Dad’s Second Wife Ch. 2

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Saturday morning and I awoke thinking of the dream I had dreamed. It was of dad and my step-mother Helen having sex with me watching. My eyes opened and I thought of the disk, the one from the digital camera. Suddenly I realized it might not have been a dream after all as I scrambled from bed. I began searching but couldn’t find any such disk. The bed, I thought, lifting the mattress. There, buried almost in the center, was the disk I sought. I slipped into my computer and there they were, naked and having sex. Again I lusted at the sight of Helen’s huge breasts as they bounced on her chest as dad pounded her body with his organ. Again the words of Helen begging him for more and dad telling her how much he loved and wanted her.

I was rock hard when my bedroom door silently opened. My fingers were tightly wrapped around my turgid shaft, rapidly pumping it when sis walked in and stopped to just watch. It wasn’t the first time she had seen me masturbate and it wouldn’t be the last. In fact she and I had been giving each other sexual pleasure for several years, but had yet to consummate out desires with full fledged actual sex. For now we were both content with the touching of each others body then the giving of hand induced pleasure. Very soon, I was to find out, that was all to change.

“Hey Dan, must be some new hot video you’re watching,” she panted instantly becoming aroused. I must say it takes so very little to excite and sexually arouse my sister. She moved closer and knelt beside me. “Slow down big brother and let me take care of that problem,” she said moving my hand away and slipping her fingers in place.

“Oh fuck, Janet, your cool fingers feel so good on my hot cock. You just gotta see this hot video I’ve got. Mmmmm, damn, don’t you dare stop,” I gasped feeling her lips kissing then surrounding the swollen head of my penis.

She wasn’t about to stop. Her other hand cupped my heavy scrotum, lifting to feel the weight of my stored up seed as she continued to slowly stroke my organ as her lips descended on my shaft. Her hands were very small for her size and as such her fist barely covered a third of my organ, her mouth quickly covering the rest. We had learned very early that she could take all of my nine inches and so made do with what she could take, roughly six. The more she bobbed her head the more I wanted and was soon hunching my hips to her face, wanting casino siteleri and succeeding in fucking her mouth. Deep inside my scrotum I felt the boiling of my sperm, the clinching up of my testicles as my seed slowly began to move towards the base of my shaft. Without warning it shot up, gushing forth with more force than Janet was used to having. Almost to the point of gagging Janet quickly managed to start swallowing yet still a few creamy drops escaped her tightly held lips. My orgasm ended and she lifted her head to lick away what she had almost missed.

“Yeah,” she panted. “Nothing like a snack after school.” Janet wasn’t due to graduate until the following spring from high school. She had missed a couple of years due to her recovery from cancer, but now she was fine and there was no longer any more fear of relapse. The one legacy she would forever live with was being unable to ever have children.

“God, sis, that was great, but you still haven’t seen this,” I spoke softly to her. “Here, sit in my chair and watch.” I moved away right after restarting the disk.

“Wow, is that dad?” she asked. “Shit, it is dad and Helen. Why Dan, they’re having sex, fucking. How the hell did you get this?” she asked eyes glued to the screen, her breathing coming hard making her lovely breasts strain the buttons of her already tight blouse.

“I came home the other day and heard them, grabbed my digital camera and just watched. Wow, can you believe how good Helen’s boobs look? See how they move when she’s on her knees and arms, now watch when she’s on her back. Damn, I get hard just watching them move all over her chest. Oh what I would give to have just an hour with her naked chest in my hands,” Dan panted.

“She really does have a big pair,” Janet gasped really taking a good look at the screen. “I wouldn’t mind feeling them myself. Why don’t you show me just what you would do with her,” Janet breathed heavily slipping off her T-shirt and exposing her own naked breasts.

Standing behind her his hand roughly gripped her naked breasts. Two things he love about his sister. One, she rarely ever wore a bra. Second, she love her breasts to be taken rough, hard and given lots of pain, especially her overly sensitive nipples. Janet gasped with pleasure feeling his fingers digging deeply into her firm breast flesh as she watched her dad pumping into Helen from the back, then slot oyna as he flipped her over and took her from the front. Dan’s fingers, she knew, were leaving marks as they bruised her skin and she loved him for it. Her nipples swelled hard as his thumb and forefinger found the solid nubs, grasped them and began rolling and pinching. He pulled the sensitive nubbins well away from the center of her boobs far and away further than was naturally intended. Her body reacted sensually, her breath quickened as a deep moan escaped her lips. Moisture seep from inside between her legs as she parted them. Her hand slipped inside her jeans as she felt her sex. It was, by now, dripping wet from watching the hot sex on the computer screen and the rough hard feelings her brother was giving her upper body.

Janet reached back and pulled her brothers head towards her chest and waiting breasts. When his lips touched her sensitive nipples her body shuddered in her first climax. Dan knew this as he began to capture and suckle her rigid nipples. He knew his mouthing of her would bring about another more intense climax and that’s what he wanted to give her. Her breathing became ragged, both from his attention to her breasts and that of the sensual acts on the screen before her. She dug, no, plowed, three fingers rough and harshly between her legs and deeply into her own sex. Her entire body shook with the impending climax, then she reverberated when the gushing coated her rapidly moving fingers. It took several moments before Janet could even begin to come down, but slowly it happened. Her hand and fingers were soaked with her juices. Pulling them out they first went to her lips whereupon she sucked and licked them clean. Next she again coated them only to offer them to her brother whose hands still clutched tightly at her overly ample ripe bosom. Dan sucked her fingers of her body loving the taste of her. At long last they calmed and thought to talk.

“I always thought you had an interest in Helen and her body,” he began watcher closely her reactions.

“Well, she does have breasts a little bit bigger than mine,” Janet began.

“And did you see how nicely they moved? I can only hope mine look that good when I’m getting fucked.”

“I know what you mean. I don’t have any doubt yours will bounce and bob every bit as nicely, but what about dads cock.” Dan blushed slightly since they almost canlı casino siteleri never spoke with such words like cock, tits, pussy, cunt, balls or any of the other normal sexual words most people used.

“Hey, bro, don’t blush or feel ashamed. I think it’s time we come out of the dark ages and really speak our minds. Yeah, I like seeing his cock, his heavy balls and watching him plow it into Helen. He looks to be the same size as you. I wonder if he tastes just a good and sweet?” she queried.

“You’d like to have sex with dad, right”, he asked without remorse. “I mean you’d really like to suck his cock, feel his balls and have him cum in your pussy. But what of Helen? You sound like you’d like to have sex with her, too.”

“I guess you’re right,” Janet said sheepishly her head drooping. “Yeah, I wouldn’t mind finding out just how good Helen’s tits are, how they would feel in my hands and her nipples between my sucking lips, but no more than I know you would like to do just the same. But dad, now that’s another thing altogether. Yeah, I’d like to grab hold of his cock, feel it pulsing in my hand like yours does, then taste of him and maybe swallow his gushing cum.”

“You know,” Dan began slowly, “I had thought since the first time we played around that I would be your first lover, but now I can see it really should be dad to take you. I know you’re a virgin and it really should be him to take your cheery, pierce your hymen and make you a woman. I think I can make it happen if that’s what you really want.”

“Oh Dan, could you? I mean can you really make that happen? I would be yours forever, give you whatever you wanted, especially my body and I know you’ve wanted that for the longest time.”

“You wouldn’t mind if along the way I just happened to have sex with Helen?” he asked already knowing the answer.

“If you can get daddy to take me, pop my cheery and fuck me, I would willingly help you with taking Helen,” Janet gasped with obvious lust.

“Then it’s a done deal,” Dan said waving the disk in front of her. “I have here all I need for both of use to have what we want. All I can hope for and ask is that sometime soon I will get to have you just the same as you’re willing to give to dad.”

They kissed to seal the pact, then commenced to sexually pleasure each other further consummating their vows.

* * * * *

OK, here is parts one and two. I have most of the ideas for the further continuation of this story, but will not refuse to consider any and all comments. If you like this one, check my screen name for other stories posted. Thanks.

Yours, Trog

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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