Daddy’s Girl

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It’s the perfect opportunity. My wife’s out shopping and my daughter’s out playing tennis. The house is empty and I’m alone.

I go to my daughter’s bedroom. My heart’s pounding with a mixture of guilt, anticipation and lust. The walls are girly pink, the fluffy toy she’s cuddled since she was two is still there on her pillow. The picture of her in that so short tennis skirt when she won the college tennis tournament last year is on her dresser. My eyes linger on her long tanned legs and her firm young breasts bulging under her thin white top. Even then at twenty, a year ago, she was a big girl with legs and a figure that are every boy’s, and older man’s, dream. And my dreams too! My eyes linger hungrily on that tennis skirt: her long bare legs are spread ever so slightly provocatively, as if unconsciously inviting a hand to lift that skirt and explore. I feel that familiar stirring down below.

I remember watching her play. Her dark hair in a pony tail flew up every time she leapt to hit the ball. That so short skirt flew up too, high up those long, tanned, so shapely, so wide spread legs, showing white knickers taut over her cheeky young bottom. My eyes followed her every move: every bounce of her breasts, every inch of her legs, every glimpse of her tight white knickers. My eyes were on her every time she squatted down to pick up the ball with her bare thighs wide, those white knickers bulging over that so erotic mound between her legs and a sweet innocent smile on her face for her adoring daddy. So often as I’ve lain in bed with my wife asleep beside me and my erection hard in my hand I see my daughter’s tennis skirt fly up and her thighs spread as she shows me that inviting bulge.

I slide open the drawer of her dresser: the third one down where I know she keeps her underwear. My wife stacks her bras and panties so neatly. But not my daughter. Her lingerie is just stuffed in, so untidily she’ll never notice I’ve disturbed it.

I rummage through white bras from high street stores and white cotton knickers. There’s underwear I’ve seen in outline through the tight cloth of her skirts and wanted to follow with my fingers across her bottom. I run my fingers over panties I’ve glimpsed when she didn’t notice I was looking up her skirt, and panties I’ve watched many times my as eyes follow her miniskirt up the stairs.

“Good girls wear white underwear, dear.” I used to hear my wife tell her.

She’s not such a good girl now: at least not in my dreams.

I pull out a pair of her brief cotton panties, white with a pattern of little pink rabbits, embroidered at the hems – so feminine! The thin cloth seems to remember the shape of her body, with a bulge where the front would cover the mound between her legs, and a faint yellow stain just where her slit would be. And there’s a prize! There’s a strand of dark pubic hair caught in the embroidery, the same colour as the bush between my wife’s legs. For a moment I remember the feel of that hair against my hand, my lips and tongue and the smooth, wet, tight love lips it hides. But now I’ve found what I’m looking for!

That purple whale tail thong dikmen escort bayan that peeps raunchily above the top of her blue jeans so tight they look spray painted onto her naked body. I run it through my fingers. It’s so brief! The front’s just a tiny triangle of sheeny purple satin hardly big enough to cover a woman’s full bush, the back a strip just wide enough to nestle between the cheeks of her backside, and just a little bit more for show. She didn’t know I was spying on her just days ago kissing her boyfriend with her eyes closed in blissful pleasure, with his hand under her denim miniskirt hungrily fingering her between her willingly spread legs through this same purple thong! I run the purple satin through my fingers. I imagine the feel of the soft bulge of her mound and the line of her vagina slit through it, and how smooth that satin would feel against my fingers as my hand fondles her buttocks before my fingers follow the taut satin along the valley between her cheeks to run smoothly under her between her legs to her satin covered mound. My penis is taut with erection now!

I strip naked and stand in front of her wall mirror. I’m in my mid forties but still fit and muscular from the gym. My rock hard erection’s sticking up from my hairy balls to my big round penis head, straining with lust! I run my sweet young daughter’s thong through my fingers. In my mind I tickle her navel with my finger tips, run my hand down her soft smooth belly and slip it down inside her thong. I hear my daughter’s gasp of pleasure and excitement as I cup my hand over her soft, furry, sex juice moistened mound and ease a finger between her love lips, like that first time with her mother so long ago.

In my mind I see my sweet young daughter peeling her thong slowly, sensuously down her legs to show herself nude to some lucky boy. I see her from the front, slipping her thong down then posing with it down round her spread thighs erotically underlining her neat dark bush for her boy’s hand to fondle and for his fingers to slide between her love lips. I see her from behind. Her boy hungrily pulls her thong down her naked thighs, she lets it fall, then as his hands fondle her bottom she spreads her legs wide for his hands to play. For my hands to play!

My hungry shaft strains for her, and for release of its pent up semen! I finger my balls and gently stroke my shaft with my finger tips. My buttocks clench and my hips thrust involuntarily forward at the delicious sexual pleasure of the feel of my fingers on the so sensitive taut skin of my hard erect shaft – my daughter’s fingers!

I put on my daughter’s thong. I thrust my hips forward. In the wall mirror I gaze at the erotic, kinky sight of myself in my own daughter’s underwear! The tiny purple sex garment Is tight but soft round my hips, the thong strap at the back nestles into my bum crack but cuts into my balls. My hard straining erection forces the tiny triangle of satin far out from my body and my thick dark pubic hair shows in the gap between the satin and my body. As my erection strains against the thin taut cloth I can see emek escort bayan every detail of my round, bulging penis head through it, just like her boys see every detail of my sweet daughter’s mound and the outline of her willing love slit, like in my thoughts I’m seeing now!

I fondle my penis and run my fingers over my balls through the thin satin. A wet patch appears over my nozzle: my pre cum! I’m ready for sex with my sweet daughter!

I take my daughter’s thong off and stand with my erection up hard, quivering stiffly with my excited breathing. I brush the smooth satin over the head of my penis, across its nozzle, slowly along the length of my hard shaft, under me between my spread legs and over my balls. In my mind it’s my daughter’s soft fingers playing, her lips and tongue kissing and licking, the tight erect nipples of her breasts tickling my penis head, her lips softly kissing my belly and her fingers exploring the inner tops of my thighs and between my legs, teasing my hungry cock to steel hard erection!

“Linda!” I grunt, my daughter’s name “want you!”

My penis head is wet with pre cum. I wipe it off with the purple satin triangle that’s covered my daughter’s cunt! I hang her thong on my shaft so it dangles down around my balls and my thick dark pubic hair. I smear cream over my shaft, lubrication so my masturbating hand around my shaft will feel just like a tight vagina, oiled with arousal juice the way my wife’s love slit felt those first few years – like my daughter’s fresh young vagina! I spread my legs, I thrust my hips forward, I brace myself, I wrap my fist round my shaft.

“Linda!” I grunt.

I begin to stroke and tug with that movement my hand knows so well! Smoothly, rhythmically, full length from my balls over my soft sensitive lust swollen penis head, catching the corona ridge round its base and that exquisite spot just under the head, the frenulum. I’m grunting, gasping, oblivious to everything but my daughter’s body and the sex pleasure swelling from my penis into my hips and belly. I edge, holding back, straining, trembling with exquisite sex pleasure on the very the brink of orgasm. The pleasure fades, my shaft feels ready to snap! To the brink again – then back!

“Linda! Want you!”

I glance at that picture again. In my mind I see those bare legs spread wide, that short skirt flying up, those tight white knickers, that bulging mound, her young breasts bouncing.

Images of Linda flood my mind. Memories I’ve masturbated over so many times. Glimpses I’ve caught of her panties up her skirt. Peeps between her blouse buttons of big young breasts nestling in white lace. That beach day last summer on her twentieth birthday, her bikini just four tiny triangles of red cloth barely big enough to sling her heavy breasts, so thin they showed her peaking nipples and the cameltoe outline of her vagina slit, caught by my camera in all but porn poses!

My hand strokes and tugs frantically as I think of those bikini pictures I took of her, and my lust and sex pleasure swell to the point of no return!

Other images – more eryaman escort bayan erotic now! My sweet young daughter nude in the poses I’ve ogled porn girls in. On all fours just in high heels and sheer black nylons, her knees wide and her vagina slit peeping out between her bum cheeks ready for me from behind! Now we’re naked together in the shower, her body glistening wet, her naked breasts bobbing, droplets of water in the patch of dark pubic hair between her legs, my erect penis brushing against her naked buttocks, her thighs, her aroused nipples! Astride me on top riding my rod with her breasts bouncing, gasping with pleasure the way her mother used to! Crouching naked in front of me with her wet lips and tongue, not the ring of my oiled thumb and forefinger, sliding tightly up and down my shaft while in the mirror behind her I watch her buttocks bob up and down with the rhythm of her lips on my shaft!

“Linda! Linda!”

Coming! I can’t hold back! I grasp my daughter’s thong and hold it in front of my nozzle with the satin brushing my penis head.

“Nnngghhhhh! … Linda! … Ahhhhhhhh!”

My buttocks clench, my hips thrust forward, my daughter’s naked body fills my mind. My penis tightens for the last, exquisite time. In sweet pulses of sex pleasure my pumping penis spurts its load of white sex cream over the purple satin of my daughter’s underwear. But in my frenzied imagination its not my daughter’s knickers I’m soaking. She’s bent over naked in front of me, my hand on her soft warm thigh, my nozzle aimed between her smooth young buttocks.

“Fill my crack!” my daughter cries, and her naked buttocks and spread thighs quiver with her excitement!

I thrust my penis head between her bum cheeks, my semen splashes into her valley and over her smooth round cheeks, catches in her pubic hair and trickles down the insides of her spread thighs. I wipe the dangling strand of semen from my swinging satiated penis with the purple satin of my daughter’s thong. It’s soaked with the semen I crave to pump into her and splash over her naked body.

An hour later my daughter steps through the door, long tanned bare legs under her tennis skirt, firm young breasts bulging under her white top. Her thong was so small and flimsy I had it washed and dried in minutes, then back safely in her drawer, like I always do with her semen-plashed underwear! I hand her the little gift I’d bought for her. It’s a thank you from me for being such a sweet, lovely, innocent daughter, and for giving me so much secret sex pleasure that she doesn’t know about.

“Oh daddy! Thank you!”

Linda’s sweet face lights up and her perfect teeth smile adoringly at daddy.

“Its lovely! Just what I wanted!”

An instant later her arms are round me in a hug, her big soft young breasts and her smooth bare thighs are pressed against me. Through her thin top I feel her bra strap and the clasp I’ve unclipped so many times in my fantasies with my straining penis hard in my hand.

“I love the way you think of me!”

“You’re my lovely sweet daughter. I think of you all the time!”

As she scampers up the stairs to the shower I dream of taking with her, my eyes follow those long legs and her skirt flying up to show white knickers taut over her cheeky young bottom. I feel my penis start to stir again. Even at nearly twenty one she’s still daddy’s little girl, and I certainly think of her – more than she’ll ever know.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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