Bitch for a Day Pt. 02

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<**Note to Readers: This is the second installment of a two part story. I would recommend reading "Bitch for a Day - Part 1." If you don't read Part 1, then all you need to know is that the husband character in this story lost a bet with his wife and thus agreed to be her "Bitch" for a day. In Part 1, she assumed a dominant role and made him eat her creampie for the first time. The story picks up after a morning encounter in the couple's living room where he cleaned up the creampie that he made with her. I hope you enjoy Part 2. Constructive comments and feedback are always welcome.**>

After we finished kissing, Dana smiled approvingly, and patted my bare ass. “Come on handsome,” she said as she got up off the living room floor and motioned me to follow her.

I followed my beautiful wife to the bedroom where we cuddled, talked, and rested in bliss. After about an hour, Dana’s demeanor changed and she flashed me a devilish smile. “All of this intimacy doesn’t mean you are off the hook for the remainder of the day my love. ” She then paused for a moment, grabbed my flaccid cock, and then looked intently into my eyes with confident authority, “You’re my Bitch, and I expect you to behave as such the remainder of the day.” She let her words sink in, and then she squeezed my quickly stiffening cock and tersely said, “Got it!?”

“Yes,” I gulped, surprised and aroused by her change in demeanor.

“Great,” she said in a softening tone, as she released my now fully erect cock. “I was going to make you go shopping with me and then have you fix dinner when we got home. However, you have been so good, I am changing plans. Instead, fold the laundry and spend the remainder of your time relaxing. We’re going out for an early dinner. Get plenty of rest, you’re going to need it for tonight.”

She said nothing about my erection, and instead disappeared into the bathroom with some clothes. A few minutes later she emerged looking and smelling fresh, with her hair pulled back, wearing a V-neck cotton shirt, and a jean skirt that showed off her long athletic legs. I was still laying on the bed naked, my cock half-erect, contemplating what she had just done to me. She approached the bed where my head was at, climbed on the bed, straddled my face, and lifted her skirt, revealing the black panties that she had been wearing when she first woke me up. White remnants of her earlier arousal were visible on the now dry silky material concealing her sex. The smell of her sex was heavenly as she planted her crotch on my nose.

After a few seconds, she shifted back so she could make eye contact while she talked to me. “I’m wearing these panties to remind me what a hot, sexy Bitch you were earlier this morning, and I’m thinking the next time you lick the crotch of these, there needs to be a big load of cum in the mix. That would turn me on.” She reached back and grabbed my now fully erect cock, “how about you?”

I didn’t need to answer. I could also see a small bead of dampness soaking through her panties. I wanted to start fulfilling her wish, but she abruptly climbed off me.

“No jacking off while I am gone,” she warned, “I will know if you do. I don’t know when I will be back, but if the laundry isn’t folded and put away when I return, there will be consequences that you will not enjoy. Be good. I love you.” With that, she was gone.

My head was spinning and my cock wanted relief, but I wasn’t going to disobey her and masturbate, particularly since I knew she was also aroused and denying herself too. The arousal and tension was probably good. If anyone would have told me the day before that I was going to assume a submissive posture, eat my cum from her panties and pussy…and enjoy it, I would have told that person they were delusional. Being aroused kept me from questioning the broadened boundaries of our sexual relationship which at that point seemed outside of social norms.

I got up, put on a shirt and shorts and headed for the laundry room, hoping that folding the laundry would take my mind off my erection. It didn’t. Next to the basket of clean clothes was the hamper of dirty clothes, with Dana’s pink panties lying at the top, the crotch still moist. I surmised Dana put them there to tease me, so I tried to ignore them, but I couldn’t. I picked them up and put the crotch to my nose. When I breathed in the scent, I started to re-live the erotic events from earlier and reached for my cock with the intention of filling the crotch of those panties with a load of my cum. However, I remembered Dana’s words and stopped. I did my best to put the panties back as I found them and I took the laundry to the living room and turned on a college football game to distract me while I folded the clothes. It took some time, but my cock returned to a flaccid state. After I put the laundry away, I grabbed some food and settled on the couch to watch the game.

I fell asleep watching the game, only to be awakened by Dana lightly kissing me on the lips dikmen escort bayan and face. “Hey handsome,” she smiled, “sorry to interrupt your beauty sleep, but it is time to get ready for dinner.”

I never heard Dana come in. Instead of waking me, she got ready herself. She looked and smelled great.

“Your face smells of sex, and while I love it, you need to clean up,” she smiled. She then reached inside my shorts and grabbed my cock. “Tell me you were good while I was gone.”

“Yes, I was,” I replied earnestly, “but your panties at the top of the hamper tempted me to be otherwise.” I confessed what I did while my cock quickly hardened in her hand.

Dana smiled approvingly, thanked me for my honesty, and told me I was “a hot Bitch.” She then lightly stroked my stiff cock as she gave me instructions for cleaning up. She wanted me “Fleet clean ” and “fully shaved.” The “Fleet clean” part had a special meaning to us. It meant an enema, which we both regularly did for the health benefits which we discovered several years ago when we adopted a holistic/organic diet and lifestyle. After our first enema, we joked about being”Fleet clean,” with Fleet, of course, being the maker of the enema.

“Fully shaved” was new and required further instruction. In addition to my face, Dana ordered me to shave my legs and genitals. She would have had me shave above my waist, but except for my armpits, I virtually have no hair on my chest and back. A new “man groomer” and gel was waiting for me in the bathroom to accomplish the task. Though new, I wasn’t shocked by the orders, as Dana would occasionally make unfavorable remarks about hair getting in her mouth when she would kiss my legs and lick and suck my balls and cock. With her stroking my cock, I was more than willing to comply.

“Get moving,” she said, as she released my cock.

I immediately complied, and while the shaving was new, I was able to make quick work of it with the new groomer. My mind was racing about the sex she had planned, so I was done getting ready very quickly. As I was putting on my cologne, Dana called into me and ordered me to present myself for inspection. The sound of the command made my now flaccid cock twitch.

Dana was sitting on the bed when I emerged naked. The black casual skirt she was wearing crept up a bit, showing that her matching black stockings were being held up by a garter belt. Her blouse, though simple and conservative, was unbuttoned enough to see her enticing cleavage. She motioned me to stand next to her for a close examination while I did a 360 degree turn. “Nice,” she said as she gave me a firm slap of approval on my bare ass. She then pointed to the clothes at the foot of the bed and ordered, “Get dressed.”

At first, I thought nothing of it. As I walked to the foot of the bed, my eyes took in the pants, shirt, and socks. Next to those was a new pair of black panties which I assumed were hers. I told her the panties were sexy and then mentioned she forgot my boxers. I started for my dresser, but she ordered me to stop.

“You’re not wearing boxers tonight,” she said. We made eye contact and then she looked at and pointed to the panties. It took a second for it to sink in, but when it did, I started to balk, thinking that she had just crossed the line. Dana could tell by my reaction what I was thinking.

“Don’t say a word,” she said with calming authority. “No one will know you are wearing panties tonight except you and I. And no one will know that you are my Bitch except us.” She then hiked her skirt and opened her legs, exposing black panties that were soaked through the crotch. “I’ve been wearing these all day getting them ready for a special night with my Bitch, who I expect to pleasure me and who will receive pleasure in return.” Her voice turned more forceful. “I expect you to keep your promise and submit to me. Tonight, you’re wearing panties. It will give me great pleasure.” She paused and then said firmly, “Put them on.”

I realized that the night would end with disappointment and no sex if I did not put them on. I reluctantly submitted. Though snug, the panties had a split through the crotch, which gave me breathing room. I felt silly and humiliated, but Dana slid her right hand inside her panties and touched herself while I put them on. She then ordered me to complete another 360 degree turn for her to look. When I finished the display, Dana stood up and approached me from behind. She grabbed my ass with her left hand, pressed into me, reached her right hand around to my mouth, and pressed her index and forefinger, coated with a thick load of her juices, to my lips. I could tell that whatever cleaning up she did when she got ready, it did not include her pussy. Her womanly scent was strong and intoxicating, just the way I prefer.

In an approving voice, she told me I looked “hot and sexy.” Then in a lusty tone, she said, “I own your ass tonight.” She let her words sink in. emek escort bayan Then she pressed her fingers to my lips. “Open up,” she ordered as she stuffed her fingers in my mouth.

I wasted no time licking and sucking her fingers clean. By the time I finished, she had turned me so that we were facing each other. While rubbing the silky material of the panties against my genitals, she gave me a passionate kiss.

My cock was rock hard when she finished kissing me. Dana pulled away and lightly ran her fingers along the material starting from the base of my cock to its head.

“Your cock clearly likes the feel of those panties, doesn’t it?” Her question, though rhetorical, was stated with an approving tone that conveyed deep arousal.

I blushed. I couldn’t possibly answer the question even if she demanded an answer as I stood there trying to process the flood of conflicting thoughts and feelings. My cock begged for attention, but it received none. Dana removed her hand from my cock, told me to finish dressing and walked out of the room.

“The sooner we leave, the sooner we get to come home,” she called into me.

When I emerged from the bedroom, Dana called me “a handsome stud.” I, in turn, caller her “a classy, dropped dead beautiful woman.” As I held the door for her that led into our garage, she pointed to the bulge in my crotch and quipped, “The restaurant doesn’t allow pets, so you may want to leave your trouser snake behind or do a better job of hiding it.”

“Well you could give me some in-flight service to calm the snake, but I don’t want to risk an accident that would lead to paramedics and medical professionals finding me wearing panties,” I quipped back.

We laughed and had a lighthearted conversation on the drive to the restaurant. When we arrived, my erection had subsided, though not completely, as there was an unspoken sexual tension between us. Dana looked particularly happy and radiant. Even though it was just before 5 pm, there was an hour wait for a table, as was customary for this restaurant on the weekends. Fortunately there is a large bar to wait in.

When we walked into the bar, there were a couple of Dana’s female friends, Janet and Kayla, who serve with Dana on a women’s committee at our church. Both very attractive blondes to begin with, they were each dressed elegantly in a display of wealth that was just short of gaudy, but nevertheless got them approvingly noticed. They were with their husbands who appeared far more interested in the football game playing on the TV screen than them. They spotted us, and we joined them, though I was concerned about what Dana might let slip out about our role playing and what I was wearing. To my relief, she didn’t. However, she was vivacious and witty, giving me special love taps and respect as she proceeded to entertain and garner the attention of her girlfriends and their husbands, who stopped watching the game. After a couple of drinks and about 50 minutes, their table was ready. After they left, Dana leaned in and whispered in my ear, “You are one sexy Bitch, I want no other.”

I whispered back, “I want to be no other’s, as I live to please the most beautiful woman in the world.”

I wanted to leave then, but we waited another 10 minutes to be seated at a cozy table for two located next to a short hallway leading to the restrooms. Our friends were several tables away, close to the bar, but in plain view. The men had returned their attention to the football game, which could still be seen from their table. Despite their appearance, Janet and Kayla seemed lonely, bored and detached. That was not the case with Dana and I. We were fully engaged in conversation that was accentuated with light touching and gentle patting which we mutually used to convey a point or enhance laughter. Though Janet and Kayla seemed to have their eyes trained on us, we paid little or no attention to them or the other diners as we quickly ordered and ate our dinner. Dana made it clear that dessert, which we generally skip anyway, was going to be at home.

As we were waiting for our check, Janet and Kayla made their way toward the ladies restroom. Seeing that we were about to leave, they stopped to chat and say good bye. They commented on how good Dana looked and how happy she was. Dana humbly gave me all of the credit, which caused them to ask me, “What is your secret?”

“That’s easy,” I said, “I play my role and do as I am told, in loving submission to my beautiful wife, who I trust.”

“That sounds like something I would hear at church,” Janet replied, “except that it would be a command for women to follow.”

“For sure,” Kayla added, “perhaps you could teach that to our husbands, if you could get their attention away from the game.” She paused, and then smiled warmly. “If that is what you two have going, then I want some too.”

“Absolutely,” Janet said with an equally warm smile.

I didn’t want to get caught eryaman escort bayan in that. Fortunately, Dana rescued me.

“Submission is mutual,” Dana smiled graciously, “it says so in the Good Book. How that looks is different for every couple, so it can’t be taught, only discovered by spending time and taking some risks with your mate. It all leads to that one precious thing we humans all crave.”

“What is that?” Janet and Kayla asked almost in unison.

“Intimacy,” Dana said kindly and then gave me a knowing smile which I returned.

Our waitress appeared with the check, so the conversation was interrupted, much to the disappointment of Janet and Kayla. They returned to their table after saying short, but kind, goodbyes. I quickly paid the check and we left.

When we got in the car and started for home, Dana looked at me and asked, “Did you mean what you told Janet and Kayla about trusting me?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Are you sure about that?”

“I’m wearing panties. What does that tell you?”

“It tells me you’re my Bitch.”

We both laughed.

When the laughter ended, Dana looked at me kindly and said, “I am happy that you understand one of my reasons for the panties you are wearing, to build trust.”

“That’s nice to know,” I said, “but I felt extremely vulnerable too.”

“Being vulnerable is one place where trust is built.”

“Well you certainly earned mine. What are the other reasons for the panties?”

“To remind you that I am in charge, and to prepare you for the things we are going to explore and discover together tonight.”

I understood the first part of her answer, but the second part raised questions which I was unsure about asking. Dana said nothing and let me contemplate those words in silence. After a couple of minutes, Dana became more provocative. She slid her skirt up, exposing her upper thigh and garters, as she reached her hand between her legs, only to quickly emerge with her index and forefinger coated with her juices.

“My panties are soaked,” she said, “because I’ve been thinking since I left this morning about how you’re going to lick and clean my fingers, pussy, and whatever else I tell you to.” She paused as she put her fingers closer to my nose. “I am especially aroused thinking about fucking you like you have never been fucked.” She paused again. “Obedience and pleasure is what I want, can I count on you to deliver?”

“Yes,” I quickly replied, though I didn’t fully understand what that entailed. My cock stiffened and was straining against the silky material covering it.

“That’s my Bitch,” Dana said affectionately as she stuffed her fingers into my mouth, and ordered me to “lick and suck them clean.”

Fortunately, we had turned onto our street where there was no traffic and I was able to drive safely while I gladly did as I was told.

My cock was rock hard by the time we pulled into our garage. Dana waited for me to walk around for me to open her door. When she got out, she kissed me hard on the mouth, then said, “follow me,” as she walked toward the door into our home.

She turned on the lights, and with her back to me as she continued to walk said,

“Except for your panties, I expect your clothes to be off the next time I turn around.”

I feverishly shed my clothes as I followed her from the garage to our bedroom. When we entered the bedroom, Dana walked to the bed and turned around. She smiled with devilish approval. I felt silly and humiliated standing there in a pair of panties, but not enough to lose my erection. Dana turned around again and snapped her fingers for me to come help her with her blouse and skirt. Together, we removed them quickly. She pressed back against me, pulled her hair to the side and told me to kiss her neck and ear. I gently went to work on her. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her abdomen, giving me permission to touch and caress her. I moved my other hand around her and gently caressed her torso as I continued to kiss her neck and nibble at her ears. I pressed my chest into her back and my bulge against her ass as she moaned with pleasure. She told me to unsnap her bra, and quickly after that I was caressing her breasts and gently squeezing her firm nipples. She didn’t need to give orders, my kisses and hands were guided by her movement and breathing as she responded to my touch.

“That’s really nice,” she said as she turned and faced me. She gently grabbed my head and gave me warm, sensuous kisses. My hands gently caressed her back until she guided my face towards her breast, which I gently kissed as I made my way to each of her erect nipples, which I licked and sucked. Although we had been together for ten years, it felt like the “first time,” and I told her that.

Dana moaned with pleasure, and said, “Tonight there are going to be a few first times for us.” She pushed me to my knees. Her hand guided my head to her stomach and navel which I continued to gently kiss and lick. In between kisses I remarked that her black garter and stockings were hot and that they made her look like a Dom.

“Glad you like them,” she said, “because tonight I am a Dom.” She grasped my head firmly and pushed it in her crotch. “And tonight you’re my Bitch, got it?”

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