Daddy Does It

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Chapter 1

Hi, my name is Shiela. I’m a fun loving five foot seven, red haired, green eyed, eighteen year old.

Despite my slim build, they tell me I’m rounded in all of the right places, and I’m good enough looking to have a steady stream of would be lovers trying to woo me.

I have no intention of settling down any time soon, and at the same time, see no reason why I shouldn’t avail myself of everything the opposite sex has to offer.

But this story is not about me, it’s about my Dad. I’ve lived with him ever since my Mother died when I was nine. He has been everything to me, and I’m sure that he has given up opportunities, just so he could be with me, to be able to take care of me.

No matter what needs doing, Daddy does it. Many might think it is hilarious some times. After all, who would think of your father buying your first bra, mine did. He did the laundry too as well as cooking the meals and keeping the house clean.

I’m sure that Dad loved my Mother, but if he mourned her passing, he kept it to himself. Of course, there were things we did together in her memory, like put flowers on her grave for her birthday and things like that.

Dad never messed around with women either, despite a parade of women who made no secret that they would like to get him in their pants. Mom had told me that Dad had been quite the ladies’ man when he was young, whatever she meant by that.

Of course, all of this was something that didn’t mean anything to me as I was growing up. Oh sure, there were the boys that wanted to show me theirs, if I would show them mine, and that could be fun. But that all changed when I started to become sexually active, I started to look at my Father as a sexual object. It became fun for me to watch him when he was around sexy women, especially when he would get a hard on.

As well, I started to appreciate that my Father was a handsome man. He looked distinguished not like the casual good looks of the boys that I dated, but handsome nonetheless. I started to compare him with the young men that I knew, and while he was no athlete, he was well put together.

When I was sixteen, we went to an afternoon garden party. There was a married woman there who was sexily dressed and was coming on to my Dad. She was really laying it on, and there was no doubt that she was trying to seduce him. Watching what was going on was turning me on, and when she reached down to feel his hard cock, I went off in my pants.

That night when I was out with my current boyfriend, I damn near raped the poor guy. I’m afraid he didn’t even know what hit him. I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me, I wanted his cock in me now. That was accomplished by simply pulling his pants down without any ceremony, getting his cock deep in me as I straddled him, to fuck him silly. Did wonders for my reputation too, you know how boys will talk!

It was more than a year later that I felt Dad’s cock for myself, and that was an accident. But accident or no, I had felt it and it was big. That turned me on, but what really turned me on was the realization that this time, my Dad’s erection was for me. That came as a shock!

Despite the fact that my Father’s hard on had been caused by my body, there was no question of that, or that the experience had turned me on my Dad never gave any sign that he was even aware of what had happened.

It was a different boyfriend this time, but the result was the same, and he was the one who benefited. I was so horny, he simply couldn’t satisfy me no matter how much he fucked me, and he did try, believe me.

Dad had never done anything to me anyone would ever consider improper. He had never felt of me, or tried to get a peek at me as I was growing up and maturing. He must have worked at it, because I was an exhibitionist and I never caught him peeking.

Modelling a skimpy play suit for Dad, I had whirled around, caught my heel in a rug and landed in his lap. That was when I felt his hard cock pressed against my ass. I was surprised at the revelation and mortified that I had fallen in my Father’s lap, no doubt hurting him.

Up until that time, I had no idea that my Father ever noticed my development as a woman. Of course, I wanted to be noticed by the man that I loved all of my life more than anyone else. But I had never had any idea that he might be looking at me and lusting for my body. At the time it surprised me, but I was so busy scrambling out of his lap that I didn’t have time to sort out the implications.

Nothing changed in the way that Dad related to me, but my relationship with him was changed forever. There was proof positive that he wanted me, not to pat me on the head like a good little girl, but to fuck me like a real woman. And if he wanted me, that is what I wanted too. I wanted to please my Daddy in every way that I could.

At the same time, I became something of a bitch, doing whatever I could to turn him on, and watching his crotch to see if it was working. That was when I casino siteleri gave him little peeks at my treasures, or little demonstrations of the horny little slut I was becoming.

There was ample evidence that he was getting turned on by my little revelations, but he never made a move to do anything about it, or even speak of it.

On the other hand, I wanted to fuck him. I wanted his hands all over my body. I wanted him doing all kinds of erotic things to me. I had never been with a mature man, but had this fantasy that a grown man would know what to do to drive me crazy, not experiment with me for their own pleasure like the guys I knew had been doing.

Of course, I knew that our fucking would be incest and I knew that was immoral if not actually illegal. I knew too that tampering with the gene pool was not a good idea at the best of times. Maybe I was overconfident, but I had confidence in my birth control method, and it had never let me down so far, even though it had been tested often since I started fucking. I had no intention of getting pregnant, and the stricture of incest didn’t bother me either.

I wasn’t about to rape my Father. That might have been OK with some boyfriends, but would never do for him. I started a undercover program to seduce my Dad. I went out of my way to make myself agreeable to him, hugging him, ‘accidentally’ rubbing against him, and becoming a little ‘careless’ with my clothing.

I started to check on the TV programs my Father was watching, and when I found he was watching a program I liked, I sat with him on the sofa. Gradually I started sitting closer to him until he had to feel the heat of my body beside his own. Sometimes, I would give Dad a kiss on the cheek as I got up from the sofa at the end of the program.

Once, when the program was pretty scary, I asked Dad to put his arm around me and I cuddled up to him, pretending to be afraid. Before long, I always cuddled up to him when watching TV. It was kind of fun to see Dad’s reaction to what I was doing. He never objected to anything I did, but he never started anything on his own either.

One time when I noticed that he was really turned on, I reached down and put my hand on his hard cock. He didn’t do or say anything, nor did I. From that time on, my hand was on his cock just about every time we watched TV, and nothing was ever said about it.

Gradually, our sessions started getting more and more intimate until one evening, I simply reached down, undid his pants and released his cock, then held it until the end of the program. Nothing was said, and after the program was over, I started to stroke his cock until he climaxed. It was hard to fathom what he was thinking, but it was obvious from his moans that he really enjoyed what I was doing, even though he didn’t say anything.

That made me thing that Dad was never going to do any thing to me, the way things were now anyway. I had just about done everything I could to him, and I certainly wasn’t satisfied with what I had accomplished. I mused about what I could do for some time.

A couple of nights later, I slipped into Dad’s bed naked, in the middle of the night while he was sound asleep. I had gone to bed early, and got some sleep before crawling into bed with Dad. I was too excited to sleep, but pretended to be fast asleep.

I thought he would never wake up but he did eventually to find me “sleeping” beside him, one arm lightly on top of his shoulders, my bare tits against his back. He laid there, still for the longest time. I would have given a lot to know if he had a hard on, but I couldn’t find that out without giving my game away.

Eventually, Dad’s free hand started softly exploring my body. Starting on my arm, his hand slid up until he came to my shoulder, then he started down my back until he came to my ass. His hand lingered there a while cupping the cheeks and lightly sliding a finger up the crack of my ass. He rubbed the back of his hand on my pubic hair, and then started back up the front of me until he encountered my tit. That held his attention for quite a while, exploring it ever so tenderly with his finger tips including gently teasing the nipple.

I was really getting turned on, but still determined to follow this charade wherever it might take me, I made every effort to remain “asleep.”

Dad made a move to reposition himself on the bed, and in my “sleep” I too repositioned myself with him. He ended up on his left side with his arm under me, while I ended up on my back, with my legs spread slightly.

One thing that happened as we were rolling around was that his erection came in contact with my hip, and I could tell that he was really hard with some pre-cum on the head of it. That made me even hornier, and while I moaned slightly, still had the presence of mind to stay “asleep”.

Dad froze when I moaned, but after a minute or two, he began to move his hand again, thoroughly examining both of my tits. Then his hand slid down my belly, stopped slot oyna a moment at my belly button and then went on to my pubic area. I’m not one of the women who shave all of their cunt, but I had shaved my labia and trimmed the pubic area to a neat little patch. My pubic hair didn’t interest him for long, and he began sliding one of his long fingers down the crack of my cunt. It took all of my will power to remain still while he did that.

When Dad very gently slid one finger into my cunt, I was so wet that I thought the game was up. I was sopping wet, and the cunt juice was running down past my asshole. I though for sure that he would know that I was too wet to be asleep, but if he did know, he didn’t let on.

Taking his finger out of me, he began feeling my cunt with his fingers. His cock was now laying on my hip and the pre-cum was definitely pooling on my belly. I could take that, but when he started rubbing my clit, that was too much, and I could feel the tell tale beginnings of an orgasm building up somewhere deep inside of me. There was no way that I could sleep through an orgasm so began “waking up”! The moment I started moving Dad froze, stopped moving completely, but I was too far gone by this time to let that bother me. I rolled him on his back, got on top of him, and reaching through my legs grabbed his cock. Easing down on his cock, I drove it to the hilt in my pussy and began stroking with it. He didn’t move a muscle, but that didn’t matter, I orgasmed on the second or third stroke. It didn’t take him much longer to cum.

We laid there for a few moments after we had both cum until I reached up and firmly kissed him on the lips, forcing my tongue into his mouth. Looking into his eyes I couldn’t tell what he was thinking, but when I offered one of my tits to him to suck, he took it gently in his hand and began sucking on the hardened nipple. It felt wonderful.

When I could feel his cock softening, I grabbed him hard and rolled over with him still in me. He stayed motionless for a few moments until I made a little thrust with my ass, and he started to pick up a rhythm. Soon he was holding me by the shoulders, my legs were wrapped around him and he was pounding into my cunt like you wouldn’t believe. At the same time, he was telling me how beautiful I was and how much he loved me. I loved it, and met his every thrust to the hilt, my little pubic patch slapping against his matted tangle of pubic hair. My cunt was filled with his slippery cum, and that made it feel different somehow.

I had a fabulous orgasm, and that reaction pushed my Father over the edge, his cum spurting into me for a second time. I milked every drop of his semen from him with my cunt muscles as he was coming down, resting exhausted on top of me.

When he had rested a couple of minutes, he pulled his cock out of me and rolled over on his side, I spooned my ass up to him, my head on his arm and my eyes closed. If I wasn’t in heaven, it was the closest thing to it that I had ever experienced.

There was nothing said, there was no need to say any thing, and what could you say anyway? We just laid there filled with the satisfaction of our mutually spent passion. Eventually, Dad kissed me softly on my shoulder at the base of my neck, and his hand began wandering over my tits and my belly until it ended up on my little pubic patch. It lay still there for a while until another kiss intruded, and a finger was extended down the slit of my cunt. Everything was sopping wet and slippery with cum. Dad was hard again by this time.

I could feel Dad thrusting his hard cock at my soaked pussy as he was holding me tight. I was surprised when his cock found the mark and slid into my tunnel of love, all the way. It was as if he was surprised too because he stopped and remained motionless for the longest time before starting to thrust his cock into me. It really felt wonderful! Sure, there was something to be said for the wild and wanton sex of our previous encounters, but this was on a different level. I was comfortable, lying on my left side, and this wonderful cock was shoving into me, reaching into my vitals, while I was held protectively in strong arms. I felt really secure and didn’t have to do anything except to feel good about the things that were happening to me.

Dad fucked me for the longest time, steadily at the same rhythm while holding me tight and showering my neck and shoulders with a lot of light, feel good kisses. Three or four strokes before he reached his orgasm, he started speeding up, and reaching deeper, trying to get further into me. I reached an OK orgasm when he did that but nothing like the earth shaking orgasms we had shared earlier.

That was it, he was thoroughly fucked for the first time in what was probably ten years. I wiggled my ass back to try and get even closer to him and the ocean of cum we had made was all over the both of us. Grabbing the arm that was draped over me, I tried to pull him even closer to me and snuggle into his warmth.

Shockingly canlı casino siteleri to me, even though I had only wanted to show my love for my Father and gratitude for all that he had done for me over the years, it turned out that he was by far the best sexual partner I had ever had. As we were lying there, my eyes were closed, and all I wanted to do was sleep. As if reading my mind, Dad pulled a comforter over us, and we drifted off.

Chapter 2

It was mid morning when I was awakened by my Father gently fingering my cunt, and when he saw that I was awake, he became much more aggressive taking charge of what was going on. He shoved one of his long fingers into my cunt and began working the second one into me. I was in heaven, the man I loved, I adored, was making use of me for his pleasure, what more could I ask? By this time he had managed to get a third finger into me, and with those three big fingers in my cunt, it really filled me up.

I reached down and took his hard cock in my hand. You could see a little drop of pre-cum forming around the pee hole, and I gently rolled the foreskin back. This was a novelty for me because all of the guys I knew had been circumcised and I wanted to get a better look at it

About this time Dad pulled his fingers out of my cunt, and rolled on top of me. I hung on to his cock, and when he was in position, rubbed the head of it vigorously up and down my pussy crack three or four times before positioning it at the entrance to my vagina. He gave a big heave, impaling me on his cock.

What our technique lacked in finesse, it certainly was effective and served its purpose. We both wanted to fuck, there was no question of that, now that my Dad was taking an active part in my little scheme, we only had to sort out how he felt about all of this.

At this moment, all of these questions were academic. My Dad had wakened me, he had instigated this sexual activity and at this very moment, every inch of his cock was buried deep in my cunt, ready to fuck my tonsils loose! Being what I am, I stopped everything cold as I grabbed my Father, kissed him hard, told him that I loved him, and asked him to fuck me, just as hard.

He replied that he loved me too, more than anything in the world, and then went about fulfilling my request doing a wonderful job of it. I’m not sure, but it seems to me that his orgasm took place after my fourth.

Our dilemma was that we had just fucked, actually a mind altering coming together of two bodies, and we had no basis to talk about it. I knew that this wasn’t going to be a tearful berating of a parent for betraying all that was holy with his abused offspring. But just how would it play out? I didn’t know.

When he came, Dad lowered his body on to mine, and I went to work milking the cum out of him with my cunt muscles. His cock eventually shrivelled up and slipped out of me. We rolled together on to our sides, and laid there looking at each other in their eyes. ‘I love you Daddy!’ I told him and kissed him tenderly on the lips. He told me that he loved me, and kissed me too. After that, he took me by the hand and led me to the shower, and washed every part of me very carefully, something that he has been doing a good part of my life. When he finished bathing me and drying me with a big towel, I threw a bathrobe on and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast, something Dad had always done before but I felt I owed him.

Dad showed up a few minutes later when I was about ready to serve the bacon and eggs. Nothing was said about our sexual encounters while we were eating, and later as I was cleaning off the table. ‘Thank you for the nice breakfast,’ he said giving me a knowing little feel of my ass.

Damned if I was going to talk about it if he wasn’t going to, but our life went on that day just like it had before. There was no question but what I had seduced my Father successfully, he just didn’t talk about it, or even acknowledge it.

When I cuddled with him on the couch watching TV, he put his hand on my belly, but made no effort to do anything more than that, except he kissed me a little more often than usual during the evening. When it came time to go to bed I didn’t know what to do, there was no way I was going to back down after going this far, but I needn’t have worried. When the TV show was over, he simply took me in his arms and felt my cunt, slowly drawing one of those fingers of his through the slit. One touch from him and I knew where I was going, no need to ask questions. He fucked me three times that night and I had another visit to paradise.

The guy was amazing. He seemed to always have some erotic trick up his sleeve, and every one was wonderful. He never started two sessions alike, and no matter how it started, there was no telling how it would end except that it was usually spectacular for me. More than that, he seemed to be able to judge my moods, and how to proceed to please me totally. As time went on, I never found him to be at a loss for ideas about what to do, and he never lost his firm but gentle touch. I learned that his bedroom was our playground and our play stayed there for the most part. Around others, there was no hint that anything had changed between us.

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