Daniel Ch. 07: A Proctor , President

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Daniel Ch.07: a Proctor, President and Olivia

Daniel does an Irish Proctor, the President and the tattoo girl

WARNING: This new story adds to the Daniel series, the teacher at the all female private school. Within the series involves scenes of graphic sex including seduction, reluctance, cunnilingus, discipline, breastfeeding, anal and incest. If that is not what you are looking for don’t read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by female adults over eighteen years old.

My name is Daniel Johnson. I have my PhD in English Literature and am in New England and am now a Professor and Disciplinarian at an extremely private girl’s boarding and finishing school.

In my first story you can read were my dominance all started when I fucked a girl on the overnight train and then a woman from the hotel bar. The girl was the Dean’s over eighteen years daughter and the woman was the Dean’s wife and the girl’s mother. I fucked them both one night in my school quarters but was caught by that Dean. Situations changed and he offered me a full time assignment.

I have sex regularly with my over eighteen year old Independent Studies students, their Proctors, other teachers and odd pick-ups from females from the local college. Each Friday my senior Independent Studies students get a good fucking and girl-on-girl sex as we act out scenes from Gothic erotic novels.

After having at least monthly sex with Amelia the owner and President of this prestigious all female school she passed me the rains of being President. She moved a huge financial grant into my control. When she wanted a good fucking in my office she continued to use the newly installed small elevator to my quarters especially since she wanted the ‘desk treatment’ and was too old to climb the existing three flights of stairs.

However this story is from the second group of Independent Studies students and the President. I came back from Winter Break where I was a widow and well cared for by my three over eighteen year old daughters. The belly of my youngest daughter, EG, was just beginning to show my child. My daughters took turns draining my balls of cum while my cock found warm wet mouths, pussies and asses to make those deposits.

After triple teaming me that last night my daughters put me on the train in the morning weeping and kissing me goodbye for now. Guys boarding the train could only hope in their hidden thoughts for young females like mine wondering with illicit thought if they were my daughters. The Conductor finally had to pull my daughters back so the train could leave.

What a coincidence but Mr. Williams was my room attendant and told me several of my students were just down the hall. I had a busy dinner with my students buzzing all around me then I sat in the dining car.

Later I moved to the club car for some alone time. My attention to the Gothic novel I was reading was displaced by a pair of legs and the swish of a short but pleated skirt. Long raven black hair cascaded down her back reaching below where her ass had to be.

I thought the outfit; short skirt, white blouse and black and whites indicated a student; if not to our school then one of the other local private or religious schools. She looked my way quickly and I saw her deep green eyes and freckled cheeks. She swung into the same bench seat where Penelope had first sat and as I looked her obvious red panties were on display.

I made an ‘ahem’ noise and she looked my way. “Yes?” she said.

“You might want to sit a little more demurely,” I pointed.

“Are you in the habit of looking up a young woman’s skirt and looking at her knickers?”

“Well are you the type of young girl who sits in public and shows them off? If so then I’m the type of man who will gladly enjoy the show.”

“I’m not a young girl, as you said, I’m twenty one and on my way to be a teacher of First Years and their Proctor.” (First Years were actually 7th grade, the initial grade accepted to our prestigious school.)

“You have a lovely accent. Where are you from Ma’am?” I teased.

She laughed and her eyes sparkled. “I’m from Ireland and like I said I’m coming to America to be a teacher and my position is with a very prestigious women’s finishing school.”

“Well saints preserve us, are you now?” I said in my best Irish accent.

“And what might be your name young lady,” I teased again. “People where I’m headed call me, Master Daniel.”

She laughed. “Master, is it? Well since I won’t be seeing you again, my name is “Aine” (Awn-yah) and its meaning is linked to the goddess of summer. And with that I says my goodbye,” and with that stood to leave the club car.

When she was walking I rolled my fat cock up onto my outward thigh. Aine stopped to say something else and looked down. Her eyes locked onto my cock and she hissed when I purposely pulsed my thick length under my trousers. She stood there, frozen, as I pulsed my cock several times. She brought her fingers to her lips and moaned Amazon prime izle then turning swished out of the club car.

Soon after that I retired to my room. During the overnight train ride my door opened and quickly closed but the light from the passage way showed me it was a female figure. I heard the sound of clothing being removed then my covers were pulled back and I felt a naked female. I thought maybe one of my seniors was pushing the envelope and taking her chance for her pleasure.

The intruder reached into my boxers and fished out my long thick cock and slid her wet lips down my length. She coughed a bit when my fat cockhead hit the back of her mouth but breathed through her nose until it breached into her throat. She moaned on all my cock, half in her mouth and half down the tightness of her throat. She pulsed her throat tightening on my shaft driving me quickly to the edge.

She pulled back and let her spit and saliva roll down my cock then sucked it back up. She went at my cock like someone was gonna catch us and she wanted my cum. She brought me to the edge over and over but squeezed my cockbase to prevent me from blasting my cum down her talented throat.

She slid off my cock giving it one last kiss then moved over me on the sleeper bed. Her wet pussy settled on my chin then she moaned when my lips captured her clit. I sucked it hard pulling blood into that knot causing it to swell. My fingers slid between her naked pussy lips and entered her hot wet cave. She groaned as my two fingers moved with her and I licked and sucked her knot and drank the honey dripping from her pussy.

One of my techniques to help a woman cum is to rapidly roll my knuckles across her clit and pump my fingers in and out of her quim. My secret partner groaned deeply in her throat the trembled on my chin and fingers. Her thighs gripped my cheeks as she lost herself into a powerful climax.

“Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!” said a female with a distinct Irish accent.

My knuckles rubbed her through several climax aftershocks as I got a gift of pints of pussy juice to savor and drink down. “Oh fuck stop!” she groaned as she fell back on to my chest and belly. My hard cock lay against her cheek and a spry tongue licked my crown. She lay there breathing heavily for some time then rolled off, turned, and settled herself sitting on my groin.

Her hand grabbed my cock and I moaned as I felt my cockhead slide through what had to be a warm wet pussy. She held my cockhead between her pussy lips and against her clit and rode her cameltoe up and down my shaft. She rubbed my own underknot against her own swollen clit faster and faster.

Before I could spray her belly with my own hot thick cum she soaked my belly with her own hot juices. “Fuck!” she growled and let down more hot juices wetting my balls and the bed. The accent was not American. She trembled through additional climax aftershocks as she circled her clit with my captured cockhead. She pulsed the base of my cock shutting off my need to cum.

She groaned as she rose on her thighs and with determination worked my cock slowly into the opening of her hot tight pussy. She worked her hot wet opening side to side and up and down taking my thick cock up into her tight pussy. She let out a hissing breath once my cockhead entered into her oven. It was tight so she rose up then pushed down taking more cockshaft. After several minutes my fat cockhead tapped the hot roof of her pussy.

“Oh fuck, Master Daniel, your cock is destroying my little fanny. Oh fuck I be cumming Sir. I’m cumming just having worked your big cock into my fanny!” she groaned and wet the both of us again. “Your fat cock pulled on my clit and rubbed me into cumming! Oh fuck you feel so good!”

“You better be on birth control girl!” I groaned as she started riding my cock with her tight hot pussy.

Before I could acknowledge that it was Anie she started ridding my cock like a jockey going for the win. I grabbed her tits and squeezed hard also pulling on her nipples. She groaned and her tight pussy pulsed on my cock. I moved my hand down to where we were joined and pinched her swollen clit, pulling it and rolling it between my fingers.

“Oh fuck, Master Daniel, oh fuck, oh fuck!” she groaned trembling, my hands on her tits holding her up. I felt her hot juices run from her pussy soaking us again. “Your big cock is making me cum, Sir. Oh fuck here I go again!” she growled as her body trembled again as she dropped her tits onto my torso and shook like she was being shocked.

She groaned and bit into my shoulder so I slapped her bare ass several times. She moaned then kissed tenderly where she had bit me. I held her tightly as she trembled through climax aftershocks crunching my cock within her tight hot pussy. My visitor rubbed her clit on the base of my cock pushing herself over into another climax.

She couldn’t control herself and bit me again. My hand came down hard on her sweaty ass several blutv izle times and all she did was tremble on my cock. Her lips found mine and she kissed me deeply then tenderly as her tight pussy rode all along my cock, crown to base. She groaned and leaked hot juices when she took my cock deep and rubbed it against the doorway to her womb. She rubbed herself into another climax.

She kissed me all over then slid off my cock and the bed. She was on her knees and took my cock into her mouth and cleaned it of her thick pussy juice. She worked my cock again taking me to the top and holding me off. She slid to just my cockhead taking whatever pre-cum onto her tongue.

Her tight lips moved up and down my shaft sucking tightly on my crown trying now to get my huge dose. I let go and filled her mouth.

I felt her move and she grunted then she painted my cockhead with my hot cum. She did that several times then took my cum anointed cock back into her mouth. She sucked and swallowed several times moaning her pleasure. She cleaned my softening cock until satisfied then slid back into my bed. She moved her ass against me like spoons and pulled my hand onto her bare breast.

She was twenty one and could fuck like a champ. I’ll have to send the Irish Embassy a thank you letter, Not! It seemed she didn’t have enough as I woke to find my cock up into her tight fanny once more. (‘Fanny’ is ‘pussy’ in Ireland). She tenderly fucked her pussy on my cock until I hugged her tightly and filled her with my hot cum. I breathed rapidly as she coaxed the last of my cum from my balls into her hot oven.

“Thank you Master. I found that some of your senior students were on the train and I made fun of this old guy ‘Master Daniel’. They screeched and told me who you really were and if I wanted some of the best cock in all of New England that I’d better get it before we were on school property,” she said to explain.

She then gripped my hand to her breast once more. She twerked her ass on my cock when I gripped her mound of flesh and pulled out her hard nipple. I fell asleep with my cock in the crack of her ass. When the morning breakfast horn sounded she had left my bed.

“Knock, knock Master Daniel, it’s me Mr. Williams. Oh damn Master Daniel this room smells like dere was fucken gone on! Someone left her red panties here on da floor. You sure do get yous share of trim Master Daniel, you sure do get yous share of trim!” he said laughing.

He brought those pair of red panties from the middle of the cabin floor up to his nose and took a deep breath. “Damn dat some sweet smellen pussy! Yes Sir, dat some sweet smellen pussy!” He handed them to me and I brought them to my nose. They were soaked and fragrant with Anie’s pussy juices.

I asked him if he wanted them. Mr. Williams burst out laughing. “Oh no Sir! Dem dat got dem off is dem that keeps em!” and laughed strongly.

My cock twitched thinking about her mouth and pussy being around my cock and receiving my hot thick cum. I wondered when I could get her tied down on my desk and feel her Irish ass all over my cock. I dressed and put her panties in my pocket and went to the breakfast car. It was filled with other senior students and I got many ‘woo hoos’ and full on lips kisses.

Since we were off school property I got to look down unbuttoned blouses to eighteen year plus breast cleavage. The brave ones gripped my big cock under the table and rubbed up and down as they leaned in for a long deep kiss. They held my cock as they moaned through their French kisses.

I claimed my bag and the station platform was as busy as 9 1/2 with squealing students and the coaches to take them to school grounds. I went to my suite and unpacked then reviewed plans for the Spring Semester. I went to the cafeteria only to see a sign that service would start with breakfast. I was about to walk to town when a female called “Master Daniel, Master Daniel, Sir.” It was Wendy.

“The cafeteria is closed but I was on my way home. My mom is over and is cooking up something for dinner. Would you like to join us? My mom talks about you all the time asking if you were coming over again. I think my mom is more concerned with cumming off your cock,” Wendy burst out laughing.

She looked around quickly then reached up and kissed me deeply also rubbing my long thick cock. Since my life has changed I am not one to pass up some ‘no strings attached’ fucking. I told Wendy I would definitely come but not to call her mother. We turned towards the school apartments and I squeezed her ass hard. She moaned. “I’ve missed your cock Master Daniel; I have so missed your cock!”

Wendy opened the door and her mom, Cindy had her back to us at the stove. I walked behind her and slid my hands onto her matronly breasts and gave them a hard squeeze. “What’s for dinner Mom and more importantly what’s for dessert?” I asked while I tweaked her hard nipples.

“Oh Fuck, Mr. Daniel Sir. You scared the life out of me. I think I peed my beIN CONNECT izle panties!”

“Well let’s check,” I said as I slipped my hand under her skirt and palmed her pussy as she moaned and opened her thighs. I ran my fingers against the gusset of her panties and she was wet and got wetter the more I rubbed in the cleft between her labia. I circled her knot pushing it against her pubic bone and she let down a gush of juices.

I brought my wet fingers to her lips and her wet tongue snaked out and cleaned them. I leaned in and bit her neck then turned and sat at the table. Cindy trembled then took a deep breath and went about finishing dinner. Wendy plated the table in A+ Hospitality style.

We had a wonderful dinner but Cindy would not hold my eyes. Dessert was good and the table was cleared. The baby, Kattie, fussed so Wendy went in to feed her. She returned bare breasted and moved my chair and sat onto my lap. “This is for you Master,” Wendy groaned as she brought a hard nipple to my mouth. I sucked that nipple and all of her aureole into my mouth and drank the balance of her breast milk.

Wendy moved back and unbuckled my pants and I lowered them to the floor. Wendy dripped milk from her other breast onto her palm then coated my cockhead. She put the hem of her school skirt in her teeth then ran my cockhead between her wet labia. She wanted my cock and found the entrance to her pussy and took my cockhead into her heat.

Wendy groaned and slowly slid down my cock moaning as my thickness pushed out the walls of her hot sleeve. She settled on my lap taking as much of my long thick cock that would fit up to the roof of her pussy.

“Oh that feels so fucking good! I’ve longed for your huge cock to fill my ass or let me suck it off” she groaned as she brought the other nipple to my lips. I sucked the rest of her milk as she rode up and down my cock. Her pussy was one tight wet oven.

I bit her nipples and breast flesh as she rubbed herself under her skirt. I went to kick off my loafers and pants to prevent getting them wet from leaking pussy juices when Cindy knelt down and removed all that. I told her to stand and remove her blouse. Slowly each button opened until she removed her blouse and displayed her matronly tits.

I took one in my hand and squeezed then pulled on her hard nipple. Cindy groaned and leaned into my palm. I gave her other breast the same treatment. I ordered her to remove her skirt and panties. She unzipped and the skirt fell to the kitchen floor. She was not expecting getting fucked so she had on plain white panties. However there was a wet stain between her thighs.

I ordered her to turn around and slide them over her ass and down her thighs. I next ordered her to bend over and remove them and put them on the table. I ordered her to spread her legs and pull her ass cheeks apart. I could easily see her matronly pussy was dripping juices down her inner thighs.

I coated two fingers and brought them to her anus between her cheesy ass cheeks. She groaned as I circled her dark lips then slowly pushed my finger against her back door until it yielded and let my finger tip enter. I told her to hold onto the table while I fuck her daughter.

Wendy was riding my cock for all her pleasure. Her tight pussy was pulsing all along my cock as she rubbed her clit into a strong climax. She groaned and trembled going up and down my shaft taking my cock deep. “Oh fuck, Master Daniel, I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” she moaned and soaked us with hot juices.

Wendy was squeezing all along my cock riding it faster and faster. She was driving me closer and closer to my climax. Wendy’s nipples began spraying her milk as her thighs tightened on mine. She screamed behind her teeth and slammed down on my cock. My cockhead was gripped by the hot top of her pussy and pushed me over the edge.

My hot cum blasted against her cervix painting that doorway over and over. Wendy felt my heat and twerked on my cockhead taking all my cum up into her cavern. I felt her tightness milking my cock for all the cum I had with my strong climax. Wendy rubbed her clit against my thick cockbase and pushed herself into another climax.

Her juices soaked where we were connected and I felt her hot juices bathe my balls then run down my inner thighs. She trembled as she slowly rode up and down on my long thick cock letting it out to my crown then taking it all up deep. Wendy moaned and groaned having taken my cum in her pussy and not in her ass.

“Oh Master Daniel that was sooooo gooooood,” she groaned. “I’ve missed your cock during the Winter Break dreaming about when you would be inside me again. Oh fuck, I’m still feeling you fill my pussy with your thick cock. Oh you can have me anytime you want Master.”

“Wendy, I came in your pussy. You didn’t switch me to your ass.”

“Don’t worry Sir. I’m safe in my cycle,” she said then kissed me deeply; (she was not! See the epilog of Chapter 6.)

Wendy rose slowly and let my cum drip onto my cockhead and lifting her skirt watched it run down my cock and gather on my balls. She stood then gripped her mother’s hair and positioned her between my legs. “Clean Master Daniel’s cock Mother. Do a good job getting him hard again and I’ll let him fuck your naughty ass.”

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