Dad is a Body Builder Ch. 05

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After a few minutes of lying naked beside each other in silence, their passions spent, Doug sat up on the bed saying, “What say we check out now and head home?” Turning he added, “Would it bother you if we skipped out on the banquet tonight?” He then rose from the bed and walked to the bathroom.

Mark had been lightly dozing when his father’s movement had shaken him awake. Turning to his side just in time to see his Dad’s naked buttocks roll when he stepped toward the bathroom he responded, “Sure, uh sure Dad,” mumbling to himself then stretching before sitting up. As the sound of water coming from the shower he called out, “I didn’t want to go to the thing anyway.”

“Too much strutting going on,” he thought to himself. Most of the contestants would be strutting to show off their wives squeezed into low fitting and high rising skirts, emphasizing their boob and ass jobs. He hated the spectacle that some body builders made of themselves with their elaborate preening, pretending to not be conscious of how they looked to others. Besides, he mused to himself, most of them have brains the size of peas and were more interested in checking each other out than the wives.

His dad was different, which made the whole physical fitness world acceptable he supposed. But, of course, there were the nearly naked bodies, especially his Dad’s. That was something that he’d never objected being part of. Mark had definitely inherited his father’s love of his own body; he just was more low-key than Doug. When he was really honest with himself, growing up with a man considered by many a perfect physical specimen had been a little intimidating, though exciting.

He dressed and began packing both of their duffle bags when Doug stepped from the shower and stood in the doorway drying himself. Mark looked towards the bathroom and asked if his father wanted to keep wearing the jogging suit that he put on after the afternoon’s competition. That wasn’t anything he needed to know at that moment, but it gave him an opportunity to once again stare at the nude body of his Dad when, almost like a choreographed response, Doug had dropped the towel to his side and reached down to pull on his foreskin revealing the purple head, which he then began patting dry with the towel.

The son felt an urgent jolt in his crotch and turned quickly away to avoid arousal. “Why should I care,” he thought to himself, “I just sucked him off.” However, still uncertain of how his father would respond to their intimacy, he thought that perhaps he should back off from the situation.

As they both finished packing, Doug, however, was certain what he thought of the sexual encounter he just had with his son. He enjoyed it and, despite the social stigma attached to what he assumed was incest; he looked forward to more encounters. For some time he had been honest with himself enough to know that he enjoyed being naked with Mark, and, in fact, sometimes he had even plotted situations where both men would find themselves undressed together and Doug could call attention to his body. He did like the look in his son’s eyes when he stripped in front of him.

Downstairs in the lobby Doug stopped to speak with several of his fellow contestants who were standing around in small groups. A few of the men nodded toward Mark, causing Doug chills at the lust in their eyes as they focused on his son. Like most of the men, Mark was wearing cut-offs and a tight e-shirt, both emphasizing his developing shape. And unlike his father, he preferred no underwear knowing that the bulge from his shaft was pushing against the fabric.

More than one of the muscular men, after acknowledging him, would let their eyes fall to the young man’s crotch. Mark felt happy to receive the attention. In fact, his bulge even increased, pressing hard against the fabric of his shorts. “Perhaps”, he thought to himself, “I’ve inherited more of my dad’s exhibitionistic tendencies than I had thought.”

Once in the garage, Doug suggested that Mark drive. When they were on the roadway, the older man leaned back and said he wanted to nap. “If you get hungry, pick a stop that looks good and pull over. Otherwise we’ll just grab something at home.” With that he leaned back in the passenger seat and closed his eyes.

Mark steered through the traffic, occasionally glancing down at the mound between his dad’s legs under the track pants. He had come to admit to himself that he never got tired of looking at other men and their equipment. As he looked down at his father, the bulge in his father’s crotch seemed to grow while Mark gave his own a good rub. Once again he felt his swollen cock pressing inside his shorts; it felt good when he knew that he could be aroused in front of his father without feeling embarrassed.

Mark steered the car deftly through the Interstate traffic, keeping slightly above the speed limit as his dad had taught him. After an hour he heard stirring from his father followed by a yawn and stretching. Opening his eyes and looking around, casino siteleri Doug said, “Where are we?

“I just pulled off the Interstate; we’re on 35 heading west now.

“Oh good,” his father replied. “Man did I sleep hard.”

“Yeah, you were even snoring for a while.” Then, looking down at his dad’s lap he thought, “Your sleep wasn’t the only thing that was hard.”

Doug arched his back and gave a loud yawn as he pulled on his crotch. “If you see a place to pull over, I’ve got to piss.”

They drove approximately 10 miles when a sign announcing “Rest Area” came into view. “This’ll do,” Doug said, “There’s not much traffic on this road.”

Mark slowed the car and switched the turn signal to turn into the entrance of a small road-side park. “This place is maintained by the county so there isn’t an indoor restroom, but this will have to do. I’ve about to bust my bladder,” Doug said.

As Mark brought the car to a halt, Doug quickly opened his door say, “That spot among those shrubs will have to do.” The park area had only a few trees but several stands of large shrubbery.

Mark exited his side of the car and walked around following his father’s lead. “I’ve gotta pee too.”

Doug had already pulled down the pants of his track suit by the time Mark stepped around the bush. He stood holding his aroused cock while a strong stream of faint yellow urine shot from Doug’s prick. “You did need to go,” said Mark glancing down at his father’s cock while he unzipped his shorts, pulling them down to below his hips. His penis sprang out conspicuously hard.

“I told you I did,” Doug said openly staring down at his son’s cock as Mark strained to piss. Aware of his father’s gaze, Mark felt his pole rise slightly upward, unable to let loose of his full bladder.

“Damnit, Dad,” he said, “I can’t pee with you looking at me like that?”

“Like what, looking at you like what?” Doug chuckled.

“You know what I mean,” Mark replied, “I can’t pee with someone watching me.”

His father, amused by his son’s embarrassment continued his tease, “You’ve got a big one there, Mark. I don’t know where you got it, certainly not from me or my father.” As his own piss flow lessened, Doug began gently stroking on his penis

Through the corner of his eyes, Mark watched as his father began rubbing himself causing his own pole to begin jerking skyward.

“Ha,” Doug said laughingly, “I’d better quit talking about your prick or that boner will keep you from ever pissing.

Mark’s cheeks flushed with embarrassment from his father’s glances and comment. Still he looked downward at his swollen mackerel, then at his father’s and said “You’re not exactly a size small yourself, Dad,” observing that his father’s cock was nearly full salute as Doug shook the final drops of piss downward.

“Well, I guess we’ve both got a situation, right?” The older man laughed as he pulled his pants upward, “Still, we don’t especially want to get reported by some offended farmer out here. I like being with you son, just not in jail.” He stepped backward from the shrubs they were among and began walking toward the car. “You coming,” he said, “or are you going to keep tugging on that pole of yours.” About then Mark felt the hard, warm stream of piss shoot from him.

Mark was soon again behind the wheel and on the road while both men continued showing large bulges in their pants. He jumped when his father reached over to touch his crotch.

“Well son, do you think we ought to have a talk about what happened back in the hotel room today?

“Yeah, I guess,” Mark said while again feeling the hot flush of embarrassment in his cheeks. “I mean,” he stammered, “Don’t get me wrong dad, I enjoyed it, just didn’t expect it.”

“Well Mark, I guess we both know now. I’ve suspected for some time that you might have an interested in,” he paused, “other men.” As he collected his thoughts, Doug removed his hand from Mark’s crotch, leaving the boy wanting to ask him to leave it, but he didn’t. His father’s hand on his cock had felt so good.

“Anyway,” Doug continued, “I still wasn’t sure until Reuben came to stay with us. After hearing the noises coming from your bedroom when the two of you were in there, I was certain of it.” Doug gave a chuckle, more from his son’s suddenly beet red face than from his remarks.

“But…but,” Mark stammered, “but what about you, dad? I never imagined that you would let something happen between us, like back there.” His left hand flipped upward from the steering wheel in a gesture indicating an earlier event.

“I know son, I know. You don’t know much about me that way, so you’re at a disadvantage.”

Mark sat more alert as he focused on his father’s words. “Are you going to tell me,” he hesitated, “more about you, I mean.”

“Well,” Doug began slowly, “being this way is not something that’s been a big part of my life. Some part,” he adjusted his remark, “just not a very big part.”

“What slot oyna does that mean, Dad?”

As Doug explained his personal history, Mark took in his words with fascination. It seems that his father had gotten his mother pregnant when both were teens. Mark already knew that. But as his father spoke of his interest in body building in his youth, he admitted to a growing interest in other men’s bodies. It also seems that Mark’s father is much more aware of sex between men than Mark had ever suspected. He guessed that there was a lot more going on between body builders than he had imagined.

“So now you know, son, I’m not angel.” With that Doug wrapped up his tale of being a sexually adventurous man. “Is there anything else that you’d like to know?”

Mark sat speechless as they drove into their town. He had never imagined that the man, toward whom he had loved and lusted for many years, might have returned the feelings.

“Yes, Dad,” he answered, “do you mean that what happened back there in the hotel wasn’t an accident but something that you might have looked forward to?”

“You mean between us, when you refer to what happened in the hotel?” Mark nodded in the affirmative. “Let me say this to you Mark,” Doug began. “You’re my son and I love you, that’s for certain.” He paused. “And I also recognize that you’re a very attractive young man, that’s another thing for certain.” Doug paused a moment then added, “If it is logical to combine my love for my son and my appreciation of his physical qualities, then, yes, you can assume that on some level, known or unknown, I had hoped that might happen now that you’re an adult.”

With that he paused, looked out the window and said, “It’s getting late and I want to go by the gym and send the day staff home early. We can talk about this more another time.”

Mark pulled the car into a parking space in front of his father’s gym.

“Mr. Parker,” Shirley, the weekend manager, exclaimed as they walked through the door. “I never expected you today; I thought you’d be in the city tonight.” She added, “Hi Mark.”

Doug replied, “We cut out early, Shirley. Why don’t you head on home and we’ll close up tonight.”

Looking around the room full of exercise equipment Mark saw only two customers still on the machines. Closing time was in 15 minutes so most of the customers had already been there for the day.

One paunchy middle aged man was preparing to leave. But the other one happened to be the father of Steve Dodson, a boy he’d known at school. Exchanging nods, Mark walked over to Mr. Dodson as he was completing his last rep.

“Hi Mr. Dodson,” he said.

“Hi Mark, what are you doing here this late.” The man remained seated on the leg machine, his legs stretched apart. As they talked, Mark glanced to see that, with his legs spread outward, he could see up the legs of the man’s work out shorts, all the way to a substantial bulge wrapped in a jock strap. He allowed his eyes to go there.

“Well Mark,” Andy Dodson said, “I guess you’re happy to be finished with high school now.” While he was talking his hand fell down between his open legs and cupped his crotch.

Mark wondered what that meant, an invitation, or was he just being defensive because of the boy’s staring?

They continued idle talk about his future plans, etc., while the seated man continued to sit spread legged. He also lightly squeezed down on his crotch. The squeeze definitely seemed like an invitation to Mark.

“Son,” his father called to him from the front desk. “Help me get closed up, would you? See that the sauna and locker rooms are picked up.” He added with a wave toward Dodson, “Hi Andy.”

Andy Dodson’s hand jerked away quickly at the first sound of Doug’s voice and he slipped quickly from the leg flex machine. Once standing, a prominent bulge was displayed in his shorts. Quickly he reached downward flattening the bulge while looking embarrassed. “Well, I need to pick up my exercise bag from the locker. I’ll be seeing you Mark; I’m headed home now and will get cleaned up there.”

“Yeah, Mr. Dodson, it was great seeing you. Be sure to say ‘Hi’ to

Steve.” “And it was great to seeing a lot of you,” he thought to himself. Andy Dodson suddenly took on a new aspect to Mark. Instead of just the father of a school mate, he was recognized as a tall, attractive man with an inviting bulge between his legs; something that Mark could become interested in.

The man paused as he came from the locker room with his gym bag in hand. He spoke in Mark’s direction before stepping out the door. Call me Andy, by the way.”

Following Andy Dodson, Mark locked the gym door then turn toward the shower rooms to pick up.

First the man’s and then women’s dressing rooms were quickly picked up. While in the women’s Mark heard a shower begin in the men’s shower room. He thought that his dad must be taking a shower.

Walking through the men’s dressing room toward the shower Mark grew excited with anticipation canlı casino siteleri at what might be waiting him.

He stepped into the white tiled shower room to see his father under a spray of water. The older man was soaping his cock when Mark stopped in the entryway.

Looking toward his son, Doug said, “Don’t you want a shower after our drive, son? Why don’t you join me?”

Standing in the entryway Mark quickly removed his clothes. Excited by his father’s invitation, by the time he was naked and heading to the line of showers where his father stood, his prick was rigid.

“Looks like you’re ready to go boy,” his dad commented while reaching out to take hold of his son’s hard dick.

“Yeah, Dad, I guess I’m really ready,” he said, ending with a chuckle. Then, after a brief hesitation, he pressed his body against his father’s, wrapping his arms around the older man’s waist. “Is this okay, Dad?” the boy quietly inquired. Is it okay to touch you like this?”

Letting his open hands slide over his son’s round butt cheeks Doug said, “If it weren’t okay, I guess we shouldn’t be doing it, right my son?”

The two men began moving their naked bodies against each other, as they felt their hard cocks press together. “Mmm, Dad,” the younger man said, “this does feel right. You fit real good.”

Suddenly, without fanfare, the boy’s lips pressed against his father’s. At first Doug’s lips remained rigidly closed. Then slowly his mouth opened and he responded to his son’s kiss by poking his tongue into the younger man’s mouth. Father and son stood pressed together naked, water cascading over their bodies.

As their slick, muscled bodies squirmed together; Doug moved his fingers between the younger man’s butt cheeks. With a finger from each hand, he felt into the boy’s ass crack until one finger pressed against the puckered anus. Whispering, “Doug said, “I’m guessing this might be something you’re acquainted with son.”

Mark responded by moving vigorously against his father’s body while lifting one leg up to his father’s thigh. “More than anything, Dad, I’ve fantasized you inside me. Getting fucked by Reuben only made me want you more.”

“Really” Doug replied pulling his head back. Then as a smile broke over his mouth he said, “So my son has been waiting for me to fuck him, is that right?”

“You have no idea how much Dad,” then adding, “for a long time.”

Turning his son around Doug knelt down in the shower room saying, “Bend over son. I think it’s time I give you something that’s long overdue between us.”

As Mark leaned over he felt the pressure of his father’s face against his spread ass when the warm lick of his father’s tongue pushed against his puckered hole.

“Oh Daddy,” Mark cried out, “that’s feels so good.”

After licking his tongue up and down over his son’s ass crack, he used it to begin making circles around the boy’s butthole. Mark wiggled and squatted more by placing a hand on the shower floor to steady himself.

After spitting over the puckered hole, Doug pressured his tongue into his son’s rectal hole. He pressed it deep inside the boy’s ass, tasting the musty flavor of the dark hole.

“Oh my god, Dad,” Mark cried aloud from the sensation. “Please fuck me Dad, please,” the young man called out to his father.

Doug removed his tongue and began pushing a finger into his son’s puckered hole. Pressing downward into the warm opening he added a second finger, then another, before he started plunging them in and out.

“Keep leaning forward son,” Doug said as he searched about for something to use as lubricant before realizing that the body soap dispensed from the wall would have to do. As his boy placed both of his hands on the shower floor further spreading his legs, Doug turned off the shower spray and lathered his hand with soap from the dispenser. “This will have to do,” he thought.

After soaping over his cock then around his son’s asshole, Doug placed his hands on either side of the young man’s hips saying, “Lean backward son, slowly now, get used to my cock inside of you.”

Mark pushed his rear backward feeling his father’s cock press against his asshole.

“That’s it son, that’s good,” he heard his father say as the head of his penis pushed into the boy’s anus.

“God you’re big, Dad. Your cock feels so large.”

“Let me know if it’s too big son.”

“Oh no Dad, it’s perfect, I just haven’t had anything as big as you up there,” pausing he added, “But don’t stop. I can take it,” the boy spoke.

Doug slowly penetrated Mark’s butthole until his cock was buried deep within the boy.

“Man alive Mark, you’re tight back here,” and after pausing, “and warm…very warm.”

“Do I feel good to you, Dad?” As he spoke, Mark pressed his butt backward driving his father’s throbbing cock even more deeply into him. “Do you like it up there, Dad?”

“Oh yeah son, you’re starting to loosen up back here.” Doug felt his son’s sphincter muscle slacken around his shaft. With the relaxing ass muscle, he began drilling his stiff rod inward and then pulling upward, his hands clutched his son’s ass cheeks. “You feel so good inside Mark, I’m loving the feeling right now.”

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