Bond Ch. 01

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Leaning over the craps table she tossed a handful of chips onto 4 and straightened up, making sure she did not spill out of her revealing cocktail dress as she did so. She was aware of several other patrons eyeing her exposed cleavage, ass, and legs as she coyly sipped her drink. Her dress was black and low cut in the front, coming down well below her bust line in the center and attaching to a gold choker via a matching gold ring in the center. The back was open from her neck to her ass, showing she wore no underwear of any kind. There was a slit up one side of the dress coming up above her hip and allowing the fabric to fall around her legs to about mid calf. The come-fuck-me shoes she flaunted were simultaneously irresistibly sexy and the least seductive thing about her. A man came up to the bar on her right and said, “How’s the table tonight?”

She gave him a sly smile and replied seductively, “It’s been so hard, but that’s how I like it.” Her hand caressed the large, heavy pair of dice she was holding and ever so slightly she bit her lower lip. Every eye was on her hand as she pumped it toward herself, rhythmically jostling the pair against her palm. She started to chant, “Come on, come on,” as her voice rose in voluptuous intensity. “Oh yeah! Give it to me,” she said as she let them fly against the back wall. They came up craps, and she looked apologetically at the man beside her. “The table’s so long,” she cooed as she lightly massaged her throwing arm, “and it’s been hard all night.” She let out a breathy sigh and leaned against the table again.

“Looks like it’s gone escort kartal cold.” He chuckled and smiled back, looking away for a moment before continuing to make small talk as he leaned against the wooden lip of the table. She placed her chips into her purse and finished her drink while he said, “Are you new to Monte Carlo? I come here often and I’ve never seen you before; I know I’d remember.” She nodded bashfully.

“Well,” he continued, “I should show you around. Care for a nice evening stroll?” She smiled and took the elbow he offered her.

They walked the block from casino to the hotel; neither of them was under any illusions about what they had discussed. His room was on the 32nd floor, and he took her out on the balcony to show her the view. It was a warm night and she stood beside him, leaning against the railing as her dress blew aside in the wind to reveal her bare skin from her ankles to her lower back. But she didn’t mind; she looked at him flirtatiously and ran her fingers down her neck line to her cleavage. He took the hint and took off his tie, unbuttoning the first two buttons as he said, “Would you like to go back inside?”

She led the way, swaying her hips and looking back over her shoulder enticingly as he followed and unbuttoned his shirt the rest of the way. His belt was next once he got inside, and she leaned against the doorway to the bedroom as she watched him strip to his boxers, leaving his clothes in a trail behind him as he dogged her steps. She turned into the bedroom and his eyes never left her hands as she unclasped the gold choker maltepe escort bayan and turned around.

Letting the necklace fall and take the dress with it, she put her hands on her waist and thrust her naked tits forward as the dress caught on her hips. In a moment she was in his arms as he held her close and planted kisses on her everywhere above the waist. She stood frozen in place with her eyes closed, taking in his affection as he made his way from her neck and shoulders down to her beautiful bare breasts.

Sucking on her nipples and pecking around her hanging globes he felt himself held to her bosom by her strong, capable hands and he pressed on. For several minutes he continued his tirade of adoration for her unadorned torso. Then with a sly smile she pushed him back onto the bed and tugged at his boxers. He let her remove them and then crawled back into the center where he lay in naked admiration of her voluptuous, supple body. She put her hands above her head and swung her hips to allow the remains of the dress to slide off her legs onto the floor.

His hard cock jumped and started oozing pre-cum when he saw her standing in nothing but her swaying hips and high heels that said, “Come fuck me,” as clearly as if it had been printed in large, bold letters across her ass that swayed seductively from side to side as she crawled across the bed toward him. He lay in awe as she straddled his hips and sat back, plunging his raging member into herself with a sigh of sexual relief.

She slid her hands through her hair and buried them between her pendik escort bayan shoulder blades, lolling her head back and thrusting her bare breasts forward into his waiting hands. Rocking forward onto his arms and back to rest her ass on her high heels again she coaxed his budding member into climax. His shaft went hard and started convulsing inside her, and his hands clenching hard on her breasts made her wet passage clench down hard on him in return. As he dealt his milky lust into her, she rode the orgasm that rolled through her womanhood and pumped him dry inside her.

His head rolled to the side and he relaxed as his hard-on subsided. She got off of him and stood up, stretching high and then shaking all of the endorphins into her bloodstream with a smile. He watched her blissfully, reclining with his arms behind his head and his dick itching to get hard again with each bounce of her tits and swing of her hips. She flaunted her ass to him with an exaggerated sway as she walked into the next room, and he closed his eyes to let the memory dance in his mind. He smiled to himself. “You’re lucky, you know. I’m a very important ambassador,” he said after a few moments.

“I know,” she replied. His eyes shot open to see her beautiful figure, still naked, clutching her purse in one hand and a silenced pistol in the other. It was the last thing he ever saw. “See,” she said with a breathy moan and a sly wink, “I like shooting my load in you, too.”

Ten minutes later, the doorman saw a beautiful woman walk out the front door. “Can I call you a taxi, Miss…?” he asked.

“I’m Boned,” she said, looking wistfully back at the upper apartments. “Jess Boned.” He hailed a taxi, and his eyes never left the curves of her body until the cab was out of sight and he was left standing alone in the night in front of a hotel wondering if he smelled smoke.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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