Daddy’s Obsession Ch. 02

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I spent my drive to the airport, and subsequent flight to Atlanta, on an emotional rollercoaster. I was reliving the last twenty-four hours in my head, getting aroused at the memory of my sexy eighteen year old daughter teasing me, encouraging me to jerk off over her stunning body. I was imagining what new games we would play once I returned from my trip, knowing that Lindsay had given me permission to make her the object of my fantasies. On the plane I’d shift uncomfortably in my seat as my cock hardened from the thought of getting to admire my beautiful daughter openly, and all of the ways she might tease me. But now that I was away from her, and thinking with a slightly clearer head, I was also worried. What if someone caught us? We would have to be very careful – set some ground rules. What if Lindsay decided to tell one of her friends? Surely she wouldn’t do that, but could I be certain? She was only eighteen after all.

I couldn’t believe how confident she had been; clearly enjoying the power she had over her horny dad as she’d used her firm virgin body to coax me to three powerful orgasms. My sex-kitten daughter was a natural born tease – she knew what she had, and she had known how to flaunt it to drive her dad crazy.

At least we hadn’t actually slept together, I told myself. Sure I had gone way over the line of what a father should do with his daughter; hell, I’d crossed that line the moment I started jerking off over her photos. But for all her teasing, we hadn’t had sex. We hadn’t really committed incest. As badly as I wanted to feel myself buried deep inside my darling daughter, that was a line I knew could never be crossed.

Once I reached Atlanta I figured I’d be pretty busy with work, leaving little time to dwell on Lindsay. I was attending a five day conference with a packed schedule full of seminars, networking and trade shows. At first I had trouble focusing through the sessions, my mind still preoccupied with fantasies of Lindsay’s body, and fears of the consequences of what we’d started. But by the end of the first day I managed to sink myself into my work. My employer had paid a lot of money to send me to this thing, and I needed to concentrate.

I sent Lindsay a text to let her know I had arrived safely and that I missed her. She was on summer break, and I knew that she had arranged for her best friend, Sandy, to stay over for the first three days, so I purposefully didn’t call her. I wanted the girls to have fun without them feeling like I was checking up on them.

For one of the training sessions on Tuesday, the conference organizers split the attendees into pairs. I was paired with a Marketing Consultant named Beth, who I soon learned was from Maryland like me, and also like me was a divorcee. We both thought the role-play assignment we’d been given was silly, and soon the two of us were hitting it off, cracking jokes and acting the fool whenever the organizers weren’t paying attention. I guessed Beth was close to my age, quite attractive, with long blonde hair and a pretty nice figure judging by the way her tight skirt and blouse clung to her body. I’d been out of the game a little while, but I began to sense that she was flirting with me, and my suspicions were confirmed when she asked if I wanted to join her for a few drinks at the hotel bar once the day’s sessions were over.

Now if this had happened to me a week ago, I would have jumped at the chance. I hadn’t been with a woman in some time, and Beth seemed very promising; funny, intelligent, attractive, with a good career. So I was surprised to find myself politely declining her offer. I knew this was crazy – at my age, forty-two, divorced with a teen daughter, you only get so many opportunities. But the truth is, having this pretty forty-something lady flirting with me just made me miss my nubile teen daughter. Compared to my stunning baby girl, who I was closer to than anyone in the world, Beth just couldn’t compete. No-one could. The intensity of my feelings for my daughter clouded everything else. I knew if I started dating another woman, Lindsay might put a stop to what she had just started. I didn’t want to make my angel jealous, and I certainly didn’t want to put a quick end to this new sexy aspect of our wonderful relationship.

I made some lame excuse to Beth about how I travelled too much with work and wasn’t looking to date right now. She saw right through it of course, and I could tell she was hurt from the rejection, but she did her best not to show it. Thankfully she didn’t push the issue, instead choosing to avoid me for the rest of the week.

The last item on my work agenda for Tuesday was a particularly boring lecture on project management by some over-the-hill professor with zero charisma. Consequently my mind soon wandered. As I sat there listening to the speaker drone through his slide show, I pictured my intoxicating daughter, remembering the way she looked that Saturday morning in the kitchen in her white summer dress. I imagined walking over to her, pulling her into my arms, maltepe escort bayan kissing her passionately as we embraced. I thought about my lips kissing their way down her slender neck, hearing her purr in my ear as I run my hands down her back, caressing the perfect curve of her tight peach of an ass. I imagined slipping my hands lower, down her firm young thighs, gripping the hem of her dress and hiking it up. I pictured her giving me an encouraging smile as I slipped the dress over her head and tossed it aside. Her small hands fumbling at my belt, pulling it free as we kissed passionately, the sunlight from the window bathing her stunning underwear-clad body in golden light.

I was so lost in this fantasy that at first I didn’t hear the lecturer addressing me. It took a nudge from the gentleman sitting beside me to snap me out of my lust-induced haze. “Um, sorry. Can you repeat that?” I stammered, feeling like a naughty schoolboy who had been caught daydreaming in class.

“I asked if you could give us an example of a time when you or someone you know ended up in a difficult situation due to a lack of planning” the speaker repeated, sounding a little exasperated.

My immediate thought was “I didn’t plan on the possibility of my darling daughter catching me jerking off over her photos, or I would have closed the door”, but instead I gave some vague reply about budget forecasts and he moved the spotlight over to someone else.

I tried to pay attention after that, but again my thoughts drifted to Lindsay, and by the end of the lecture I had to use my notepad to cover a serious bulge in my pants as I fantasized about making love to my stunning daughter on the kitchen table, listening to her cries of pleasure as she takes her daddy’s cock deep inside her.

When the lecture finally came to a close, a few guys invited me out for drinks, no doubt wanting to swap business cards and do some networking. Feeling hornier than I could stand, I politely declined, claiming I had to go back to my room and ‘catch up on some emails’. Instead, the moment my hotel room door closed behind me, I was pulling off my suit, throwing my jacket over the chair, discarding my clothes in a pile on my bed and heading straight for the shower.

As the warm water cascaded over me, I leaned back against the shower wall, wrapping my fist around my throbbing erection. I remembered how beautiful Lindsay had looked kneeling before me in her lingerie two nights ago, her pale, perky breasts enveloping my cock, gazing up at me with those big pretty blue eyes and that brilliant smile as she enthusiastically titty-fucked her daddy. My cock pulsed at the memory of seeing my thick cum dripping from her flushed, excited face, pooling in her generous cleavage. That image was too much; moaning her name, I pumped my cock hard, cumming all over the shower wall.

By the time I was drying off I was already hard again. I felt like a damn teenager, my hormones out of control, unbearably horny and unable to shake the thoughts of my sweet daughter. I decided to hit the hotel gym, working out aggressively. I took out my frustration on the equipment, running the treadmill until I was soaked in sweat, then hitting the bench press. I was starting to feel self-conscious, wanting to stay in shape for my extremely fit gymnast daughter. I also knew that in my current mood, if I didn’t exhaust myself there was no way I’d be able to rest tonight.

When I got back to my room I saw that I had a text message from Lindsay; ‘Miss u daddy. Hope ur having a good time in Atlanta. Maybe we can chat tomorrow nite? x X x’

I replied immediately. ‘Can’t wait to talk tomorrow baby. Miss you too!’.

I slipped into a bathrobe, tossed my phone onto the hotel bed, and then collapsed beside it. I could tell that in my frustration I had overdone it at the gym; I’d be sore in the morning.

I reached for the TV remote, hoping to find a movie that would suck me in and take my horny mind off my daughter, but before I could hit the power button my phone buzzed.

A message from Lindsay: ‘Wish I was with u tonight. A taste of what ur missing!’.

Beneath the text, there was a shot of her holding up her cellphone, posing in front of the bathroom mirror. I moaned in lust as my eyes drank in the delicious sight. Lindsay was standing side-on to the camera, her flexible body twisted at the hips to offer a view of her amazing rear, in tight fitting pink lacy boyshorts that left the bottom half of those tight asscheeks bare. She had ironed her dark silky hair perfectly straight, and it fell down her back all the way to her narrow waist. One arm was folded across her chest, trying in vain to playfully cover her large naked breasts, and her pouty lips were blowing a teasing kiss at the camera. On the top of the mirror she had written in ruby red lipstick ‘Daddy’s Girl’.

My cock stirred the moment the image appeared. Opening my robe, I held the phone in one hand, reaching for my cock with the other. She must mamak escort bayan have taken the photo while her friend Sandy was at the house, which I found both exciting and nerve-wracking. The thought of her slipping into the bathroom while her friend was in the house, with the sole purpose of sending her horny daddy a teasing photo, was deliciously taboo. I stroked myself to one more orgasm as I admired the naughty photo. Then I cleaned up, closed my eyes, and drifted into a restless sleep.

I awoke the next morning from a nightmare in which my ex-wife came home and walked into what used to be ‘our’ bedroom to find me on top of Lindsay, my ass clenching with each thrust between our sexy daughter’s wide-spread legs.

“Jason! What the hell?” she screamed in the dream, and I sat up with a start, heart pounding, erection painfully hard and close to the edge. The dream had left me both turned on and shaken.

I took a cold shower, determined to make it through one day of the seminar with a cool head. The day dragged slowly though, each session feeling longer than the last as I grew more and more impatient to call my daughter.

When the end of the day finally came, I didn’t waste any time. Hurrying up to my room, I quickly locked the door and immediately hit speed dial, eager to hear my daughter’s voice.

She answered on the third ring, her soft voice music in my ears. “Hey daddy! How is your conference going?”.

“Hey sweetie. Oh it’s fine, you know, boring work stuff. They’re keeping us busy.”

“I hope you’re having some fun?”

“Well, yesterday they paired us up to do some lame roleplay exercise, and I think the woman they paired me with was trying to hit on me” I replied with a nervous laugh.

Shit. The moment those words left my mouth I regretted them. I was closer to Lindsay than anyone, and I was used to telling her everything, but things were different now. I couldn’t believe I had blurted about another woman trying to flirt with me.

“Oh”. Her voice had changed from excited to frosty, just like that. “Was she pretty? Did you flirt back?”.

“I didn’t flirt back sweetie. She wasn’t nearly as pretty as my gorgeous baby-girl. Honestly I was missing you so bad I had trouble concentrating on anything else all week”.

“Good” she replied, ” ’cause I’ve missed you too, and I would have been kinda jealous if someone else was dating my handsome daddy tonight”.

“I only want to be with you angel. Did you and Sandy have fun the last few days?” I asked, wanting to steer the subject away from flirtatious Beth.

“Yeah, kinda. She just left an hour ago”. There was a tense edge to her voice as she said it.

“Honey, what’s wrong? Did you girls fight?”.

She paused for a moment, then quietly confessed “Well, um, Sandy kinda made me jealous too”.

“She did? What do you mean?”

She sighed, and I heard her bed creak as she shifted position. “She was looking through that photo album on the coffee table. You know, the one from our trip to the Bahamas last year”.

“Yeah, I know the one” I replied. I knew it well, having scanned in several shots of Lindsay in her bikini for my private enjoyment.

“Well, she kept on checking you out and saying ‘you know, your dad is kind of hot for an older guy’, and ‘how come your dad is still single?’ “.

Lindsay didn’t sound her usual confident self, heisting for another moment before pressing on,

“I told her to cut it out, but she wouldn’t quit teasing me. I think she was just pissed because I won’t tell her who my new ‘boyfriend’ is. She kept saying how she’d totally go for a guy like you, and asking if I thought you’d be into younger girls. I know she was just trying to get a rise out of me but I got so jealous daddy. I kept thinking about how pretty she is, and how you could do things with her you could never do with me”. There was a slight tremble in her voice now. I wanted so bad to hold her, but she was hundreds of miles away.

“Oh baby, don’t be jealous, I’ve never looked at Sandy like I look at you”. That was a half-truth. I pictured my daughter’s best friend. A petite blonde cheerleader with a slim tanned figure, I had certainly stolen a glance or two at that hot little body when she’d come to visit, as Lindsay probably knew. I didn’t mind knowing that Sandy thought I was ‘hot for an older guy’, but the truth is she still didn’t compare to my perfect-ten daughter.

“I told her she was being a bitch, and she kinda stormed out”.

“She’ll get over it honey. It’s not the first time you two have had a little falling out”.

“I know. To be honest, that’s not really what’s bothering me the most…”

“What is it babygirl? Tell me?”

“I just…I really miss you. And…and I’m so horny daddy”. God, her sweet young voice sounded so husky and desperate as she said it.

“Oh baby, I’ve been so horny too. I miss you so much. I hate being away from you”.

“Did you get my photo?” she asked. I could hear the anticipation ofise gelen escort in her voice. An eagerness to hear what I thought of the teasing shot.

“I did sweetheart. You looked incredible. You’re so damned sexy, you drive daddy crazy”.

“Did it…you know, make you hard?” she asked sweetly.

“Are you kidding? I was rock hard the moment I saw you in that naughty pose. I’m hard right now just listening to your sexy voice”.

“Mmm. I wish I was there daddy. I loved watching you get hard for me. I want to get you so horny you can’t stand it!”.

I was rubbing the thickness of my cock through my slacks now, closing my eyes and concentrating on Lindsay’s voice.

“I wish you were here too baby-girl”.

“I want to kiss you so bad right now. Can I admit something to you?”

“You can tell me anything honey”.

“I couldn’t sleep last night. I was laying in bed next to Sandy, and I kept thinking about kissing you, feeling your tongue in my mouth. I got so horny daddy”, she whimpered, “I tried crunching my thighs together but it wouldn’t stop”.

“Go on…” I whispered, giving my cock a squeeze through the confines of my pants.

“I couldn’t help it daddy. Sandy was sleeping right next to me, but I was so horny I had to touch myself. I slipped my hand between my legs, and god I was so wet I shocked myself. It was all over my thighs daddy. You should have felt it. I wanted you so bad”.

“I touched myself thinking of you last night too” I confessed. ‘That photo really turned me on”

“I tried so hard to be quiet” she whispered, “but I kept whimpering ‘daddy’. I couldn’t help it. Sandy started stirring next to me and I was scared she’d wake up and catch me, you know, rubbing myself. So I quietly crept out to the bathroom, and took one of my toys with me”

“That’s so hot baby. Keep going…tell me about your toy” I said breathlessly, unzipping my pants and reaching in.

“I…I’m kinda embarrassed all of a sudden”

“It’s okay honey. You’re making me so horny. Tell me about your toy, please baby”.

“It’s a ….wait!” she paused suddenly in mid thought, sounding excited. “Do you have your laptop with you daddy?”

“Yes honey, of course” I replied, wondering where she was going with this.

“Do you want to turn it on? Can we Skype? Maybe I could…show you what I did, instead of tell you?”

Of course. Why hadn’t I thought of that? My cock gave an appreciative throb at the prospect of getting to see my sexy daughter on screen. “Ok, let’s hang up and talk on Skype. I’m going to boot it up now!”

The three minutes it took to boot up my laptop and connect to Lindsay on Skype felt like an eternity. Finally the screen filled with the feed from her web cam, with my own image as a smaller window in one corner. I took a seat at the big desk in my hotel room and admired the view.

On my screen, Lindsay was standing in her room, in full view of the camera. Her bed was behind her, unmade and covered with the stuffed animals she collected. The mouth-watering teen’s firm body was clad in plain yellow cotton panties and a matching bra, nothing else. The whispery purple curtains around her window were closed, and her flawless pale skin was illuminated by the light of the single red lampshade beside the bed. She still wore her brunette hair straight, flowing down over her shoulders and around the curve of her bra-covered breasts.

She flashed me a pearly white smile, waving at the webcam in front of her, her firm tits just barely jiggling in the confines of her bra. “Hey daddy, see, isn’t this better?”

“So much better” I sighed, my gaze all over that stunning body. “You’re so beautiful”

“Will you take off your shirt so I can see your strong chest?” she asked, blowing me a kiss.

I stood up, pulling off my tie and slowly unbuttoning my dress shirt, letting it drop to the floor.

“Mmm, I have such a handsome daddy” she giggled. “And he looks pleased to see me”

I looked down at the obvious tent in my trousers. “Ha, well, you’re a very sexy young woman honey”

“Aww, you’re pretty sexy yourself” she smiled. “I wish I could run my hands all over that chest. Maybe you should take those pants off, you look kind of uncomfortable” she teased.

I happily obliged, pulling down my pants and boxers and kicking them aside to stand before her naked, cock rising up to attention. She reached into her dresser and pulled out a white object.

She held the smooth white dildo up to the camera, biting her lower lip. She looked a little embarrassed, but also excited, shifting and wiggling a little where she stood as she squeezed her thighs together, obviously very turned on. “God daddy, that is so hot, seeing you all hard like that. I am so horny! Wanna see what I did when I snuck into the bathroom last night while Sandy was sleeping?”

“Show me what you did sweetie” I encouraged, unable to hide the excitement in my voice as I admired her, giving my restless cock a squeeze.

Lindsay bent over gracefully, long hair trailing the hard wood floor as she balanced the dildo on the ground in front of her, it’s smooth tip pointing straight up. Straightening, she reached behind her back for her bra clasp. “Do you want me to take this off? Does my poor horny daddy want to see his little girl’s breasts?”

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