Birds of a Feather Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: Caution! This chapter has more sexual action than chapter one. It contains cum swallowing/swapping, anal play, and Urolagnia (Pee play). While all of this is very erotic to many, there are those who do not care for it. If any of this is something you find offensive, I would suggest you do not read this chapter. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the continued adventures of Frank and Kathy. As always, suggestions and constructive criticism are welcomed. If you have not read Chapter, I would suggest you read it first.



Birds of a Feather, Chapter Two (OOPS!! I forgot)

At first, I thought I was still sleeping and having a beautiful dream. Then I realized I was looking at my ceiling. Next, I realized it was a wet, warm mouth on my rigid cock that made me think I was dreaming. I raised my head to see Kathy looking up at me. She had her lips down over the head of my cock, and I could feel her tongue flicking back and forth across the head.

She pulled her mouth off my cock long enough to tell me.” Morning Darling, I’m just warming up my breakfast.” I laughed and asked, “Don’t I get anything to eat?” Without missing a LICK on my cock Kathy turned around and straddled my head. I could see past the carefully trimmed pubic hair to the moist lips of her pussy.

When I flicked my tongue along the length of the wet swollen pussy lips, she pushed down and let out a soft moan. I used my fingers to pull her lips apart as I pushed my tongue deeper into her hot hole. I moved a finger up and started massaging her clit. Kathy was taking more and more of my cock into her mouth as she was humping harder and harder against my tongue.

She let her saliva run out of her mouth, down my shaft and across my balls. She used her hand to spread the spit around and softly massaged my balls. I started tongue fucking her pussy and rubbing her clit a little harder and faster. I knew she was fast approaching an orgasm, and I could feel the cum building up in my balls.

Suddenly Kathy started growing and trembling like she was having a seizure. I felt the first gush of her love juice as it flowed over my tongue and into my mouth. It had a warm musky, almost sweet taste to it.

I felt my cum as it made the trip from my balls, up through my shaft and into her mouth. She would moan, squeal and giggle a little as she swallowed every drop of my cum.

Then I felt another flow of warm liquid. There was a lot of it, and it was hot, salty and a little bitter. It took a second for me to realize she was pissing in my mouth. I knew this should be making me angry and disgusted but for some reason, it was only turning me on more.

Kathy suddenly pulled her mouth off my cock and rolled off of me. She set up on the bed looking at me. Her face was bright red, and I thought she was going to start crying. “I’m so sorry Frank, I didn’t mean to do that. I got so excited I lost control of my bladder.

I laughed “Well it was a real surprise, but it was also a real turned on.” I reached up and pulled her back over my face. Her thighs and pussy were still completely soaked with her pussy juice and piss. I started licking my way from her thighs up to her pussy. I put my mouth over her clit and flicked my tongue over her little pee hole.

She giggled and asked, “What! Do you want more of my pee?” I nodded my head as best I could. First, I placed my mouth over her urethral, and then I pushed two fingers into her vaginal passage. I could feel her little pee hole push out a little, and then I got a little squirt of piss. Then another, then a study stream. I swallowed as much as I could, still surprised that it was such a turn-on for me.

It must have turned Kathy on too. She was slamming her pussy into my mouth as she reached another orgasm. She breathing was labored as she fell over beside me. She started licking my face, lips and down my neck. “Oh baby, I’ve cum and pissed all over you, DAMN, THAT WAS SO FUCKING HOT, can I get you do the same to me?”

“Honey, we’re doing things I’ve never done before, but I love it. As I told you before, I’ll try anything you wanted to. All you have to do is say what you want and show me what to do.

Kathy smiled at me, “Frank, my perverted lover in crime, although we’ve both been married for several years, I’m as inexperienced at this level of sexual pleasure as you are. Most of the time I don’t even know what I’m going to do next, I just do it without thinking. Until you tell me to stop, I’ll continue going where ever the mood takes me, and I would love for you to do the same.” I just smiled and nodded my approval.

Kathy rolled over, got out of bed, then turned to me and asked, “Do you have to piss right now?” “Ah, yes I think so, I certainly can try” She smiled at me “I have an idea I think would be fun. Let’s go to the bathroom.”

When we entered the bathroom, Kathy went over and set on the toilet seat. She spread her legs as wide as she could, motioned for me to come over and kneel escort bahçelievler in front of her.

My cock was just about even with the toilet stool. Kathy used her fingers to pull her pussy lips apart. Then she lifted my cock with her other hand and pointed it at her pussy. Kathy was breathing heavy, and I could see the excitement in her eyes. I knew what she wanted me to do so I tried to relax enough to start peeing.

I could only get a couple of little squirts to begin with then I started a hard, study flow. Kathy moaned as the stream hit her pussy. She directed it toward her clit, also wetting her hand and pushed it down through her pussy lips. Then she squeezed my cock causing the pee to stop. She rubbed her wet hand around her pussy lips then moved her hand up to her mouth and licked her fingers.

She looked at me as though she wanted to see what my reaction would be. She loosened her grip on my cock, and the pee started flowing again. She titled my cock up, and wet her stomach, then on up her tits. She opened her mouth as she directed the flow higher. I watched as my golden liquid filled her mouth, then she swallowed.

I couldn’t believe how it was turning me on as I look at this lovely, sexy woman directing my piss into her open mouth. She would swallow most of it but let part of it flow back out and run down between her tits, across her stomach and drip off her hot pussy.

I emptied my bladder, and the stream stopped. There was only a couple of little squirts left which Kathy caught in her hand and lifted it to my mouth. I licked it up and swallowed. I said,” DAMN THAT WAS HOT.” Kathy laughed, “Yup, from one sleazy pervert to another.”

**I pulled her to the edge of the stool, licked her pussy lips, then started licking my way up her body, catching each tit on the way. I licked all the way up until I pushed my tongue into her mouth. She slid off the stool and started pushing her lovely tits into my chest.

Finally, we broke the kiss, and I suggested we take a shower then get a little breakfast. Kathy smiled and said, “No shower right now, I want us to stay wet and naked until we eat.” I smiled, “That sounds good to me. You’re gonna take some getting used to.”

While we were eating breakfast, Kathy asks if it would be okay to call Cindy after we ate. I told her that would be all right with me, and we needed to do a little shopping after she had called. She said she would need to go to her house to pick up some more clothes and check the mail.

We both got a second cup of coffee and headed for the den. Kathy dialed Cindy’s number, and as soon as she answered Kathy said, “Hello Hot Pants, hold on a second, I’m putting you on speaker phone.” I heard Cindy say “Hi Fridge, what’s the deal with the speaker phone?” Kathy laughter, “No more Fridge, that’s all changed now.” I’m standing here naked, covered in piss and cum, my pussy is sore as hell, and I still have the taste of cum in my mouth.”

The phone was completely quite for a couple of seconds then I heard “OH HOLEY SHIT, YOU’RE WITH FRANK!!!, Hello Frank. Beth is here too, we partied last night, and they stayed over, WE LOVE YOU! I laughed “Hello Cindy, I’m going to let Kathy fill you in all the details, and I hope to see you later.

I cleaned up the kitchen, made out a list of the thing I needed to shop for, then return to the den. Kathy was off the phone, and was sitting on the couch, her face buried in her hands and crying. I was confused. “What’s wrong Baby, did Cindy upset you?” When she looked up at me, I could see the tears rolling down her cheeks, and she looked so scared.

“Baby, talk to me, what the hell’s wrong?” “OH! My Darling Frank, I have fucked up so bad, I have done you so wrong.” “Kathy! What are you talking about, what have you done wrong?” She motioned for me to set down beside her. “Frank, when Cindy and I were talking, I told her about us fucking and you Cumming inside me. She mentioned it was good that I was still on the pill.” Kathy looked at me and started crying even harder, and I knew what was wrong. “When did you stop.”

It took her a few seconds to compose herself enough to answer. “About six or seven months ago and the awful thing is I’m at the prime time in my cycle. Frank, I’m so sorry I had no idea any of this was going to happen between the two of us. When it did, not being on the pill never crossed my mind.”

I took the time to thank about what I was about to say, then I told Kathy, “Look, Honey, you don’t know that you are pregnant. The big question is, if you are, what would you do about it?”

Kathy looked at me like she was trying to read my feelings. Frank, if I am pregnant, I have no one to blame but myself. Let’s face it. I’m not getting ant younger. If it turns out that I am pregnant, I want a child so bad IDefinitely would d keep it. It’s all my fault, but I would be pleased knowing you’re the Farther. I wouldn’t expect you to bear any of the responsibility.”

“Honey, I believe what you tell me about escort balgat not remembering you were off the pill. Hell, we were both caught up in the passion of the moment. Now I need to ask you some questions, and I need you to be very honest with me.

First, excluding the fact that you could be pregnant, do you regret anything that has happen between us so far?” Kathy shook her head “no”. “Next, sex and passion aside do you think you’re in love with me?” She looked deep into my eyes for a couple of seconds then said, “YES, I DO. I think I’ve been in love with you for quite some time, but I wouldn’t allow myself to admit it.”

That news caused me to smile, “Okay, at present we are both married but we are not living with our spouses, and I don’t think we ever will again. Please take some time to think about this before you answer. Would you consider living with me, pregnant or not?”

She didn’t hesitate, “YES, YES, HELL YES, you make me so happy Frank, I would love to spend the rest of my life with you.” Then she smiled, “I’m sure that if I’m not of pregnant, I will be very shortly. I know you would love to have a family also, and I would like to be the one to give it to you.”

“Okay Honey, here’s what I think we should do. I think I should fuck you again right now, just in case we didn’t make it the first time.” Kathy looked at me in silence for the longest time, then ask, “what about the other things we’ve been doing?” I took the time to think about her question before I answered, “The only thing that changes is we do more and continue to explore new things.”

Kathy through both arms around my neck and kissed me so hard it hurt my lips but even that turn me on. She laid back on the couch and spread her legs. I moved down, lifted her legs and placed them over my shoulders; then I licked her from her asshole up to her clit. Kathy moaned “Oh my dear loving man, please take YOUR PUSSY any way you want it.”

I pushed my tongue back into her pussy one more time then put my arms around her legs and moved up, placed my cock head at her opening and pushed in. Even though her pussy was very wet, she was still tight. I moved slowly in and out, going a little deeper each time, trying to be as gentle as possible. Kathy reached around, grabbing the cheeks of my ass, and pulling me ball deep into her hungry pussy.

I held my cock in place as she used her vaginal muscles to massage my cock. After a few seconds, I started moving in and out a little. Kathy whispered in my ear, “Fuck your pussy hard baby, slam into me and make me hurt.” I didn’t hold back after she said that. I wrapped my arms around her thighs, moved into a crouched position and started fucking her hard.

I would pull almost all the way out then slam back ball deep, going a little faster each time. Both our bodies were soaking wet with sweat, and we were grunting and moaning like two wild animals.

Kathy was having one orgasm after the other. She would pull up with her legs shoving her pussy tighter against me each time she cum. She was so wet I could hear a sloshing sound every time I slammed into her.

I could feel my balls tightening and knew I was about to shoot my load in her soaking wet, hot pussy. I started shooting line after line of cum until I could feel it running out of her pussy every time I slammed into her. Kathy seemed to be in another world. She just kept repeating, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK.”

Kathy used her vaginal muscles to milk the last few drop of cum from my slowly softening cock. I held Kathy’s legs with my arms as I laid my head down on her right breast. I pushed my cock hard into her keeping the cum from running out. I smiled down at Kathy, “I want the little swimmers to have all the time they need.” Kathy pulled me down and kissed me lightly on the lips.

As soon as my breathing return to normal I let my flaccid cock slip out of Kathy then I move down her body until my mouth was near her pussy. I could see our cum running out and down the crack of her ass. I pushed her legs back a little and started licking around her little, wet rosebud.

“Oh Baby, suck my nasty asshole” Kathy moaned. That’s just what I did, I placed my mouth over her asshole and started sucking and pushed my tongue as deep as I could inside her tight little hole. I pulled my tongue out and started licking our cum as it was flowing out of her pussy. It was a little thick, had a slightly salty taste, and I loved every drop of it.

I heard Kathy say, “Share with me Baby, I’m hungry too.” As I placed my mouth over her pussy, she pushed down, and I caught a large glob of our mixed cum. I moved back up to kiss her, but she kept her mouth wide open, and her head tilted back. It took a second to realize what she wanted. Then I held my head about six inches above hers, slightly parting my lips and let a thin line of our cum slip out of my mouth into hers.

“AAAHHHHH” was all she said as she swallowed every drop. When my mouth was empty, I leaned down and kissed her gently on the escort batıkent lips. I broke the kiss and pulled back to see tears in Kathy’s eyes. “Baby, why the tears, what’s wrong?”

“Oh Frank, you make me so happy, I’ve never had this much sexual freedom before, and I love that but the gentle, sweet love you show me fills my heart with joy. I’ve never know anything like it in my entire life, and these are not tears of sorrow but tears of joy.”

We laid there for a while just holding each other, enjoying the feeling of the love that flowed between us. I started getting up, telling her we need to get going. “We needed to do some shopping and maybe do lunch before we come home.”

Kathy jumped up, “OH SHIT, I’ve gotta call Cindy, I told her I would talk with you about them coming over tonight or tomorrow. That was before she mentioned the thing about the pill.” I looked a Kathy with a puzzled look.

“Cindy asks if I had told you about the swinging and if we were interested. I told her what you said, and she was all excited. She wanted to know if it would be okay for them to come over tonight or tomorrow. She was hoping we could all talk to see if we were interested in talking and maybe playing some adult games to see if we wanted to go further.”

I thought for second then ask, “Okay, remind me, just what did I say about the swinging?” She gives a nervous little laugh, “When I ask you if you would swing with a couple if you had the chance and you said, “Not yes but HELL YES.” “I need to call her and tell her the deal’s off now.”

“UUUMMM…Let me see; Cindy wanted you to ask if her, Ken, Beth and Paul could come over and talk with us to see if we would be interested in having sex with the four of them.

That would mean something like Cindy and Beth in a 69 while I’m fucking one of them from behind and maybe even in the ass. You may be watching us while Paul is fucking you and you’re sucking on Ken’s cock, is that what you are talking about?”

Kathy was looking down at the floor and just nodded her head. “Was there anything else you girls mentioned that you were hoping might happen?” When Kathy replied she spoke in such a low whisper, I could hardly hear her. “I’d love to see you suck a cum soaked cock just as it was pulled out of a freshly fucked pussy.”

“Kathy!! What in the hell were you thinking, ME PUTTING SOMEONE’S NASTY CUM SOAKED COCK IN MY MOUTH?” I could see the tears filling her eyes and knew it was time to stop teasing her.

Before I could say anything else Kathy said, “Frank, I’m sorry, I know things have changed now that I may be pregnant and talked about our feelings for each other, that’s why I need to call her.

I looked down, and I could see the dampness shining on her carefully trimmed pubic hair. I stepped over to her, putting one arm around her shoulder and pulling her close to me. As she laid her head on my shoulder, I took my other hand and slipped my index finger into her pussy. She was soaking wet. I added my middle finger and fucked her a few strokes.

I removed my fingers, held them up where we could both see her pussy juice clinging to them. I placed my index finger in my mouth and sucked it clean. Them I put my middle finger to her lips, and she quickly sucked it into her mouth. I could feel her tongue licking around my finger as I slowly pulled it out.

“Honey, you’re dripping wet just thinking about all this. We both have thought about it, and I believe that we’ll continue to until we give it a try. We have already either done or talked about doing more in less than a day and a half than either of us had done during our entire married life. Why don’t you call Cindy and tell her we can’t promise anything will happen beyond an open, honest conversation about the six of us getting together for sex. Then we’ll get our showers, dress and go get our shopping done.”

Kathy called Cindy and set things up for about 7 PM. She also told Cindy about the goof up about not being on the pill and what we had decided. Cindy was excited and told Kathy she would explain how we could play with them and still protect her from getting pregnant by anyone else but me.

We finished our showers, dress and headed downtown. Kathy told me to stop by her house and let her pick up more clothes and check the mail. She was in and out with more clothes and her mail in hand if less than five minutes. She looked through her mail as I headed to town.

Most of it was junk mail, but one letter was from her husband, Jerry. She opened it and started reading. I could tell by the look on her face it was not good. I ask, “Is everything alright? “Give me a minute Honey.” After a couple of minutes, she started reading the letter to me.

Jerry wrote that he knew things were not going to work out between them. She wanted much more than hem was prepared to give. He wanted to start a new life that didn’t include her. He wrote that he had found an attorney that would backdate a separation agreement and they could get an uncontested divorce right away.

This ASSHOLE told her the attorney only wanted eight hundred dollars to handle all of it. Jerry told her if she would pay half, he would pay the other half and all he wanted was half the cost of their house and cars. Kathy said Jerry had never paid a penny for the house or the cars.

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