Bless Me Father, for I have Sinned

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It was the summer after my junior year in high school. I had just turned 18 and thought I knew it all as I began hanging around with some wild friends. We started experimenting with sex, drinking and I attended a few parties where a lot of both were occurring. My family were devout Catholics and had raised me in a pretty strict environment so it was inevitable that I had begun rebelling.

One evening, I had stayed home listening to music upstairs in my bedroom, playing on my social media page which eventually turned into porn search on my laptop. Sitting barefoot on my bed, wearing only shorts and a t-shirt, I was diddling myself through my panties while my parents were visiting with my father’s friend Justin and his lovely wife. Justin was in his mid-forties with round features but not heavy, wore a thick beard that was just starting to be peppered with gray on his chin, wore glasses, and had longer bangs to where his parted black hair swooped in toward his eyes. At that time, I was really noticing older guys and found him to be cute.

With my ear buds in and my door open, I saw the bathroom located across from my room, click on. In walked Justin ready to use the restroom. Thinking nobody was around, he never closed the door, unzipped his pants, pulled his penisS out and began peeing while I watched. Somehow I found it pretty erotic seeing his cock release that stream which caused my now horny self to become more daring.

Justin finished, shook his dripping penis, zipped up and washed his hands. As he walked out of the bathroom, I yelled, “Hey!” in which he just about jumped out of his skin.

The embarrassed Justin walked to my opened door and very apologetically exclaimed, “I am so so sorry. I didn’t see you in there. I feel terrible.”

I giggled, “That’s ok. I’m not mad or anything. I liked seeing your cock.”

Justin went from embarrassed to shocked by my blunt language. He quickly looked around to see if anyone could hear us as he stuttered, “Well…uh…once again, I’m so sorry for not being more considerate.”

Pretending not to listen, I suggested, “Let me see it right now. Pull it out for me.”

“Are you crazy? You are my friend’s daughter and I’m at his house right now. They are waiting for me down stairs,” he exclaimed.

Not having any of it, I tugged my shorts and panties to the side, exposing my entire smooth pussy to him, “Here, I’m showing you mine. Look at it. You know you want it. You like it?”

“Uh…uh…of course it’s gorgeous just like you are but it’s not right. I…I…oh, brother,” Justin fumbled.

I smiled as I rubbed my now moist slit, dipping my finger before sticking it in my mouth, “Mmmmm. It’s so good. Just come over here. I will take my pants off and you can give it a little taste. You can be quick and we won’t tell anyone. C’mon now, you better hurry before anyone gets suspicious.”

Justin was so torn. He looked out into the hallway before walking toward me, “Ok, real quick. God, I’m going to hell for this.”

I quickly raised my ass while peeling off my shorts and panties. I hiked my knees up, and leaned back a bit before offering, “Go on. You know you want to lick my young pussy.”

He laid on his stomach and lightly began to lick all around my pussy lips. It felt good because his tongue was so warm and soft. I actually closed my eyes and enjoyed the oral sex Justin was giving me. I wanted it to last a long time but he was nervous.

Just as he was about to stop, I quickly grabbed the back of his head, mashed his face in deeper while spouting off, “No, stay in there. You know you want to eat that pussy. You just stay right there and make me cum.”

Justin was flicking his tongue and I was so close. I continued to hold his head down between my legs but he moved it and popped up. With his nose and cheeks glistening with my juices, he warned, “I’ve got to stop and get back down stairs before someone catches us.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulled myself closer to his ear and whispered, “Put it in me.”

He was taken back and his eyes widened, “I can’t. My wife and your parents are gonna be wondering. Your door isn’t even closed for Christ’s sake.”

I cocked my head and smiled, “Just put it in and give me a few pumps. If you hurry, they won’t have a clue. C’mon just a few pumps and then you can stop.”

Justin was disgusted with himself because he couldn’t say no and began unbuckling his pants. He slid them and his underwear down to his knees, allowing his 6 inch hard cock to pop upward. It was veiny with a perfectly shaped helmet. Precum was already oozing from the hole.

I cooed, “Ooo. Look at him. He is so hard for me. Get up here and put him in me.”

With his legs constricted, he scooted on the bed until he was on top of me. I held my knees back and Justin slipped his hard-on between my labia until it breached me.

Justin gurgled, “Oh my God, that feels so fuckin amazing.”

We were face to face when his cock was completely buried inside me. I took hold of his ataşehir escort bayan head with both hands and began to kiss Justin on the mouth. His beard was a little scratchy but he had soft lips. He began thrusting and pumping his cock inside me. I held my legs back further allowing him to pump deeper. Here was this 47 year old man, with his legs forced together because of his restrictive pants, fucking my pussy like a rabbit. It felt good and I was about to cum.

I gasped, “Oh yea, Justin. Do it. Fuck me harder!”

He was growling while fucking me. The bed was thumping and sliding against the wall when he asked, “Are you protected.”

“No, but don’t worry about it. Just cum in me. It’s ok, I want you too,” I begged.

“Oh fuck! I’m going to explode! I can’t stop!” Justin yelled as we could now hear my parents and his wife walking down the hallway.

I just remembered that my heater vent was directly above the family room and they could hear the entire thing. His wife’s voice was getting louder when we could hear her ask, “Justin! What the hell are you doing?”

He couldn’t stop himself when he cried out, “Augghhhh, I’m cummin! Augghhhhh fuck me!”

Justin was violently shaking as he emptied his nuts inside me. I loved feeling his cock shoot inside and up against my vaginal walls. His wife walked in and screamed! My dad wanted to kill him. Needless to say, he was thrown out of the house and now he and my father are no longer friends. Of course I was lectured for an hour and grounded the rest of the summer.

My dad sternly told me, “That’s it. I’ve had it. You are going to St. Mary’s this year and that is final.”

Even though I was 18, I lived under his roof. I really didn’t have much choice. He and my mother stuck to it and I was going to attend Catholic school my senior year. St. Mary’s was only a few blocks from our house and was an all-girls preparatory school. It was very strictly ran by Father Frank and classes were taught by some of the nuns from the church.

There were about 100 girls that attended the high school at St. Mary’s and I had decided I might corrupt each and every one of them just for spite. I already knew two girls attending there because we had been distant friends in middle school. I quickly connected with both girls on social media and prepared them that I would be joining them at the school. They were so excited.

The worst part about the school after the fact no boys attended, was we had to wear those awful, clichéd uniforms. It consisted of a white blouse or sweater, tie was optional, with a green and black plaid skirt, white socks, and tennis shoes or black slip-ons. So the first day was upon me and that morning, I’m already trying to push the envelope by tying up my top where a little skin was showing like in that Brittney Spears video.

Of course I was greeted at the door by Sister Helena, telling me to fix my blouse. After a week, I decided I really didn’t like the school and was actually doing my best to corrupt some of the other girls who befriended me. Now it seemed as though the other girls were either rolling the top of their skirts up to make it shorter or adding a color to the uniform in which they would have to change. Sister Katherine pulled me aside and said it was time to go to confessional. She suspected much of the culture change among some of the girls had come from me.

That evening I was at Molly’s house who was rapidly becoming my best friend at the school. We were hanging out in her room when her mom entered and overheard us talking about Father Frank. He was a handsome man in his early 40s with a little longer, wavy hair, starting to grey.

Molly’s mother laughed, “You know girls, I went to high school with Frankie and he used to be quite wild in his day. He even used to be married but unfortunately lost his wife to an illness at a very young age. That is when he got the calling. I bet you girls also didn’t know that not only does he run your school but he also is a professor at St. Mark College a few nights a week. “

We didn’t know any of this as we continued listening to Molly’s mom, “I will tell you another little secret. You know my friend Sheila? She dated him in high school and used to tell us how our future priest was so hung.” She spread her hands apart to demonstrate the length before adding, “Sheila would say it was this big…like nine or ten inches or something.”

With our eyes and mouths wide open, Molly and I looked at each other. Of course for me, I was now thinking about it and in my mind, “my wheels were spinning.”

To honor Sister Katherine’s wishes, I decided that I would go to confessional. I had only done it as a preteen because my parents used to force me. There was always an hour at the end of the school day where we could do it if we wished. My plans to confess would surely be a little different than most.

I was nervous but daring when I opened the confessional booth curtain, knelt down and could see Father Frank’s face through the lattice escort kadıköy screen window, “Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It has been 5 years since my last confession.”

Father Frank responded, “Please go on my child.”

I continued, “I’ve been pretty bad over the last year and that is why I was sent to this school. I was going to parties, having premarital and oral sex with several boys and had sex with a guy older than my father.”

Just as Father Frank was about to absolve me from my sins, I stood up, opened the curtain, then opened his booth door before stepping inside with him.

“Uh, young lady. This is highly inappropriate. I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask you to step out,” Father Frank instructed.

I begged, “I just need to talk to you face to face. You are all stuffy in that robe. I just want to talk to you girl to man.”

He responded, “There is nothing wrong with you staying over on the other side like we require.”

I ignored his point, “My friend’s mom said you used to be married years ago. I know you are now a servant of God but you are also a man. A man who has needs. Here, let me help.”

“I don’t believe that is any of your business,” he responded.

I tugged his robe zipper and started bringing it down and at first Father Frank reached his hand up and grabbed mine while I soothing assured him, “It’s ok. It will just be very quick. No one has to know. Let me see it. I will do all the work.”

I slowly continued to unzip. Once his robe was now opened, I could see the outline of his big hard cock though his slacks when I whispered, “I guess the rumors are true. Let’s get him out.”

Father Frank was so torn between upholding the letter of the rule or giving in to me, a young seductive blonde girl when he half-heartedly said, “We really shouldn’t. You need to stop. What if someone comes into the confessional?”

“Then I guess you better be quiet and let me do my job,” I smiled.

I then, unzipped his trousers, pulled his cock out through the opening and gasped the thick, massive nine inch dong, “Oh my! Look at the size of this thing. Father Frank, how dare you keep this from all us girls. With this monster, you need to show all us how much you care.”

He was now powerless as I tried to wrap my hand around the base of the shaft and it would only go about half way around. It was leaking from the tip. I cupped his head, gathered the slick precum in my palm and slathered it up and down the shaft. Father Frank gulped and leaned back against the wall.

Sliding my hand up and down his throbbing dick, I asked, “So, does that feel good? You like my pink fingernails jerking you off?”

Father Frank didn’t answer but only moaned in pleasure. I picked up the pace and was stroking that thick white rod all the way up to the base of the mushroom before the descending slide. His breathing became erratic and his body would periodically twitch.

“Oh, this is so wrong. I should have you stop, but I can’t. I’m so weak,” Father Frank huffed.

I defended him, “No you’re not. You are a man and have a lot of stress. All this responsibility makes you tense. You need to unload all that tension.”

His shaking increased as he whispered in a stutter, “I’m about…about to…ejac…ejaculate and I don’t want to make a mess.”

“Just tell me when Father and I will catch it so there will be no clean up, I promise,” I assured.

His ass began to shake on the wooden bench and he gurgled, “Almost! Oh! Here it comes!”

I leaned down, wrapped my mouth around the enormous head and continued jacking him off. He yelled out loud at the same time the first rope of thick, warm cum struck the roof of my mouth. Then another rope and another and another. I was having trouble keeping up with the large amount. For all I knew, Father Frank hadn’t cum in 20 years and he was emptying all that backed up sperm into my awaiting mouth.

My cheeks puffed out while spunk escaped the corners of my lips and oozed down both sides of his shaft. I was doing my best to keep up with his spurting cock. When it finally slowed down to tiny squirts, I was able to compose myself. Of all the dicks I had sucked up to that point, not one had even cum half that much.

I puckered my lips against the huge helmet, then snapped my mouth off, catching the entire load. I was amazed how thick and chunky if felt. I swallowed the entire mouthful in one gulp. I grabbed Father Frank’s softening cock and squeezed out the remaining slime. After slurping it off, along with licking what had oozed onto the back of my hand, his manhood was clean.

“I am so ashamed that I allowed this to occur. Now I will need to go to confessional,” the dejected priest proclaimed.

I giggled, “Sure, but I bet it was worth it. I know I liked it.”

I took his robe flap, tossed it over his exposed cock before opening the door and leaving the booth.

A couple of days had passed and I had not seen Father Frank at any time during the school day which bostancı escort was unusual. As I was sitting in Theology class, the speaker beeped and his voice was asking for me to come to his office. All the girls smiled as I stood up, shrugged my shoulders and headed out of the classroom.

When I opened Father Frank’s office door, he was sitting in his big black leather office chair before inviting me in, “Dear Brittni, please come in and take a seat. First, I want to apologize to you for taking advantage. That was wrong and it needed to be said.”

I crinkled my brow with a puzzled look, “Took advantage of me? I’m sorry Father but I have to disagree. I’m 18 and I came over to your booth. I took advantage of you.”

“Nonetheless, I’m the adult and should have been stronger,” he responded.

My eyes twinkled, “Speaking of stronger. I had gymnastics practice last night and I am so stiff. Would you mind just massaging a few of my muscles?”

That day, I was wearing my white blouse, with a sweater, the plaid skirt, knee high thin lycra spandex white socks and black slip-on shoes with a one inch platform heel. Before he could answer, I hopped my 120 pounds up on his desk directly in front of him, nearly knocking off some files. I was having a good boob day as my 34c’s were jetting out my top quite well when I arched my back to give the good Father a better view.

“My feet are hurting me the most. Would you please massage them? I would but I can’t reach them like you would be able to do,” I pleaded as I straightened my legs, nearly touching his chest.

Father Frank gave into my advances and slipped the shoes off my feet and sat them on the floor. He began rubbing my sock covered feet with his hands when I blurted, “Oh wow. That feels…wooonderful.”

He was starting to loosen up and began digging more into my arches. It did feel amazing when I suggested, “You can probably get deeper in the tissue if you take off my socks.”

Father Frank gulped, then used his thumbs to slide off my tight knee highs as though they were stockings. Once off, he was kneading my bare feet. The cool air and his warm hands felt amazing. I spread my legs and he had a perfect view up my skirt. I caught him staring at my black silk panty covered pussy.

When he looked up at me, I smiled and he quickly looked back down at his massaging hands. I put my feet down, jumped off the desk in front of him, wrapped my arms around his neck and planted a huge open-mouthed kiss on his lips. He was timid and reluctant or at least he wanted to seem that way.

I sighed, “That feels much better. I think it’s time I massaged something of yours again.”

His eyes widened, “Uh, well, uh, I didn’t have you come in here for that.”

I giggled, “I know silly. You are right. We should stop all the massaging. Do you want me to suck your dick instead?”

Father Frank was flabbergasted by my blunt question. He froze and never really answered yes or no. He wasn’t wearing his robe but was dressed in a suit.

“Stand up so I can get your pants down,” I directed.

Father Frank was mesmerized by me, a hazel-eyed girl more than half his age, seducing him once again. He remained quiet and stood up like I had requested. On my knees, I unbuckled his dress slacks and they quickly dropped to the floor. He was wearing boxers and now it was my turn to hook my thumbs on the waist band and yank them to his ankles. I had forgotten how big his cock was until it flopped upward when the material raked over it. Seeing it in the light, really confirmed the sheer size.

I kissed the tip and further instructed, “Please sit down Father.”

Father Frank sat down on his leather chair with his hard dong sticking upward on his belly, well past his navel on top of his dress shirt. I had to unbutton the bottom two buttons so I could split the bottom of his shirt. I slung the tie over his shoulder. With his suit pants, scrunched around his ankles and his black dress socks showing, I slowly engulfed his member.

He let out a low voiced moan at the feel of my warm mouth. I allowed a ton of saliva to ooze down the veiny flesh to accumulate some lubrication. I knelt closer on top of his bunched up pants to use as a knee cushion as I began to suck his massive dick. I could taste his manly musk and my pussy began to moisten.

I would attempt to deepthroat the huge tool, gag then come back up. It was so big, I had to incorporate my hand into his sloppy blowjob. I was sucking and slobbering all over his cock. He slid down in his chair, offering it to me. At one point I was sucking it so hard, it sounded like a horse trotting through the mud.

“Oh Brittni. I’m so sorry I’m not stopping you. It has been so long since I had oral sex. You are terrific and my penis thanks you,” Father Frank gasped.

I never stopped. I kept sucking Father Frank. He was squirming just enough to warn me he was about to shoot. He gasped again, “I’m close!”

He then growled, “Unghhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Augghhhhh!” before blasting in my mouth once again. He was having a powerful orgasm. He growled and grunted but mostly he writhed in his chair. Once again Father Frank had stuffed my cheeks full of his pent up seed. I pulled off and swallowed the salty, tangy slime, like before.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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