Brad’s Life

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As always, thanks to my editors, ‘LadyCibelle’ and ‘Techsan’, who make my stories a much better read.

As a young man in my twenties I’ve always wondered why people got married. Other than my parents, most everyone I knew had been divorced. A lot of them more than once. The two most common causes for the divorces was cheating and money problems which turned spouses against each other. I wasn’t going to get trapped into getting married. I was going to play the field. If I wanted sex, I was going to have it. I read all of these stories of people who go outside their marriage to get their rocks off. Why did they get married in the first place? How stupid! Just stay single and fuck whoever you want!

I know there are diseases out there, but they have always been there. I would just use caution and condoms. I wanted my cake and I was going to eat it too. In my junior and senior year at college I had more sex than my parents probably had in a lifetime. I had sex with a huge variety of women. White, black, Asian and everyone in between. Heavy, skinny, good looking, and not so good looking, I had sex with them all.

It started out being a barrel of fun. I was fucking someone at the drop of a hat. I had threesomes, and group sex, I even let one guy fuck me in the ass when I had too much to drink. I have to tell you that was a one time thing. It hurt like hell; it also helped me understand why most women don’t like it.

I’ve had a lot of girlfriends and lovers. I always let them know up-front that marriage was out. I was not going to get tied down to one woman. I believed in the free love philosophy. Most of the gals I went with didn’t mind the sharing. I screwed my buddies’ girlfriends and some of their wives. In turn they had sex with the latest of my girlfriends.

Toward the end of my senior year, sex was so plentiful that it became old, almost boring. Don’t get me wrong – I still did it and I still liked it. The problem was it wasn’t a challenge any more. When I went to swap parties, I knew I would be fucking someone that night. Maybe a few of them. As most parties went, drugs and booze played a big part. The sex was always good but, I guess, just became old.

I can compare it to going to the races. The first few times, the races are great. You get all hyped up for your favorite drivers and cheer them on. After you’ve been to say, a dozen races, it loses some of the pizazz. You keep going for the thrill but the thrill is less and less. Eventually, you go to watch the people. You still enjoy it, but a lot of the luster is gone. It’s the same way with sex: the more you do it, the less exciting it becomes.

I know a lot of people ask how I can give my girlfriend to another guy. It was easy – I would be fucking his woman. Hell, I wasn’t going to marry the girl and she got what she wanted too. It was just our way of life.

After college, I kept in touch with very few of my friends. Most of them were getting married and some were divorced already. They said they thought the wild sex years ruined their marriages. They couldn’t settle down with just one woman. The cheating set in and divorce was the final outcome. I just dated after college. I had sex with my partners but since I sowed my wild oats it wasn’t number one on the list of things I needed.

I studied computer repair in college. Everyone said to go into computer programming but I knew that field would get flooded with applicants, but someone would still need to repair these computers. It was the right choice as I always had work. I started working with a small computer repair company and after five years I opened my own business. I was then twenty-nine years old and had my own computer repair business.

In my private life it seemed that everyone wanted to fix me up with their daughters or sisters. They all had a best friend that was either single or divorced and was perfect for me. How did all these people know what was perfect for me? It really made me laugh; everyone knew what was best for me. No wonder there were so many divorces. People didn’t find their mate; someone else probably picked it for them.

My parents seemed to be an exception to the rule. I couldn’t believe my parents were happy after over thirty plus years of marriage. I talked with my dad about it one time – well, more than once, but this one time in particular I came straight out and asked him.

“Dad, with the divorce rate so high, how come you and mom seem so happy together?

“Brad, it’s very simple but yet very hard. First, you have to find the right woman.”

“Dad, I don’t mean to interrupt you. How did you know mom was the right woman?”

“I felt it. In my heart I felt it. She was the only woman I was with that really made my heart jump. I didn’t look for her; I didn’t go hunting for the woman of my dreams. In fact, all I did was buy a box of donuts.”

“What? Donuts? Dad, you’re losing me here. What has donuts got to do with mom?”

“That’s how we met. I went to pendik escort the donut shop to get a box of donuts and she was working the counter. I looked up and saw this smiling face and fell in love with her right then and there.”

“Did you date or what? How did you get together?”

“I asked for donuts and we started talking. I was probably in there for twenty minutes talking to her, then I asked her out.”

“She said yes, and that was the start of a lasting relationship, right?” I asked.

“Quite the opposite. She said, ‘No’, so I started going in the donut shop every day till finally one day she said yes, and that was the start of a long time union between us.”

“So you felt it in your heart and then went after her? Did she feel the same as you, Dad? Did her heart skip a beat?”

Mom walked into the room.

She spoke, “I did feel the same way as your father, but I wasn’t going to make it easy for him. I figured if we were to be together, then God would make it happen.”

“Come on, Mom. God brought you two together? This is the twenty-first century.”

“Honey, God is the same today as he was yesterday and will be the same tomorrow. Yes, I do think God had something to do with us being together. Anyway, let me continue. Your dad worked in your Aunt Joy’s store. I used to walk by and see him in there flirting with the girls. One of my girlfriends was with me one day and we saw him in the store. I looked at her and said, ‘Someday, I’m going to marry him,’ as I pointed toward your dad. It was just a matter of time. Since he was such a flirt, I knew I had to make him work for a date, and that’s exactly what I did. We were married about a year later. It was thirty-three years ago.”

Mom kissed me on the cheek and went back in the kitchen. She knew there was going to be more man talk.

“What about other women, Dad? Didn’t you ever want other women?”

“Son, I dated and had sex with other girls before your mom and I were married. Every guy, and I guess woman too, go through those stages. Sex with other women was good and exciting. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. I would be lying. After I met your mom and we …. umm, became intimate, it was different. It was sex but it was more than that. It was a feeling that I can’t describe. I guess that’s why they call it love. I no longer thought about me and what I wanted. Instead, I thought about Mary, and what I could do to please her. By pleasing her, I was pleasing myself. Your mom is the only woman I ever felt that way with.”

“Dad, I know it’s personal, but did you ever have sex with a woman after you married mom?”

Dad hesitated; maybe that was too personal, even to tell your son. Dad looked at me with a tear in his eye.

“Well, Brad, I once was on the road and met a woman. We hit it off pretty good. The night before I left, your mom and I got into an argument about money and I left for the trip aggravated. This woman I met on the road was nice, but she was also married. Eventually, we went up to my room and I kissed her. I knew it was wrong but I did it anyway. Who would ever know? She took off her clothes and I started touching her. A feeling of doing something really wrong came over me. I got off the bed and asked her to get dressed and leave.

“She said, ‘It’s alright honey, no one will ever know. I’ve done this before, nobody gets hurt.’ I looked at her and told her that I would know and I knew it would be in my mind forever. I couldn’t go through with it so she got up and left my room. I often thought about how I would have felt if your mother would have been like that woman. You see, son, there is always a price to pay for wrongdoing. I came home and told your mother what I almost did. She was mad but forgave me. One time she asked me why I told her about what almost happened. I told your mom that if I told her, I knew that I would never do it again. Her knowing hurt me and whenever I faced a similar situation again, the first person whose face I’d see would be your mother’s and I never want to hurt her.”

“Geez, Dad, that was some story. It seems like a lot of years to be with one woman.”

“It has to be the right woman, Brad, not just any woman. Love, honor, till death us do part. For better, for worse, through sickness and through health, through good times and bad, it’s part of the marriage vows. Too many people today want to write their own. That’s fine as long as they put in the important stuff. Anyone getting married should do it for the right reason, and listen to the vows and then live by them.”

“Thanks for the talk, Dad. I don’t think I’ll be getting married anytime soon.” I smiled.

“One more thing, son. Marriage is a partnership. You have to constantly work at it. You have to communicate with each other. It’s extremely important if a marriage is to survive.”

“Thanks again, Dad.”

I continued dating but things were a little different. The women were older, more mature. Maybe I’m saying this wrong; maltepe escort the women were in their twenties and early thirties. It wasn’t the fast sex life of my few years past. These women were more mature, and it wasn’t all about sex with them, even though I was intimate with a number of them. Many of them were looking for Mr. Right, although I knew that wasn’t me. I do have to say that growing up and now working made my life a lot different. I started to treat women as more than sex objects. I started to enjoy the time with many of them. I didn’t get the sparks my dad talked about but I was enjoying being with the women and going out in general.

I’d been out of the swingers scene for a few years now, but one of my old friends, whom I hadn’t seen for a couple of years, came into my computer shop. He thought his hard drive went out and asked me if I could repair it and save most of the data and programs. He said he had some very important folders on his computer.

I told him I would see what I could do, but would need a couple of days. He invited me to a party on Saturday. He did say it was an adult party. I told him I didn’t have a girlfriend that I could bring to a swingers’ party. I’d been dating a more straight-laced clientele. He told me not to worry; he invited enough people that I could come alone, but probably wouldn’t be leaving alone. I told him I’d try and be there.

I started repairing his computer. He was right, his hard drive was fried. I did my best to copy all the programs I could get off his machine. Damn, he was into porno big time. He kept about thirty porno web sites and a folder of photos. I wasn’t sure whether it would be right to look at his photo files, so I didn’t. I continued to retrieve all the files I could. After saving his files, I replaced his hard drive. He was good to go.

Barry came back a few days later for his computer. We sat down and talked awhile. I asked him what he had been up to and asked him about his girlfriend Jackie.

“After college, Jackie and I got married. I really cared for her. She wanted to become monogamous and I tried, I really did. I needed more in sex than a married life offered. I went to one of the parties without her. She gave me an ultimatum, the party or her. I went to the party and figured she would be mad for a while but would get over it. I was wrong. She packed up after I left the house and she moved out.”

“Did you ever talk to her after that?” I asked.

“I called around the next day and she was at her parents’ home. I tried to talk to her but she told me I made my choice. It did surprise me. You know, before we married, she attended the swap parties and all. I guess she was just tired of that life and wanted a family. The last I heard she was dating one of the guys where she works. I guess they had a heart to heart and she explained her past to him and he’s alright with it. As long as it stays her past. We still talk but aren’t close anymore.”

“Don’t you get a little tired of the swapping life, Barry?”

“Sure, I do. I guess I’m kind of a porno freak. If you looked into my computer, you’d see that. I guess after a while it just became part of my life. I’m a photographer now, so I see a lot of shit. It’s all second nature to me now. I think about family, a wife and kids, but I guess it’s just not for me. I worry about when I’m older. These hot bodies aren’t going to want an old man fucking them. So, now I need to make some serious money. These young girls today will play for pay. So I’m into making porno movies. That’s why I throw these parties. I’ll have cameras rolling during the party.”

“You can’t just use these movies without permission, can you?” I asked.

“No, I’m a pervert, but I stay within the law. I’ll get signatures from the ones who are willing to sign. You would be surprised how many agree to it. If they’re really good, I’ll even pay them, sometimes as much as five hundred dollars. They usually come back for more. I expect a lot of them to be at the party.”

“I may be there at your party, don’t know yet, but you aren’t getting any signatures.”

“I understand, Brad. I’m not out to ruin friendships. Thanks for the computer repair job. Hope you make it to the party. There is always a lot of new stuff walking around.” He laughed, paid me for my work and took his computer.

What a difference in people. Mom and dad, married thirty-three years, and faithful to each other. Then, there’s people like Barry, who lives for the sex life. Where am I at? Somewhere between the two, I guess. I don’t see myself getting married. But, if what dad says is true, maybe I just haven’t met the right woman yet. Maybe I ought to go buy some donuts. I laughed thinking about my mom and dad and how they met. It was like in the movies, not at all like real life today. I did wonder about my life ten or twenty years from now. Who would I be dating, if at all? I think that’s why a lot of people rush into marriage. They worry about being kartal escort alone in the future and probably settle for security instead of love. I really don’t know; I’m not exactly a psychiatrist.

I decided to pass on Barry’s sex party. It really wasn’t what I was looking for anymore. I like sex but the multiple partners was more than I wanted anymore. I called one of my lady friends instead and took in a movie and a dinner. She was really a special friend but there weren’t sparks and a thump, thump in my heart like dad talks about. We did get intimate that evening.

I pulled up to her condo and she invited me in. We both knew we were going to have sex. This was far from our first time together. She told me to have a beer while she made herself more comfortable. She came back in the room dressed only in a robe. She sat next to me on the sofa and we starting making out. She was a good kisser. Just a little tongue but not too much. I undid the belt on her robe and she was naked under it. I reached up and touched her breasts very gently. I’ve read enough stories that all said, “Don’t maul a woman’s breasts.” It’s funny how things like that come to mind when you get intimate with someone. After all they were just stories.

I lowered my head and took her nipple into my mouth. I did like I read in the stories – suck, no teeth. Women don’t like being bitten, at least not till they are hot and heavy at it.

She asked me if I wanted to go to the bedroom or do it on the couch? I chose the couch, because for me it was less threatening. It was intimate but not necessarily loving. She laid on the sofa and I got on my knees next to the sofa and kissed up and down her body. I put my hand on her mound and did a slow massage on her bush while kissing up and down her body. She was really getting hot. I slid two fingers into her moist vagina. They went in with ease as I slowly fingered her. She started pumping up against my fingers. She had a beautiful body, a great personality and was a hot sex partner. Why didn’t I love a woman like this? She was pretty much the total package.

“Oh, Brad, you make me so hot, you’re such a good lover. Finger me, Brad. It feels so good.”

She continued to hump my finger. I could feel her shudder a little and knew she had a small orgasm. I pulled my wet fingers out of her pussy and quickly stripped out my pants. Sheila got up and straddled my lap. She grabbed hold of my cock and guided it into her hot, moist pussy. As she lowered herself, my cock pushed deep into her pussy. I usually wear condoms, but I’ve known Sheila a long time. She was also on the pill. Every now and then, I like to go bareback.

“Oh, Sheila, you are one hot lady. Bounce on that cock, get all you want baby. Take it, Sheila, take it, get that cock, come on baby, ride that cock.” I felt myself coming. “Oh fuck, here it comes.”

“Come on, Brad, feels good baby, I feel your cum shooting into me. Give it all to me, honey, give it all to me.”

I shot spurt after spurt deep into her hot cavern. Damn, she was one hot lady. Sex with Sheila was great, but I couldn’t picture myself coming home to her each evening as a wife. We talked about being together a few times, but we both agreed that although the sex between us was great, we were just good friends.

Chapter 2

Life went on. My business was good and building. My personal life stayed pretty much the same. I saw Sheila once in a while as well as a few other women. I guess I was content with my life even though I stayed out later more and more. I guess I got tired of going home to an empty quiet house. My evenings at home were reading stories on the computer or watching television. I always thought I had my life together until I thought of mom and dad. They seemed to have done it right. My older sister had a very similar marriage to my parents’. I decided to talk to her and find out how she and Bill met and what they felt.

One evening I drove over to my sister Sue’s place.

“Gee! To what do we owe this visit. Little brother came to see his big sister.”

She gave me a hug. She and Bill were sitting on the front porch watching their two kids play in the yard. Her kids were eight and five.

“Hi, Sis, I was thinking about your lovely face and knew I had to see it.” I smiled.

She hit me on the arm. “Little brother, you can come over and look at my lovely face anytime you want.” Bill, just shook his head at the two of us joking with each other.

“Sue, did mom or dad ever tell you how they met, and eventually got married?”

“You mean the story about the donut shop? Yeah, mom and dad both told me about it years ago. I thought it was so neat.”

“Do you believe it? Do you think they knew they were meant to be together when they first met?

“What’s this about, Brad. Do you finally have a girl that makes your heart flutter. Someone that is able to capture my little brother’s heart.”

“No, nothing like that. I was just wondering how you and Bill met and ended up knowing you would be together. Most everyone seems to get married and then tire of one another; next thing you know they’re divorced. Mom and dad, and you and Bill seem to have it together. I just wanted to hear your story.”

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