Daddy Helps Daughter Jody Ch. 02

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I woke up and looked at the clock – it was 7 o’clock and I was lying on top of my bed, naked, apart from my Bob Dylan t-shirt and black socks… I rubbed my eyes and looked around; there was a tiny pair of white panties on my pillow… memories of earlier events flooded back.

My heart pounding I sat up, adjusted my penis which was limp and stuck to my leg. Shit! I must have been asleep for over an hour – what if Jody has looked in and seen me like this? What if she saw me with her panties on my face, did I fall asleep like that? Oh God!

I quickly pulled my underpants and trousers back on and adjusted myself in the mirror. Pausing only to slide the panties under my pillow I opened the door and crept along to Jody’s room, hesitating a little then lightly rapping on her door.

“Jody?” I said in a loud whisper… no answer. I opened the door a little to look in, there she was, just as I had left her earlier in just her bra, face down on the bed, fast asleep, buttocks no longer clenched, relaxed now, smooth round and so sexy.

I leant against the door frame and stared, visually exploring every inch of her beautiful body, her smooth shoulders rose and fell as she slept.

I closed the door quietly and walked downstairs. I didn’t see her for the rest of the day; I had a pizza and a couple of beers, watched some TV and was in bed by 11 o’clock.

My alarm clock went off at 7.30; I immediately jumped out of bed, stripped off and got in the shower. It felt like Christmas, I couldn’t wait to unwrap my present… I knew I shouldn’t be so excited about what I was about to do but… what the hell… it needed to be done and I was going to do it!

It was Saturday morning; I dressed in shorts and t-shirt and left my room. I almost collided with Jody who was just returning from the bathroom in her pink towelling bathrobe.

“Morning Daddy”, she smiled shyly at me. “I’ll be ready in a few minutes, OK”

“Oh – yes darling, I’ll wait outside your door shall I?” I asked innocently.

“OK daddy…” she stopped, paused, then half turned towards me, not quite looking at me “I suppose… well… you might as well come right in… it’s not like I’m gonna be hiding much.” She looked nervous and her face flushed.

“Oh – OK… if you’re sure darling?” I obediently followed her into her room and closed the door behind me.

I paused by her dressing table, popping another suppository from the pack and picking up the cream.

I turned – then froze with shock as I saw Jody just open her gown and slip it off… she was naked underneath. She was completely naked from head to toe. Naked as the day she was born. Her skin was glowing from the hot shower. Her breasts were firm and white with puffy little nipples and pink areolas. Her hips were red fading to her white lower tummy and… oh god she was beautiful. Her long blonde hair, still damp, was framing her casino oyna face and caressing her pale white shoulders. Her face was red… she was blushing, embarrassed by my goofy open mouthed stare. I quickly pulled myself together.

“S–Sorry darling, you just look so… grown up!” I looked away, removing the top from the cream as she got into place on the bed, same as before, head nestled on her pillow, knees apart on the bed and her bottom in the air, but this time her breasts were hanging below, still firm but now slightly pear shaped.

I squirted a large blob of cream onto the middle finger of my right hand and placed my left hand on her bottom, easing her cheeks apart with my thumb and forefinger. I placed the cream on her red puckered hole and rubbed softly as my eyes wandered, focusing on her pink pussy lips then moving to her beautiful breasts. I looked at her face, her eyes were closed and a look of complete concentration was on her face. My eyes returned to study her breasts, her perfect young breasts, I was imagining about feeling them, stroking them, taking them into my mouth…

“Daddy?” I was lost in my daydreams, gently, rhythmically rubbing her puckered bottom.

“Oh, uh, yes darling – sorry?” I pressed a little harder, started to insert my finger; it slid in more easily this time, she seemed much more relaxed. I slid all the way in until my fingers were again pressed against her soft pussy lips. I rubbed a little, just for a second or two, and then pulled my finger out slowly.

“Mmmm.” She moaned softly.

I placed the suppository on her hole and pressed it in, slowly, s-l-o-w-l-y, all the way. I held it in place and turned my hand slightly till my forefinger slipped from her pussy lip to feel her groove. I so wanted to stroke it, press a finger in, two fingers, tongue…

I slowly pulled my finger out while pressing her bum cheeks together with my left hand. I put my hands round her knees and pulled her legs flat.

“That’s it darling, all done again.” I stared sadly at her rosy bottom; regretting that it was all over again, so quickly.”

“Thank-you daddy.” She peeped back at me shyly.

“OK baby”, I turned to go, and then looked back, pausing a little, gazing back at her hopefully…

“Daddy?” she said quietly, not looking at me.

“Yes baby?” I looked at her, trying to catch her eye.

“Umm, will you stay with me for a while?” she rolled over on the bed, onto her back, “will you lie next to me for a while, and keep me company?”

“Of course I will darling!” I perched next to her and swung my legs up on the bed. I lay on my side next to her, gently placing my hand on her young tummy in a comforting sort of way. “How are you feeling now baby” I asked her.

“I feel pretty good” she said, closing her eyes softly.

I gazed lovingly at her face as my fingers started to move lightly on her tummy, slot oyna her smooth, soft, flat, tummy. The pad of my middle finger circled her tummy button.

“Mmm” she moaned softly, obviously enjoying my soft, caring touch. I moved in slightly bigger circles round her tummy, longing to slide my hand down those few extra inches to her lovely little mound, but instead moving it a little higher, to a safer place… but my thumb was brushing the bottom of her breasts, very lightly. She giggled softly. I felt embarrassed but didn’t stop, I continued tickling her lightly until my thumb brushed her breast more firmly, feeling the resistance, feeling them move…

“Ooooh” her lips parted and she let out a little groan – she was enjoying this! She wanted me to touch her! I turned my hand a little and carefully allowed my extended index finger to brush her right nipple. I watched her face carefully, little lines appearing around her eyes as she closed them more tightly. She really was enjoying this! But I should stop this. It’s wrong! It’s not too late to stop! She let out an encouraging little sigh of contentment.

“You OK baby?” I asked nervously in the quietest whisper.

“Yes daddy” she whispered back, her eyes still closed but a definite smile on her face.

I lifted my hand and placed it on her small breast, caressing it softly, feeling her nipple stiffen as my fingers moved lightly over it. I moved in closer, my face next to her breast, my lips opened, my tongue moved the few millimetres required to make contact. I pressed it softly with the tip of my tongue then closed in with my lips, pursing them over the succulent little bud, sucking it in, licking lightly round the areola. I had passed the point of no return! This would take some explaining…

Her mouth was open now, her breathing a little irregular. Her hand moved, touching the top of mine, I thought she might be going to pull it away but instead she just stroked it. Encouraging me? I sucked her right breast into my mouth as my right hand explored the left one, her fingers continuing to stroke my hand, urging me on…

I licked and sucked, rubbed, kneaded and stroked while she softly moaned and groaned. I could have stayed like that forever.

Then her hand started pressing mine away from her breast, hardly noticeably at first, but then the pressure built – she wanted me to move my hand from her breast. She definitely wanted me to move it. I was disappointed – but didn’t resist, my little girl had had enough, and it was time to stop. Time for the real embarrassment to begin… I lifted my hand and placed it back on her tummy… but… she was still pushing my hand, firmly but gently, further down her tummy.

Her legs opened slightly as she continued to apply pressure to my hand. I felt the little tuft of hair on my fingertips and the crease between her tummy and the top of her leg. My heart canlı casino siteleri was beating fast…

My hand slid slowly over her mound and her fingertips ran lightly up my arm, stroking approvingly. My fingertips caressed between her legs as my nose nuzzled her breast. Her legs opened a little wider as I started to press my fingertips on her swollen pussy lips. My finger moved up and down her slit, slowly parting her gorgeous lips, feeling the hood of her clitoris and the first hint of moisture.

I studied her face more closely as I moved my head up from her breast, her breathing was heavier now, her mouth was open a little and the tip of her tongue moved slowly over her nervously dry lips. I leaned in and kissed her softly on the corner of her mouth. She turned slightly towards me and pressed her soft lips against mine. We kissed tenderly, our lips barely open.

My finger eased her lower lips open wider then gradually slipped into her wetness. I moved up and down the length of her slit, feeling her clitoris grow, pressing my finger deeper, down to the first knuckle, then the second…. then it was all the way in. My finger moved in and out, in and out and back to her clitoris. She was moaning softly, purring, as her hips moved against my hand, encouraging me. She was groaning a little then kissing me, moaning then kissing me some more. I slipped a second finger in, slowly, feeling her tight hole relax and allow its entry. I was finger fucking her now; I was finger fucking my little girl while kissing her warmly.

I moved my two fingers in and out, quickly now, expertly brushing her sensitive clitoris with my thumb, kissing her lips, softly, allowing my tongue to occasionally touch her teeth, exploring her brace.

Suddenly she squealed and began to shake; she wrapped her arms around my head and hugged tight, her thighs closed around my hand, squeezing it. Her body was shaking all over, she was crying a little, sobbing with pleasure…

“Oh daddy-y-y!” She cried. “I love you-u-u!”

“And daddy loves you too darling” I whispered. A relaxed contented smile was spreading across my face,

I kept my fingers deep in her as she held me tight. My nose and lips were pressed against her neck. I wanted this feeling to last forever.

Slowly, after ten minutes of silence, I slid my fingers from the tight grip of her perfect pussy and eased myself from her embrace. She was fast asleep – bless her. I sat up slowly and hardly taking my eyes off her I moved away from the bed.

Light headed and thinking that I really should go now, I opened my trousers and freed my painfully stiff cock. I picked up a pair of her used panties and wrapped them round my shaft and rubbed. I rubbed hard and long as I stared at her angelic face, her pert breasts and her glistening wet pussy. Suddenly my legs were buckling and I was filling her little girl panties with my hot cum. It was all I could do to keep standing. I staggered from the room still massaging cum from my flaccid cock. Things had changed, would she regret it when she woke? Would she hate me for what happened?

To be continued…

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