Daddy’s Special Baby

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**Note from author**

1st) These stories are strictly for fun only. The author does not condone any of the actions contained within in real life

2cd) this story is a much softer story since some people are a bunch of pussies, and not in the good way. Like seriously? Don’t like the content? Keep scrolling -_- that being said, the author hopes you enjoy.



Hello all. My name is Daddy. No you don’t need to know my real name. What you do need to know is this. I’m 6’4, 200 lbs. of pure muscle. I work out every day, so my body is toned and, might I add, sexy as hell. I’ve got a handsome face, or so I’ve been told, and I have piercing green eyes and salt and pepper black hair. I’m not that old yet, only turning 40 last year. I became a divorcee when I threw my frigid gold digging wife out on her ass. Giving it up to the whole world, except to her husband. I date, but none hold my interest. I’ve got a nice house, nice things and a good job. I’ve got just one problem, I got daughter issues.


Hi, I’m Katie! I’m 5’0 and 100 lbs. I just turned 18 last week! I’m so excited to finally be an adult! People call me gorgeous and beautiful, but there’s only one person I want to hear those words from. I’m still pretty innocent when it comes to sex and things of that nature. Since my mom left and took off to California, we haven’t seen her. My Daddy has been the only one there for me. I love my Daddy very much. He’s taken me to my school dances and attended every parent meeting. He makes sure I do my homework every night. I’ve gotten accepted to the local community college. I’ve got tons of pretty clothes my daddy buys me and I even got a brand new car for my 18th birthday. I don’t date because all the boys in my school are a bunch of idiots. Hopefully college boys will be better. All and all life is pretty good. I’ve got just one problem, I’ve got Daddy issues.

“The temptation”

Its Daddy again. It’s Wednesday afternoon, around 3 pm. Katie won’t be home for another hour and I’m home alone. I’m restless and I’m trying to do the right thing. I walk through the house and to the kitchen. I hope the fridge and stare listlessly into it. Nothing suits me. I close it up and flop down into a chair in the living room. I flip on the TV. A daytime soap opera flashes on the screen. I watch it for about twenty minutes, but my mind is elsewhere.

“No!” I say to myself. “That’s wrong, disgusting!” I stand up. The TV gets flipped off and I climb the stairs again to go back to my room. I’m hot and bothered. I stop in front of my daughters room. Katie’s door has a name plate on it. It’s bright pink. I’d given it to her in her stocking for Christmas when she was 8. It was pretty childish for an 18 year old. He would have to find a new one. I hesitate at the door. Kicking myself internally, I open the door. Instantly, the sweet stench of my daughter hit my nose. I breath deep. It smells like her perfume… and something else. I can’t put my finger on it. I look around. Big stuffed animals lay on a brightly colored flower bedspread. I go to it. The bear laying on the bed is the size of a person! I lay on top of the best, nestling my crotch into the softness of the stuffing. I think wicked thoughts. I think of my daughter, naked in this bed, dry humping this stuffed animal.

My cock gets hard thinking about her, as it had many times before. I close my eyes, picturing her in this bed, legs spread, pretty little pussy on display for me. I feel my desire rise. After a moment, I stand. My cock is straining against my slacks, begging to be released, begging for fulfillment. I try to control myself, but the lust overtakes me. I go to my daughters drawers and open it. Boring cotton panties stare back at me. I frown, disappointed. I move the underwear around and gasp. On the bottom of the drawer, hidden in the back, is a Lacy black thong. I grab it up. I bring it to my face. To my shock, I find it has a smell! What was this? I bring it to my nose and bury my face in it. I was enough of a man to know that smell. That was the smell of cum.

My little girl had worn these underwear and orgasm in them. The thought threw me over the edge. I dropped the panties to the dresser and quickly undid my belt. I was so anxious, so ready! I ataşehir escort bayan pulled out my thick and long member. It was eight inches long and at least an inch thick. I bring the thong back to my face. Did I dare? Slowly, I stick out my tongue and gently lap at the crotch. It was still wet. She must’ve cum in them this very morning! I bring them to my cock, surrounding it with the Lacy thong. I slowly jerk off, my eyes closed. Suddenly I hear a noise. It was the front door! It was Katie! She’d never forgive me if she found me! I run out of her room, thong still on my cock.

“The first look”

Katie again. I came in from school. In only three weeks, I’d be done for good. I couldn’t wait. As I closed the door, I heard running footsteps in the hall upstairs.

“Daddy?” I call out. I hear the shower start. My little cunnie gets wet just thinking about Daddy in the shower. I know I shouldn’t spy on him, but my body is already thinking about the release I will have while picturing his body. I sneak upstairs. To my surprise, my door is open. I go in. My teddy bear is hanging half off the bed. My underwear drawer is open. I set my bear up on the bed. I kiss it’s nose.

“Daddy,” I whisper. “How did you get off the bed?” I run my hands lovingly over the bear, thinking of the sensual moments this morning. I had been so turned on, I had slipped into my sexy black thong and dry humped my bear until I had to push my fingers deep into my pussy to come. I went to my drawer, noticing it was open. I see my underwear are all moved around and my thong was missing! Oh no! Did Daddy find it? Would he be mad?! I close the drawer and fine for a moment. I hear the shower going still. A small peek at Daddy wouldn’t hurt, would it? I sneak out of my room and see Daddy’s room door is open. I take a hesitate step inside the room. I see Daddy in the shower through the mirror. Daddy has my thong! I try to gasp as I see him rubbing it all over his cock. His cock is so hard and so long! My cunnie is dripping into my cotton white panties. I sneak a little closer, so I can hear him. I lean against the wall outside the bathroom. Daddy can’t see me, but I can see him. His hard, muscled body is tense. He is moaning something.

“Oh, Katie, let me lick your sweet little pussy.” I hear him moan. I watch as he brings the thong to his mouth and begins to lick the crotch!! He was licking away my cum! My pussy almost explodes. I twist my tiny a-cup breasts in my hands. I’d never grown past them when I was growing up. Daddy calls out my name and then big spurts of white shoot all over the shower. Daddy is breathing heavy. My wet thong falls to the ground with a loud splash. Daddy turns the water hotter.

“Going to hell…” He mumbled. The bathroom steamed up, making it hard for me to see his perfect body. Being so near to him, with him being naked only feet away from me, made me run my pussy with all my might. Suddenly I gasped as I came. Daddy turned suddenly and turned off the shower. I ran from the room.

“The aftermath”

I shake my head. How could I have been so stupid? I’d taken Katie’s thong and jacked off with it to the most epic and amazing orgasm I’d had in a long time. My knees where shaking as I turned the heat on hotter in the shower. Might as well get used to the burning. Then, I’d heard a noise. I glanced into the mirror out at my bed room and was shocked when I saw Katie, my very own daughter rushing from the room. She must think me a creep! How do I explain this? Could it even be explained? How did you tell your very own daughter you lusted after her? That she haunted your sexual fantasies to the point that you couldn’t jack off to anything else? Why has she come into his room to begin with? She’d heard his shower going. She knew he’d be showering. Why has she come in? A thought suddenly occurred to me. Had she been spying on me? She was after all, a virgin still. She’d told me so just the other night. Now that I think of it, it was strange to her my 18 year old daughter tell me she was a virgin. That night, I’d cum hard thinking about taking her virginity. Thinking about breaking through that hymen to get to the very depths of her. Thinking about her first orgasm, having it come from her Daddy. I go back into the bathroom and wash out her escort kadıköy panties with some shampoo. That would clean em right? When I finished, I settled them across my sink to dry. I paced my room. I’d act natural, like it hadn’t happened. Yes, I’d have to do that. I closed and locked my bedroom door.

“What happens now?”

Daddy had seen me. I hid in my room, holding tight to my big teddy bear. I hear Daddy’s door open and my stomach drops. Would he spank me? Thrill shot through me at the thought. I hear a knock on my door.

“Come in, Daddy.” I whisper out. My heart is pounding…

I’m standing outside Katie’s door. My heart is pounding… I hear her call for me to come in. I slowly open the door. Her fearful eyes find and met mine own scared ones.

“Sugar?” I asked, using her nickname from childhood. She looks up at me from the bed. Oh my goodness. She’s still wearing her school uniform. The plaid skirt in hiked up and she’d taken off her patent leather shoes. Her stocking feet were nestled under her, giving him a view of her tiny bare legs. Her skirt was off to the side though and not on straight. Was it true? Had she been in there to look at him?

Daddy walks in and sees me sitting on the bed. I’m holding my teddy bear, the same teddy bear that I had dry humped while envisioning my daddy. What would Daddy say if he knew?

“Sugar, we need to talk.” I take a deep breath. Oh no! Here it comes! I take a deep breath.

“I’m sorry!” both Daddy and I blurt out at the same time. We laugh. Daddy comes closer into the room. His big, muscular body makes me want to swoon. I hope Daddy doesn’t see the blush on my cheeks!

I walk closer to Katie. She’s holding onto that bear for dear life. My balls tingle when I think about how I had dry humped the stupid thing thinking about Katie.

“Oh, sugar.” I say. “What could you have to be sorry about?” my heart thuds in my chest.

“Daddy,” Katie says. “I spied on you in the shower!” I wanted to gasp. I didn’t. My heart thudded so loud. Could she hear it? I sit on the bed next to her.

“Did you see me in the shower?” I asked her. A head nod.

“I watched you as you used my thong to jerk off with!” She squeaked out. I felt dirty and nasty.

“Oh, baby girl, I’m so sorry. I’m the one who is sorry and ashamed.”

“Daddy…” Katie said softly. I felt as she put her head on my shoulder. I could see down into her starch white shirt. I could see her white bra. My cock stiffened. She looked at me in concern.

“Daddy?” She whispered to me.

“Yes?” I croak out. I slip my arm around her. She snuggles in close. Her hand rests on my thigh, only inches away from my throbbing cock. Her fingers danced along and my cock popped up.

“What’s happening in your pants?!” I look down into the brown eyes of my daughter. They remind me of her whore mother. I want to kiss her, to bury my tongue deep in her mouth.

“I’m sorry, hunny. You saw me in the shower the same way, right?”

“I thought that only happens when a guy is aroused.” I clear my throat. It’s now or never.

“I am aroused… By you…”

“The first time”

Daddy leans in and tells me he is aroused by me. It’s got to be true. His cock is straining against the cotton cage it was in. Daddy gently touches my face. I’m so unsure. This is my Daddy after all. I feel funny deep in my pussy. Like when I am dreaming about Daddy. Daddy’s hands brush my tiny little breasts as he undoes my shirt.

“if you want me to stop, if you don’t want your Daddy to touch you, tell me and I will stop.”

“Daddy, will you undress in front of me?” I ask him. Seeing his naked body and long hard cock would help me to get over my fears. I’ve heard from my girlfriend’s that the first time hurts. I want Daddy to be my first. I want Daddy to be my only!

I jump from the bed, ready to do whatever my angel wants. If she wants me to strip, I will strip. I slide off my tank top and pull off my socks. I didn’t have much on to begin with. In one quick motion, I took off my basketball shorts until I was standing nude in front of her. My cock was so fucking hard!! I wanted to touch it, but I resisted. I really wanted her tiny little lips on my cock.

“Your turn.” I said, bostancı escort laughing. I pulled Katie to her feet and resisted the urge to rip the clothes from her body. She looked hesitant.

“I did it, like you asked. Take off your clothing and I will show you more pleasure than you’ve ever known.” My voice was husky with desire. I got on the bed and leaned against the fucking bear. My cock was ready to go. I put some spit into my hand and very slowly stroked my cock. As her skirt dropped to the floor, my desire was at it’s max. How could I ever make love to her if I was ready to pop off before I even touched her? I took my hands and crossed them behind my head. I watch with baited anticipation as she takes off her shirt. She’s standing in white cotton underwear and her white bra. She still had her stockings on. As she reached back to undo her bra, I gasped. Her nipples were rosebud pink. I wanted to take them in my mouth. I knelt before her, taking her tiny breast mounds in my mouth. I licked and nibbled the nipple as my daughter, my flesh and blood, squirmed under my mouth. I pull her underwear down. I slid my hand across her flat belly and gently touch the top of her pubic mounds. She shuddered. I take her to the bed and lay her down.

“Daddy…” She questions me. I put a finger on her lips.

“No, baby. Let me just show you how great sex feels.”

“I’m a virgin, Daddy. I want you to take my virginity. I want to give it to you.” I moan as I lay her on the pillows. I’m so big compared to her, she weighs practically nothing as I lay her on the bed and spread her legs. Her sweet scent hits my nose. She’s fucking sopping wet. I see a little precum slid from her pussy. I dive in and lap it up. She shudders. I open her pussy lips to reveal her nub. Oh, it’s so pink. It’s so small. I stick out my tongue and gently swipe at her. She thrashes about on the bed. I began to love her that way, running my tongue up and down the length of her virginal, pink pussy. I couldn’t get enough. I licked her and then stuck my tongue into her pussy. Her juice tasted so sweet. As I tongue fucked her, she came all over my face. She lay there, gasping, as I continued to lick her until the last moment of the orgasm passed. I saw her sit up.

“Open your mouth.” I whispered. She did as she was told.

“Oh, baby, you are a good little girl aren’t you.”

“Yes, Daddy.” She said softly, before I gently eased my thick cock into her tiny mouth. It filled it. She choked a little as my long member made contact with the back of her throat.

“Wrap your little rosebud littles around my cock and suck like you are using a straw.” She obeyed my commands. I loved it. She was compliant and she was fucking hot as hell. Her tiny little body turned me on so much. The fact that she was my daughter made me want to nut right then and there. I pulled my cock from her mouth.

“Your going to make Daddy cum. If you do that, then no cock for you.” I laid her back down on the bed. I spread her legs and lay on top of her.

“At first it will hurt.” I say. “Then the pleasure will come.” I slid into her, her virgin pussy almost strangling my cock. I moan in pleasure.

“You are so fcking tight! Fucking damn it!” I cry out. I slam into her, seating myself all the way to the hilt. She cries out, but I can’t hear her. All I hear in the pleasure coursing through me.

“Daddy!” She calls out. I start to ride her. She is gasping out, screaming.

“YES, DADDY FUCK ME, FUCK ME FUCK ME!!” Her no longer virgin pussy comes again and again. As I pull out and look down, I see the proof of her claim. She was a virgin. I couldn’t believe it.

“I’m going to fuck you until I cum!” I gasp out, falling on her. She is pushing me. I am pounding in and out of her pussy, harder and harder. She is gasping.

“Daddy… Cum in me, Daddy! Give your daughter all your cum!” her words sent me over the edge and I slammed hard into her, leaving my seed deep in her womb. I moved off of her and lay next to her. She is smiling at me.

“My first time. I have been dreaming about it being you since I was a little girl! Every time I touch my pussy or fuck my bear, I think of you!” my eyes widened. She fucked that bear too?

“I will tell you a secret.” I turn to her, rubbing my hands across her small breasts. “I came in here earlier and dry fucked your bear.”

“I want you to fuck me, Daddy, not my bear. That’s for me!”

“Now, baby, I am for you. Now and forever. You will always be Daddy’s special baby.”

The end

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