Daddy’s Little Girl Ch. 02

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Jake awoke the next morning feeling like he’d made a terrible mistake. He had no idea what he was going to say to his wife or how to handle things with Katie. He heard the water running in the adjoining bathroom and went to stand in the door way. His wife stood next to the shower, leaning in to feel that the water temperature was good before stepping in. Though the glass door he saw her step under the water. She stood for a second in the hot stream before reaching for the shampoo bottle, lathering up her long black hair. Amber was a beautiful 35 year old woman, Her bright green eyes contrasted her hair and her body was slight and toned. Her enhanced DD’s and her plump apple shaped ass made her the object of many affections. He knew she wasn’t always faithful, but then again neither was he. They had sort of an unspoken open marriage. They both knew the other strayed but as long as neither spoke about it, things were good. He turned and headed dikmen escort for the door. Having other lovers was completely different then what he had done last night. Last night he had crossed a line, no matter how amazing it had felt.

Making his way down stairs he thought about his situation. Katie was 18 now and could make her own decisions, however she was still his daughter. He entered the kitchen to see her sitting there, In a tiny little tank top and shorts that barely covered the ass that he had violated the night before. “Good morning, Katie.” He said heading right to the coffee maker. “We need to discuss last night.”

“Oh Daddy, I’m so sorry. I know it was wrong , but” Jake cut her off with a whisper in her ear, “Your stepmother is still upstairs, I meant why you were here in the first place. The rest we will discuss later.” He said with a kiss on her neck.

Katie trembled, trying to emek escort think of an excuse.. “Now before you lie to me Baby girl, I will be calling your mother to let her know you are here and safe….”

Before she could say anything, Amber walked into the kitchen and looked at her with disgust.

“What is she doing here?” Amber spat at Jake her voice dripping with disdain. She was wheeling a small suitcase behind her. She left it by the door to the kitchen, before heading to the coffee maker to fill her travel cup. “Btw honey, I have to go out of town for a week. Last minute business trip.”

Katie jumped up from her chair at the table and screamed, “For your information, This was my house before you ever slept your way into it.” She ran from the kitchen and up the stairs slamming her door closed behind her. Anger vibrated though her body and tears threatened to fall down her face. That woman was insufferable.

“Why eryaman escort didn’t you mention the trip last night?” Jake asked wondering what she was up to. He knew she was lying and probably going to visit some lover. But her being out of the house gave him some time to think about Katie and what they were doing…

“Well I just got the call a few minutes ago. I got all packed then came down and told you as soon as I could. And don’t avoid my question, What is Katie doing here? You know I don’t want her here all the time.” She said turning to face her husband. “Is this my house too?”

“As I told you before.” Jake started bracing for a fight. “She is my daughter and I will not ban her from her home”

“This isn’t her home. She lives with her mother!” Amber yelled “Plus I will not have her walking around her dressed like a little tramp. She shouldn’t dress like that in front of her father. It’s not right. Make sure she’s gone before I get back or you will become a very lonely sexless man.” She said with a peck on his cheek. Turning towards the door she grabbed her suitcase and walked out the door, Swaying her hips more then normal, attempting to emphasis his need of her.

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