Breakfast in Bed Ch. 02

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After exiting the venue, she said goodbye to her friend and stood outside, taking in the fresh, cool air that was such a contrast to the humidity and heat of the tight venue. A few crowds were speckled outside, catching up and smoking. She started heading east, feeling like a bit of a walk before calling her Uber. On the corner outside of the old Wonder Bar she noticed the band from earlier, chatting and smoking with possibly fans or just friends. The light turned red and she paused, purposely turning herself away from them out of embarrassment of getting no response out of the bassist. She checked her phone: 11:26 pm.

“Hey, wait up!” She turned and saw him, jogging up towards her. “You said you liked my shoes and this is so random, but were you quoting Bright Eyes?” His gorgeous green eyes smiled at her. She hadn’t noticed his nose ring earlier.

She laughed. “Wow. That is the first time anyone has ever picked up on that reference! Do you know how much perpetual disappointment I have experienced from that line?”

“Oh my God. That is fucking amazing. Or I guess I should really be saying, thanks can I follow you?” He laughed. His smile was making her melt. “I’m Andrew by the way,” he said, extending his hand.

“Nicole.” She took his warm hand, which was slender yet strong. They paused in silence, taking each other in.

“So. Where are you walking to?”

“I was just getting some fresh air, and then I was planning on calling an Uber. Why, do you actually want to follow me?” She teased.

“I mean, yeah, I kinda do! I actually am just staying up the street at a hotel while my apartment gets,” he paused, “fumigated,” and burst out laughing, causing her to crack up. “Please don’t ask any questions. It’s too traumatic to talk about,” he said cheekily. “But would you, like, want to maybe, walk over with sincan escort bayan me? I have gin and tonic!”

“That is my favourite drink.” She paused for a moment, weighing out her options, while he smiled down at her hesitantly. He didn’t look much like a serial killer, and she had instantly felt very comfortable around him. Even if he was a serial killer, maybe he would fuck her first. The thought of fucking him excited her. He had really, really nice lips. “Okay, yes, let’s go Andrew.” Andrew quickly ran back to his group and said goodnight, then offered her his arm.

The hotel room was very standard. Andrew turned on one of the floor lights, and with the light from the streetlights, the room was a perfect, dimly lit oasis. He switched on the alternative music channel as there were no speakers in the room for an iPhone. An old Modest Mouse song came on. He fixed them each a gin and tonic and they talked about the evening. Andrew sat on the fluffy white bed while Nicole stood in front of him with her back against the wooden dresser. A lull in the conversation occurred, and in the silence it was easy to feel the sexual tension that had been building since their first look back at the venue.

He silently watched her. “Come here,” he motioned, as he parted his legs to let her step between them. She placed her nearly empty drink on the dresser and moved towards him, placing her hands on his shoulders and pushing him backwards slightly so that she could rest her knees on either sides of his legs. Staring into each other’s eyes, he grasped her neck with his right hand, and brushed her hair away from her face with his left.

“You are so fucking beautiful,” he said, causing her to instantly smile and look away. “You’re like, actually perfect.”

Their lips met, and their breathing tandoğan escort bayan quickened. His mustache tickled the top of her lips as he expertly moved his soft tongue into her mouth. She could instantly feel herself getting wet and her nipples harden. She moved her pelvis deeper into his, wrapping her legs around him to get closer. She could feel his hard cock through his jeans as he moved his hands to the small of her back. She typically found it hard to fully let go and fully live in the moment, but she was losing herself very quickly to him. All of her thoughts were disappearing.

He threw his shirt on the floor while she wiggled out of her dress and unclasped her bra, revealing her small, pale breasts. She was wearing a tiny lace thong. He stopped kissing her to admire her breasts, and then took one of her hard nipples into his mouth while rolling the other with his fingers. It was impossible for her to keep quiet and she let out a soft moan as she played her hands across his perfect chest, tugging at his chest hair. He aggressively squeezed her breasts and became almost animalistic with his attack on her nipples, rolling them back and forth so tightly between his fingers and pulling on them to cause a small amount of pain mixed with absolute pleasure. She was going crazy.

She was dying to take him into her mouth or any hole for that matter. “Get these pants off now!” she giggled, as she began unzipping him. He hurriedly got up, nearly stumbling over in the process, and within seconds he was standing before her, completely naked with his perfectly large cock almost at her eye level. She was so turned on that she wanted to die.

She quickly got off the bed, and onto her knees on the floor in front of him. Placing her hands on each one of his hips, she began gently kissing tunalı escort bayan his flat stomach. Her left hand moved to his balls while she began to kiss the tip of his cock. She took her tongue and began to lick the bottom of the tip, drooling spit on him and working it down with her hand. As she took him into her mouth, he placed his hands on her soft hair. She started slowly moving up and down on his perfect cock, loving the small moans that were escaping from him. She paused for a second to work him only with her hands. She looked up at him. He was slowly shaking his head in disbelief, biting his lower lip and fully lost in her. “Oh my God,” he mouthed.

“Do you like it slow or fast baby?” she asked him, continuing to work his throbbing cock with her hand, gliding over him easily.

“Slow-ly,” he breathed, as she again wrapped her soft lips around him, going painstakingly slow this time. He had never had someone’s mouth feel like this before, nor seen someone enjoy sucking his cock like this before. As she moved up and down, she moved her fingers to her thong, moving it aside to her feel her wetness. She moaned.

“Please fuck me Andrew,” she whispered to him, dying to feel his cock stretching her open.

“Not yet Nicole,” he said, raising her up and pushing her back onto the bed, spreading her legs open and tucking her panties to the side to exposure her dripping, wet pussy. “I want to taste you first.”

Suddenly the loudest thunderclap either of them had ever heard rang out, causing both of them to jump. Neither of them had realised the storm outside. Looking out the window all they could see was endless rain. Suddenly, an incredibly rotund and hairy man, wearing a soiled white t-shirt and no bottoms flung the door open. His small flaccid penis swung side to side beneath his gigantic stomach. He looked possessed. “It’s a monsoon out there!” he howled, “The rain is lifting lids off cars! Spinning buses like toys! Stripping them to chrome!” Frantically he jumped back out of the door and went running down the dark hallway.

“What the fucking shit just happened,” Andrew said, looking deep in her eyes.

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