Daddy’s Lonely Heart

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Thanks to {Shrinktexas} whom had set me on the right path. Hopefully, I was able to understand and use what he laid out for me to do. I thank the Editor for his time and understanding. I write for my pleasure, but I do hope others enjoy the stories also. All participants are 18 or over.


Daddy’s Lonely Heart________________________________ V-2

His love is so strong, he is afraid he will lose her.

Karl Clark is a good father, he made sure his sweetie had everything she needed or ever wanted. Karl denied Lois nothing at all. In one way she was spoiled, in another, she was a product of her father’s undying love. There is nothing on God’s green earth, that Karl would not do for, or get for her.

Lois for the last ten years, has been Karl’s entire life, from Dawn till Dusk. Every waking minute that man has done nothing, but wait on her hand and foot. Tracy, Lois’ mother abandoned them when Karl was away on a business trip one week. She asked me to watch Lois while she went shopping, I said I would. When she got into the car with two men, one white and one black. I figured she was up to no good, but I didn’t think I would be stuck with the kid for five days.

“My name is Sue,” I’m a neighbor of the Clark’s. I always liked Karl and I loved Lois, she was a real sweetheart. Tracy was what you would call, plain white trash. There is no nicer way of putting it. I really felt sorry for Karl. When I heard Tracy had cleaned out his bank accounts, I was hoping he’d take a gun and shoot the bitch.

The one thing I will always remember, when Karl came home after Tracy screwed him so bad, was where was Lois, was she alright. He cared only about one thing, his daughter, that’s all he had on his mind…….

A week later, we sat in Karl’s kitchen having coffee. He said to me “Sue,” you are a good friend, I thank you so very much for your help. “That bitch has cleaned me out.”

Lois and I must start over. I love my daughter with all my heart. I promised her, I will make up for everything that fucking bitch has cost us.

“I said Karl,” you know you must have a life of your own. Lois would not want you to give that up. Karl reached over and touched my cheek, then he kissed me very sweetly. “Thank you for everything you have done Sue.”

I got up and headed home, but in that kiss was something so sensuous that my clitoris started vibrating. If my ex-husband ever treated me like that, we more than likely would still be married. I made myself a promise that I was going to fuck that man.

Ten Years Later……….


I’ve watch Daddy for almost ten years now, she thinks to herself. Daddy always making sure I have the best of everything there is. The latest in fashions, swimwear, and evening gowns, for all the formal occasions. You should have seen the look on Daddy’s face when I came out in one of the new bikini’s. I thought he was going to have a heart attack. It’s called “Hot Orange” and I see why, as every man who was standing there had a hard on. Not one of them could hide it, “not even Daddy.” I was never so pleased in my life, when I saw that beautiful bulge in front of his trousers. I was hoping he didn’t catch me staring at it.

Daddy has sacrificed so much over these last ten years, that I want to give him something special. Something that no body else can give him. I think if I ask Sue, maybe between the two of us we can come up with something.

Karl is thinking to himself, Damn what a body Lois has, I can not believe she is my daughter. She has light blue eyes, Raven hair, a perfect 36-22-36 120lbs. At 5′-1 she is simply beautiful, with a smile that would melt any mans heart. God I hope she didn’t see my hard on, when she was trying on that bikini, I don’t believe there was a soft dick standing there. She is beautiful, there are no other words to describe that young woman.

“WHAT AM I TO DO,” my cock has not been this hard since I kissed Sue ten years ago.

Sue’s phone rings, “Sue, Karl asked” would you mind coming over and talk to me. Karl’s thinking, his neighbor Sue who is in her forty’s, an attractive woman about 5’8″ blonde hair, blue eyes. She is what you would call a voluptuous woman, not a ten year old boy with tits. Sue must have a 38D along with a 24inch waist and 36inch hips that support a lovely ass. Her blonde hair and blue eyes fit her smiling face to a tee. He tells her, it is something very important and I need your advice.

Karl was having a J&B when I walked in. Karl asked if I wanted one? I said yes, that made two of us who needed the Scotch.

Sue you know I don’t date, and to tell you the truth the last time a woman set me on fire, was when I kissed you ten years ago.

“I said, thank you I think Karl.”

“Karl said,” Sue you know what I mean, I just don’t date. After today, going shopping with my Lois and seeing her beautiful body, I’m now afraid to be around her. “God she is so beautiful and has a perfect body.” Sue, she tried on an Orange bikini, when escort tandoğan she came out to show me the suit, there was not one soft Dick in the place. Every wife was smacking their husbands, because they all had hard cocks over Lois in that Bikini. I’m hoping she didn’t see how hard my cock was, “I mean I wanted to fuck her right then.”

I came home and had to jerk off three times, before my cock would go soft. “Sue what am I suppose to do?”

“Karl I asked,” Did you ever try to work off your frustrations with somebody else. “Maybe a close friend who would love to help you out.”

“Sue”, are you offering to help me out with my problem.

“Of course, I have been waiting ten years.” Ever since that kiss, that made my clit vibrate, and my juices flow. I think I showed very good patience don’t you.

“Sue I had no idea you even felt that way.” I have thought about you many times, but I never wanted to take advantage of our friendship, or maybe lose it. To me you were always more important as a friend, than just a piece of ass.

“Karl,” thank you for the vote of confidence, but I want to jump your bones. I want to get you on that bed and fuck your brains out. “How does that strike you Mr. Clark.” Do you think that will help out your problem.

“I don’t know about helping out with my problem, but it damn sure would make me feel better.” He gave me his best dirty old man grin, and I just started laughing.

We walked into the bed room, he started disrobe me, “I said no,” and pushed him down onto the bed.

“I said Karl, don’t do a thing, I will do it all,” you are just to lay there.

“He said Sue, I didn’t mean this way.”

“I said shut up, or I will kick your ass.” So he did the only smart thing he could do. He laid back and enjoyed it.

I laid between the middle of his legs, as I gently stroked his rigid nipples. His hands were rubbing back and forth on my nipples as they became hard as nails. His thumb and forefinger making little circles around my areoles then working his way up to my ears. Karl kept stroking me, getting me hotter, and hotter. I knew what I was headed for, and I was going to enjoy every second of it.

“Karl it’s been so long since you’ve had a woman do this, hasn’t it.” The question is moot, I already know the answer. “You have a beautiful cock Karl,” nice and straight, with a good wide head, about 7″ long and 3″ in girth. “Yes, not to big, not to small, just perfect for any hole, and that’s not hard to swallow.”

I looked at him, grinned; and said bad pun, “he smiled and said yes.” So now I started to run my tongue over the head of his cock.

I then ran my tongue down the shaft of the under side, back up to the top slowly as I took the head into my mouth. I then put my tongue into the slit, to taste the pre cum as it came boiling out of the head. I was twisting Karl’s cock, at the same time he was moaning over my cunt, as I now took every inch deep into her throat. What could I say, this man is all I ever wanted, and I wasn’t letting go. I could tell he was ready to explode, all I did was suck harder and faster. I came and he came, I’m not even sure how much there was. I only know that ten years of frustration had been sucked from his balls and Karl told me how wonderful I was at it. I could feel my own orgasm as I was sucking his cock dry. Karl has now found out that I’m a woman who really loves to suck cock.

“Karl, that was the most cum I have ever had out of one man in my life.” I don’t know two men who could have matched that. Karl that was at least 10 full spurts down my throat, the only thing that kept me from choking was my ability to deep throat. Karl looked at me and said Sue it’s my turn. “I said wait a minute,” I’m tired after that blow job, I worked hard for all that good stuff.

I reached up and kissed him, he kissed me back, I said Karl, “I’ve done nothing but dream of this for ten years.”

He looked at me and told me I was a the most wonderful woman he has ever known. “Karl said,” it has been to many years since he has enjoyed myself, now he’s going to start. He moved between my legs and started to kiss my voluptuous tits. I made sure that I grabbed each one and gently massaged it, then sucked on those rock hard nipples. For a woman her age they are like golden ripe melons and taste terrific. The next thing I know I hear Sue moaning, “Oh God Karl I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming. OOOOOHHHHH,” came from her mouth and I do believe she became a Baritone. This was the first woman I ever made love to, who came while I sucked on her tits.

“Oh Karl,” I said to him. “That was the most divine orgasm I have ever experienced.” You are absolutely marvelous, there are no other words to describe your love making abilities. Please fuck me Karl, I want you in me now. Give me that beautiful cock of yours before your daughter gets it. I know you want to fuck her, and she you. It’s only a matter of time, but I need you now, so please do me.

He moved escort tunalı between my thighs and pushed my knees up around my shoulders. My pussy was as wet as you could get it, Karl pushed the head of his cock into my tight hole. We started a slow steady rhythm, I wanted him to get as much satisfaction as I could deliver. I could feel my cunt muscles grip his cock and pull him into me as he started to withdraw. I really knew how to use those pussy muscles. It seemed like he was enjoying himself fully. Karl said, “I’ve never had any woman who could suck cock that well, let a lone use her pussy like this.”

“Karl said he feels like he’s died and gone to heaven.” He’s kept that slow steady pile driving, as deep as he could go, my pussy squeezing him like never before. This was beautiful and I couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt even as I started crying for Karl to really fuck me.

Drive that cock home, push that cock all the way into me, make me cum, I was screaming don’t let me get up, “Karl make me bow legged.” I was now screaming faster, harder, faster, harder, “I’mmmm Cumming, Cumminnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggggggggggggg. Oh god I’m Cumming.!!!!!!”

The next thing I knew he was shooting load after load into my wonderful pussy, I felt I had just been given a great gift. It was truly marvelous. Karl, rolled me over and said don’t move, not a muscle. I was breathing heavily, then I could feel him enter my vagina. My muscles start to squeeze his cock even though it was starting to go flaccid. My vagina muscles were not letting his cock go. “He said, he never felt anything like this in his life.”

“Karl I scream at him, don’t move.” I want this to be special, and I want this to be something you will never, ever forget.

“Karl, are we going to make love again before ten years are up.” It could be kind of hard for us to fuck like this ten years from now.

Karl couldn’t believe I was saying that, and squeezing his cock at the same time. He Must have had a smile on his face, Sue leaned down and gave him a very passionate kiss then said thank you, as she sat straight up and said “Oh Karl, Oh Karl, God Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.” Sue then slowly laid down on his chest, kissed his neck, had this strange smile on her face. She went to sleep with Karl’s cock still held by the muscles of her vagina, and since his cock was already there, he just kept the little pushes here, and there going, it felt good, and her pussy would still squeeze back.

We laid there for about an hour, before I had woke up, and we took a shower together. Both Karl and myself were tired but felt really sated. It has been over ten years since I have had that wonderful feeling. We dressed and went to the Kitchen, Karl made coffee and sandwiches for the both of us. We sat and made small talk.

“Karl, please don’t let it be ten years before we make love to each other again.” I’m yours any time you want me, day or night. There are still a few things we haven’t done yet, so don’t quit on me now.

He gave me the answer that I was waiting to hear, that which any man would give a woman he was longing for, “Yes Dear.” I looked at him and started laughing and said, you son-of a bitch, “I love you.” I must of had this big shit eating grin on my face, he just grabbed me and kissed me.

“Karl,” I promised Lois that I would sit and talk with her tonight about her problem. So I’m going to head on home, you will call me in the morning won’t you.

“Yes dear,” I will call you in the morning. We smiled at each other, kissed again as I walked out the door. All I could think of was riding that beautiful big cock of his, “Damn!”

Their plan…………..

“Lois have a seat,” would you like something to drink. Vodka and Tonic if you please Sue, Lois says back to me. I made myself a J&B, handed her the Vodka as we set down at my breakfast nook. After some small talk I asked what seems to be the main problem.

“Lois says to me,” Sue I want to give my father a special birthday present, that nobody else can give him. “Sue I want to give him myself,” that is something that can only be given one time. I want Daddy to make me a woman, every way he can, I mean that. I know he won’t do it under normal circumstances, but I need your help to get him to do me at least once every way.

I looked at Lois and said to her, do you know what you are asking, “Lois says yes I do.” I have been thinking of this since I was fourteen years old.

What if you should get pregnant. “I could say it was a one night stand,” I never saw him again.

“Sue, you had waited ten years to fuck him, you just had the best day of your life with him.” Now it’s my turn.

“How did you know that Lois, this was the first time.”

I watched you two and listened to your chatter. A tank could have rolled thru that house, you would have never heard it. “Sue you are the noisiest woman I have ever heard having sex.” You could show those women on the porno films how to escort türbanlı do it.

“I know Daddy wants me,” I’ve heard him at night when he masturbates calling my name as he reaches orgasm. When his cum is shooting up in the air, I hear him say, Oh Baby drink Daddy’s cum all of it Lois, swallow every drop. “Oh Lois you are so good, I want you again tomorrow night baby, will you do Daddy again honey.” Yes, thank you Baby that was great, “Daddy loves you.” While he is doing this I’m rubbing the hell out of my pussy, trying to make myself cum the same time my Daddy does.

I need him so much, I want my itch cured by only that man, no one else.

“I ask Lois,do you think your father can be talked into it.” I’m not sure, he is that ready to sit on the edge of sexual excitement. I’ll help in any way I can Lois, but remember one thing, this is a dangerous game you are playing. Once you start there is no turning back.

If you give him everything, make sure it is what you want, because he will be forever the man of your dreams, when you remember that night.

“I want my Daddy,” no other man will do to deflower me, Lois says. I want only Daddy to make me a woman. I want to feel his lips kiss mine, his tongue travel all over every part of my body.

If you really feel that strongly about this Lois, go for it. I will give you all the help I can. You know I’m still your main competition don’t you.

“That’s Ok, I wouldn’t mind if you were my step mom.” We could fuck him on alternate nights. I smiled at Lois and said, lets get you fucked first, then worry about getting me married to him. We decided on what best to do and how to proceed, there is nothing like sneaky women…….!

Karl will never be the same!!!

Karl was in his study doing paper work, when Lois came up behind him and started rubbing his shoulders and kissing him on his ear.

Daddy would you like a drink Lois asked him. He replied, thank you baby I’m almost done here, and I could use one. I’ll be right back with it for you. The J&B was already in a glass, Lois just had to add ice, the drink was pre poured we knew Karl would have one. Now when he gets a good look at Lois he will really need one. “Daddy here is your scotch,” Lois says to him in a very sexy voice. I hope you enjoy it, she then kissed him on his ear and neck.

Karl for the first time turned, and looked at Lois and could not believe what he was seeing.

My god Lois you are absolutely beautiful, there are no other words to describe you my daughter. “I can’t believe the truly beautiful splendor before my eyes.”

Lois stood before her father in a light Blue negligee, dark Blue open Toed sandals with 5 inch heels, with mid calf straps that she knows her Daddy loves. They made her legs look even longer, especially since she is only 5’1. Dark Blue thong, no bra, I’m a C cup she said and I don’t really need a bra yet, it’s called youth. Her hair was done in a French roll, which she knew is her Daddy’s favorite. Karl is just staring in disbelief. He really don’t think that he sees his daughter standing before him, but it must be some other woman.

“Happy Birthday Daddy,” this is the best present I could ever get for you. This is one of a kind, no one will ever have this present ever again. “I love you Daddy, please make me a woman.”

Karl looked at Lois, and there were tears in his eyes, all these years she’s never seen her father shed a tear. He rapped his arms around her and pulled her close to him. She could feel his body respond to hers, as that beautiful hunk of meat, was now almost hard as a rock.

“Oh Baby Doll” are you sure you want this, because once we’ve crossed that line, there is no turning back.

It would kill me if I ever lost that love of yours. I can’t say I’ve never dreamt of this day, but I would never do anything to harm you. You do know that don’t you Lois.

She placed her arms around his neck and looked into his eyes as she kissed him on his lips. It was a soft tender kiss that was warm, yet still full of passion. She looked into his eyes again and said, “Daddy you talk to much, take me to bed.”

“Baby Doll” you want me to teach you everything. Lois, say you are willing to give yourself to me for that reason, to make me happy. “Lois I love you, if this is really what you want, I will accept the gift as given.”

“Lois said to Karl,” Daddy, I meant every word, I want you to make me a woman. I’m not backing out, do it. “I love you so very much Daddy.”

Lois knew she was in going to be in heaven, when Karl picked up the phone and called his office. He said take me off tomorrow, I’ll be with my daughter the whole day.

Karl said, “Lois take off your negligee and thong.” she did as Karl asked her to. He said, leave on the string of pearls, the sandals, nothing else.

“You shave that pussy don’t you Baby Doll, that’s all right, I like it that way.” Baby we are going to take our time, the first thing you will learn is how to suck cock. Your body is so perfect, your face, your breasts, your hips, your legs, even the shape of your ass. Your full and pouting lips that look like they are ready to suck Daddy’s cock. “Remove my clothes Baby,” pull my shirt off, take my pants down and slide my jockeys down. Now I can start your education.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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