Daddy’s Bride

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The night before Catherine’s wedding drunk Daddy accidentally fucks the virgin daughter and returns the morning after for seconds.

(This is a work of fiction meant for mature audiences and all the characters are above 18.)

I woke up with a start when I felt someone climb onto my bed.

I was definitely irritated because it was the night before my wedding. All my bridesmaids and my future sister in laws had a very relaxed bachelorette night.

I would have liked something raunchy but my fiance George belonged to a super conservative family and they frowned upon such excesses. George had so generously included my widower father Mark in his bachelor party for drinks and cigars. So I was obligated to include my sister in-laws and many of his relatives in my own bachelorette.

As we had celebrated at the wedding venue, around 20 of them had slept on the mattresses on the floor of the spacious bridal suit. Being the bride I had occupied the bed.

I was about to scream in alarm when I realised it was my Dad. He reeked of alcohol and cigars. He must have gotten sloppy drunk and confused and got into my bed instead of his room.

I was a bit irritated at my dad. I loved him of course – he was a strong jovial man and handsome on top. But since my mother’s death two years ago he had developed this habit of getting blackout drunk once or twice a month. I had hoped this blackout would come after marriage.

Now I was a bit worried, I could not let my fiance’s relatives see him in this state. He was too out of it for me to wake him up without making a scene. So, I decided to conceal him in the duvet as much as possible.

So I moved closer to my Daddy and pulled the covers so that he was completely concealed in the dark.

I was getting a bit drowsy when I felt my Dad’s rough lips on mine. I was shocked and opened my eyes in alarm. But my dad’s eyes were closed. He was clearly blacked out and just reacting to having a female body next to him after two long years. I knew he had not dated after my mom’s death.

I tried to push him away gently but he put his arms around me and pushed himself closer to me. As he continued to bite my lower lip and caress my back, I tried to think of a way to move him out without waking the others.

As I started to shake his shoulders, I saw one of my sisters- in-law getting up to go to the bathroom. I could not risk her finding my father in bed with me. So I stopped resisting him and stayed as still as possible while my Daddy slipped his tongue and started to tease my own.

I could smell the whisky in his breath and the pressure of his mouth against my own. Although I did not kiss him back, I could feel my boobs tingling and nipples getting harder.

He was very skilled – much more confident than my virgin fiance and a couple of boys I had kissed on dates. To my shock, I could feel the urge to arch my back and press my boobs into his chest.

I was immediately ashamed at my lustful thoughts. My daddy clearly had no idea about what he was doing, but escort bahçelievler I was wide awake and aroused by his kiss.

I was both disappointed and relieved when he slumped back and broke the kiss. My sister in law was also back in bed and safely tucked in.

But, before I could move away, I felt my Daddy’s hands on my chest. Although he groped, I felt safe in my cotton robe. It was thick and comfy and most importantly I could sleep without any underwear and no one else could tell.

Before I could think of what to do, even in his semi conscious state Daddy found the neckline of my robe and roughly pulled it open. Now it was barely held together by the tie at my waist but gaped open revealing my creamy breasts and already engorged nipples.

I tried to pull the robe back but Daddy was too quick and started to knead my boobs roughly while pressing his crotch into my pussy.

As he palmed and squeezed my boobs quite painfully, I could feel waves of pleasure building up in my navel and around my pussy. Daddy started to breathe heavily as his hold on my boobs got rougher and I had to bite down my lips to contain my moans of pleasure.

I was a virgin saving myself for the wedding night but my father’s skilled hands were making me lose all inhibitions. I had even started to grind my hips against his crotch. I hoped George was half as skilled as my father in bed.

My Daddy started to kiss me again and this time I kissed back enthusiastically. This encouraged him and he bit my lips and started to roll my nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

I almost protested when he withdrew his mouth, but to my pleasure Daddy started to kiss my neck and moved lower and started to suck my nipples. I took a sharp breath at the feel of his wet tongue on my throbbing nipples and arched my back to push my boobs into his mouth.

Daddy’s mouth was more skilled than his hands and I could feel my pussy juices wet against my inner thighs. I also felt the urge to be fucked and my hips started to twitch in need.

I opened my robe hastily and pushed my wet and hairy pussy against my father’s erection pressing through his pajamas. My father felt my bare skin and immediately pulled his pajamas down and I felt his thick hard dick hot against my pussy.

I had overheard my aunts and my mom’s friend’s teasing her about how brutal her wedding night was because my Dad was so big. I had never thought they had literally referred to his massive dick.

My Daddy was already stiff and pulsing. I was wet with need and grinded my pussy against his shaft.

Clearly he was also losing control as he bit my boobs quite hard and started to grunt.

The very next moment, Daddy pushed me back and climbed on top of me and started to kiss me roughly on my mouth. I responded enthusiastically as my breasts were crushed under his hard chest and I could feel his dick against my lower belly.

Daddy kept kissing me as he reached his hand between us and guided his thick penis head into escort balgat my vagina lips. His dick slipped in smoothly into my hot core as I was slippery wet with pussy juice.

Daddy started to push in but encountered my virgin barrier and paused. His eyes opened drowsily and he started to withdraw with a confused expression. But, I was too aroused and impatient. So, I dragged his head down and kissed him hard on the mouth while grinding my hips up into his crotch.

Now Daddy was awake but my response was clearly driving him over the edge and he started to slide his dick back into my pussy. As I pressed my boobs and pussy against him, Daddy couldn’t control and tore through my barrier in one rough push.

I bit hard on Daddy’s shoulder as I felt the sharp pain in my navel and my legs felt weak. Daddy kept thrusting in and out on a smooth motion and soon my body adjusted to his size. My pussy was hot and tight and he was struggling to control his groans of pleasure.

Soon his movements became fanatic and I could also feel my own pleasure building. I kept lifting and grinding my hips against his dick while he fucked me hard and moved up and down crushing my boobs.

I climaxed as my body shuddered and I felt waves of intense pleasure from my nipples to my toes. My body was relaxed and my mind dazed. Daddy sensed my release and his fucking got rougher and faster.

Daddy came with a loud groan and spilled his hot and thick seed deep in my pussy. As he withdrew his dick, I could feel his thick cum oozing out of my pussy and drenching my thighs. Daddy was slumped on my breasts and was snoring gently.

I also felt sated and tired and dozed off.

I woke up with a start next morning as I felt the faint rays of sun on my face. To my relief, all the others were still sleeping.

Daddy had already left. I hastily belted my robe and slipped out of bed. I could see the red stain of my virgin blood on my robe and also on my sheets. My pussy felt sore and I ached all over.

I collected the bedsheet quickly and slipped into the bathroom and stuffed it into the laundry along with my robe.

As I stepped into the shower I could see my blood and daddy’s cum caked on my thighs and I blushed hotly at the memories of last night. As I showered, I wondered if Daddy remembered last night or had forgotten it like other drunken blackouts.

The Wedding –

I examined myself critically in the mirror. At the risk of sounding immodest I had to admit that I looked ravishing.

The halter dress showed very little cleavage but it fit snugly on my breasts and highlighted the shape of my creamy curves. Instead of an elaborate skirt and yards of lace, I had opted for a simple flouncy skirt that reached just below my knees. The golden heels and the white dress highlighted my tanned and shapely legs.

As my bridesmaids stood fussing over me, we heard a knock and my maid of honor opened the door.

My Daddy walked in looking his confident and assured self. He extended his hand escort batıkent which held my mom’s diamond brooch and said, “Girls, may I have a private moment with Catherine?”

My bridesmaids oohd and ahd at the sentiment of Daddy giving me my mom’s brooch. They went out and my Daddy locked the door.

As he walked towards me, I blushed red remembering how wantonly I had fucked him last night. I was also embarrassed because I didn’t know whether he remembered our passion.

Daddy said, “You look just like your mother Catherine. So beautiful.”

I nodded in pleasure at this complement and My dad extended the brooch, “May I?”

I nodded. Daddy moved closer and slipped his left hand into the cup of my left breast. I gasped in shock as I felt his calloused finger against my soft breast.

My Dad looked into my eyes, his expression serious as he pinned the brooch onto my dress.

Then he suddenly grabbed me by the waist and kissed me bruisingly on my lips. My whole body trembled in anticipation and I pressed my boobs into his chest.

Daddy raised his head and said, “Did I hurt you last night Catherine? I haven’t fucked anyone since mom died and couldn’t control myself last night.”

I shook my head, “No daddy, I enjoyed it a lot.”

Daddy smiled, “I know what I did is wrong but you remind me so much of your mom and I couldn’t even kiss another woman. But every time I saw your pert ass and bouncing boobs, I just wanted to fuck you. But I promise, I was so drunk I knew I was fucking my own daughter only when I felt your virginity.”

He looked so guilty and ashamed I hated it. I touched his cheek and reassured him, “Oh I know Daddy, but I loved your dick and fucking so much. I am glad you were my first.”

Now Daddy looked pleased, “Can I be your second too?”

I nodded enthusiastically as I could feel my nipples pushing against the rough lining of my dress and my panty started to become wet.

Daddy grinned and lifted me onto the makeup table so that my pussy was at the edge. He stood between my legs and slid my dress above my waist exposing my wet lacy panties and thick golden curls.

As I sat leaning against the mirror, Daddy removed my panties and threw them on the floor. He cupped my pussy and grunted as he felt the wetness against his palm.

Daddy opened his trousers and slid his boxers down. His rod-like erection sprang free. I had only felt it’s size and strength last night but in the bright daylight it looked impossibly big and thick.

Daddy grabbed my hips and in a smooth single motion pushed his throbbing dick deep into my pussy. It felt impossibly tight but as he started to slide in and out my pussy stretched and I felt the familiar waves of pleasure in my navel. Daddy was also in a hurry and moved his hips fast making wet slapping noises.

I moaned as I felt his hands tightening on my ass. Daddy was too aroused to pleasure me and soon my pussy was filled with his thick white cum. As he cummed inside, we could hear the knock saying it was time.

We kissed hurriedly and Daddy helped me arrange my dress. I bent to pick up my panty but Daddy snatched it and threw it into my bag.

We both grinned sneakily as Daddy walked me down the aisle with his cum leaking from pussy and running down my thighs and my mouth swollen with his kisses.

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