Bought , Paid For Ch. 04

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Ivory thanked the porter before settling herself into the waiting taxi. Having given the cab driver her address, Ivory huddled back in the seat lost in thought.

Granted, she hadn’t handled the situation with the greatest of diplomacy and tact, but she had managed to get away. For a while there, lost in Risk’s passionate eyes, she hadn’t thought she would be able to leave. Who could leave behind such bliss?

Ivory felt the strongest temptation to slide her hand in between her thighs and test the dampness that was still evident. To let her mind wonder back over the ground that she had traveled with Risk.

Ivory’s hand slowly trailed down to the hem of her skirt before reality struck. Hardly the time or the place, and more importantly, best not to start anything that couldn’t be finished.

Ivory sighed and settled further into the seat sightlessly watching the scenery pass by.


“I don’t care what it costs; I want it first thing tomorrow,” Risk growled before shutting off the phone in his hand. His P.I. was working on compiling a file of the history of Ivory Skye. He could easily access her address and phone number from the contracts his lawyer was drawing up, but he wanted to know what made Ivory tick from the top of her head to the soles of her feet before he engaged her in battle again.

He had underestimated her twice now. He didn’t think she had it in her to bring her own self pleasure while he watched, and he hadn’t thought she would actually leave.

Risk ran a hand through his hair upsetting the elegant style that it naturally fell into. He would have her back no matter what it took..


The following evening, Ivory stared back at her reflection as she put in her long silver earrings. Another day, another assignment.

Ivory flipped her hair just so over her left eye and began the tedious process of teasing it to look as though she had just rolled out of bed and wouldn’t mind getting back in. Escorts were paid to carry off a look and, more often than not, perpetrate a façade.

Ivory was just applying lipstick to her bottom lip when the phone rang. Ivory lifted the receiver with a ready greeting and a false smile in her voice, as had become her custom since the past evening. “Hello,” she greeted.

“Hello,” said the deep sexy voice on the other end of the line.

Ivory’s breath stilled in her throat. It couldn’t be.

“I’m sorry, who is this? I don’t believe I recognize the voice,” Ivory returned, trying to sound coolly polite and wholly uninterested.

Risk chuckled down the line, causing unknown chills to race up Ivory’s spine. “I’m disappointed. After last night I had begun to think I was unforgettable.”

Ivory breathed a sigh of mild relief. At least he had made no mention to her tying him up. That would be too embarrassing in the cold light of day, or night as it were.

“Ah, yes. Now I think I remember,” Ivory answered, trying for calm.

“I want to see you tonight. What time can I come get you,” Risk impatiently asked, anxious to see her again, anxious to have her body at his mercy again.

“I can’t,” Ivory mumbled, not having the backbone to outright tell him “no.”

“I think you can,” Risk negated, knowing that Ivory wouldn’t be holding her job as an escort for much longer. Not if he had anything to say about it, and as far as Risk was concerned, he had everything to say about it.

“I work tonight,” Ivory said by way of excuse. Then, realizing she probably sounded weak and but for her job she would see him whenever he wanted. Putting more steel into her voice, Ivory tried again. “As it happens, I work every night, and even if I didn’t, I would hardly want to spend any more time with you. Being a sex toy was fun for one night, but I could hardly carry on that way as a lifestyle,” Ivory finished, mentally patting herself on the back for being assertive and firm.

“I bought your house,” Risk briskly bit out, not liking Ivory’s self righteous tone one bit. That ought to give her something to think about.

“What,” Ivory asked, thinking she must have misheard Risk. It has almost sounded like he said he bought her house, but that couldn’t be right. She hadn’t stayed the night, in fact she had run out on him. He most certainly couldn’t have said that.

“And I had it transferred over into your mother’s name,” Risk continued as though Ivory hadn’t spoken.

“You had no right,” Ivory angrily informed Risk.

“I also paid off your father’s debt, and I had every right. If I’m not mistaken, that was a right you gave me last night when you left the casino with me. The understanding being that if you pleased me then I might decide to pay the debt in full,” Risk threw in Ivory’s face with relish, knowing that she wouldn’t welcome a reminder of how they had originally met up. He knew she also wouldn’t be pleased to remember that theirs was pendik escort not a normal relationship founded on a mutual and undeniable attraction. If it had been, then her no would have been good enough, but as it stood . . .

Risk silently waited for the moment when Ivory would get her wits back and retaliate with scathing reply. He was somewhat disappointed when Ivory rejoined with a very morose and withdrawn, “Yes, but I wouldn’t call walking out in the middle of the night very pleasing”.

“You seemed rather pleased to me. Shaking with pleasure if I recall the situation correctly,” Risk tacked on, bating Ivory with every word.

“I’ll repay you the money,” Ivory vowed.

“And how do you intend to do that,” Risk questioned with a slightly ironic, if not mocking, tone.

“Not with my body, that’s for sure,” Ivory answered, finally showing a taste of the feistiness Risk knew she was capable of.

“Come out to dinner with me tonight,” Risk repeated.

“Why? So I can be dessert? No, thank you,” Ivory denied him, knowing that if she gave in to him again there would be no going back, no walking away. “And besides, I told you, I already have a date for tonight.”

“Work isn’t a date. It’s a very breakable commitment, especially in light of the fact that you don’t have to work anymore. There are benefits to being a rich man’s play thing,” Risk said, taking note of the indrawn breath of outrage he could hear down the line.

“Is that how you see me,” Ivory questioned very quietly.

“No,” Risk answered noncommittally.

Ivory slammed the phone down to stop his lying voice from invading her head. How could he regulate her to a sex toy in one breath and then deny having even said the words in the next.

Ivory sighed in exasperation as the phone rang again. Ivory walked away refusing to acknowledge the persistent ringing. A few second later the ringing stopped, but not because Risk had given up as Ivory had hoped.

Ivory could hear the low murmur of her mother’s voice down the hall. Dear God, please don’t let her be on the phone with him, she silently prayed; but her prayers went unanswered on this occasion.

As Ivory inched closer to her mother’s room she heard her saying, “Yes, I had noticed that Ivory came in rather late last night. I was hoping she was with someone special and not another one of her party friends.” A slight pause, then, “Oh, how nice. Well I’m glad she finally met someone she can connect with. She’s been very tense since her father died. Always on the go. Probably trying to deal with the pain.” Another pause, “Well, listen dear, I’ll tell her you’re on your way. I’ll look forward to seeing you this evening. Alright. Bye.”

Ivory didn’t waste any time in making her presence known and questioning her mother. “Who was that,” she asked a little more shrilly than she had intended.

“A friend of yours,” her mother answered, oblivious to the tension in the air. “Said he ran into you last night and he got all tied up talking to you. A very sweet young man. He said he asked you to stay the night in light of the late hour, but that you were insistent on returning home to me. I must say, I appreciate your devotion darling, but he sounded absolutely breathtaking on the phone, and I’ll be alright if you leave me here alone for a night or two. It’s not as though I have nothing to do. Here tonight, I’m going out to the theatre with Jane. You remember Jane, she helps to organize the charity for the orphanages every year and she does such a good job working with the little kiddies. This past year alone . . .”

Eliese’s voice faded from Ivory’s mind as she tried to assimilate what Risk had dared to do. Lightly touching all over the fact that she had tied him up; worse, that she had ran out in the middle of the night. She was surprised her mother hadn’t caught on to what he was saying, but he was clever, she would give him that. She would give him a hell of a lot more than that if he dared show up on her door step.

“Mom,” Ivory blurted out, interrupting her mother in the middle of one of her long speeches on the current social whirl, “Did I hear you mention that he was stopping by tonight?”

“Oh, yes, dear. He said he should be over shortly. Wanted to take you and I to dinner, but I told him I was previously engaged and you two could have the night to yourselves,” Eliese finished.

Ivory stood by silently fuming while her mother began humming softly under her breath as she put the finishing touches on her makeup.

Eliese glanced in the mirror one last time to see that everything was in place before kissing Ivory on the cheek and heading towards the stairs. “Jane and I will be back pretty late so you don’t need to rush your “chat” or whatever it is you two will be having,” Eliese called over her shoulder with a chuckle.

Ivory returned to her own room to finish dressing. Picking up the brush, Ivory angrily raked it through her hair while thinking about the audacity maltepe escort and pompousness of Risk to just invite himself over. Well hell would freeze over before she fell into that trap again.

Ivory gave a startled squeak as she felt two large male hands close over her hips. Risk’s deep chuckle sounded in her ear.

Furious, Ivory demanded, “How did you get in here?”

“Your mother and I crossed paths on her way out. She pointed me in the right direction, not that I could imagine having trouble finding someone as delectable as you,” Risk murmured into Ivory’s neck while caressing her hips.

“Take your hands off me,” Ivory ordered imperiously brushing Risk’s hands from her hips. “I didn’t invite you here, nor do I want you here. You may have purchased the rights to this house, but you have no rights to me.”

Risk secured one arm around Ivory’s waist holding her immobile. With his free hand, Risk took inventory of her assets. His hand skimmed from her throat to her knees where he caught the fabric of her dress and headed back up.

Ivory struggled against Risk to loosen his hold, and at the very least to move her dress out of the way from his questing fingers. She opened her mouth to protest his manhandling of her, only to have the words catch in her throat as Risk’s hand made contact with the dampness of her panties.

Risk wasted no time in pushing Ivory’s panties to the side and running his fingers up and down her lush folds, covering his fingers with her slickness. Once his fingers were dripping wet with Ivory’s excitement, Risk began to thrust three of them gently inside her.

“I would stop thrashing about if I were you,” Risk warned Ivory. “Having your tight ass brushing against my cock is not helping your situation any. If you’re not careful, I might lose all the self control I have and take you over this counter right now.”

“Yes please,” Ivory panted, ashamed and desperate in the same breath. “Please, please, please,” Ivory continued to beg, deliberately pressing against Risk and rocking her hips to the movement of his thrusting fingers.

Risk didn’t need a further invitation, and freed his penis with one hand, while spreading her legs further with the other. Ivory and Risk’s eyes locked in the mirror a second before he thrust into her. Ivory closed her eyes on a sigh of pleasure.

“Open your eyes,” Risk demanded. “I want you to see yourself for what you are.”

Ivory opened her dazed eyes, too caught up in what he was doing to her, what he was making her feel, to concentrate fully on what he was trying to make her see.

“What do you see,” he questioned, slowing down his thrusts and taking the force out of them, leaving Ivory with in an ultimately unsatisfying predicament. There was no way she could climax at this rate, and Ivory bristled in disappointment.

Ivory adjusted her vision looking more closely at the reflection in the mirror. She saw undoubtedly what he saw, the two of them fully dressed fucking over her vanity.

Ivory answered him saucily based on her observations, “I see the two of us fucking.”

“Wrong answer,” Risk chided, as he began to run small circles around Ivory’s clit. “If you were looking closely, you would see your breasts jiggling with each thrust, the pebbled nipples begging for my attention. Which I will give in due time,” Risk promised. “Try again.”

“I see you fucking,” Ivory taunted over her shoulder.

“It is not just me fucking you that is there to be seen. There is also you spreading your legs open just the smallest bit wider to allow me greater access. Tilting your head back so that I can suck on your neck and lick your ears. You will see what is there before I take this any further,” Risk informed Ivory coldly, as he withdrew from her completely and left only his hand still circling her clit.

Ivory whimpered at the loss and immediately backed up to try and regain his length in her hot dripping channel.

“And now you see how despite the defiant little words you uttered, you still crave my possession,” Risk finished. Ivory continued to move in motion with Risk’s fingers, but she refused to say anything in reply to his demands and closed her eyes to escape his questioning stare.

Risk exploded with his frustration and his anger, “How can you deny this passion that burns between us when the heat of your passion is setting fire to my fingers even now?”

Ivory’s only answer was to turn around in Risk’s arms, prop her bottom on the edge of the vanity, and spread her legs wide.

Risk stared down at Ivory in silence, not touching any part of her, except with his eyes, daring her to admit defeat.

“We’ve already run this scene, and as I recall it the last time you lost,” Risk derided. “You can’t resist me and I don’t know why you even try,” Risk finished challengingly before putting his hand on the flat above her pelvis and pressing down sharply.

Ivory bit her lip to try and stifle the moan of kartal escort pure pleasure that caught in her throat, but was unsuccessful in smothering it completely as a light gasp filled the room.

“Beg me to fuck you and tell me how much you need this, and then I will give you the pleasure that you crave,” Risk demanded.

Ivory opened her mouth to refuse Risk, but before she could get a word out Risk cut her off. “Don’t get any ideas in that pretty head of yours of throwing my words back in my face or of denying me. If you say no, then I will not press the issue. I will fuck you within in an inch of your life and you will give in anyways. There can be only one end. And as I am sexually superior to you, I will undoubtedly win this round,” Risk informed Ivory. “Think carefully before you speak,” Risk cautioned.

Heedless of Risk’s level of volatility, Ivory defiantly yelled, “You can take your offer and go to hell with it.” Ivory reluctantly moved to get off the vanity, angry at the way things had turned out between them. Ruined.

Risk chuckled before quickly moving to intercept Ivory before she could lift herself off the vanity. Ivory was in the process of lifting herself into a sitting position when pleasure flowed through her again as Risk pressed in on her pelvis. Ivory paused in her activities as she waited for the pleasure to die down slightly. It was all the hesitation Risk needed.

Risk pushed Ivory firmly on her back and lifted her ankles to his shoulders before thrusting deeply into her. Ivory had barely caught her breath before Risk repeated the motion.

God, how does he do it, Ivory thought to herself. How does he know every way to please a woman? How did he know which positions would allow him deeper access?

Wake up, Ivory’s conscience chided. How do you think he knows? He must have slept with every woman he’s met since he was twelve.

Ivory stiffened underneath Risk at the thought. Risk didn’t hesitate in the slightest as Ivory withdrew from him mentally. He could pull her body back into the vortex of pleasure easily enough. Risk spread Ivory’s ankles further apart and sank lower over her body with each thrust, pushing in deep enough to touch Ivory’s womb.

Risk put more force and speed behind his thrusts causing a slight sweat to break out all over his body. Risk refused to acknowledge his own pleasure as he continued to watch Ivory’s slightest reaction to his motions.

Ivory clenched and unclenched her fists at her side trying to reign in the pleasure, feeling a burst of renewed pleasure each time Risk penetrated her. She continued her efforts to fight down her mounting desire by wildly twisting against the delightful friction each time Risk moved to withdraw. Neither her thrashing or her loud moans made even the slightest difference to the pleasure that was racing over her.

Risk rested one of Ivory’s ankles on his shoulder and let his hand drift down her body to tangle in her tight curls. Risk allowed his thumb to roughly swirl around Ivory’s clitoris, causing her to flinch away, yet her hips rose in response to his driving rhythm causing even greater friction as she pushed herself against him. Ivory shuddered violently under Risk as the pleasure overwhelmed her.

Risk picked Ivory up off the vanity and carried her a few feet over to the wall, where he used it to support her back as he hoisted her up and onto his turgid flesh for another round. Ivory was dripping wet and shaking with pleasure trying hard to get a grip on her emotions.

“Please,” she begged, as he continued thrusting into her. Risk bent his knees for leverage and continued to pound into Ivory’s already sated flesh.

Ivory secured her hands on Risk’s shoulders trying to anchor herself to a solid surface, all the while begging, for mercy or more pleasure she couldn’t be sure. And Risk wasn’t sure either, and the fact that he didn’t know the spirit behind Ivory’s pleas only moved to rile his anger further.

Risk looked at Ivory’s half closed eyes, her parted lips releasing sighs of pleasure, and her hands grasping his arms, and felt as though he had been slapped. Ivory was loving the pleasure not suffering from it, and the more he gave her the more satiated she became with it. The less likely it became that he would hear the words he so longed to hear.

Risk reared back, and carried Ivory over to the bed, dumping her on it. Ivory blinked up at him in surprise. “Stand up, Risk demanded. Ivory immediately complied, willing to do anything to keep the pleasure flowing.

“Spread your legs,” Risk demanded as he slid onto the bed and positioned the lower half of his body under Ivory. “Now sit,” Risk instructed, and Ivory obediently did so, turning half way around to see Risk’s face, awaiting further instruction.

“Put your hands on my knees and lower yourself onto me,” Risk guided. Ivory did as he asked and found that she was in a position to ride him with more control over the pleasure than straddling him facing forward. This position gave her the freedom to move unrestricted without his gaze inhibiting her, and without her arms or thighs getting tired from maintaining the motion as she could use his knees for easier leverage and a smoother ride.

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