Crossing the Line with Sam Ch. 01

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Sam caught cheating with his step brother’s friend and Sam needs to explain everything happened, in detail! Chapter 1:4 Just a Kiss

Siting naked on his lap, I kissed him, grinding my cushy round ass against his erected dick. He slanted down on the couch and I gently twitched my rump, keeping his tender cock pulsating inside me. I jerked my hips forward and backward, letting his cock slide thru my wet bum slit. I kept looking at his eyes, holding my hand over his forearm, which he kept around my waist. His cock felt incredibly filled, down inside me. Its veins rubbed inside my ass, tweaking my prostrate. I licked my dry lips with my wet tongue, bent down and kissed his thick lips. I bounced on his lap letting his hard rod plunge deeper inside me. I moaned loud as his hips moved faster, pressing his cock inside me, hard and deep.

Later that night in our dinner table Geo sat opposite to me, rolling his eyes over me. He certainly looked frustrated and furious. I gets nervous when I see him like this. After dinner Daddy and Annie left to their room I sat in front of him bowing my head like a culprit, caught in act. I was extremely nervous to look at his face. Twining my fingers, I sat silent. He was nervous too. He stuttered to start the talk after long silence. I peeked in between with guilty eyes to see his face. I squeezed my lips in anxiety.

“How can you do this Sam?” Geo opened up.

“In our house, in our couch?” His anger bursts.

“Why would you do that? Geo stressed.

I bowed my head in shame.

“I’m sorry, Geo, please,” I said wailing softly without looking at him.

Geo frantically taped his leg on the table. The glassed over the table rattled loud.

“How can you be so, SO stupid?” Geo screamed.

“Did he force for this?” Geo queried again.

I didn’t say anything.

“Okay! at least tell me, did he hurt you?” he supplicated for my reply.

I just couldn’t say anything back. I just looked down feebly. Geo masked his lips, disappointed in my silence.

“Why are you not saying anything? he asked me staring right in to my eyes as I looked up.

“Answer me!” he screamed gently.

Geo disappointed in my repeated silence. He scratched his head in disbelief.

“That puny little rat…!” Geo screamed.

“Listen Sam, I get it. You can talk to me,” he tried to sound calmer.

Geo tried to be softer, I found some sanity in his tone.

“At least, tell me that was the first time, right?” he asked curiously, keeping his angry face.

“First time?” I gently whispered looking down.

I can’t tell him a lie. The best I can do is keep my mouth shut. I tried to look back at him.

“Not the first time… not the first time,” I replied softly tapping my legs nervously on the floor breathing nervously.

“Of course NOT,” he shouted looking furious once again.

“Tell me when it all started, from the beginning,” after a few seconds tense moments he demanded.

I tried to regain some courage. I was nervous as I tried to cover my mouth with my trembling fingers. I looked at him and saw him anxiously waiting for me to say something.

“COME ON SAM!” he shouted losing his patience over my embarrassed silence.

“Why? Tell me,” he repeated stamping his hand on the table.

“I can explain,” I pursed my lips nervously and gradually replied after long pause.

“Explain, everything from beginning, I want to hear every detail” he demanded.

“Explain, why you and were humping naked, on our couch,” he said.

“Explain, why ma dear Sam keeping dirty secrets from me, “he continued taunting me with his questions.

“Geo, please forgive me…,” I stuttered gently as I tried to speak, looking at his fearsome eyes.

“It all happened accidently,” I tried to explain.

“It was… not his fault,” I said nervously.

“Remember that day,” I began my cuckold story from where it all began.

Almost three months back on a rainy Saturday Geo brought his old classmate home. His name was Johnson aka Jonny. He was in football team with Geo. He looked pretty similar to Geo in physique and built. He wore a black polo t shirt and khaki trousers that day. He had leaner eyes profound nose and much thicker lips than Geo similar to me. He had a little beard under his lower lip, which I found strangely attractive.

We all had a decent time that day. We secretly took daddy’s wine bottle and had it with pizza we ordered. Under the influence of the kinky wine we talked a lot of things. Actually, they talked about a lot of things and I just listened then enthusiastically. By my understanding, Jonny moved to a better college with more support for extracurricular activities.

Jonny was bold and actually asked a lot of things to me like he knew me personally. They both were nineteen, but he seemed much more thoughtful or can say shrewder than Geo. He asked me about my latest activities and hobbies. He asked me whether I had any girlfriend. He also asked me whether I had someone in my mind. He seemed to give me more significance than any other boys gave me except Geo. I find it really comfortable answering him, even if those were personal queries.

Maybe it was the almanbahis wine but, I sensed some kind of flirtatious tone during his talks. I ignored them quite blindly. My brother was not sharp enough get those. I thought, maybe I don’t talk to the boys much openly in my college and suddenly, this guy’s questions making me wary. It was hard for me to believe that he does not had a girlfriend yet, in his new college. I and Geo both mocked him when he said so. After the time well spent, we parted pleasingly, till the next time.

At that night, under the warm bed light in our room, Geo fucked me passionately pressing his curvy piston back and forth inside my buttery ass. Geo took his favored position, poising his sturdy crotch between my thighs. Holding on to my waist, Geo trusted his cock in my ass, gently quaking my hips. I licked my lips and received his cock blissfully inside me. That night, I felt something strange and unusual. It was not Geo, when I close my eyes, whose face flashed in front of me. It was rather bizarre, as it never happened to me before. In fact, I never had to close my eyes in front of Geo.

I moaned unusually loud, holding my hands on to his elbow. My cock was stone hard and leaked juice abnormally. As my tiny melons waved in motion, I turned my head on the bed and closed my eyes. Feeling all the warmth inside me, turning me horny as ever, I enjoyed his rocking, just like every Saturday night. I revved my ass on to his cock, made Geo cum as fast as possible. It was not him fucking me tonight, I mesmerized. I use to take it slow, but today I was in some other mood. I grabbed my erection with my hand and started stroking it. Within a few jerks, I came moaning high on to my belly. My warm cum dripped over my fleshy tummy and oozed down through the side.

“You were so intense,” Geo probed curiously after we cleaned up ourselves and sat on the bed.

“I was,” I replied pulling my camisole on to my arms looking at his curious face.

“Yea, oddly loud too.” he reviewed.

“Yaa? Really?” I asked back.

Geo nodded his head and pulled on his pajama over his shoulders.

“Maybe, it was the wine…” I answered rather curelessly.

I couldn’t realize that I had moaned or made unusual noise.

“hha.., I thought you had something twisty inside your head,” he mumbled.

“Like what?” I asked him curiously.

“I don’t know, maybe, never mind.” he retreated.

“Maybe it was the food, and the rain too…” I added hiding the truth before him. I never done that before.

“You finished all by yourself too,” he sounded bit grumpy.

We used to cum together or he finishes me after he fill my ass.

“Sorry!” I apologized gently and kept mute.

“How do you find Jonny? His sudden enquiry took me by shock.

“He, seemed nice.” I replied after a gentle pause.

“He looked a bit, off today,” Geo added.

“Did you like him?” he asked me looking on to my eyes.

“Like him? Why would I? I replied suddenly pulling the camisole over my head to my torso.

“No, I just saying, he is just a bit you know, kinky” he cautioned me.

For a moment I though we both knew what just happened. I was just trying to cover it and he is trying to warn me of him.

“You remember I told about him, a while back?” he reminded me.

“Yea, playboy!” I remembered.

“Yea, playboy,” He repeated my lips.

“But he seemed fine,” I corrected him.

“I’m not saying he is bad” Geo emphasized again.

“Just be careful with him, okay?” he advised me again.

“Okay, if you say so” I nodded my head.

“Yea, I will be careful.” I ensured.

That night sleep come to me late. The last few minutes of talking with Geo actually made me to think of him further. I may have cheated Geo with Jonny in my mind. But instead of feeling guilt, I felt surprisingly content.

I am Samson. Everybody calls me Sam. My daddy calls me Sami. I am twenty years old. I live with ma parents and my younger brother George and our little sister Jenna. George is just one year younger than me. We called him Geo. Jenna is seven years old. I lost my mom when I was seven. Daddy then remarried to Annie when I was ten, she already had George then obviously. It took me some time to adjust with my new mom and step brother. But as we grew up together we became best buddies. I could not really get attached to Annie. But Geo turned out to be the best thing happened in my life. While daddy and Annie pound their time kindling with their new-born Jenna, I and Geo had special interests and plans of our own.

Geo and I are of almost same age but we had entirely different interests. Geo loves football and I love smart games like chess or poker. He was swift agile but I was cleverer. He was good in sports and I in studies. His voice grew to be more masculine where I stood on softy side like that of my mom. We complemented each other pretty well. My parents had never to worry about us because they knew we look after each other, no matter what.

As our teen phase moved to the end, we moved along accepting all the good and bad of adulthood like sex, porn, girls and smoke. We used to read dirty magazines together, watch porn together almanbahis yeni giriş smoke together and jack off together. By the time I reached eighteen we were pretty clear about our sexual interests. Geo was like a chick magnet. Girls loved and adored him. Needless to say, I also took the pride and privilege to say him as my brother and buddy.

It was almost a year back, during those the hormone rushing phases of my life I started realizing that I not only like Geo as my brother, I loved him more than anything. The feelings that I consumed when I see him talking to other boy or a girl was pure jealousy out of my bottomless love for Geo. Geo and I were so close he understands me more than anyone. Geo too accepted the fact that I love him more than just as a brother. That was the only thing stinging me from inside. But my nervousness looking him naked in room or the sudden shyness that I display, when he rushes into the bathroom, naked, dangling his dick was duly noted by him. Sleeping in undies caressing each other started feeling different then. Watching porn and jerking off each other seemed more layered and emotional. My focus turned towards his erection more than the porn even if my eyes stared the TV all the time. We had a talk about it finally. I was really afraid to say that I might not be straight at all. I knew I like girls but not more than him. In fact, I never noticed a boy or a man with the same ogle eyes that I see him. But it was so easy for him to accept me as the way I was. It could have gone sideways, but not. Our relationship just got an upgrade after that day.

“So that’s it? You had a fascination?” Geo asked me calmly.

“and you decide to hide that from me,” he said in anger.

“I asked about him, remember?” he demanded my explanation.

“What happened after that?” he queried.

“Remember, whatever happened, it’s not your fault, I know.” he tried to comfort me.

I could not admit the fact that he was trying to protect me, even though I told him it was not Jonny’s fault. I shook my head in dejection and bowed down.

“How the hell did he persuaded you?” he was worried and frustrated. His eyes were widening and face filled with anger.

“Look Sugar, you have to tell me exactly what happened. I promise I won’t get angry,” he swayed me again after a few seconds of deaf silence.

“Remember that day, you came late and he was already here, waiting for you?” I reminded, slowly bricking up each word by word nervously shy.

“Haa? Ohh!” he seemed to be remembering the evening.

“He told you, he came just few minutes back,” I continued stuttering.

“Yaa, I remember. I told him to come by seven, to collect his game DVD.” Geo recollected.

“He was already here at our living room, sitting with you, side by side” he gathered his memory.

“Something happened? before I came? “he leaned on to me, anxiously.

“No, nothing like that,” I shook my head suddenly.

“What?” he sounded attentive but lowered his tone, so that I can continue without fear.

I find it really difficult to explain things to him, siting like this, getting interrogated at my home.

“That day, he was already here, before even I came home,” I explained.

“Daddy was waiting for me at the gate, so that he and Annie can leave with Jenna” I continued.

“Where were you?” Geo asked me.

“With my friends, having a small party,” I said.

“I had wine.” I clarified.

“I was home by six thirty, daddy left then leaving me with,” I clarified.

“So…. you are saying, he was here half an hour before me?” Geo asked me all surprised.

“Yes, he was “I memories.

I remembered that day coming home bit tipsy. I had a narrow escape from daddy, as he was in a hurry to go. Otherwise, he would have caught me woozy. Inside our house, Jonny was sitting on the couch. I ran towards our couch and threw my bag, back on the couch. I was supposed to be home by six.

“Here. Drink some water,” Jonny brought me cold water from our fridge.

“hhhmm. So cold!” I laughed gulping the cold sip right through my throat.

He sat near to me.

“Feels better,” I said.

“George told me to come by seven.” he clarified.

“Then, why you are here already?” I asked, mockingly patting on his arm gently.

“I was home alone, all bored,” he claimed his innocence.

“Interesting! boy like you, nothing to do at home?” I taunted him.

“Well, the truth is, I thought I can come here, and give you company. George told me your parents will leave home in the evening” he exclaimed.

“That’s true, but I was caught up” I giggled.

“I can see. Party?” he asked.

“Hmm, old friends.” I replied regaining my senses slowly.

“hhaa, always fun to meet old buddies” he laughed.

“Hmm, I think so.” I replied gently.

“I miss them.” I said.

“You were close?” he enquired.

“Yea, only few” I replied watching his face closely.

“What about you?” I asked hm.

“Friends? Have a few, football gang, tuition class,” he chuckled.

“and girlfriends?” I asked curiously gawking him.

“Yea, had. Was bit famous back then,” I chucked again.

“Just almanbahis giriş fun, nothing serious,” he explained.

“Geo told me you used to have many girlfriends at a time” I teased him playfully.

“Hhaaa, Geo was not bad either” he laughed.

“I plead guilty!” he said smiling bowing his head before me.

“You guys are so lucky…” I snarled holding my hands onto my cheeks facing him.

“Lucky?” he asked.

“Yeas, of course!” I reacted.

“Everybody liked you guys, strong, athletic, famous, girl magnets,” I explained.

“And there were guys like us lived among you, invisible and excluded” I hummed.

“Can I tell something? that’s not true, well may be for Geo” he said after a long pause looking at me seriously.

“He is really lucky” he said having his head.

“Why? Geo got more girlfriends”? I asked him curiously holding my head between my wrists.

“No, better than a girlfriend” he replied quickly.

“A true buddy, forever!” he finished and kept on gazing on to my eyes.

It took me few moments to realize that he was talking about me.

“How come?” I asked, trying to remain unhinged.

“A buddy like you is all that one wish” he grimed.

“You are talking not about me, right?” I asked him giggling sweeping my hands around my head.

“In fact, I am,” he reacted.

“Hmm?” I hummed gently smiling.

“I think you too have a really special bond,” he continued.

“A unique one!” he exclaimed.

Suddenly I burst in to laugh. I was fully awakened. The tiny grass beneath his lips fell in to my notice again. I seriously didn’t believed guys like him get jealous, seeing us.

“You are kidding me, right?” I laughed again nudging his arm.

“Look Sam, I had this thing in my mind for some time” he said, nervously staring at me.

“What are you talking about?” I asked him calmly, noticing the sudden change in his tone.

All of a sudden, I panicked watching him spreading his hands bending towards me. I lifted my hands and tried to push him as he wrapped his hands around my hips. He hugged me.

“What are you doing Jimmy? Leave me!” I yelled gently, tried to free him from me.

My hands held on to his arm and chest, my head on his left shoulder. His hands were pulling me closer to him.

“No, no!” I tried to escape from his grip with minimal force.

Jonny slowly loosened his grip from my waist as I pulled myself back, pushing against his chest. There was a certain pause in between as I looked on to his eyes, resisting him thru words. He moved his face closer to me and jerked his lips probing towards me. I swiftly twisted my face to one side and jolted my body.

“No…. Don’t” I yelled again gently.

Jonny followed me as I leaned back on the couch escaping his buzz. He bent down, holding his hand around my back.

“Stop it Jonny…!” I resisted him looking right on to his hungry eyes.

“Don’t do this,” I plead again.

Jonny’s desiring lips once gain leaned on me. I turned my head once again to other side.

“Please don’t…!” I begged.

I was feeling the tautness all of a sudden. Jonny was really on to me the whole time. I should have guessed the clues., instead I tried to play along. He made me afraid and nervous. His smell started to fog my head. I was in dilemma. I was resisting him physically. But my mind started bending my thoughts. I tried to look at him, but I couldn’t. His eyes were so full of desire. The desire that I saw only in my Geo.

“Please, Jonny, leave me,” I plead again.

Jonny pulled my head back, holding his hand beneath my cheek. His other hand enclosed around back of my head. I grabbed his forearm and tried to pull away his grip. He almost kissed me then. But I arched further back escaping his face. Finally, he did it anyway. His thick soft lips buzzed hard on to mine. I squeaked, gently pushing him after few seconds. He suddenly stopped. His hand still curled on to my back.

“What are you doing Jonny?” I breathed hard and screeched.

I gawked right onto Jonny’s eyes. He was looking down on to my cherry lips.

“It’s wrong!” I shrieked gently forcing him back.

Jonny tried to press on to me again with his lips moving close to me. I kept on shouting gently for him to retrieve back.

“This is wrong, please…” I begged again.

Jonny leaned on to me further back as I slide down back on to the couch. Crawling towards my face, he bussed his lips again on to mine making me whine.

“STOP, please!” I giggled and gagged.

I pushed Jonny firmly. His face was inches away from me. He was nervous and restless.

“Please dear…. you are stealing my sleeps for months,” he whispered.

“Just let me kiss you once,” he requested. I shook my head in denial.

“No! This is silly. I can’t do it.” I wailed mildly.

“I’m just like George.” he shouted.

Jonny took me completely by shock. I went speechless and motionless all of a sudden. I froze for a moment. I just kept on gawking on to his eyes. My cognizance really stopped processing thoughts for some seconds. I steered away my eyes and gave it a wild thought. I took a deep breath, grunting slightly. I looked at him just to see his restless face again. I twitched my hips and carefully crafted my reaction. It was really the moment of truth. The truth that I should accept soon. Accept the reality that I cannot content my inner desires with Geo forever.

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