Dale’s Special Family Ch. 03

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That weekend with his sister and wife had Dale desiring more erotic adventures. He was aware of at least one local adult store that had information on incest activities. The curious husband wanted to explore the possibilities more.

Dale figured that meeting those living the same lifestyle his family would this new lifestyle better. These people would be more open and adventurous. Besides, partying with these types ensured secrecy would be maintained.

Dale enters the place named, “Twin Peaks”. It was just off the main drag. The building had been around for years. He had heard it was where to go to learn about the most erotic of lifestyles.

A little bell announces his entrance. It was a converted house. A former home that is left standing when the neighborhood had gone from residential to business. It was large and could accommodate much in the way of merchandise.

Dale walks into what used to be a front room. Black sheets and posters cover all the windows. This was to ensure the privacy of the patrons. A number of portable shelves hold videos, DVD’s and other such material. Makeshift announcements decorate the walls tells of sales on old videos and/or sexually related items.

A room off to the left was filled with displays of dildos, plastic dolls, vibrating balls, creams and other such aids. Rows of magazines covers the back wall. Near it was a group of items that are for the gay and lesbian crowd.

“Can I help you, Sir,” a sweet voice asks.

He turns to see a set Nubian beauties standing behind the counter in the center of the room. They are stunning! They are identical! They are twins! Dale was surprise to see such women in a place like this.

Both sport long raven-haired tresses that drop midway on the back. The deep brown chocolate complexions enhance the natural ethic beauty. Both had a pair of large, perfectly rounded breasts that push against the thin material of too small crop tops. Nice, large nipples protrude proudly.

“Was there something special you’re lookin’ for?” the first girl asks with a dimpled smile. It adds to the girlish face.

“Yes,” Dale answers moving toward the twins, “I’ve heard you specialized in family fun.”

“Family fun?” the first girl query, moving around the counter.

The second girl leans onto to the glass top counter. A set of large mounds lay against the surface. Pressure expands the dark orbs. This enhances the cleavage. Dale couldn’t help but notice it! It had to be an intentional act.

“Incest,” he clarifies stopping next to the approaching sales girl. “I understand this place specialized in such activity.”

“Are’ya into that?” the girl behind the counter asks leaning even further.

The one next to him smells fantastic. Dale already had a hard on due to these women’s appearance alone. Both are short and very sexy.

“You might say that,” Dale coyly answers.

“Doin’ or watchin’?” the one next to him questions.

“That depends on whatcha got,” he responds, being elusive.

“Well, honey,” the girl behind the counter, explains, “If you’re watchin’, you’ll stay out here with this stuff,” she finalizes with a sweeping hand, “If you’re a doer, you’ll go somewhere else.”

The one next to him prods, ‘So?”

Dale scans the girl. A nametag angles on a left breast. It reads, “Pat”. Her titties are inviting. The halter was definitely too small.

“I’m a doer,” he admits slowly.

The smile on the cute face grows. Dale could have sworn the nipples also increase. That could have been wishful thinking on his part.

“Then perhaps I can help you.” she asks, “You’re got the front, Pam?” Pat asks the other girl.

“Yeah, Sis.” she permits with a smile, “Take ya time with ‘im”

Pat gives the customer the once over. He was a tall, well-developed outdoorsy type. The broad, dimpled smile is presented again.

“Toss me the keys, Sis,” she orders. “I’m gonna show ‘im the specialty room.”

Pam pulls a ring from behind the counter and throws them. A metallic jingle is heard as they soared. Pat snatches the keys from flight.

“So what are’ya wantin’ today, sugar?” she asks interlacing her arm with his.

“A way to meet others with my tastes,” Dale answers.

She escorts him toward one of the back rooms. Pat’s smell was increasing his sexual urges. She was caressing a muscular arm with fingertip touches.

“Again,” Pam reinforces, “Take ya time!”

“I’m gonna,” Pat shouts back to her sister, “You can bet I’m gonna.”

Arm and arm the two of them moves to a black sheet covered doorway. She pulls back the drape indicating he should enter.

“I’m gonna ask ya some personal questions, honey,” she explains, “This so I can figure out if I got what you want.”

“Shoot away,” Dale permits.

Inside was a small atrium. A padlocked door was at the opposite end of the room. A singular blue light gives illumination to the space.

“So, sugar,” Pat, asks as they step up next to the door, “Are’ya bangin’ any kinfolks now?”

The bluntness of the kartal escort question surprised Dale. One a few weeks back the young husband could have responded with a simple “Hell, no!” But now to be honest to this black vixen, the answer wouldn’t be simple.

“Well?” she prompts as the key jingles from the slender fingers separating them.

“We’re talkin’ privacy here?” Dale asks ensuring her word.

“Baby,” she promises placing the key in the lock, “I’m lik’a lawyer. What’s said don’t go no where.”

“My sister,” he answers slowly.

“Oh, really?” she responds with a wider grin. The girl’s face lights up. “Oomph!” she sounds pushing open the door.

“I wanna hear more, Tiger,” she states while moving inside the next room.

Dale follows. She flips on a nearby switch. The room lights up.

“Now here’s what you want,” she proudly states.

The room was filled with videos, toys and magazines. A computer set up was in a far corner. It had a screensaver reading, “Incest is a real family activity”; with a computer generated couple fucking below the words.

“Everything you ever wanted to know about incest an’ are afraid to ask,” Pat chirps.

“Everything?” Dale questions.

“Everything,” she promises with an inviting smile.

Dale couldn’t believe how outwardly sexy this African-American girl was! The small top didn’t conceal anything. She might as well be naked from the waist up.

Again, intertwining a smooth arm in Dale’s Pat gives a tour of the space. She keeps bumping a nice hip against his. Her grip tightens on a muscular arm.

“This computer,” she begins, “has a data bank with over thousand names of individuals, couples and groups searching for partners. It also has listings for the local swingers’ clubs and spots,” she asks, “Are’ya aware that this town has the only incest swinger club on American soil?”

“Really?” Dale asks surprise.

“Yes.” she qualifies, “But it is a very exclusive club. It takes months, even years to get invited to.”

They move over to the shelves of tapes and DVD’s.

“Here is the finest collection of incest movies in the world,” Pat brags proudly, “These are real acts of incest. Not actors but real folks,” she adds smugly, “My sister an’ I have done a special effort to create the best true incest video library around.”

“You sister an’ you?” he wonders.

“Yeah.” Pat explains, “My twin. We owned this place,” she asks, “Ya didn’t think we worked for someone here?”

“I really didn’t think about it at all,” Dale honestly answers. “Where do I start?”

He was still amazed at the contents of the room.

“Well,” Pat purrs, “how about this hot sister action?” she moves up next to the handsome customer, “I need to know more.”

She rubs Dale’s chest slowly. Pat looks up with devious brown eyes. He suddenly realizes that more than a magazine could be gotten from this place.

“I think a man who fucks his sister is hot!” she coos. “Do’ya fuck her often?”

“Every chance I get,” Dale answers hotly feeling hardness in the tight pant grows.

“Do’ya eat her sweet cunt?” Pat huskily whispers rubbing the large flesh mounds against his chest.

“You’re really into a man fuckin’ his sister,” he notes placing a right hand on a well-rounded ass cheek.

“A man who screws his sister,” Pat hisses, “is a man with no inhibitions.”

A left hand is placed on the other asscheek. Dale squeezes both gently. Pat’s arms wrap around his neck.

“I can’t help it,” she confesses with a smile, “I can’t resist a free thinkin’ man.” she licks a set of full inviting lips. “We love sex an’ that’s why we own such a place.” Dark red lips are shiny with saliva. They are even more inviting.

Dale pulls Pat up. They kiss deeply. Tongues play tag. Strong hands grasp more of the firm ass cheeks. She finds his.

Dale then lifts her up onto a nearby counter. He leans in between the curvy, brown legs. Their lips never separate with the movement.

Dale’s hands move up to the waistband of the tight running shorts. They snake inside. A warm bare ass is touched. It was a feeling that was a surprising delight.

“I see you don’t wear panties,” he murmurs while nibbling her neck.

“Sexy girls don’t,” Pat sighs, “They wear nothin’ so they’re all ready for a dick.” she places kisses all over his blonde head.

“I see you’re a real experience woman,” Dale notes pulling on an ears of the knot holding the crop top together.

“Damn straight I am,” Pat brags, “I seldom say no to a good dick. After all, I’ve got what most men want an’ they got what I want.” She looks with big brown eyes concluding, “That means everyone comes away happy.” The shining lips are slowly licked again. “I like the word ‘cum’. Don’t you?”

Dale didn’t get a chance to answer. Once the knot unties, 38DD’s bounces out from the restraint. The set jiggles wildly. Dark brown nipples erect on the luscious mounds.

“Those are magnificent!” he awes wide-eyed, “They look so delicious.”

“They are, Baby.” maltepe escort bayan The arching Pat offers, “Why doncha check ’em for yourself?”

Dale leans forward capturing one of the hard nubs with a hot mouth. He holds it in place with his teeth while a wet tongue lap at the sensitive skin.

“Oh, Tiger,” Pat sighs, “That’s nice.”

She grasps the back of his polo shirt and tugs it from the pants. Her hands skim Dale’s back. They feel soft and sensual.

“Tell me more about this whore sister,” Pat huskily requests as he moves to the other nipple, “Tell me how you make her squeal.”

Dale continues to suck. His hands shifts from the ass to the hips. A pair of excited hands moves downward forcing the shorts with them.

“Oh, baby,” she coos, “Ya wanna see my pussy?” She wiggles to help with the removal of the pants, “Tiger wanna look at my love hole?”

“I want to be lickin’ that cunt,” Dale states hotly.

The shorts drop down to her ankles. Pat quickly kicks off a pair of sandals. The small garment continues to the floor.

With almost a rough motion she jerks his head upward. He was looking into a set of brown pools. They are gleaming.

“I mean it,” she orders pulling the shirt off, “Tell me how you love your sister’s cunt.”

“I suck it from top to bottom,” he begins slowly, “I separate her pink cunt lips an’ nibble on the clit.”

Dale’s finger searches out a wet cunt. It was a short trek. He wiggles the digit on the clit. Her face softens.

“Ummmm, feels good,” Pat, moans opening short, muscular legs wider. “I’ve belivin’ you might be as good as I think.”

“I’m sure I’ll be,” he places a second digit on the hot triangle. “Your pussy smells wonderful.” Dale force opens the engorged lips. “You’re so hot right now.” He orders, “Spread those legs wider. Place them over my shoulders so I can sink my fingers deeper.”

Pat locks ankles around his mid upper back. Her knees rest on a set of large shoulders. A dark hot cunt is ready for full access.

“Is this what you want?” she whispers hotly. Her knees fall apart. “Am I lookin’ whorish enough for ya?”

“You’re just like my sister,” he answers then licks the love slit from top to bottom. “Except her cunny is pink and your’s a dark red.”

“Oh Gawd, Baby,” Pat moans as love juices begin to mix with his saliva, “I know she must taste nice.”

“She taste fantastic!” Dale agrees as a nervous tongue washes the love hole. “I hav’a admit, sister cunt is very desirable.”

The expert eating of her pussy is affecting Pat. A fine ass humps on the counter top to meet with the movements of the darting tongue. Her fingers play and run through his hair. Moans and groans become louder.

A forefinger and thumb catches an extended clit between them. It is twicked and rubbed roughly. A forceful tongue invades the cunt opening. The young husband sucks and drinks the warm love juices emitting from the wetting hole.

Pat wiggles, humps and gyrates a solid ass on the glass surface of the counter. It was a surprise it didn’t break. The frequencies of movement increase as a climax begins to rise.

“Ooooooh, Baby,” she groans, “I’m bettin’ you’ve got the happiest sister in the world!” Pat grips Dale’s shoulders as the curvy legs spread wider and upward. “I know this is a sister lovin’ tongue!” she says trying to control a squeal, “It’s soooo good! It’s sooo nice!”

Pat wasn’t the first black woman he had ever had, but she was one of best tasting he had ever had. Dale eats and sucks on the open cunt with more vigor. A tongue goes deep and often.

“I’m gonna cum!” the black vixen announces loudly, “I’m gonna give you lots o’ juices!”

The rounded ass bounces hard on the glass surface. The thumping noise echoes in the small room.

“Ohhhhhhh yes, Tiger!” Pat moans louder, “Eat my pussy! Eat me raw!” she wails.

Dale had no doubt Pam heard them. If there were customers in the store, they would be getting an earful as well. Then this wasn’t exactly a place of societal morality.

The two lovers didn’t really. Pat leans back, with legs high and wide, bracing arms on the backside counter surface. Dale attacks the wet cunt with more lust.

He buries a hot mouth on the very inviting twat. The assault of the hot and wet pussy increases in intensity. Fingers speed up the rubbing of the protruding clit.

“Ohhhhhhhh, Tiger!” Pat groans, “Ahhhhhhhhhhh! It’s so nice!” she then cries out lustfully, “I’m cummmmin’, ya sonofabitch! I’m cummin’ hard!”

Dale’s face was covered with the flowing juices. A set of fit rounded hips tremble. The short legs wraps tightly around his neck as the climax apexes.

Pat arches firm thighs one last time. Then goes limp. The muscular legs slowly slide from the broad shoulders down the upper arms.

“That’s really good,” she pants with eyes closed. “You’re got a real experienced tongue.”

Pat then leans forward into his arms. Dale lifts the weak girl off the counter. She goes to knees.

“You’re sister escort pendik is one lucky woman,” Pat huffs, “You’re one outstandin’ cunt lover.”

Pat notices the bulged in the crotch of the pants. She looks up with a dimpled, devious smiles reappearing on the gentle face. A pair of glistening lips is slowly licked.

“Is that for me?” she coos placing a hand on the budging crotch.

“Check it out for yourself to answer that,” Dale challenges softly.

Pat slides the zipper down and reaches into his pants. Warm fingers skimmed lightly over the shaft. Every inch of the harden cock is fondle with feathery caresses that sent chills up his body.

“I see you don’t wear undies either,” she observes pulling out the stiff cock.

“I never know when I’ll be gettin’ some pussy,” Dale remarks enjoying the lady’s technique. “One always has’a be ready.”

Pat sits back to get a full scan of the white cock. It was hard and pointing directly at her. Dale was slightly embarrassed that some pre-semen was on the head.

“My Gawd,” she awes, “That’s one beautiful rod.” she looks up extolling, “I’m bettin’ your sister goes around with a smile on her face.” She loosens the belt buckle saying, “I thinkin’ she must be one satisfied bitch after you get done humpin’ her.”

The beautiful black girl gives a quick tug on the pants. They fall to Dale’s ankles like a curtain dropping on stage. The hard crank enlarged with the feeling of exposure.

Pat uses a left hand to pet and then cups the warm balls. Soft fingers massage the sac. It retracts with the increases erection.

“Your balls feel so full.” she looks up giggling, “Are’ya gettin’ enough from her?”

“Her an’ my wife,” Dale responds proudly.

“Her an’ya wife?” Pat asks hopefully, “You’re doin’ a threesome??”

“Every chance we get,” he boasts huskily, “Both cunts git all they want!”

“Wow,” Pat wishes, “I hope to meet ’em someday.”

“I suspect you will,” he predicts.

Pat simultaneously squeezes the balls with one hand and slowly strokes the rising, pulsating cock with the other. He was being stimulated with each movement. The masterful fingers slowly and meticulously encourage the hardness of the shaft.

“I can understand you sister’s willingness to go against all the taboos,” Pat whispers, “You got such’a pretty dick.”

A soft, long pink tongue slithers from between a pair of sensuous lips. It curls around the head of the dick. The pre-semen is licked away.

“I know your sister an’ wife are good pieces of ass,” she promises washing the engorged cock head, “But I’m gonna mak’ya forget about both of those bitches for awhile.”

Dale stares down at the gorgeous black woman making love to the erected rod. He could see the thick nipples peaking on the majestic mountains. He thinks how wonderful it would be to cum over those peaks.

A rush of carnal desire from the sensations Pat was causing rises quickly. The horny husband’s entire body was being invades with lust. A practiced mouth, tongue and fingers are making Dale’s cock swell until he though it was going to pop off.

“You’re not in competition with ’em, honey,” he moans placing hands on the raven tress, “Just do what you feel like doin’. Everything will just happen like it’s suppose to.”

Pat’s tongue slides down the underside of the shaft. It tickles the dangling balls with a darting, hot tip. She licks up the top of the rod to the end. The head of the cock slips into the hot accepting mouth.

Warm lips go wide around his cock. Dale could feel the insides of her cheeks rub against the stiff invading tool. It was like being in a hairless cunt.

He sighs and shivers from the expert cocksucking. This woman was good. In fact he was receiving a blowjob second to none. Possibility one of the best ever. This was something that wouldn’t be passing on to the girls. They’re just too egotistical about their abilities.

The door opens and Pam enters. She steps in a few feet closer. The twin smiles at her sister’s actions.

“All right,” Pam cheers giving a ‘thumbs up’ gesture.

“Close the store for lunch, Sis,” Pat orders halting the action. “We’re gonna be busy for awhile.”

Pam nods acknowledgement. She backs out smiling lecherously. The door closes quietly.

Pam returns to Dale’s dick. The hot tongue goes back to the underside of hard shaft. The feeling almost makes him loose control then and there.

Suddenly Pat pulls back a raven-haired head. The hot girl lay back on the carpeted floor. She braces on elbows and parts athletic legs. A thick black bush and sumptuous slit is fully showing.

“I’ll suck you off later, Tiger,” she promises. “I just need your cock in me.” With legs spreading, she admits softly, “My horny sister will be back shortly an’ I wanna feel the first full load up my twat now.” she wiggles the finely rounded ass giggling, “Besides no one likes soggy seconds.”

Dale kicks off the pants. The duo is totality naked. He drops to knees and leans over the fantastic Nubian body.

Pat suddenly grabs the hard cock and pushes it down. She throws the muscular legs around his trim waist. The solid ass wiggles suggestively.

Dale shuffles up higher on the ready body. The erected rod finds the small opening of a wet cunt. It is slammed to the hilt.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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