Daddy Writes Erotica

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Patti read stories online about family incest, about a Daddy’s desires for his baby girl. He wrote about his baby “Patti”.

Could it be her Daddy? Writing stories about her? What if he wanted her that way? What if he fantasized about her? What if his cock was really 9 ½ inches long and fat? Her insides trembled! Her sex ached, her hand moved quickly to her mound. What if?

She closed her eyes. In the privacy of her bed room, Patti could really pretend it was her Daddy. If he only knew! Knew how many times she had noted the bulge in his shorts while they played basketball in the gym. Noticed how many times she backed into him with more than a dribbling move to the basket in mind. God how she had wanted him to grab her hips, to pull her ass to him, feel him, feel his rigid cock pressed between them.

Her throat was dry. Her fingers played over her mound, slipping into her cleft. She could feel her clit. Doors closed, everyone is asleep. “Oh God,” she muttered out loud. Yes, she would masturbate! She would please herself! Again! Daddy would do it for her. She would pretend Daddy was licking her wet slit, sucking her hard, engorged clit into his mouth. Her eyes closed tightly. Quickly, she pulled her panties down below her knees. Spreading her legs wide, soles of her feet touching, her hand moved slowly to her mound. Her middle finger moved cautiously, sensuously to her slit, her dainty fingertip slipping softly between her engorged lips. They were slick, her juices seeping from her hole. She spread her juices across her clit. Her finger mashed the sensitive hood flat to her mound. God it felt good. Her hips jumped upwards. “Daddy,” she whispered. She growled deep in her throat. “Yes Daddy,” she said as she moved her fingers back and forth over the clit, mashing it firmly. Two fingers rubbed back and forth, spreading her body’s juices, mashing her clit. Her mind pictured her Daddy, remembering his stories, remembering how he loved to suckle his daughter’s clit, to please his baby. Her Daddy would please her too. She groaned as the feelings in her sex increased, moved her body toward orgasm. Several minutes later, warmth spread over her body, her breath quickened. Her fingers probed her wet hole, driving deep into her body. Pumping them in and out, her other hand flicked her clit back and forth faster, harder. Her body convulsed, her hips lurched upwards as her body ripped through her orgasm. “Daddy!” she blurted out loud. “Daddy!” she whispered between gasps for air. “I love you Daddy,” she moaned softly, drifting to sleep.

Her mind wandered. She had always done everything for Daddy. He was a stud athlete! He was very tall, very athletically gifted. He was a college scholarship athlete. She attended the same high school as he had growing up. His name was on all the school record boards. She constantly competed with him! She was better! She had to be!

And she had God given size, speed, strength, and talent. She was blessed! She even had the fire in her belly that top athletes need to be winners. She and her Daddy were close! He coached her early sports teams, worked constantly with her to improve skills, speed, agility, footwork, eye coordination, and more. She loved her time with him. Her eyes closed, she could smell him, the closeness, the sweat, the feel of his hugs, the strength of his arms, his body.

The stories she read constantly reminded her of him. The Daddy in the stories had an athletic daughter, a top state athlete. His daughter excelled in softball. She excelled in softball. His daughter’s team won the state championship, hers’ had as well. His daughter’s team had won a national championship, hers’ had as well. Just too many coincidences for me not to consider the possibilities. It had to be my Daddy writing about me! In the stories, the daughter’s best friend was Sara. My best friend was Sara. The story daughter had turned 18 in September of her senior year. I had turned 18 last September as well. I was now close to graduating! And I would be going to a Div I college on a softball scholarship like the daughter in the stories. But my mom was still alive and living at home. But…. It had to be him! He definitely was the author???

My Daddy the author? The author of stories about sex! Stories about sex with me! My friend! Stories of Mom joining in sex with Daddy, Sara, and me. And then a brother got to be included! I was wet, my body flooding my sex with juices. Glancing at the clock, I had another 8-9 minutes before Mom would yell for me to get up. I again reached to my crotch, my fingers quickly reaching into my sex. God it felt good, touching my self. I wonder if Daddy would do this for me. Would he lick my slit, suck my clit into his mouth? I wanted so badly to have him grab my clit in the mouth, his teeth holding my clit as his tongue danced over the flesh. Daddy was flicking me, biting me, driving a finger into my wet hole. I could feel him, touching me, caressing me, biting me. My cunt jumped high above my bed, my sex open for him. bahçelievler escort bayan “God Daddy,” I screamed out loud. My breathing was ragged. I could not get a breath. Gritting my teeth, my body exploded into orgasm. This time, convulsions caused my body to flop on the bed, my legs clamping shut as my knees drove upwards toward my chest. Spasms wracked me, my cunt twitching with each flick of my clit. I could not stop. Daddy would make me cum twice. He always did in the stories. My mind exploded, a second orgasm running through my groin, my sex flooding my fingers as I shoved two in my wet cunt.

“Oh my God,” I whispered as I rolled to my side, curling up. Am I Daddy’s little slut? Would I fuck him for real? Could I get him to want me? To take me? I ached! My body yearned for his touch, his cock. I shuttered silently as another small orgasm rolled through my body. I pulled my hand from my crotch, squeezing my legs together. I sucked my fingers into my mouth, tasting me. Minutes passed, I had to get up, showered, and dressed for school.

I arrived early, meeting Sara as planned. I looked at her. She was very pretty, athletic, and adventuresome. We knew each other’s intimate secrets. Neither of us had had sex. Just not of great interest. We both dated extensively. Neither had a real steady boyfriend. Again, similarities jumped to mind. What if Daddy had been watching through cameras in my bedroom, bathroom? No, Daddy would, could not do that! I noticed Sara, her breasts pronounced by the body tight knit she was wearing. Her nipples were stiff! “Sara,” I quipped. “You little vixen,” I continued. “You have a bra on?” I asked surprising my self.

Flexing her pecs, turning to me, Sara stood proud. “Yes Patti,” she responded. “Just a very thin one,” she acknowledged. Pulling her blouse down taut over the breasts, she surveyed them. “Not bad huh,” she said, raising her eyes to catch mine. I glanced up with her, having seen her tit flesh pressed firmly to the material.

“Not bad sweetie,” I responded, leaning to give her a quick hug. Her body pressed against mine. We hesitated, both feeling the hardness of her nipples, my nipples , touching. It was electric! “My goodness,” I breathed softly into her ear. She knew what I meant. She moaned audibly into my ear. Pulling back, we stared at each other. My mind raced. Again, the stories came to mind. The Daddy described how the best friends explored, played, talked about sex. Could we? Would Sara be willing to share with me? Could I confide in her? My mind raced 100 mph. “Ah, class time,” I sighed. “Later,” and I was off. Now, I had another whole set of thoughts to mingle with my scrambled ones. Did I want that to happen? Did I want Sara? Did I want to have sex with a female? It had to be hormones. I was just horny! Nothing more! Or was there?

All day, my mind ran the gamut of thought. Daddy this, Sara that? And sex, my mind was constantly on sex! By last period, I had to go to the bathroom to relieve myself, making my body cum in record time. And quietly! I could hear the other girls talking, but could not make a sound as my body erupted into orgasm. My piss following cumming felt terrific. It almost caused a second orgasm pissing. Amazing! I ran back to class, my face flushed! I noted Sara staring at me, her eyes questioning me.

“Nothing,” I quipped!

“Your red face does not look like nothing,” she responded.

I grinned sheepishly. I just squeezed my thighs together, feeling my clit trapped between my legs. I wiggled softly, adding to the sensitivity already in my crotch. I glanced back to Sara, her nipples hard again. She caught me staring, even turning to me slightly for a better view. I was determined to suck her nipples after class today! “Holy fuck,” my mind screamed. I looked away, startled! My crotch spasmed one more time.

After we finished classes for the day, we hit the field for softball practice. Today focused on conditioning, a hot, sweaty practice followed. I needed a shower. If I followed the scripts of the author’s stories, I could be having meaningful, wanton sex by this evening without losing my virginity. But what if it was not my Daddy’s stories?

My mind worked out a plan for the seduction of Sara. We headed back to my place, only Mom was home. And she never bothered us once we hit my room. As we entered, I hit the music, started undressing to get a shower.

Showers were very important, and a great opportunity for the author of the stories. Many a seduction had been accomplished, with water cascading over a lithe body. With a large, tub shower adjoining my room, why not. “Sara, want to get a quick shower with me,” I asked?

“Sure,” Sara replied.

I pictured the stories, how the author had the girls giggling, soaping their own bodies, but turning to face each other. Hard nipples, a small gasp, eyes focused on each other, looking deep into the eyes, moving slowly to kiss. My crotch throbbed! “Damn,” I muttered balgat escort out loud.

“What,” Sara asked?

As I turned, I found Sara stark naked, her nipples rigid, her tits pointed upwards, supported with taut skin, goose bumps as she moved toward me. I did not move as she stepped toward me. Eyes locked, we hesitated for a moment, then she stepped close to me, her body pressing against mine. Our tits touched, our nipples areola to areola. I leaned to her, my lips stretching to reach hers, my hand moving to the back of her head. I pulled her to me, my lips capturing hers. Our kiss, so soft, so many passions bridled in that instant. I felt her breath escape her as it rushed between our mouths. My tongue darted to her lips, touching her, searching. An eternity in an instant! I groaned, pulling her closer.

My Daddy wrote this script. His words, his stories lead to this. Was I a lesbian? Was I bi? Her body felt so good to me, her kiss was so soft. Her arms circled my neck, pulling my lips to her harder, her tongue exploding into my mouth as a guttural groan erupted deep in her body. I could feel her body melding to me. Daddy’s stories had prepared me for this moment! I was ready! I was willing! I wanted her. I could feel her tits pressing firmly against me, her cunt pressed firmly against mine. My free hand slid down her backside, cupping her ass. I pulled her body closer, grinding my sex to her. Our cunts pressed close. Our breathing was changing. I could feel her, her body responding to my kisses, her hips humping against me as I pulled her close. I broke the kiss, looking quickly to her for guidance.

“Waters running,” she whispered, stepping around me and into the shower. I turned to watch, looking her body up and down. Ok Daddy, what’s next crossed my mind. I watched as she stepped under the showerhead. The water cascaded down her body, dripping from her nipples, running over the taut abdomen. Glancing at her cunt, I noticed a clean, shaven body. Her labia protruded, engorged. I knew my next step, having read his stories many times. I kneeled to my knees, leaned to her, moving forward to stick my tongue into her cleft. I found her clit, hard, extending to my mouth. Her hips flared, she thrust her mound forward, driving her cunt to me. I opened my mouth, sucking her clit between my teeth. Biting down gently, I flicked my tongue back and forth, mashing her sex against the inside of my teeth. I was living his stories! How many times had he done this, or the girls of the stories shared their bodies. I grabbed her ass, pulling her body forward, driving my mouth hard to her, sucking her clit deep, sucking her juices quickly. My tongue ravaged her clit, her knees buckling slightly as I thrust my head back and forth. I knew what she liked, Daddy’s stories had fed me everything I needed to know. Even the musky taste was expected. I devoured her clit, wanting to make her cum on my tongue. Her hips humped me involuntarily as I licked back and forth along her slit. Dipping my tongue into her wet hole, I shoved hard, forcing my tongue to penetrate her body. Her body dropped, literally squatting on my face as I tongue fucked her. Her hands reached to her tits, squeezing hard, pulling her nipples in the process.

“Oh God Patti,” Sara groaned. A hand dropped to my head, pulling me hard to her. I pulled back, sucking her clit into my mouth. I thrashed her button, listening to her breathing, grinding my mouth hard to her, my tongue dancing over the flesh. Seconds passed, her body froze, flexing all muscles into that instant before your orgasm rips through your senses. I grabbed her clit, biting firmly, thrashing it in my mouth. As her orgasm erupted, ripping through her body, she convulsed on my mouth, her words incoherent for the moment. I sucked her flesh hard. As her body relaxed, I kissed my way up her torso, taking my time to kiss and suck each nipple. Sara melted in my arms as I leaned to kiss her. Stepping back, I took the soap, and washed her body slowly, sensuously. As she slumped against the shower wall watching, I washed my body thoroughly, wanting to be very clean for her. Moments passed, I turned the water off, and exited the shower.

“Come on Sara,” I whispered as I dried. “My turn,” I whispered huskily.

I moved quickly to my bed, flopping down on my back. I watched the bathroom door, my hand lazily reaching between my legs to trace my slit top to bottom. I was going to tell Sara about my suspicions’ regarding my Dad’s possible authorship. I was going to tell her while she ate my pussy. I spread my legs wide, stroking my inner thighs slowly, deliberately. Closing my eyes, I pictured Sara, her face between my legs, her nose buried against my clit, her mouth, tongue probing my wet hole.

I did not have to instruct Sara. Moving to the bed, she crawled up between my legs, staring at my close cropped cunt. Her fingers reached to touch me, her fingertips sliding into my slit. I was soaked, coating her fingers with my batıkent escort bayan juices. Rising to my elbow, I reached to her, pulling her to me. I tilted my hips slightly, offering my cunt to her. She instinctively knew what to do next. Her mouth softly captured my clit, sucking it gently into her mouth. I closed my eyes, absorbing the sensations she was giving me.

“Sara, have you ever read erotic stories?” I asked. Holding my clit firmly in her mouth, she shook her head “no”. “I do often,” I offered. “And you know what,” I asked? “I love the Daddy/daughter incest stories the best,” I told her, staring into her eyes, her lips clamped to my clit. I growled deeply as she took a big bite of my cunt. “Mmmmmm,” I groaned. “I think my Daddy writes some of the stories I have read,” I told her. I waited for her to comprehend what I said. She pulled off my clit.

“How would you know,” she asked, licking her lips, diving back to my swollen clit.

“Because some stories are about a softball playing Patti and Sara,” I grunted. She froze in mid lick.

“No way,” she responded. “Not your dad,” she said emphatically. She froze in mid thought. “He’s fucking sexy though!” she quipped, diving back to my cunt. In that instant, I came to the realization that it was more than the stories that intrigued me. I was about to respond to her when lights flashed, blood rushed, and I almost passed out. Sara jammed two fingers into my wet hole, shoving them palm deep into my body. She thrashed my cunt hard, pulling her fingers out and slamming them back in. My hips bucked, lifting to her mouth, humping against her chin as she pounded my cunt. Lying back, I placed my hands under my ass, lifting upwards, opening my legs for her.

“Fuck me Sara,” I instructed. A moment passed as she pounded my body repeatedly. “Oh God Daddy,” my voice trailed off. “Fuck your baby girl,” I whispered. My body exploded into orgasm, my legs lifting up, clamping around Sara’s head. “Yes!” I screamed. Sara rode out my orgasm, allowing my body to absorb the feelings. She licked me softly, playfully.

“So Daddy fucked his baby girl,” she inquired.

“Sara, he fucks us both in the stories,” I told her. “We have lots of sex with him,” I followed. “He fucks us senseless,” I continued. “With a huge cock,” I giggled.

“You really think it’s him,” Sara asked.

“I don’t really know, but how can we find out,” I responded.

“We need access to his computer,” she instructed. “Probably the one in his home office,” she continued.

“You think we can find something,” I asked, anticipating the excitement of the search. “What if it is him,” I wanted to know. “Could we fuck him,” I muttered, not knowing the answer myself.

“Can we fuck him together,” Sara asked, licking her lips?

“Come on, get dressed. He’ll be here in about an hour,” I told her.

Dressing quickly, we headed down the stairs, rounded the corner of the kitchen. “Hey Mom, I need to search the internet for a moment on Dad’s computer,” I lied. “Mines busy doing some defrag something or another,” I continued, knowing she would not have a clue, but approving my request.

“Ok sweetie,” she responded. “Hi Sara,” she continued!

Sara waved, quickly following me into his office. She moved to sit down at his desk. “Ok,” she said, pulling the start menu up quickly. “This should be real easy. He is not a computer geek, and probably does not realize I can search for words in his files,” she talked to both me and herself. Pulling up the search options, she selected ‘all files and folders’, selected ‘containing a word or phrase’, entered “cunt”, and hit the go button. The computer whirled to life, searching it guts for the phrase. Dad’s computer had several directories, so the search continued.

“This is so hot,” whispered Sara, leaning to kiss my cheek. I was leaning near her shoulder, staring at the computer screen. “I so want to fuck him,” growled Sara.

“Sara,” I replied protectively. “If it’s him, I get him first, or maybe we share him first,” but you do not get him without me being first,” I ordered. “You got that,” I quizzed?

She hesitated, staring at the screen. “Well,” she was interrupted. “Look,” she said pointing to the screen. In one of the partitioned directories, a folder under winword started listing file after file with the word ‘cunt”. I reached to hit ‘stop search’. I stood in shock. I looked at the names of the files. I found my favorites listed.

“Holy shit,” I whispered. “It’s him,” I said as the realization filtered in. “Let’s go to my room,” I ordered.

Clearing the computer, we headed back to my room. I sat stunned. It really was my father! He had written stories about our lives. Well, our fantasy lives. Or his fantasy life. Sara sat grinning ear to ear. “Ok, so what do we do,” she inquired.

“I need time to think,” I responded. “To plan,” I followed. “We learned this from his computer,” I told her. “His private computer,” I finished. I stared at her blankly.

“It’s Ok,” she said. “Isn’t it,” she followed quickly. “I have to go home for dinner. Call me later,” she said, moving quickly up from the bed. She leaned to kiss me firmly on the mouth. My breath escaped me as I yearned for more. We bounded down stairs together. She headed out. “See ya,” she shouted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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