Dale’s Special Family Ch. 16

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With Bettie and Lara making frequent trips to the coast, Dale notices his sister’s mannerisms have been different. Her feelings toward him are more open than before. The golden blond is more physical with him in public. To strangers, they are a ‘cute couple’.

Lynda’s sexual desires seem to have grown now the two siblings live as a couple many days and weeks in a row. The sexy sibling often arranges the weekend activities for family and friends. The upcoming weekend has been planned out to be a ‘super fuck fest’. She tells her brother that it is time to “Take me the fantasy I’ve always wanted”.

The weekend starts with all participants arriving Friday night. It consists of Lynda, Dale, Bobby, Terry, Melissa and Josh. Bettie and Lara are in San Francisco on another assignment. The twins have a busy weekend planned at the store.

“They’re gonna miss a great fuck fest,” Melissa remarks sipping on a drink.

“They’ll just have to give some excellent make-up sex for the time away,” Lynda jokes with a smile.

The room fills with chattering and laughter as all relaxes. Excitement is in the air. Dale could tell everyone is anxious to get it on. All is waiting for the first traditional move to start the action.

Josh and Melissa are on the opposite sofa. Bobby and Terry sit on another to Dale’s right, and Lynda sits next to her brother. The host thinks of making the first move until spotting Melissa.

The beautiful Native American sits back and looks around at everybody. Lovely darks eyes sparkles. A smile is given to the gorgeous brown woman. A sexy little wink is returned.

The notion says she wasn’t waiting much longer. Dale knows something is going to happen very soon. The sexy Indian maiden talks to Bobby across the room.

Long hands enticingly skims across of the across the full tits as the conversation proceeds. The nipples immediately spring to life through the thin cotton of the shirt. As usual, there isn’t a bra underneath.

The firm chest rises and falls just a little quicker. The brown skinned diva is getting hornier by the moment. Everybody in the room takes notice.

The large tits are kneaded harder. The idle chitchat with Bobby has ended. Melissa moves next to the handsome lad. The evening’s activities are about to start. She reaches down and rubs the young hard cock through the fabric of the walking shorts.

Dale glances over to see Josh and Lynda as paired up. The Indian has a big hand in the inside the sexy sibling’s thigh. It slowly works its way up the curvy leg. The sexy blond breathes heavy.

Dale watches as the set of dancer’s legs slowly open. The crotch of the silk panties is already stained with moisture. His sister is ready to fuck.

Terry has hands in her lap. Delicate fingers are making small movements. The hot mother is rubbing engorged clit with a thumb.

The rising sexual tension is making Dale’s already hard cock to throb even more. Melissa has managed to get Bobby’s dick out. The boy’s cock helmet is slowly being massage. A long left hand slips under the too small blouse. The curious fingers twicks the nipples a little harder.

Dale places a hand on his swollen man meat. It is played with gently. It is ready! The shaft’s skin feels like it is going to split the erection is so hard.

Dale’s attention goes to Terry. The stout, curvy legs have spread wider. A hot pussy is being petted through the trousers

“I think it’s time for these to go,” Dale slides hands inside the waistband.

“Yeah,” she sighs heavily, “I think you’re right on that count.”

Bobby has removed Melissa’s panties. An excited young finger is probing a wet, dark pink set of cunt lips. Slender hips moves in rhythm to the pleasuring making digits.

After a few more minutes, Melissa stands up and then drops to knees in front of Bobby. The boy is motion to lift a firm ass. It makes it easier to tug down the pants.

A pair of brown lips immediately inhales a youthful hard cock that is exposed. Melissa starts a slow sucking action while fingering herself. Bobby’s hips go with the rhythm.

“Oh man,” Bobby moans with head falling back, “Woman, this is already a blowjob from heaven.”

Dale slides hands down Terry’s thighs. The pants are shoved to the knees. There were no panties underneath. A hard clit and set of wet pussy lips are uncovered.

A thumb and forefinger captures the protruding knob. It is twirled between the digits. A wet tongue gives a couple of licks to the tender skin.

“Ohhhhh!” she moans loudly as the big, but well defined, legs spread wider. “Ooooooooo!”

Dale climbs off the sofa. Then he goes to the knees. The same unspoken command that Melissa gave to Bobby is given to Terry. A rounded ass lifts so the pants could be easily pulled off.

A dark haired pussy glistens with wetness. Dale could smell the brooding odor. It heightens a growing desire. The rounded ass is pulled to the edge of the sofa.

Dale forcibly opens the stout legs wider while moving in. There is a willing kartal escort cunt to be licked. A pink tongue finds it.

“Ahhhhh!” She trembles at the first touch of the wet tongue. “Go for it, Baby.”

Lynda stands up. The hot girl scans for more space other than the couch. She lies on the floor in front of Josh. An inviting stare is given to the big Indian while eagerly fingering herself.

He didn’t need any more encouragement. Josh gets down on the floor and positions between the curvy legs. His head leans into the alluring crotch. A pair of tanned thighs shifts and humps. Slurping increases matching the gyrating movements.

Dale is still working on Terry’s clit. She is rocking hips slowly. Trying hard to get a little extra movement onto an aching clit.

Then two fingers slips into Terry’s wet pussy. They eased pass the opening if a set of pulsating pussy lips. The digits flutter quickly.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” she moans loud enough for a couple of the others to look over. “Ooooooo, fuck!”

Melissa turns her head sideways. Bobby’s cock still between the full lips. Dale sees the sparkle in the dark brown eyes. The young tool enjoyed fully.

Soaked fingers are withdrawn from Terry’s pussy. Dale looks up at the dark haired vixen from the kneeling position. The famous stout body is now nude.

He reaches up. Soft fingers cross the hardened nipples. Both erect nubs are lightly twicked.

Buxom brunette smiles seductively. She stands up. A hand gesture motions for Dale to lay back.

He does as instructed. She kneels between muscular legs. A gentle hand strokes the throbbing cock. Terry leans over. The harden rod disappears into a hot mouth. The sexy beautician sucks deeply.

Loving, slow licks are placed on the shaft. The inside walls of an experienced mouth seals around the erect cock. Within a few minutes Dale is feeling full results of an expert blowjob.

Intermittent pleasure sounds echoes around the room. Josh’s tongue has Lynda moaning soulfully. Bobby’s groans increase with Melissa’s movements. Dale just lies there enjoying the expert cock sucking.

All of a sudden Terry stiffens momentarily. Then she relaxes. The talented mouth sucks even harder than before.

Dale opens eyes to see Bobby behind Terry’s ass. A son’s hard cock is pumping in and out rapidly. The sexy mother is being butt fucked.

Melissa has moved over to join Josh and Lynda. She is sitting on the lustfilled blonde’s face. One hand holds a wet pussy open for it to be lick. The other hand massages the dancer’s glorious tits.

“Ahhhhhh!” Dale begins moaning loudly.

“Mmmmmmmmmh!” the muffled voice of Terry sounds.

Dale could feel the moaning vibrating on a stiff cockshaft. The technique is deliberate. The dark haired woman sucks harder.

“Hey babe,” he says, tapping Terry on the top of the head, “come up here an’ let me taste that sweet pussy of yours”.

Terry removes harden cock from the experienced mouth. Looking back at Bobby, a motherly smile is given. The hot woman moves up Dale’s body and straddles over him.

A dripping pussy is presented inches from Dale’s face. A greedy mouth licks and sucks at it. Not wanting to waste a drop, lips locks over the hot love hole.

Bobby stands up. He shifts around in front of his mother with cock in hand.

“Suck me, Mommy,” the horny son orders softly, “Give your boy a good suck off!”

A smiling Terry looks up her son. A gentle hand wraps around the boy’s rod. It is guided into a waiting hot mouth.

“Ohhhh, Jesus!” Bobby marvels lustfully, “You just git better with each suck job!”

Terry blow her son’s cock with quick head bobs. Dale continues to lick her clit. Their actions speeds up as the sensations increases.

Melissa is riding Lynda’s face on the other side of the room. She is rocking a set of firm hips on the blonde’s tongue. One of the brown tits is push up to her mouth. Melissa licks her own nipple.

The beautiful Native American gyrates with quicker movements over the hot girl’s mouth. Passionate lapping increases. A blond head is buried deep between the slender, dark legs.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!” Melissa lets out a yell, “Oh fuck! Oh yes!” A raven mane is thrown back in sexual lust. “I’m gonna cummmmm!” she announces loudly.

“Oh Fuck!!” Lynda moans, “I’m cumming too!!” The lusty blonde yells while bucking on Josh’s probing tongue. “Oh God!” Rounded humps are pushed back onto the face of the big Indian. “Fuck meeeeeee!” she orders in a sexual bliss.

Josh needs no more instructions. He sits up. The big man’s face is covered with Lynda’s pussy juice. Curvy legs are roughly pushed open. A long cock slides into the lightly blond cunt.

“God, yes!” Lynda shouts feeling the large cock completely enter.

“Mmmmmmmmmh!” a muffled Terry moans loudly.

Dale loves the sound of a woman enjoying sex. The sensitive clit is sucked even harder. The slurpings of his actions are getting louder.

A wet finger and then slips into maltepe escort bayan a puckering asshole. The busty brunette arches back. It is the spark needs to start a climax rising.

“Oh God!” Terry wails.

Full hips buck hard. A dark haired head is tossed back. The sexy mature woman utters groans that slowly increase in volume.

“Somebody fuck meee!!” a screaming Terry huffs, “Fuck my cunt! An’ do it now!!”

Dale didn’t need any more pushing. She is forcefully pushed back. A lecherous look is given to the lustfilled beauty.

“Ok, babe,” he growls, “Let’s fuck.”

A broad smile is given. Legs lift. Dark eyes give a seductive look

“Fuck me good!” she orders hoarsely,

Dale looks at Bobby and grins. The boy just stands over his mother with cock in hand. The shaft and head is covered with cum and saliva.

“Fuck Mom raw,” he encourages, “Ya know the whore she is.”

The passionate filled Melissa, Lynda and Josh were still hard at it. The large Indian is still pumping pulsating and willing cunt deeply. A set of large balls slaps off the sex driven blonde’s ass.

Bobby scans the room. Melissa is now lying next to Lynda hotly kissing her. The sight of the two women making out has a teenage cock vibrating faster. It has to be buried in somebody’s pussy real soon.

Dale looks at Terry. She is watching what is going on the other side of the room as well. Her hand back is between the big legs. A short middle digit is furiously fingering an engorged clit.

Melissa motions Bobby over. The boy moves with a dangling hard cock waving. He quickly drops between the athletic curvy legs.

“Fuck me like a dog, big boy,” she orders lustfully.

The brown skinned beauty rolls over onto a flat stomach. A pair of firm ass cheeks hunches up. Legs open wider presenting a dark pink glistening cunt.

Bobby grins. The boy obligingly shuttles nearer to the offering pussy. An ass cheeks is grabbed with each hand.

Dale looks back at Bobby’s mother. Terry is very engrossed in her son’s action. A darting finger fucking has picks up in tempo.

“Let’s take this fuck session to somewhere more comfortable Dale says standing up.”

He captures her hand. They walk over to the other side of the room. He sits with back against the sofa.

Terry straddles Dale. She sits down easing a stiff cock into a hot, very wet pussy. He smiles because it feels good as the hard shaft slowly enters a wet love tunnel all the way.

“You’re always a fuckin’ bitch in heat,” Dale groans feeling a hard cock return to the hot honey hole, “That Gawddamn pussy never stops feelin’ good!”

“Yessssssss!” she moans softly with closed eyes.

Terry sway slowly on rounded haunches. The experienced woman’s close cunt muscles squeeze the stiff cock. A pulsating pussy massages invading rod in deliberate rotating motions.

“Gawddamn, woman!!” Dale growls behind clinched teeth, “You fuck lik’a nympho!”

Melissa kneels next to Dale’s sister. A pink nipple is captured in a hot mouth. The hot maiden sucks and bites on the orb while Bobby is pile driving Melissa’s cunt.

Josh has an ankle in each hand. The athletic legs are open wide. A brown cock plummets into the wet, pulsating cunt.

Dale leans forward and licks erect nipples as she gyrates on the pulsating rod.

“Oh fuck,” Terry groans watching the others fucking only a couple of feet away.

A dark haired head rolls from side to side in quicken motion while humping on the stiff tool. Cunt muscles tighten with each cadence. Climaxic waves increase with the repetitions.

Melissa rocks gently from Bobby’s thrusts. An angelic face shows complete contentment. A pair of cinnamon brown lips forms a silent moan.

Terry is still squatting over Dale’s cock. The pumping has increase. One hand is cupped behind his neck and the other steadies her on the couch.

Dale reaches down capturing a wet tender clit skin between two hot fingers. The rubbing of the fleshy knob has the mature lover moaning louder. The big hips amplify the humping tempo.

Melissa lifts up onto hands. The position is so she can and begins back hard onto the young ramming cock. A pair of slender legs remained open wide.

“I’m gonna cum Bobby!” she announces hoarsely thrusting back harder and harder.

The teenager’s fingertips are white from the intense grip of the bobbing hips. The boy fucks the older woman hard. The youthful cock rams into the hungry cunt.

“Ayyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeii!” Melissa yells in ecstasy throwing back a black mane, “I’m explodin”!”

Bobby’s poundings picks up radically. Balls slap and bounce off the firm ass. The pumping becomes short in stoke the climax nears.

“Oh fuck!!” he squeals, “I’m shootin’ off! I’m really cummin’ hard!”

Both bodies freeze with sensation. Both have strong orgasms. A coat of sweat covers the participants.

Josh is close to an orgasm. The slamming is increase into the sparely haired pussy. Brown ass cheeks escort pendik tighten signaling a climax isn’t far from arriving. Dancer’s legs are wide. A pair of excited hands holds them so wide Josh is surprise it wasn’t hurting her.

“Go, baby!” she shouts breathlessly, “Fuck me deep! Fuck me raw!”

“Stay open, Bitch!” Josh answers in a sexual haze, “An’ you’ll be sore for the next week!”

The buxom blonde’s legs go over the set of broad shoulders. The large brown shaft penetrates the glistening white pussy in rapid repetitions. An athletic ass lifts off the carpeted floor with each retraction. A whorish cunt seals around the big Indian’s cock.

“That’s it, baby!” she pants, “I want all of your cum up this cunt tonight!”

“Suck me Terry!” Dale orders, “I want ya to swallow my cum!”

Terry slowly pulls off the harden rod. She sexily slithers down between the muscular legs. A well-experienced mouth goes over the throbbing meat missile. Cheeks implode with the hard sucking. A dark-haired head bobs quickly and deeply.

She knows he is close to cumming. Terry wants to swallow what Dale is about to pump into her mouth. Dark eyes peer at the young offspring nearby. She knows he is watching as well. The mother is enjoying putting on a show for her son.

“Hmmmmmmmmmmh!” Terry suddenly moans sending vibrations over stiff cockshaft.

Dale momentarily shut eyes to get full pleasure from the cocksucking. When eyes reopen, the vision of Melissa mounting over his sister’s face again is available.

Lynda is licking the very wet pussy savagery. The hot sibling is being a total lustful lesbian. A pink tongue is lapping and washing the brown cunt unrestrictedly.

That is all he needs! Dale pushes a very hard cock hard into Terry’s mouth. A hot tongue sucks and tickles the very stiff rod.

“Iiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeee!” he wails with arching hips.

He shoots off what feels like a gallon of cum into her mouth. Terry swallows greedily, trying not to waste a drop. The black haired head bucks crazily on the stiff cock to inhale all of the exploding juices.

“Yes!” a panting Dale shouts, “Drink it all, Baby!”

Lynda remains deep in the brown crotch. The lovely maiden is humping and gyrating to the uncontrolled tonguing. Lynda’s face is covered with love juices.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” a close-eyed Melissa moans, “It feels so wonderful!”

Lynda’s pussy is getting an unrestraint fuck. A near climaxing Josh is pumping hard. The big man is ramming so deep into hot blonde’s cunt it looked as if the ball sac might be jammed in as well.

“Yaaaaaaaaaa! Yesssssssss!” Josh screams, “I’m cummin’, you incredible bitch!”

Large hips freeze. A solid body vibrates to a peaking climax. A silent wail is given as a final strong wave arrest every muscle.

“Oh fuck!” he gasps, “Oh sweet fuck!” He screeches, “I’m cummin’ lik’a fuckin’ race horse!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Melissa shouts shaking a dark head from side to side, “I’m cummin’ too, cousin!” Slim hips push back on Lynda’s face as a fit body trembles with the approaching climax.

Lynda’s legs lock around Josh’s large hips. Her arms wrap tightly around Melissa’s small hips. She is draining both of love juices.

Dale is strangely proud of his sister’s sexual abilities. Here she has two very healthy people totality climaxing. The hot sibling is pleasuring like a whore and controls the scene.

Soon the three of them goes limp. The cousins collapses on each side of Lynda. A dancer’s body heaves with the final sensations of the climax.

“Damn!” the sexy Melissa pants, “Lynda, you’re one fine, fuckin’ machine.”

A break occurs in the orgy. Everybody is sitting around languidly, tired from a good session of sex. All are naked with bodies glistening from the sex fluids and sweat covered with sweat and juices.

Melissa is lying next to Lynda. She smiles at the sight of the pussy juices smeared all over the white angelic face. A few drops of escaping cum were on the tan skin. It only enhanced the erotica of the moment.

Bobby is sitting on the edge of the coffee table. He notices a black, wooden box underneath a nearby endtable. Youthful curiosity has him pull it out and exam the contents.

The lad smiles when opening the lid. Inside are various types of sex toys and several tubes of KY or something similar. It is a special box put together by Lynda for the weekend.

A huge vibrator is removed and shown to Terry. An idiot grin appears on a youthful face. He turns it on and places it on the table.

It jumps and bucks making a funny rattling noise that echoes in the room. Everybody burst out laughing at the sight. The huge vibrator bounces around the surface of the coffee table.

“I wouldn’t mind somebody usin’ that thing on me.” Melissa speaks up.

Dale looks at the dark beauty. She has the look of a kid in a candy store. The beautiful mature woman seems to be very turned on. She must like sex toys for these sessions. It is something to remember when it is just the two of them.

“Mom, you love fuckin’ pussy,” Bobby, being the smart ass, says handing it to Terry, “You fuck the bitch!”

The sexy mother removes it from her son’s hand. It is brought close to a set of ruby lips. A red plastic surface is licked.

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