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The cool evening breeze pulls gently at your red silk slip. Every now and then it whips the garment high enough to show your delectable, knickerless arse and I stiffen slightly at the sight.

“Are you coming back to bed, love?” I ask, pulling the sheet out of the way to give you a look at my semi-erect cock.

You turn and smile. “Why don’t you join me out here, instead?” As you speak you aid the breeze in its quest to raise the slip and with both hands you pull it up from either side to reveal your incredible arse that you know I adore so much. Swaying your hips gently from side to side you tease me, aware that it’s unlikely I’ll be able to resist.

I can’t, and seconds later I’m out there on the balcony with you, my naked body pressing up against your own as only a couple of levels below, people go about their daily business. It’s a Sunday morning, therefore there aren’t many people about; just a couple of dog walkers, a few joggers and a bloke on a bicycle.

“Did you order breakfast?” You ask as my hands clamp firmly onto each of your arse cheeks.

“Yeah,” I reply. “We’ve got ten minutes.”

“Then you’d best get otele gelen escort to work, hadn’t you?”

A comment like that is one I’m unable to ignore. I lean forwards, kissing your neck. Those kisses quickly turn to biting though, and I do so hard, almost tearing at your skin with my teeth. You moan in pleasure and a shiver runs through your body. I know you like it rough, I know what my girl appreciates.

Without warning I pull my hand back and bring it down hard upon your bare arse cheek, the slap so loud it echoes off the opposite building. I repeat, pulling my hand back again before spanking your naked arse. Over and over again I spank you with my teeth still clamped to your neck as you reach between your legs and begin rubbing your clitoris furiously.

If anyone was to glance up from the street they would have a quite wonderful view of you frantically frigging your clit as your arms rest upon the glass that surrounds the hotel balcony.

You don’t care though, you’re lost in the moment.

“Are you going to put that fucking cock in me, or what?”

How can I refuse that, eh? I rus escort bayan spit on my hand and give your reddening arse cheek a final slap before I bend my knees slightly, ensuring I’m at the right height to be able to enter your pussy at the first time of asking.

I push hard into you, your pelvic muscles offering little resistance as my cock finds its way inside you. I don’t stop pushing ’til I’m balls deep and you can’t help but release an incredibly loud moan that echoes back from the opposite building even louder than my slapping of your arse had done.

As I fuck you from behind, pounding into your wet pussy as my testes swing and slap against your thighs, as you continue to moan louder and louder with every thrust, I catch sight of a twitching curtain in the building opposite. After almost thirty seconds of fucking your welcoming cunt I can clearly see that there at least three people watching us fuck. I don’t care who they are but knowing they’re enjoying the show spurs me on and I pick up the pace.

I figure you’ve noticed, too, because you’re being much more vocal than usual. Not that I’m complaining sıhhiye escort bayan of course, I’d never do that.

It’s not at all long before I feel my balls tighten. I’m going to cum, I’m going to fill your soggy cunt and I’m going to savour every second of it.

You have other plans though, apparently, for as you recognise the fact I’m close to cumming you push me back so that my dick escapes your hole. You whip yourself around and get on your knees in front of me. Without hesitation you take my cock all the way down until my balls are resting on your chin.

That’s about all I can take, and when I feel your index finger penetrate my arse hole I can’t hold back any more and I shoot my load, rope after rope of thick, gooey cum.

You swallow it all, just as you do every time you take me in your mouth. You don’t even wipe the back of your hand across your lips before you get back to your feet and kiss me. I can taste myself on your tongue, your lips, your breath.

You break the kiss at a knock on the door and head back into the room, leaving me standing naked on the balcony with a slowly fading erection.

I turn around just in time to see the attendant staring at your arse. He catches a glimpse of me, too, and I can see him trying incredibly hard not to make eye contact.

You close the door on him and I smile, fairly certain that if we’d asked him in for a threesome we’d have got the breakfast for nothing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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