Bound to Please

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“What the…” As I awake, my mind races to figure out what is going on.

I am on my back. I can’t move my hands, feet, or head. I can’t see. I hear music playing loudly in my ears. It takes me a few seconds, but my head clears from its original panic and begins to accept the input from my body.

I’m blindfolded and bound. I can feel the straps around my wrists and ankles. I’m pulled into a star shape. My head is held still by the blindfold. I feel the headphones on my ears, blocking out all sound but the slow groove of soul music. I feel the air on my body and know that I am naked. I feel weight shifting on the bed and know that I am not alone.

Hands. Soft hands begin to caress my body. Gently rubbing my face, shoulders, arms, chest, belly. The hands are soft and warm, imparting a sense of comfort. Their message is to relax. They are the hands of my beloved Angie.

I feel her nails drag across my skin. She twirls her fingers through my chest hair, tickling my nipples until they get hard. Continuing down my body, her nails begin to tease my pubic hair. They twirl and rake though the hair, inciting my already hard cock to bounce in anticipation. Angie moves past my pubes to my thighs, raking the insides of each with her nails. Down to each knee, she travels, and back up until she almost touches my sack; then, down the other leg. Her teasing is having its effect on my breathing and the blood flow to my lower body. Her scratches are light, but I feel a slight warmth where her nails have been.

When I try to speak, Angie immediately covers my lips with hers. Her kiss is sweet and soft, at first. As she presses her lips against mine, the kiss takes on urgency. Our tongues begin to dance and she gently bites my lower lip. As I feel her weight shift, again, a finger is placed across my lips as a silent command to not speak.

Angie’s fingers begin to move across my body, again. Suddenly, without any warning, her wet tongue drags across my right nipple. The feeling is a shock and I moan. I then feel cool air being blown across the nipple, making it pucker and harden even more. Several more times, her hot, wet tongue flicks across my nipples, making them hard.

Weight shifting. I wait, but nothing happens. I have no idea where Angie is. It felt like she might have gotten off of the bed, but I can’t tell pendik escort for sure. I lie there, bound and blindfolded, waiting.

The music changes. A driving rock song fills my ears as Angie suddenly takes my entire cock into her hot mouth. In sync with the music, Angie bobs her head up and down on my hard pole. Her fingers play with my balls while she sucks my cock with reckless abandon. Each bass beat of the song brings her nose to my pubic bush. The electric guitar riffs guide her fingers on my sack. The song is a short one and, as it ends, so does the blowjob.

Weight shifting. This time I know EXACTLY where she is. The bed sags on either side of my head and I feel it drop several inches. I smell Angie’s excitement as she lowers her pussy to my waiting mouth. The song is a slow pop song. Angie hovers over my lips, just within reach of my tongue, but no closer. Her hips move to the beat of the music, as she dances her pussy lips across the tip of my tongue. Back and forth she moves, allowing me only the slightest taste of her soaking pussy.

At the beginning of the second verse, Angie drops her pussy fully onto my mouth. She is hot and soaking wet. I can not move my head, only my mouth and tongue. I work with them as best I can as Angie guides her pussy around my mouth and face. She begins to grind her clit into my nose while I fuck her wet hole with my tongue. Suddenly, Angie stops moving. I feel a tremor through her thighs against my cheeks. My face is awash with her fresh juices and I know she has cum. I gratefully drink what is offered. Angie doesn’t move as I gently lick and suck on her pussy, trying to get every last drop of her nectar.

Weight shifting. I feel Angie on both sides of my body, now. I feel her hair against my skin. Slowly, she drags her hair down my body, swishing it back and forth. I feel the heat from her pussy long before it touches my straining cock. Angie takes my cock in hand and strokes it a few times before pushing the head into her wet pussy. I feel her weight as she slowly impales herself on my cock. Angie sits back on my thighs, her hands on my chest, and begins to rock to the music. A slow rock song has started playing in my ears. Angie’s hips move to the beat, rocking back and forth and side to side on my fat cock. In this position, I can feel her cervix as it rubs maltepe escort against my head. I feel Angie’s nail against my pubic hair. She is fingering her clit while she rides my cock.

Angie continues to rock back and forth and side to side. The song ends and another driving rock song begins to play. Angie places both hands on my chest and begins to rise and fall on my cock. I try to thrust into her, but can’t. Angie fucks my cock hard and fast. Up and down she slams her pussy onto my cock. I can imagine the look on her face, even thought I can’t see it. I feel Angie’s pussy contract around my cock as warmth flows down my shaft to my balls and asshole. Another orgasm rocks her body and she collapses against my chest.

I feel her hair in my face and breathe in its scent. Angie lies panting on my chest. The breathing is ragged and hard. It must have been a good orgasm. Angie lies on my chest until her breathing returns to normal. My cock bounces inside her pussy, eliciting a spasm from her each time I tense my muscles.

Weight shifting. This time I know that Angie has gotten off of the bed. I lie there, my rigid cock sticking up, waiting for what is to come next. I feel Angie climb back onto the bed, between my legs. Her warm had wraps around my hard, fat cock, and she begins to stroke it. The song in my ears is a slow groove, again. She strokes her hand up and down the length of my shaft to the rhythm of the music. It is the only part of my body she is touching, at this point. It has become the very focal point of my existence. As she strokes my shaft with one hand, she begins to massage my balls with the other. She gently rolls them between her fingers while she languidly strokes my cock.

Angie allows the fingers from her “ball hand” to drift toward my asshole. She rakes her nails from my asshole to my balls and back, teasing that area in between. She continues to massage my aching cock. She knows that at the rate she is going, I will never cum, and I imagine she is doing that on purpose.

Without warning, I feel a finger enter my anus and I jump. Angie starts sliding her finger in and out of my ass in sync with her hand on my cock. The feeling is incredible. The song changes, but the tempo doesn’t and I lay there, helpless and loving it, while Angie strokes my cock and fucks my ass kartal escort with her finger. A second finger enters my ass, stretching it. Angie strokes my cock and fucks my ass for the duration of the song. I am going crazy, needing to cum, but Angie will not apply enough pressure or speed to make that happen.

The song ends. It is replaced by static. Angie pulls her fingers from my ass and releases my cock. I feel coolness on my ass followed by wetness. As I try to figure out what is happening next, I feel something at my anus. Slowly, whatever it is, is forced into my hole. It is large, rigid enough for penetration, yet not hard. When my anus is filled to bursting, an intense vibration fills my nether regions and I realize that Angie has shoved her vibrator into my ass. The vibrations and pressure on my asshole are intense. I can’t hold back the moans as Angie begins to fuck my ass with the vibrator. All the while, the static still plays in my ears.

Suddenly, the music begins, again. It is a soft jazz piece. The fucking of my ass continues and I feel Angie’s lips on my cock, again. She licks up and down the shaft, swirling her tongue around the tip. She pulls the foreskin back with her hand and takes the head of my cock in her mouth. With one hand pumping the vibrator in and out of my ass, the other pumping my cock, and her hot, wet mouth on the heat of my cock, sucking the precum from my shaft, I know that I will not last long.

Angie makes love to my cock while the soft jazz plays on. At the half-way point of the piece, Angie turns up the vibrations in my ass and shoves the vibrator in to the hilt. Both hands now work on my cock and balls as Angie’s head bobs up and down the shaft. Sometimes taking me all the way into her throat; other times sucking on the head while she pumps the shaft with her hand. Suddenly, I feel the cum begin to boil in my balls. My breathing becomes ragged. I can’t summon enough breath to moan, just gasp.

My hips buck to the extent allowed by the restraint. Angie, sensing that I am about to cum, dives down on my cock, burying it in her throat as the first splash of cum erupts from my cock. The long teasing has paid off and Angie is rewarded with 2, 3, 4, 5 huge gobs of cum from my balls. I feel her mouth and throat work to swallow my seed.

Angie switches off the vibrator and removes it from my ass. She continues to lick and suck my cock as it begins to soften, kissing my belly and thighs. I feel Angie climb down from the bed. She kisses my lips gently, as she removes the blindfold.

“I love you,” she says softly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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