Blowing in the Car

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It was that day. We were finally going to meet after months of teasing each other and years of harboring feelings for each other. I had a faint smile on my face as i was getting ready and looking into the mirror. I was so nervous. So very nervous. My hands were almost trembling as i was putting on my earrings. I took a deep breath to calm myself down, looked at myself in the mirror and said to myself – “Its ok babe. You are just meeting a friend. Calm down!”

With that i picked up my handbag and sat in the cab and texted him i m on my way. He responded – “I have left too”.

I categorically got down from the cab a little farther way from our meeting point as i wanted to calm myself down while i walked to our meeting point. I stood at the point and texted him “I have reached”. He responded “I am already there” and gave me his car number.

I saw the car parked about 50 metres from where i was standing. I started walking towards it. I had reached till here but the last 50 meters of walk where I would finally face him in person was the hardest to cover. My legs were trembling, my heart was beating so fast and my stomach was growling. I reached the car, gained some courage and peeped in. He signaled me to get in as he was talking over the phone. I opened the door and sat down in the front seat beside him.

There he was.. his ever charming face which made me go weak in my knees since i was a teenager.. sitting less than a meter away from me – i had goosebumps all over my body and i was trying hard to hide them. I was sitting is the fag end of the car, leaning farthest from him, crouched due to my nervousness. He hung up his phone and said a chirpy “Hi”. I responded back with a “Hi, how are you”. (trying hard not to show in my voice how nervous i was). I had played this moment in my mind a thousand times and it had built up so much tension in my mind. I was finally relieved it was over. He started driving and we started to do small talk. My voice was quivering and i was stealing breaths in between as i spoke, tryin my best to show him i m relaxed. Our conversation settled down into topics like traffic and family and i started observing myself getting more and more relaxed and comfortable around him and i settled down peacefully in my seat.

He continued to drive and talk to me, looking up at me now and then. I was appreciating his eyes looking into my eyes… a feeling i had craved for since I was a teenager. His eyes and voice putting me at ease but his killer smile getting my heart to race everytime i saw it.

We entered the express way and we continued to talk. But entering the express way was a signal to me that the fun was about to begin. bostancı escort We drove a bit into the express way and in one instant he looked at me and said “time to peck”, his hands reaching out to unplug my seat beat and leaned forward. My heart started racing in anticipation of what would happen and there were butterflies in my stomach. I almost froze not knowing what to do. His hands reached out and held the back of my neck, pulling me closer to him. That first touch on my neck, sent goosebumps all over my body. I shifted in my seat moving closer to him and I could smell the strong scent of his arousal. I had no idea what happened to me that moment. My insane desire for him took over and the only thing in the focus on my eyes were his lips… everything else faded into background.. i placed my hand on his cheeks, leaned forward and jus opened my lips slightly when his hungry lips took over mine… everything else slowed down.. i felt like i was in a trance… our lips moving against each other, sucking harder.

My breathing was so hard, my hands in his hair, pulling him closer to me, i didnt realise what was happening to me. That moment, that single moment when our lips touched, nothing else came to my mind… i was thrown into a limbo where i dint have any control over my body. I didnt even realise we were kissing in a moving car that too on an express way. There was no way my mind was registering it. After a long few seconds we broke the kiss and leaned back. I was still breathing harder but there was a broad smile on my face, i was too shy to face him and hid my face behind my hands as I recalled that brief amazing moment.

His killer smile was back on his cute face and he took my hand and guided it towards his crotch. His legs spread wide and my hands reached his crotch… i felt something massive inside. He was hard. I blushed to myself knowing that i was the reason for this. He unzipped his pants and guided my hand inside. I slowly slid my hand inside and touched his hard cock for the first time. Oh my fucckinng God!! I had imagined this many times but it was nothing like i had imagined. It was so mind blowing that the moment i felt his hardness my heart skipped a beat and i let out an involuntary ‘Fuck’ from my mouth. My hands took control and started wandering through out the length of his massive hard cock. And then i don’t know what came over me. I leaned towards him, his lips in my focus again, this time with raging desire the touch of his cock has put inside me. I leaned forward and grabbed his lips with mine, sucking and nibbling at them like they were mine for this moment, my passion overflowing and my one hand wandering about ümraniye escort bayan his chest and unbuttoning his shirt while the other one strongly gripping his cock.

Once his top two buttons were open, i plunged my mouth on his chest and kissed him all over – clumsily as I was leaning across the length of the car and digging at his crotch. His cock was so magnificent that I could not wait even one more moment to taste him and I leaned in and took his cock inside my mouth. He gasped loudly trying hard to maintain control of the car as my tongue explored his smooth hard cock… One of the hardest and smoothest cocks i had ever seen or felt in my life, sliding so smoothly inside my mouth that it felt like there was no difference between his cock or the insides of my mouth. As i was enjoying the taste, he gripped his legs together and said ‘I am cuming’ and i quickly lifted up my head for him to enjoy his release. Looking at him cum so quickly, i leaned back in my seat with a satisfied smile on my face and kept blushing to myself as to what I had experienced just now.

He looked at me and smiled trying to calm down and said “That was so quick! I have never cum so soon ever!” and we laughed looking at each other.

We went back to chatting about other topics while he let his cock calm down and i kept leaning in again and again to kiss him on his chest as I enjoyed the touch of his skin. I opened up his shirt fully and he sat straight showing off his bare chest and hard abs proudly, silently enjoying the attention he was getting and hiding his horniness behind that sweet smile.

We had made a deal a few months ago that whenever we met, if he made me wet then i would let him feel my wetness. He never forgets anything! He placed his hand on my thighs and asked me ‘So… have I made you wet so far?” To which i blushed and said “No” and he withdrew his hand disappointed. I lied… coz i knew.. if he had his fingers anywhere close to my hole i would go wild and it cud be dangerous in a moving car.

After a little while, in the middle of a sentence, he took my hand again and held it on the gear shaft and I knew in that instant that he was hard again. I enjoyed the touch of his hand on mine as my eyes shone with desire at getting a second chance to devour his smooth hardness.

I knew he was going to last longer this time so I positioned myself well on the seat making sure i have full access to him. i leaned forward and kissed him again hard, this time sucking his lower lip hard and i realized I just was not able to get enough of his lips – just not enough.. i cud kiss him all day without losing an ounce of passion. But i knew what he kartal escort wanted, my lips on his hardness, his cock was twitching for some attention.

I leaned down between his abs and his steering wheel and took him inside.. he gasped… and kept breathing hard.. But this time his hands started wandering on me… he pushed my head closer to his crotch and pulled my top up and starting feeling my bare skin… Aaaah!! the feeling of his hands on me…I had craved for that for months together.

As i was enjoying his touch, he slid his hand inside my pants and my panties without any warning. Oh my god!! that was so arousing!! His hand feeling my bare butt and spanking it … all this while he was still driving a huge car on the express way.. As soon as he spanked me i got goosebumps all over and i started to feel increased wetness between my legs. He took his hands further, dangerously close to my warm hole and was almost touching the entrance of my hole with his fingers. Fuck!! that drove me wild and an insane strength came into me. I started moaning hard with arousal unable to control my body movements and all my energy was showing on his cock as my teeth now took over and my grip around his cock grew stronger.. I was almost gagging with his cock inside my mouth but I didnt care I just didnot want to stop. He said “You ARE wet! you lied to me?” while i was still eating his cock… and he kept trying to reach further and exploring my orifice… My eyes were closer, my heart racing as he got closer and closer. I didnt even realize what my mouth was doing to his cock as i was back in a trance and my mind was drifting into blankness. He gripped his legs together again and announced with an urgency ‘I am cuming!’. I lifted my head again quickly, this time slightly disappointed that i had to let go of his smooth cock so soon.

He kept pumping strokes after strokes of cum and i was surprised at the amount of it, smiling proudly to myself as it was the result of my efforts on his cock.. His pink, juicy, smooth hard cock which i cant take off my mind until now. I keep recalling the feel of it in my hand, the taste of it in my mouth and praying that i get to play with it again countless more times.

He kept breathing heavily and calmed down slowly, i went back to my seat… all relaxed and proud, happy, satisfied and enjoying his presence beside me and calmly lookin out the window and fidgeting in my seat (as my wetness was driving me crazy and my pussy was on fire) as he took back control of his car and drove off the express way.

We resumed our talk about friends and family and he asked me how I felt. I was too shy to respond and I said it felt really good. He dropped me off close to my house and as I walked towards my house, the last couple of hours started replaying in my mind and i was struggling to walk as my wetness were reaching my thighs and i kept blushing to myself about how my teenage dream had just come true.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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