Daddy’s Baby

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You are asleep in your bed, it’s late, you’re exhausted from your 18th birthday celebration and your parents have been arguing. Your dad’s been drinking and mum has locked herself in her bedroom. She doesn’t want anything to do with him. Your door opens, but you remain asleep.

He walks across the room, towards your bed, trying not to wake you, unfortunately he trips on a stuffie that you dropped earlier, and stumbles to one knee making a “thud” sound. You stir as the noise disturbs your sleep. “Wh-what .. who it it? What do you want?” you say groggily.

“Shhhh prwincessss” he slurs back “it’s just your daddy checking in on you, go back to sleep” and he continues towards your bed. He pats you clumsily on the head “goood gurrrl” he is able to say as he begins to stroke your hair.

You close your eyes, attempting to drift off back to sleep. But you notice his hands moving along your body, in places that daddy shouldn’t be touching. You remain still, hoping he’ll just leave … but he doesn’t.

He continues to grope and plod along, touching your breasts … moving down further. Keeping your eyes closed you ask “daddy, what are you doing? why are you touching me there?”

“Dayddee is juss makin youu feeel gud” he slurs. “don’t wurry, daddee’s heeere” his speech is becoming more incoherent as the alcohol impairs his judgment further. “B-but daddy” you protest … “SHHHHHHHH” he replies.

You begin to struggle, turn away from him, but he is too strong and easily restrains you. “Don’t maake daydee spaank you now” and he seems to mean it. You’re a bit frightened now, but also excited. After all escort bahçelievler you daddy is a good looking man, and he’s always treated you like his princess, so you stop struggling.

“Hee hee hee, thatz beatter prinzesss” and he releases his grip. He now continues his exploration of your body, moving his hands up and under your night-shirt. You gasp slightly as his fingers pinch your nipple. You try to swat his hand away, but realize that you actually enjoy the sensation.

He pulls up your night-shirt, and tugs it over your head. He looks at your exposed breasts, and a smile forms on his face. You cover yourself with your hands, but he moves them away, and begins smacking your breasts. The stinging sensation startles you at first, but again, you begin to enjoy the pain.

He paws at your sleep shorts, but can’t seem to grasp them. He tries harder but is having a difficult time working his fingers. Helping him out, you slide them and your panties down for him and drop them to the floor. His face contorts into a gleeful grin, eyes sparkling, almost salivating at the sight. He roughly tosses you onto your stomach and begins spanking your bottom. “Why daddy? I’m being a good girl” you say, but he doesn’t stop … he is crazed and determined to do whatever he damn well pleases with and to you.

You begin to cry, but he tells you to stop it and be quiet or it’ll get worse. You bite your pillow, fighting back the sounds. Not knowing if it’s the adrenaline or just the physical activity of spanking you, but he begins to sober up a bit, his speech becomes clearer when escort balgat he says “daddy’s girl is growing up into a sexy little cunt, now daddy’s going to make you his cum-slut. Daddy’s going to come in here any time he wants, and fuck each and every one of your little holes, and if you try to stop me, or tell anyone, daddy’s going to kill you.” He says this with almost absolute clarity. You are afraid, very afraid, and all you can say back is “Yes Sir”.

His hand slides down your bottom, and he plants his thumb into your ass, and his middle AND ring-finger into your wet pussy. He holds you this way as his other hand grabs a fistful of your hair. He positions himself so his crotch is in front of your face and leans over you with his right-hand extended in it’s unusual sex-grip.

“Unzip and suck”

Feeling the pressure on your privates, you comply. You reach up and unzip his pants and let them drop to the floor. You then guide his flaccid cock towards your mouth. You easily take it all in and begin to suck it, working it with your tongue. He begins to harden and it is increasingly more difficult to mouth his entire member.

You start to work it, sliding it in and out of your mouth as he grows to full size. “Good girl, that’s daddy’s princess” he says, and you feel oddly warmed by his words. He removes his hand from your privates, and takes a two-hand grip on your head.

Slowly at first he begins thrusting deep into your mouth and down your throat. Forcing himself in as he grips your hair tightly. The pain is comforting and oddly re-assuring. He pumps faster and you gag escort batıkent with each thrust. “Daddy’s face fucking his baby girl, ha ha ha, daddy’s face fucking you now” he says in a somewhat hysterical voice.

“My baby likes to eat daddy’s cock, doesn’t she?” he asks, but you are unable to answer, cock thrust deeply in your throat. “Answer me you little bitch!” he continues. But you can’t.

“FUCKING ANSWER ME” he nearly shouts as he rams himself all the way in and you nearly gag. You are desperate for air so you push against him, trying for a breath, a single life-giving breath.

He pulls out, “answer me now princess” he says in a near whisper. “Y-yes daddy, I like to eat your cock” you say, tears streaming from your eyes, snot dripping from your nose.

“I knew it, you’re a little slut … my little cum slut, right?”

“Yes Sir” is all you say in response.

“Now, daddy’s gonna put a baby in you” he says, and climbs onto the bed behind you, doggy style.

In a single motion, he forces his hard cock into your pussy. Thankfully it’s already wet or that would’ve hurt tremendously. He grips your hips, digging his fingers into your skin as he controls your movement.

He fucks you deep and hard, slamming himself into your bottom, over and over.

He doesn’t care about you, all he wants to do is finish and pass out. A few thrusts later, and he empties his load inside you. He grunts and says “there, daddy’s finished now” and he rolls off of you and passes out.

You lay there … motionless.

You haven’t cum, you want to cum … so your fingers take over where your drunken daddy left off.

You work yourself into an orgasm, cumming very strong. You hadn’t realized just how turned on you were!

Once finished, you dress, cover your daddy, and find the couch for sleep.

Glad you did.

And now you have in incestuous baby inside you…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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