Black Lace

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I’m waiting for you to call me… you’ve been away so long, and I miss you so much, and these weekly phone calls are really all that are keeping me from going nuts these days. Well, those calls and my collection of ‘toys’. You always said that was one of the things you liked most about me, that I had a collection of sex toys bigger than a girl should have and still be able to look her mother in the face, and that I love them. Revel in using them. That I wasn’t afraid to use them in front of you.

Just thinking about that is enough to get my panties wet, and so instead of waiting for you like I should, I lay back on the bed and pick up my favorite vibrator. You like me to dress up for you, so I’m wearing a black lace shelf bra, the one you love that pushes my tits up and out for you, and the barest strip of black lace as a thong. It barely covers my pussy lips, and so I hardly have to push it aside to tease my clit with my finger first, then with my vibrator. As I start to really get wet, the phone rings. I’m out of breath as I answer and you know why.

“Couldn’t wait, huh?”

“Nope, sugar,” I say, “I need you.”

“I’ve had a long day,” you reply, “tonight I want you to lead. What are you wearing for me?”

I tell you, and hear you draw in a slow breath. “How wet are those panties, babygirl?” you ask.

“Soaked through,” I tell you, with a hint of embarrassment in my voice.

“Take them off,” you command, and I do. “Start…”

“I’m imagining what it would be like if you were here, sitting in front of me… or if I was on the edge of the bed and you were sitting across mamak escort the room… I spread my legs wide so you can see all of me.

Dipping a finger in, I bring it to my mouth and suck the tip softly, just to see what all that wetness tastes like. I’d stand up, undo my bra and drop it to the floor while fingers go back down, running lightly over my skin, stroking my pussy lips softly, teasing myself.

The other hand circles my areola, I wet my index finger with my tongue and brush it gently against one nipple, then the other, twisting slightly… and I push one finger in my hot cunt as I look into your eyes, drinking in the longing I see there.

Then two fingers, in and out, rubbing my clit with my thumb, little circles, moaning softly. I lean my head back and close my eyes, concentrating only on how wet my pussy is, how swollen my clit is, and I can hear your breathing change and I start to move my hand faster.

I spread my legs wider, holding my lips open with one hand while I fuck my cunt with the other, harder, faster, and I can’t take it anymore, I need you close to me. I call your name

: please…

and you’re there in front of me, faster than I thought possible, dipping your head, breathing in the scent of my pussy, and you lean in and suck my clit into your mouth. It’s like a jolt of electricity to the core of me, and I don’t know whether to come now or to wait until you’re inside me, but I’m not sure I can stop…

Your fingers replace mine inside me, bigger, thrusting harder, and I’m there and I can’t stop, falling over the ofise gelen escort edge, coming on your tongue, on your fingers, and I push against you, pushing you back, back onto the floor and I straddle your face – begging you to suck my cunt, to put your tongue inside me, and you do, oh god, you do…

I lean over and cup your cock between my tits, rubbing your soft skin with mine, taking the head softly into my mouth, licking off the pre-cum, sucking, stroking you with my tongue, licking, sucking, teasing you. I feel myself about to come again, and I push back against your tongue, can’t think of anything other than how it feels, your tongue rough against my clit, closing my eyes and I’m coming again, oh fuck, yes, my god, don’t stop. Before I’m finished, I raise up and turn to face you and sit down hard on your cock, raising your hands to my hips to help me fuck you…

I moan out loud as I slide down onto your dick, your hands grabbing my hips almost too roughly, and I’m lost in the exquisite pleasure of your hard cock in my hot, slippery cunt…

: fuck me baby, harder – hurt me with your big cock, I want to feel you all the way up inside me, grab my ass hard and fuck me, I need you…

You thrust your hips up to meet me, pulling me down to you harder with each stroke, I need to make you come. I need to feel you spurt deep inside me. You’re throbbing inside me, sinking deeper in with every thrust.

I ask if you want me like this, or do you want me from behind? I need you as deep as you can be, and you tell me to lie down on my back with otele gelen escort my legs up over your shoulders.

: god yes – give it to me, fuck me, sugar – you know how much I love the way your hard cock feels inside me

I’m moaning and pushing back so hard against you, it feels so fucking good, and then I say,

: will you do something for me baby, will you fuck my ass like this?

You don’t stop, barely pause, you just make the switch, out of my pussy with one stroke and into my ass with the next, so smoothly that for the pain, I might not have noticed… I reach down to play with my clit again, loving the pain, loving the pleasure /pleasure…

: fuck me lover – make me come, I’m so close

You’re pounding my ass over and over, you say that you’re feeling like you’re going to split me open every time you thrust deep, and I beg you

: don’t stop, don’t ever stop… make me your fucking slut

my fingers are rubbing my clit harder, faster

: oh baby I’m so close

You lean over to grab the biggest dildo I have from the side of the bed and slam it into my pussy as you fuck my ass, and it’s just what I needed, what I wanted, what will send me over the edge,

: come with me, oh god, please, give it to me, sugar, fill my tight little ass up with your hot come

and just as my fingers tease my clit to another orgasm, I feel you start to thrust harder and faster and you’re groaning and calling my name as you finally release inside me and collapse down onto me, breathing heavily…

And as I say this to you, I can hear you come for real, in your hotel room so far away from me… it takes a moment before you come back to the phone.

“My god,” you say, “you needed it badly tonight, didn’t you?”

“I did. I do.”

“You want more, my pretty little slut?”

“Yes… please…”

You laugh to yourself and we start again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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