my face. Then I took one finger and shoved it up into her, and she gasped “Ahhhhhhh…” As I licked her clit and tickled her g-spot with my finger her moans grew loader and quicker as the pleasure overtook her. “Ahhh yesss….yesss……mmmmm….yess……ahhhhhh YES….” And then her orgasm rocked her and she arched her back, shoving her pussy into my face. I kept up the pace with my finger, ramming it into her sweet goodness as she screamed in pleasure. “YESSS…YESS….AHHH FUCK YEAHHHH…” Her juices poured out of her, running down her leg. Her breathing slowed, and I removed my finger and looked up at her.

“You ready to be fucked by my big cock?”

“Oh, please. Fuck me, Andy. Fuck me.”

I needed no other cue. I grabbed Sarah around her hips and turned her over so she stood on her hands and knees on the bed. I leaned in, my cock throbbing, wanting. I could not wait to plunge inside this slut. I stood behind her, directing my cock towards her pussy as it hung it up in the air before me. I moved directly to her then paused, just touching the outer lips of her pussy, waiting, teasing, then plunged in full force into her. She moaned loudly “AHHHH” as my cock dove into her.

“AHHH… fuck it’s so big! God that feels soooo gooood…” she moaned as I slammed in and out of her. I grabbed her by the hips and continued directing my throbbing cock as deep into her as I could. She was incredibly tight, and the sensation of being inside her was even better than I could have imagined. “Ahh yes… fuck me!…ahhh fuck me hard!…yessss that feels sooo gooodd!….fuck yeah….” she screamed. I reached around and leaned forward, grabbing her tits with my hands while I continued to ravage her from behind. I could feel her tightening around my cock as her orgasm mounted. Her moans got louder and her breathing faster as the rush came. I quickened my pace, slamming batıkent escort ever harder into her, as her orgasm peaked. “OHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKK!” she groaned as she came, her juices flowing out onto my shaft and onto the bed below her.

“Turn over,” I demanded, and I pulled out of her allowing her to lay down on her back.

“Aww yess, keep it coming, you stud. Give me that cock. Fuck me, Andy,” Sarah pleaded. With her on her back, I raised her feet up in the air, and I directed my cock back towards her amazing pussy, plunging it in again. I forced myself in and out of her, lifting her legs higher and over my shoulders and wrapped my arms around her knees, pulling myself in. She started moaning again and again as she looked up at me, begging for more. I could feel my own orgasm mounting, but kept pounding away, driving her towards another orgasm. Time after time, I smacked into her again and again, thrusting my full length into her as she screamed in pleasure. “FUUUCKKKK” she screamed as she tightened, about to cum again. I groaned as her orgasm peaked, her eyes rolling back in her pleasure, and suddenly I couldn’t hold it any more and I unleashed my load deep into her depths.

“Mmmmm…yess, god that is sooo good,” she said looking up at me as we both panted, out of breath. I pulled out of her and collapsed next to her on the bed. The sound of the music outside from the party was still audible from my room, a reminder of how far this day had come. I looked over at her and just stared. The sweat glistened on her body, her hair damp. I thought to myself that she had to be the sexist thing I had ever seen in person. “What?” she asked, noticing me.

“You wanna have some more fun?”

“Oh shut up.” With that she rolled over on top of me. Her tits rested on my chest as we embraced and kissed. She reached down to my cock and started stroking it once more, eventually breaking off the kiss and sliding down my body. She gave my shaft a few tugs as if grew back to full length for the fourth time that day, kissing my shaft and then taking my balls in her mouth. She then grabbed the sides of her perfect breasts and laid them down to surround my cock and began moving herself up and down. She looked at me, eyes piercing, as she smothered my cock in her cleavage. The scene alone almost brought me to unload all over her. Sarah then grabbed my cock back in her hand, wiggled her way back on top of me, mounted my torso, and steered me back into her. She moved her torso up and down on my shaft and I again savored the feeling of being inside her. Her tits bobbed with her movements as she rode cowgirl on top of me while she stared down at me, us both dazed by the pleasure. Soon I reached up and pulled her body down to me and lifted my knees up. Grabbing her ass, I thrust my hips upwards and slammed my cock into her again and again. My balls slapped repeatedly against her ass cheeks as she took my full length. “Awww….uhhhh yeahhh….YEAH YEAH YEAH!” Sarah screamed again in pleasure as she approached yet another orgasm. “Oh yesss….fuck me! Fuck me!” She ducked her head, breathless, as she came again and her eyes rolled back in extreme pleasure. “Ugh..oh GOD! That feels soooo gooood!” she exclaimed as I slowed my rhythm and let her rest a second.

But it was not long before I sat up, wrapped her legs around my back, and stood up, my cock still inside Sarah.

“Where are we going?”

“To clean off,” I replied, and I walked us into the bathroom adjacent to my room, stepped into the shower, and turned on the water. As the water flowed down over us, I pushed her up against the side wall and lifted her up and down on my cock. Sarah’s hips gyrated with the motion, driving both of us crazy as she dug her tongue into my mouth. I rammed into her again and again and her moans rose again. “Oh my good…oh god….yessssss.” Holding her soon tired me out and I had to let her down to the ground once again. She leaned against the wall, the water pouring over her, and I lifted her right leg and held it near my hip and continued my siege of her insides.

“Mmmm… this is incredible… Fuck me, Andy! Fuck me like you’ve never fucked a pussy before…” she wailed as my orgasm mounted alongside hers.

“Ugh… I wanna ravage you,” I grunted as I felt my load coming soon.

“Ahh…fuck me fuck me FUUUUCKK MEEE!” Her orgasm climbed, clearly her biggest yet, and her screams got louder and longer. I found her g-spot and kept hitting it. I pulled her head down and we made out as I kept pounding her pussy, both of us soaked under the shower. Finally I reached my peak, and with two final thrusts, I emptied whatever I had left into her sweet insides. I let down her leg, and we stood there panting in the shower. I still could not get over how hot this chick was.

Finally she smiled and looked up at me, then reached her hand out and took hold of my limp cock. “It was great to finally meet you, Andy. We should do this again.”

I laughed. “I’ll see you tonight.”

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