daddys sex toy.

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The first time it happened I think I was a little over 11. I was well developed for my age. I already had nice titty mounds with pointy nipples and my little girl stick figure had changed into a dainty waist and round hips. I knew a lot about sex, thanks to an older sister and the porn sites on the net but I hadn’t done any of it yet. Well, not exactly, Gail had taught me how to masturbate and orgasm and we even had a few sessions in bed together.
It was the weekend and I was helping dad in the garden. Mum was at some sort of conference overnight and sis was at a sleepover with friends. We got pretty muddy by the time we finished planting and watering, it was getting late so dad said “enough baby. Let’s get cleaned up before tea ok?” and we went inside, me to my room but dad to the fridge for a cold beer. I stripped off and jumped into the shower.
My eyes were closed as I washed my hair, that’s why I didn’t see him come in and when I did open them he was standing naked watching me, his cock in his hand, pulling himself off. I froze as he stopped stroking and stepped into the shower with me. “Daddy, what are you doing? Please get out. I’m your daughter. This is wrong.” but he took my hand and placed it on his erect dick and simply said,
“You’ll do as I say Suzy. Now play with my penis. Slide your hand up and down my shaft. Now Suzy, do it.” There was so much anger in his voice I was really scared he would hit me if I refused so I pulled my dad’s cock till he threw his head back and groaned and sprayed me with his slimy, hot man cream. Dad didn’t have a big dick but there was a lot of spunk and it slid down my tits and tummy and hung in long strands down my thighs. I felt sick. I’d never touched anything so slimy and gooey and sticky before. I desperately washed it off and when I’d finished, dad had gone. I was shaking all over still overcome by what had just happened. I dried off and lay on my bed and cried.
The next morning I got up early hoping I could sneak out before dad woke but he was waiting in the kitchen and pointed to the chair. I sat down wondering what he was going to do. “Suzy, if you tell your mum what happened, I’ll deny it and tell her you asked me to fuck you. She’ll throw you out and you’ll never see her again. Do you understand?” He was blackmailing me and because I wasn’t sure who mum would believe I nodded my head and said “yes daddy. I won’t tell. I promise.”
“Good girl. Now do it again.” It wasn’t a request, it was a demand and I was totally under his command. I reached over and pulled his shorts down. He was already hard and I pulled him off in the dining room. When he came it sprayed all over the floor and he walked away telling me to clean up the mess.
For the next six months he sneaked into my room whenever he could and I wanked him. I learned how to get him off real quick and used plastic shopping bags to catch the goo. Then one night when we were all alone he came to my bed and said “no hands tonight baby. Daddy wants you to suck him off.”
“No daddy. Euwww. That’s disgusting. I won’t put it in my mouth, no way!” He quickly reminded me of his threat and I knew I had no choice. He lay on his back and I put his cock into my mouth. I almost puked. He put his hand behind my head and pushed me down till I gagged but he wasn’t about to stop now. He lifted and dropped my head over and over. “Get the idea Suzy. Up and down and suck at the same time.” So he stopped and I took over. I sucked hard and slid my mouth over his shaft. Dad can’t hold back at all. I usually know when he’s about to cum but I was too slow this time and suddenly my mouth was full of hot gunk. I tried to spit it out but he held my head and filled my mouth and I had to swallow or choke. I pushed him off me and darted into the bathroom, burying my face in the toilet bowl and for the next ten minutes I spewed my arse up. I could hear him laughing as he left my room and for the first time in my life, I hated my dad.
From that day on it was head jobs only. I still couldn’t not heave each time he shot his load in my mouth. I talked to my sis about it, never letting on it was her dad’s cum we were talking about and she gave me the answer. The next time dad was about to cum I shoved his knob down my throat and let his spunk go straight into my gut without touching my tongue. He loved it, no gooey slime in my mouth, I loved it. So now dad was sneaking into my room much more often and I was getting more and more angry. I figured out if I could make him cum even quicker, I wouldn’t have aching jaws and he would still be happy. Big sis to the rescue and the next time he was in my mouth I did what she said and pushed a finger up his arse and he shot his load almost instantly. From then on it became easier, even to the point where I became used to the taste of his spunk and to my surprise, actually got to like it but I hated being his sex toy. I thought of telling mum but couldn’t take the chance she might not believe her husband was forcing me to have sex with him so I just kept milking my dad whenever he felt like it and that was often.
As time went by he began to finger me and play with my cunt till finally he turned me over and licked my flaps while I sucked him off. I hated him even more. I was there antalya escort bayan to be used and use me he did. We almost got caught a couple of times because now we both had to be naked from the waist down and it took longer and there were fewer places to hide in. The only good thing to come of this was I became an expert at giving head jobs and the boys at school loved me. I always had a date and was always invited to parties. Dad didn’t like me going out but mum told him it was all part of growing up..if only she knew!
It was my thirteenth birthday and mum invited friends as well as family to my party. Dad watched me like a hawk but the adults were drinking alcohol and there were joints being smoked inside out of sight so as he got drunk and stoned he forgot about me. There were some pills being passed around amoung the dads and by parties end, my dad was trashed. Mum only had a few drinks and didn’t touch drugs so she and I cleared the tables and washed up. I gave her a big hug and thanked her for my party, then went to my room. I stripped naked and looked at myself in the mirror. My breasts had filled into firm, round mounds and I had pubic hair and two very defined cunt flaps hanging down below a bigger than average clit. I crawled into bed and fell asleep almost at once.
I woke when dad pulled the sheet of me. He was naked and barred up, his dick sticking out, somehow looking bigger than normal. I was totally pissed off. “Not tonight daddy, please. It’s my birthday. Come back tomorrow.”
“I’m going to give you my birthday present.” And before I could do anything he was kneeling between my thighs pushing my legs open with his knees. “No daddy, no. I won’t let you fuck me. Get off my bed.” He grabbed my ankles and spread me wide open. He was staring at my cunt, crawling closer till his knob touched my flaps and he was sort of poking at me trying to find the opening but I was dry and my flaps closed so he couldn’t get into me. I screamed at him to stop. I scratched at his face but he pulled his head away just in time and then he leaned forward and slapped me hard across my face. I could taste blood in my mouth and I was terrified so I lay perfectly still while he spat into his hand and rubbed the saliva over his knob. He reached down and guided his slimy knob between my flaps. “Please daddy, no. I’ll do anything, promise, just please don’t fuck me.”
“Happy birthday baby.” and he lunged forward, driving his stiff, swollen cock up inside me. I screamed. It really hurt. My cunt was stretched to tearing point and my insides felt so full I was scared something in there would burst. He pulled back and drove into me again only harder and deeper and I screamed as I felt his cock bottom out inside me. “Stop it. You’re splitting me daddy. Take it out, it hurts too much. Oh please daddy, stop.” But he pushed me down with one hand and covered my mouth with the other and kept driving into me hard and fast. “My God your pussy’s so tight.” he gasped. “I’m lovin this baby. Do you like your present. Do you like daddy’s dick up your hole?”
I shook my head from side to side. The pain was getting worse and I sobbed uncontrollably, tears streaming down my cheeks. He pulled back too fast and too far and his cock slipped out . I desperately tried to roll out from under him but he hit me again, harder than the first time and now my face hurt almost as much as my cunt. Somehow he managed to get his cock head between my flaps without using his hand and he drove himself into me violently and resumed his frenzied thrusting. I screamed into his hand, the pain much more than before. It seemed to go on and on, he was having trouble reaching his orgasm and I could see the frustration on his face. Daddy let me go and grabbed me behind my knees, pushing me up and lifting my bum off the bed. His cock went deeper and the pain was almost overwhelming. I screamed again but he didn’t seem to care anymore, he just wanted to cum and he crouched above me, pumping into my swollen hole, his balls slapping my bum hole. I could feel his knob swelling and I knew he was close to coming. I jerked and squirmed, I had to get him out of me but in the position he had me I had no leverage and couldn’t move a whole lot. “Don’t cum inside me daddy. Pull it out. I’ll suck you ok. Just please don’t cum in me.” But that only seemed to excite him more and he lunged into my swollen cave so hard he was pushing my knees into my face. I tried to twist out from under him but he grabbed my thighs and pulled me further onto his dick and now I couldn’t move at all. He arched his back and started to moan, that’s when I felt the hot wetness flooding my cunt. He came over and over till he was drained and slumped backwards, sitting on his ankles, panting, trying to catch his breath. His cock slipped out of my swollen cunt with a loud slurp and now a stream of white, slimy goo bubbled out. I jumped off the bed and screamed at him. I mean really screamed. “You raped me you bastard. And you fucking came inside me. What if I’m pregnant you prick. God, you came in me. I’ll never forgive you daddy, never.”
Mum had run into my room. As soon as she saw dad naked on my bed with his cock covered in cum, she froze. She looked at me standing beside the bed, a long strand of spunk hanging escort antalya from my still gaping pussy and a frothy stream sliding down my thighs and dripping onto the carpet. Dad jumped off the bed and scurried out of my room, his soft cock slapping from side to side. She walked toward me, there was no anger on her face just deep concern. “Are you ok Suzy?”
“No I’m not ok mum. I’ve just been raped by my own father and the bastard wouldn’t even pull out. He came in me mum. I begged him not to but he didn’t care. So no, I’m not ok.”
“Sorry baby. Did he hurt you?”
“Yeh, he kept hitting me and I think something tore inside me. It still hurts down there.” She could see the slap mark on my face and my puffy lips. I was leaking cum and totally embarrassed for her to see me like this but she smiled and hugged me and asked if I would like her to stay. “I’ll be fine. I really need a shower. God mum, I could just kill him right now.”
“Not if I get to him first Suzy.” and she stormed out of my room with murder in her eyes.
There was a lot of yelling and swearing, it went on and on, then a sudden silence. I still stood in the same place unsure if I should do anything but that was my mother in there and I had to make sure she wasn’t being hurt. I walked into the hall and saw her door was open. I could hear a muffled sort of noise and the unmistakeable sound of two bodies slapping together. Puzzled, I looked into the room. Mum was spread eagle on the bed, her ankles and wrists tied to the posts and her mouth gagged with tape. Dad was fucking her violently. If I was angry before, I was livid now. I charged into the room and pushed him as hard as I could. He yelped in surprise and tumbled off the bed. I started to untie mum’s hand but he was behind me in a flash and tossed me on top of her. He gripped my neck and held me so hard I thought my head would come off. I was dizzy and unable to move. He taped my wrists to mums and my ankles to hers so we were laying face to face, me on top and now he was laughing and climbed back onto the bed between our legs. “Two cunts. I’m in heaven. Who’ll I fuck first. I think you need to be punished Suzy. You pushed me off her cunt so I’ll do you again.” I felt his smooth knob against my flaps and he shoved his hips forward driving his cock into me. I screamed in agony, my cunt was still sore from the first time and now it was burning. “Scream you little cock sucker, scream. No one can hear you and I love it when you scream.” I bit my bottom lip and stopped screaming, I wasn’t about to give him any more pleasure by showing my pain. He got really angry. “No screams little bitch. Not hurting you enough. I bet you scream when I fuck your arse.”
“No daddy, please not there, I’ll scream if you want me to. You won’t fit in my bum. Oh God, don’t do this to me. Please, please.”
“Sorry kid, no pretend screams, only the real thing.” And he pulled his cock out of my cunt and pushed against my bum rim. I clenched as tight as I could but he saw what I was doing and punched me so hard in the back I almost blacked out and suddenly there was a searing pain as my bum tore open and he was inside my bowel. My screams were real. I almost fainted and he was yelling “That’s better bitch. How’s it feel having your bum full of daddy’s dick. Hurts does it? Well it’s going to hurt more in a minute.” And he drove into me till I could feel his balls slapping my swollen cunt lips. I looked at mum, she was crying and I knew it was for me and I burst into tears as well, they dripped over her face and gagged mouth. The wetness lifted the tape and I put the corner between my teeth and raised my head. The tape came off easily and mum gulped deep breaths. Behind me, dad was still driving into me, both mum and I bouncing with each thrust and I knew I couldn’t take much more pain without fainting. I lowered my face into mums neck ready to blackout but she whispered in my ear. She told me to play along with anything she did and kissed me. She looked at her husband and said “Real men don’t fuck little girls. Real men like experience.”
Dad froze, he was motionless and staring at his wife. I had screwed my head around and could see he was confused, his drugged brain trying to make some sort of decision. “You’ve never fucked my arse have you Mathew?” mum said. “Well why don’t you take that yummy dick out of your daughter and stick it into my virgin hole.”
“She wants it up her bum daddy.” I played along. “She wants you to cum inside her arse.” He didn’t move for a long moment, I held my breath, then he pulled out of me and lowered himself between mums bum cheeks. My bum hole was gaping open and throbbing and I felt the cool air rush inside me. Mum had a look of relief on her face, her plan had at least gained me a reprieve. “Put it in Mathew. Shove that big cock into my virgin bum. Don’t hold back, shoot your load as soon as you’re ready.” I knew she wanted to make him cum fast so this would end. “Do it daddy. Empty your balls inside her hot shit hole.” He fumbled around trying to find mums bum hole, she was pushed down into the bed and her legs were flat so the angle was difficult but he was determined and suddenly mum stiffened and hissed “oh fuck.” between clenched teeth and I knew he was in her. Now it was my turn, antalya escort mum was definitely not enjoying being arse fucked. “Come on daddy, fuck her, fuck her hard. You want to cum don’t you. You want to blow your load deep inside. If I wasn’t tied up I’d play with your balls and bum and make you shoot.” He fell for it and ripped the tape off my right wrist taking a bit of skin with his nails. Now I pushed my hand between my belly and mums mound and found his cock. I couldn’t reach his balls so I circled his shaft and squeezed and that seemed to satisfy him because he sped up and began to grunt with the effort. “That’s it daddy. Faster, you can do it. Does it feel nice me holding your cock while you fuck her. Does it?”
“Fuck yeh. Squeeze it you little slut.” Dad went totally animal and went even faster, there was no way he could hold back at this pace. My hand was getting squashed between mums bum and his belly and I squeezed harder. Dad arched his back and threw his head up, he was shaking violently and with a loud grunt he began emptying his balls with short, sharp jabs till he was drained and collapsed backward sitting on his heels, panting and sweating. “I need a fuckin drink.” he stammered. “Then I’ll come back and fuck you both again.” He almost fell off the bed and staggered out of the room. My hand was still free, he’d totally forgotten, so I snatched at my other wrist and ripped the tape off. Mum said “Hurry baby. I think he means to do more than just fuck us.” Panic took over. I twisted around and tried to rip the tape on my ankles but it was just too thick and wouldn’t budge. “Oh please baby, hurry.” Mum started to cry again. I reached forward and pulled the top bedside draw open, it was full of undies and bras. Something caught my eye. The catch on one bra was a big single metal “u” shape so I snatched it up and pushed the clamp over the tape and pulled like crazy. The bra strap started to tear but held on just long enough to cut the tape and I wrapped my fingers around the tear and ripped it apart. One to go. Mum was egging me on “Good girl Suzy. You need to be quick baby, I can hear him coming back.” The bra was useless and the tape wouldn’t give. I have no idea how I contorted into a position where I was able to get my mouth onto the tape but I did and I bit down hard, the tape split, and I was free. The knots on the ropes were too tight to undo and tears of frustration streamed down my face as I struggled desperately , breaking fingernails and cutting my hands.
I could hear him in the hall now and knew we were out of time, I wasn’t going to be able to free mum before he arrived. There was a crash and the sound of a breaking bottle, then swearing and the footsteps faded as he returned to the kitchen. Another reprieve. “Scissors. Bathroom.” Mum was whispering. “Get the hair scissors from the bath room Suzy. Hurry baby. Go.” It seemed to take forever but I found the scissors and hacked at the ropes. The moment the last rope shredded and broke, mum ran to the door, slammed it shut and turned the key. We stood side by side, our backs against the door and suddenly he was on the other side screaming and swearing. Another bottle crashed on the tiles and then the door burst open so hard, mum was thrown to the floor and I was jammed between the wall and door. Dad tumbled in and grabbed mum by the throat. “I’ll kill you bitch.” he growled and mums face was turning blue and her eyes were bulging. I was just about to jump on his back when I saw the baseball bat in the corner. It was there in case of burglars. I snatched it up and lifted it high over my head as I took three steps forward, then brought it down with every bit of strength I had left. There was a sickening thud as it hit the back of his head and he was instantly a rag doll, crumpled on the floor.
I stood over him, my whole body shaking, my hatred boiling in my brain and I lifted the bat over my head again. Somehow mum managed to hold a hand up and croak “No Suzy, no. He’s not worth it. Truly darling.” but I just stood there till I realised mum was right so I put my foot on his shoulder and kicked him onto his back. His soft cock lay on top of his balls and hung between his open legs and I swung the bat down. It hit him right on the knob and pushed his balls up into his belly. Even unconscious, his body jerked and I saw the blood begin to drip out of his cock eye. Mum had found enough strength to stand and now she was beside me staring at dads mangled genitals. The shaking slowly subsided and I tossed the bat back into the corner. Mum was holding me tight, she looked into my eyes and kissed me, then walked me out of the room and away from him.
The cops took him away. Mum rang Gail, she knew I would feel a lot better with my big sis here. She was at the front door in under an hour, charged in and cuddled mum in a bear hug then ran to where I was sitting on the lounge, a big cushion under my throbbing cunt and bum. There were tears in her eyes. She knelt in front of me and took my hands in hers and said “I’m so, so sorry Suzy. I could have made this never happen. I should have been braver and told mum but I was so scared. It’s why I left home. He was raping me too.” I just stared at her, then turned to mum who looked shocked and I said “I should have killed him mum.”
“no baby, he’s a lot worse off where he is.”
Gail moved back with us. Mum sold the house and we went to a new town, a new life and I never saw my dad again…lucky for him!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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