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It’s the end of another day. We’ve been keeping busy and you tell me that all you want to do is kick back and watch a movie. I go start up the electronics before leaving to get a good blanket and after you throw the movie in the player, I sit back against the couch and you sit next to and in front of me, leaning back against me. We put our feet up on the ottoman, wrap the blanket around us and sit back to watch the show.

It doesn’t take long before I can tell that the movie isn’t really holding your attention. You’re smirking, joking … not really paying a lot of attention. At one point, I look at you and you’re not even watching the screen anymore. You’re looking over at me.

I grin and say “What?” and then you lift up, leaning your head back and cocking your neck so that our lips touch. You can feel me smile into the kiss, and after what seems to be too short of a time, you pull back.

I keep watching you, my eyes darting to your lips then back to your eyes … and you straighten out, turning your entire body in my direction. Your feet come off the stool, but after the initial movement, I stop paying attention to where they go.

You complete the turn and are almost facing me directly. Now you have to lean down to kiss me. This time, there’s no softness, no easy smile … just a hard kiss that takes my breath away. Your head cocks one way, then the other – our lips separating for a moment before pressing hard against each other again. As we’re touching, you lift up and shift so that you’re resting on my legs – each of your knees to either side of me.

You reach down with your hands, gently grabbing my wrists and lifting up. I don’t resist you as you pull my hands up to your side then let go, knowing that I’ll take the hint. You put your hands on the back of the couch on either side of my neck, relying on them to keep stable.

I lift up the sides of your shirt enough to find your bare skin. My hands slide inside your shirt, my fingers spreading as they glide up your back. I squeeze them against you, then after a few moments, I pull down and to the sides – pulling you even closer to me.

Whereas before, you were kneeling above me, with the additional pressure, I pull you down on top of my legs. As I pull you closer, you realize just where you’re sitting. And you can already feel that I’m ready. Your lips move back from mine and you glance down.

When you pull back and lose the eye contact, though, I sit up enough so that I can kiss your neck. Kissing, teasing with my lips and my tongue, I taste your neck, the underhang of your jaw, your chin … and my hands slide up your back again, pulling you down. As you get closer to me, I start to kiss the side of your neck.

You ataşehir escort bayan can feel your bra suddenly get tighter for a moment and then it relaxes as I undo the clasp. You sit back enough for me to lift your shirt up and off, taking the bra with it. The shirt gets caught for a moment in your hair, but a quick shake and it’s free. You don’t even watch as I drop it somewhere off to the side; instead, you lean in again and kiss me.

You only get a few moments of kissing before you feel my hands – warm against your skin – move to your breasts. Cupping, holding … squeezing softly, then relaxing … You lean back and I lower my mouth down to one of your nipples, teasing it, flicking my tongue against it, biting it gently before letting go and moving to your other breast.

My tongue does circles on your skin; little, soft arcs that never seem to connect, yet don’t seem to stop. Playing … getting you even more excited … and then I bite down on your other nipple, causing you to gasp. I let go with my teeth almost before you start to gasp, and my lips close, sucking, kissing …

You can only take it for a few minutes before you reach down at my shirt and tug at it. I take the hint and let go, letting you pull it up and off. You catch my eyes watching which direction it goes for a moment, before I mentally let it go and I turn back to you.

You smirk at me for watching the shirt instead of you, but instantly let it go as I kiss you again. Your hands move down to my belt, at first playing, but then seriously taking the time to undo it. I stop you, taking your hands in mine. Your eyes meet mine and I can see that it’s more than just playing … but I’m still grinning.


You aren’t sure what I’m doing, where I’m going – but all I do is kick the footstool away and I start to pull you down. The blanket moves easily enough with us down to the floor, and by the time we’ve stopped moving, you’re lying down and I’m on my hands and knees over you.

I grin again – my smile almost contagious – and I lean down enough to kiss you. You spread your arms out a little, enjoying the feeling. My lips move away from yours after a few moments, and they start to move down over your neck, down your bare shoulder, down to your chest …

You realize that you’ve been lifting up with your hips, grinding a little … the palm of my hand has been pushing down against the groin of your pants. Starting softly, but building up. Now you can easily feel the hard, consistent movements against you … and your back arches as your fingers dig into the blanket.

I lick down between your breasts, then lift my head enough to make eye contact again. Your eyes get escort kadıköy wide as my hand slows down just a touch. You watch me, see me smiling … then you relax and your eyes close again as your head leans back against the blanket again.

You register it when I stop pressing against you, but you don’t react. I am still kissing, still playing over your bare skin and now I’m using my hands on your pants. It only takes a few moments of movement and then they’re loose …

I move my legs to either side of yours, slowly sliding down your body farther. My tongue keeps touching, my lips keep tasting you, but now, instead of lazy circles, I am just wandering back and forth across your body as I shift closer to what you’ve been wanting …

Over and around your belly button, teasing it for a moment, then finally I’ve moved down far enough that I take ahold of your pants at the waistline and lift your hips off of the blanket, then pull down. You help a touch – but you don’t have to do much before I’ve pulled the fabric down past your thighs, your knees … and I sit back on my ankles as I let your ass back down and lift your legs, pulling your pants off.

I drop them to the side and start to lean back before noticing something … I smirk and make a quick comment about how “it wasn’t THAT cold …” and you feel me slip your socks off quickly, pulling them off before you can react with more than a quick smirk.

You open your eyes and watch as I move my body back up over yours, my hips stopping just shy of yours, my legs on the outside of yours. You smile – the nervous energy, the giddiness gone … now it’s more base than that, more primal. Your hand goes to my neck, pulling me down – and we kiss. Your hand lets go as our lips make contact, then after a few moments – I grin and pull away, moving down.

I follow much the same route as a few minutes earlier, but this time, I move quicker. There’s less wandering, less ‘distraction’. Teasing your breast, touching your nipple – then gone. My hand reaches up and touches your other breast. And then I shift, moving my legs between yours – first one, then the other. You have to adjust a touch, but as I’m setting the second one down, you just lift your legs up, spreading them.

And that is what I was waiting for. With your legs bent and spread … I lower myself down so that I am resting prone on the floor. My hands slide under your legs, my body stretching out behind me in a straight line.

Your eyes are closed, but you can almost sense it as I start to lick again. I taste your bare skin, then pull away … I lick, press and pull away again. I keep teasing you and then, suddenly, instead of teasing, you feel my tongue move bostancı escort into you, over you, and the shock you’ve been waiting for hits as I lick right over your clit.

More a moan than a sigh, I hear you react. Your hands reach down the blanket, your fingers trying to dig in as your muscles tighten. And then you squeeze even more as I lick again. Slowly … steadily … again … you start to jerk a bit more, your arms reaching, your ass lifting off the blanket, then back down …

I’ve stopped teasing, stopped playing. I know that you like it if I just rest my tongue against you, so I set it there for a few moments before licking again … and again … and you can feel yourself getting closer. Your body keeps tightening, your legs have wrapped around me, your arms falling to your side. You are almost there …

And then I take ahold of your arms and pull, holding you, restraining you from moving. You cry out, gasping; I can feel your fingernails dig into the palms of my hand as your entire body spasms when the moment overtakes you … and then nothing. I smile, looking up at you, then carefully I let go, giving you a chance to relax.

You blink and try to focus … and once more before looking up. I’ve crawled back over you, having taken a moment to push off my trousers. You shift a touch, moving beneath me, and then you smile.

Your hand moves between us and you realize that we’re both naked. You only get a moment before my lips lower to yours again and I start to kiss you softly, gently … then I lift my head up and our lips part. You can tell I’m smiling, but I’m watching your eyes, first as they are looking into mine, then when you close them and softly moan as you feel me move into you.

I start with shallow movements at first … slow … in, then out. I keep moving into you, against you, and then I start moving faster and harder. I lower my head down next to yours, and you can hear my breathing. You reach up, around, your hands against my back as I keep pushing harder against you and your fingers curl, your nails scratch my skin.

The new sensation causes me to lift up and you pull your hands away, just in case. Our eyes meet and you realize that I’m still okay, still excited. I’m still smiling, still moving against you. Your hands go to my back again, pulling, holding on. Your hands slide down, reaching, then squeezing, pulling me against you even harder; your movements more sudden, more wanton …

You start to cry out again, this time forming words that I can’t always follow, almost screaming, and you squeeze, pull, and hold me against you. A moment, and the sudden jerk is slight, just a touch – but it’s enough, and you feel my body stiffen as my eyes close. A moment later, I open them, looking at you, watching again. Somewhat out of breath, but smiling, and this time, it’s not a grin, it’s not some animalistic hunger … it’s an honest, open smile that you see just before I lower myself to you to kiss you again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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