Daddy’s Girl Ch. 01

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Steven was sitting alone in the hallway of the Waite Funeral Home on Mitchelli Street. His family and friends were waiting on him inside the chapel down the hall to the left. He couldn’t breathe. He just wanted to leave, run away, hide. Emily was the strong one, and she was gone now.

He thinks back again to the clumsy brunette with perky titties, tight jeans, & a toddler he meet in business college 16 years before. He was an accounting major, and she was going for business management. He knew she’d go far on her looks alone, but boy, the brain on her. She should have been at M.I.T., but she fell in love with some jock in high school that left her pregnant and alone… She struggled so hard for so long.

Once they married, Steven made sure Emily and Madeline would remain financially secure. With Emily’s style and social grace, they had investments all around the country. They spoiled her daughter, Madeline, with all their love and often took her with them on trips. As the years passed, Emily became sick, and the number of trips dwindled. During the last year, Madeline would shut herself off from everyone for long periods of depression.

One morning, during one of Madeline’s spells, Steven awoke to Madeline in their bed as though she were 6 again and had a bad nightmare. Right between him and Emily. He was more than embarrassed when he realized that the warm, soft body nuzzled up against him was his 18 year old step-daughter, not her mother. He gently lifted his body to remove his arm, she wiggled her bottom closer against him, causing his morning wood to enrage to life. He tucked his head to groan in his arm, inhaled, and took in her scent. He bounced out of bed and ran to the shower. When he arrived in the kitchen 30 minutes later dressed and shaved, he had intentions on addressing Madeline’s intrusion. Instead, his coffee was made and Madeline was nowhere to be seen.

Steven’s thoughts came back to the present. He wiped his eyes as he heard feminine footsteps come from down the hallway. His breath caught and choked him as Madeline stepped into his view. She looked every bit like her mother. He couldn’t help but notice the dress she was wearing was Emily’s favorite black silk and lace dress he purchased at a Fashion Week in New York right before she fell ill. It fit Madeline’s shape exquisitely. She sat in his lap, and took his face in her hands. Lifting his head, she looked into his eyes. He wanted to cry. It wasn’t fair!

“You don’t have to go in, you know. They will understand.” She wrapped her arms around him and pulled his head to her large bosom, swaying him back and forth, just like Emily did with them when they became upset.

Not sure where to set his hands, he grabs her by her arm, and pulls her off his lap. He stands abruptly, regaining his composure. Clearing his throat, he motions for her to proceed down the hall to the chapel.

“I just needed a moment to clear my head”, he said, straightening his coat and tie.

Madeline followed Steven to the front pew and sat between him and her Aunt Gracie. She crossed her legs and felt the clips of her garters dig into her thighs. Taking her step-father’s arm, she leaned into him, nuzzled, and sighed. She missed her mom. Emily had been sick for so long, it seamed. Just as Madeline’s high school years started, right when she needed her the most, mom got sick. It wasn’t fair. At first, Madeline thought it was all the hours that her mom spent working, but when Steven forced her mom to retire for health reasons, things didn’t get better. Hell, it got worse. All the vacation trips turned to doctor trips that Madeline wasn’t allowed to go on. She felt closed off, and would escape into bouts of depression, locking herself away for long periods.

The whole time, Steven stayed by mom’s side. He never left her. Madeline loved her step-father. She never knew her real father, and Steven always made it a point to let Madeline know that she was his little girl, no matter what. She started calling him daddy when she was 6. Her sixth birthday, exactly. She asked for a pony that year, as every little girl does. He rode her around on his back, galloping around and laughing. After a few minutes he said he was out of breath and set her down. He told her Whispers was gonna have to ride her around from that point on. She jumped in his arms, and said “I love you, Daddy! Thank you!”

Madeline wiped a tear away quietly. Steven leaned over, kissed her forehead, tightened his arm reassuringly, and patted her thigh. She knows he felt her garters through the dress, he had to. His hand hovered, and moved back to his leg, which was now shaking.

Steven was relieved as the Preacher asked everyone to stand for the final hymn, Amazing Grace. Every one quietly milled out of the escort dikmen quaint chapel and made their way to their cars for the cemetery burial. Madeline was waiting for Steven in the limo. Steven climbed into the back. He was greeted by a sullen, and now slightly buzzed Madeline. She must have smoked a joint before she got in, because it didn’t smell like it in the limo. She looked across the space at him, he at her. She broke the stare, but licked her soft pink lips. The tip of her tongue rolling teasingly across her mouth. He could feel her body screaming at him. NO! It’s not right! She’s my little princess! For Christ’s sake, I’m burying her mother today! God forgive me. He buried his face in his hands and sighed heavily.

One of his golf buddies, Warren, teaches at her all-girl private school and told him stories about two of her friends. How Adele, the redhead, likes to tease every male teacher with her sultry hot looks and fiery comments, and that Brianna, her Laos friend, likes to give great head in the lounge to off-duty male faculty, and even has been known to seduce a female member or two. Oh how he wishes he could get those stories out of his head.

When any of the girls would come over for sleepovers, Steven would put in late hours at the firm. He could remember seeing Adele’s sweet, creamy mounds swelling up and popping out from her too-small halter top and her firm, round butt that screamed to be marked, peeking from the thighs of her super-short sleep shorts. Madeline wasn’t covered any more than Adele, that night. She wore a sports bra and boy shorts, not that it helped tame her wild curves any. It was torture to walk through the den and see the girls snuggle together. All that hot, young, feminine flesh wrapped around each other like they had made out all night and fell asleep together. It was enough to drive him into a cold shower and forget his accounts for the night.

This wasn’t a sleepover, and he was trapped all alone with Madeline in the limo. Her head rolled back and she sighed. “Damnit, Daddy, I’m ready for all this show to be over with. How much more do we have to deal with? I’m ready to go home and just disappear into my bed.” She slides down the seat, and kicks off her high heels.

“Where are your friends?” Steven asks. “I thought they’d be here for you, to share in your grief.” Both Adele and Brianna opted for out-of-State universities. Madeline chose to stay closer to home for the time being.

“They’re flights were delayed due to weather. They’ll be in later today. They’re supposed to be meeting us at the cemetery and will ride with us to the reception.”

Steven nodded. He kept silent the remainder of the evening. He stood by Madeline through the sermon, tossed his rose on Emily’s grave, said good-bye and walked back to the waiting limo. Once home, he changed for the reception. It was nicely put together by some of Emily’s closer business associates. After speaking with several people, and hearing all the sympathies and well wishes he could handle, he grabbed a bottle of wine, and a glass and made his way through Emily’s garden to one of the greenhouses that was really a gazebo in disguise. Sort of a secret hide-a-way for her to go to once she was retired. As Steven approached, he noticed the greenhouse was opened, and the lights were on. He toed the door open and coughed. Waving away the smoke, he walked in.

“Oh, sorry, Daddy!” Madeline jumped. “Do you want me to put it out?”

She too had changed for the reception. She wore a small dark grey silk halter that boasted her DD rack proudly, and cut just below appropriate. Her black silk skirt flowed just right over her thick, fertile hips. It barely covered her plush, round ass. Madeline certainly had all of Emily’s curves, but she definitely wore them much better than her mother.

“No, don’t worry about it. I’m ok for now.” He offered her the glass with wine. She took it as he plopped onto the sofa across from her and took his swig from the bottle. Her eyes were wide open and glued on him. She never lost eye contact. Removing the bottle from his lips, he motioned to her for the joint.

She grinned, stood up, and walked it over to him. Turning, she sits in his lap for the second time that day. This time, he wraps an arm around her waist and hits the joint. He chokes, and she laughs. He settled down, leaned back, and hit it again. Madeline pulled her feet up to his knees as she slid down all the way into his lap, wiggling her bottom for comfort.

Fuck! He could feel himself getting hard. She giggled and took the joint from him, taking a nice long hit. He wraps his arms around her and hugs her close. Madeline leans up to kiss him. Steven turns his head to avoid her lips from colliding with escort emek his. Too late. She turns, straddling him, deepening the kiss. Steven can’t stop her, even if he is double her size. He didn’t want to. He grabs her ass tight, pulling her into his rock hard cock. He can feel her nipples on his chest through her silk top. So tender, so firm. Pushed up against him, they feel so good. She begins to undo his shirt buttons one at a time, kissing on his chest, neck, and back to his lips. His breath was heavy. He unwraps her silk top from her shoulders and lets it fall to the floor. She pulls his shirt out from his jeans and removes her silk wrap of a skirt. Her G-strings were tied at each hip. He tugs on the strings and one pops off. “Opps” Steven said with a smile as they fell softly amid the forming pile on the floor. Finally, Madeline reaches down, releasing his throbbing member from his jeans. He lifts his hips to help her pull them down and off.

She lowers herself down onto it. He can feel the heat from her wet pussy on the head of his throbbing cock. He looks into her eyes, “I can’t” he says, looking down.

“I want you to, Daddy, only you, always.” She whispered in his ear.

He pulled back and looked into her eyes, she kisses him passionately as she tries to take all of his massive cock in her at once. She had to pull up to keep her tight little pussy lips from folding in, but she was wet enough that her second time down she could fit all of it in. Her eyes widened as their kiss muffled her scream. He held her down on it for what seemed like eternity! When she felt the pain was going to crush her, he began to slowly move her up and down.

She didn’t know what to think. Everything in her exploded all at once. All she could do was feel. Her daddy was deep in her hotbox! He was filling her with all his cock, and it felt so fucking good! His hands were everywhere! He smacked her ass with his right hand, grabbed a fistful of her breast with his left and squeezed both zealously! When she bucked her hips from the pain, he ground his cock deeper into her, making her whimper in pain. Steven alternated between Madeline’s breast. He shoved her nipple in his mouth and flicked his tongue against it roughly, catching it between his teeth, making sure to give each one equal attention, slapping, pinching, squeezing, nibbling, and sucking. Madeline caught a rhythm and rode his cock. She felt his cock grow and stretch her tight virgin pussy til she thought she would tear in two. Her body began to tremble. She thrust against him harder, meeting him pound for pound. She felt his head slam into her walls with every bounce. She could feel all the veins, every throb, every twitch. He was huge, and she was no longer a virgin. Her first time was with her daddy. She loved it!

Madeline could feel Steven swelling bigger with every thrust. She knew he couldn’t last that long in her tight little pussy. It had been so long since him and Mom had sex. Steven grabbed her breast in his mouth a bit down again. Madeline screamed with delight.

“Oh, yes, Daddy, that’s it!” He squeezed the other with his massive paw, milking her marble sized nipples. “Fuck! Oh, yes!” This caused her to tighten down on his engorged cock. “Fuuuuck meeeeee, Daaaaaddy!”

He liked that response. Steven stood up with Madeline still on his dick, walked over to the island bar and set her backside down. With more leverage, he began to pound her tight, hot pussy with everything he had. Madeline arched her back, allowing him more access to her.

“Harder Daddy! I want more! Fill my little pussy up, Daddy!” Madeline couldn’t get enough of her daddy’s cock.

He lifted her leg, giving it a new sensation with the new angle. Her bottom squirmed. He came down on it with a vicious smack. Her cunt locked down on his cock and began pulsating with orgasmic convulsions. He rubbed her ass as he slowed his pace with her, riding her waves with her. When she subsided, he flipped her over, and bent her over the island. Bringing his arm around her, Steven rested his hand on his daughter’s throat. Catching his breath, he rubbed his cock across her asshole. As she protested, he tightened his grip around her throat. He leaned and whispered in her ear “If you’re gonna give me your virginity, I should get it all, right? What do you say? I can make it feel real good for you, Baby.”

Madeline let out a sob, and nodded her head. She wanted this, so bad. Steven didn’t need lube, her dripping wet pussy was enough to let anything slide right in her tightest virgin hole. Steven bent Madeline even further over the island and knelt down behind her. He let the flat part of his thumb play with her asshole as he licked around her dripping wet pussy from clit to asshole, escort eryaman teasing her pussy lips with his mouth, he teased her clit with his other hand. “AHHHHH!!! Yes, Daddy, yes, right there, Daddy. Ohhhhhh!!” She was racked with orgasms again. He worked his whole thumb up her ass, she pushed against him, moaning. “Mmmmhmmmm Daddy, yeah. That’s it, play with my asshole!

He stood up, slowly pulled his thumb out her asshole and replaced it with the head of his cock. Making sure it was well lubed with her cum, leaned over her and asked her “Are you ready for more of Daddy’s cock?”

She couldn’t breathe, but shook her head yes.

He grabbed her by her hair and plowed his thick prick balls deep into her ass. “OH FUUUUCK! YES, DAAAADDDDY, YES!! Fuck my ass Daddy!” Steven couldn’t believe he was this deep in his daughter’s ass and she was begging for it! He had never been this hard. Madeline started to move on his cock, causing him to stuff his cock as deep as he possibly could. With his other hand, he cupped her breast and began to pound away in his daughter’s sweet, round bottom.

“That’s it, rock Daddy’s cock. Let me fuck that sweet ass, baby.” Steven sucked on Madeline’s neck. Letting go of her hair, he grabbed a breast in each hand, pinched her nipples in between his fingers, and used them to hold Madeline to him as he slowed his pace to avoid cumming in her so soon.

Finally, her void was filled! It took her step-father’s cock in ass for her to see that she never wanted anything else, just this. Madeline turned to kiss him. Steven slowly pulled out from her ass and put it back in her throbbing and swollen pussy.

“Ahhhh…. Daddy, I want more!”

“Let me fuck this tight little cunt some more, Baby. Then I’ll let you suck on it for Daddy.”

“Yes, sir.”

“That’s a good little girl. Take all of Daddy’s cock” Steven started to slowly fuck his daughter’s tight hole. He could feel all her muscles tighten around his swollen dick. She wrapped herself around him completely, locking her ankles around his waist and grinding with him.

“Mmmhmmm….. Daddy, that feels so good”. She liked it slow. Her pussy lips were turning red & swollen from being fucked so hard.

He just loved looking at her. She reminded him of a feistier Emily. He brought himself almost to the brink of cumming again and stopped. They walked back to the lazy boy and Steven sat down to watch his beautiful daughter suck his swollen cock.

Since Daddy made her cum already, it was time to for a little payback. Madeline liked teasing her Daddy’s prick. It was huge! He was at least 9 inches long, and as thick as her wrist. She often wondered what her mom saw in this dork, Steven. This was a whole new side to him. She could see why her mom put up with him working late so often. This man worked hard for all they had, and she was going to thank him, one drop of cum at a time. With that thought, she went to work on his cock, slowly circling her tongue around the head, letting spit dribble down the shaft, chase it, lick it back up, and around the head again. She was having fun!

“Mmmmhmmmm. That’s it, suck Daddy’s cock. Get my cock good and hard, so I can fuck your tight little cunt some more. I’m gonna split that tight little pussy of yours in half.” Steven said petting Madeline’s head.

This made Madeline hot, she came up and kissed Steven fully, shoving her tongue down his throat. He responded perfectly by lifting her up in his arms, placing her on his cock, and shoving himself as far as he could into her. She bucked hard against his thrusts, keeping pace with him.

“Oh fuck, Daddy, you feel sooo fucking good! I love the way you fuck me Daddy!”

“Oh, God, yes, Madeline! I’m gonna cum!” The Lazy-Boy was just the right height. He had leverage to meet her thrust for thrust.

“Yes, Daddy, fill me with your hot jizz!” As she came down on his cock, he stuffed his engorged member deeper into his daughter. She felt him twitch, his cock felt like it was going to rip her in half. “That’s it Daddy, cum for me! Fill me up, Daddy! I want to feel all of your hot cum in me! Oh, YES!!” Her body tingled from top to bottom as she felt him burst inside her. She kissed him, and rode out the orgasm slowly. “I love you, Daddy.” She said as she laid her head on his sweaty chest while they both caught their breath.

He laughed. “I love you, too Madeline.”

Madeline sat up, cocked her head and asked, “Daddy, do you think we could do this again? Maybe next time Adele or Brianna could join us? Please?”

Steven sighed. “Anything you want, Princess. Anything you want.” Madeline slid off his cock still slick with their cum. “I love you, Madeline.” He says peering deeply into her abysmal brown eyes.

“I love you, too, Daddy.” She felt the change in his meaning and smiled as she stood and stretched. This was going to be the beginning of a beautiful Daddy/ Daughter relationship she thought. With one last passionate kiss, she sauntered off to clean up the cum that was now oozing down her leg.

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