Danny’s Butt Mom Ch. 06

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Danny and his mother kissed and licked for a long time when she was still on the toilet, and their faces became sloppy wet with cum and saliva. They rubbed their faces together and took turns licking sloppy strokes from mouth to cheek to eyes.

To Danny his Mother’s face seemed much bigger than his, and her tongue nasty and horny when it licked his face. He especially liked the way the cum hung off her nose and mouth when he shot his load.

Dianne climbed off the toilet and stood against her son, holding his softened penis and running a hand through his hair.

“Honey, go wash up and relax in the living room for a while. I’ll be in there with something special in a little bit, OK Dear?”

“Yeah Mom, I can’t wait to do some more.”

“Good baby. Now you just sit tight and get ready for your sweet Mother, darling.”

Dianne went to her room and started to prepare a few things. She changed from her shorts and blouse into stockings and a garter belt, something she knew made her ass look even more plump and juicier. She checked it out from the mirror, and her big clit stood out from her large labia lips like a little digit. Her mammoth DDD tits were slung back in a lace bra, almost ready to pop out. She looked down between her cleavage at her clit popping out. She was so excited for her son to come suck and fuck her whole body.

Danny lay on the living room couch in anticipation of his mother. His penis had already grown semi-erect, and it became throbbing hard when he saw his buxom mother walk into the room in her dirty outfit.

He sat up at the edge of the couch as his mother came over to him. Dianne stood above her son, taken with lust and passion. She was his own voluptuous fuck object.

“Danny, honey, how’s my baby? Let me take those clothes off you sugar.”

She reached down and pulled his shirt off with motherly care, then bent down and undid his trousers and gently helped those off. Then she stood escort ataşehir back up over him.

Danny was completely horned up over his mother’s voluptuous body. Her thighs were thick, her waist and ribs trim, and above him were her big, delicious boobs.

She cupped her luscious tits and gyrated her hips in his face. He was staring right at his mother’s juicy cunt.

“Honey, that thing sticking out at the top of my pussy? Stick your mouth on it. That’s mommy’s big clit. Now suck it for me baby.”

Danny attached his mouth to his mother’s big clit and suckled it like a big nipple. His arms were around her waist holding her fat ass, squeezing it and loving it. He stuck his fingers deep in his mother’s ass crack, then began rubbing her lovely butt hole.

“Yes honey, that’s good baby. I want you to work on my ass. Come stand behind me.”

Dianne kneeled on the edge of the sofa and rested her arms on the back. She looked over her shoulder at her naked son standing behind her juicy motherly ass.

“Go ahead honey, play with my big butt. Do whatever you want to me.”

Danny immediately stuck his face right over her asshole and started sucking. He loved licking and tongue fucking his mother’s butthole. He looked at it, all wet with his spit, as saw his mother staring back at him.

“Get your fingers in there. I want you to wiggle your fingers in my bottom.”

He pushed his index finger up to its knuckle and twisted and wiggled.

“Oh sweetheart! Put more fingers in there! Yesss!”

Danny had three of his finger’s in mom’s ass, and he worked them in and out and wiggled them good. Her ass was so huge and he loved working her butt.

“Come here and kiss me while you finger my butt!”

They rolled tongues and exchanged lots of saliva as he continued to explore her ass.

“Oh fuck Danny. Do you know how good its going to feel to have your cock in my bottom? Your big, thick kadıköy escort dick in my tight, slick rectum, honey.”

“Oh yeah Mom, can I try to stick it in there?”

“Do you love my butt?”

“Yeah Mom!.”

“Do you want to butt fuck your Mommy?”

“Fuck yeah Mom!”

“Honey, I want to feel all of your big penis deep inside my shit tube.”

Danny’s fingers were pounding her sphincter as she said this to him. She gently nudged him aside and changed her position on the sofa. Dianne moved to her side, with her legs together and her big, round butt hanging over the edge. She held her knees to her chest and with the other hand stroked and held open her massive ass crack.

“How’s that look? You want it? You want to buttfuck your Mother? You want to feel your penis in Mommy’s tight ass?”

“Oh fuck Mom, please!”

“Come here and let me suck you first baby.”

He climbed over his mother and dipped his long dong in her mouth. Her lips looked delicious taking his penis in and out. She slobbered on it real good.

“Shove this beautiful penis up my butt. Give it to your Mother!”

Danny climbed down and stood over his mother’s huge hips. He put his hand on the fat part of her ass, and with his other guided the tip of his large cock up against her puckering sphincter.

It felt very tight at first, but he pushed firmly, and began to feel the most wonderful sensation of her anus taking him in.

“I love that big cock going into my ass. You want to fuck Mommy? Fuck Mommy’s big fat ass?”

“Oh yeah Mom, it feels so good. I love your ass on my dick.”

The whole head of his cock had penetrated her rim and he pumped it deeper and deeper.

“Oh that’s good. Oh yes. Up my butt!”

“Oh yeah Mom, oh yeah that feels good!”

He was packing her shitter all the way with his meat, pumping long, slow strokes, enjoying the smooth feeling of her ass and the tightness of maltepe escort bayan her sphincter squeezing his cock.

“Fuck your Mother! Fuck my bottom sweetheart!”

Dianne massaged his nuts and played with her tits as he filled her butt with big strokes.

“Come here and let me taste you.”

He pulled his dong out and climbed back over his mother as she greedily sucked all the ass off his cock.

“MMMMmmm! I love it. How’s my ass sweetheart?”

“Mom I want to fuck you in the ass all day!”

“Good honey, I want to feel you in my ass always. Now go lie on the floor on your back and I’ll let you look at Momma’s big ass as I ride you!”

Laying down, Danny’s huge prick stood in the air and Dianne straddled her son so that her ass was facing him.

Her butt really was enormous and round, completely obscene in her garter. It was so wide that it made him look small.

She stuck her shitter out at him so he could finger it some more before she fucked him.

“Oh yes honey! Get in there! I love your fingers in my rear!”

Her butt was so loose from his cock that he was able to get five fingers in there. Danny twisted and turned his finger’s in Mommy’s rectum until it seemed he could get his whole hand in there. But just before he did, she moved away right over his cock, taking it in hand, putting it to her gaping butt, and sat down on it.

“Oh mom, I love your bottom! It’s so big, and feels so good on me!”

Her ass was so juicy and from this position he could see how the very wide hips curved beautifully to her trimmer waist. He held apart her ass as she rode his prick.

Her hips moved in an even, rhythmic motion that primed his balls for an explosion.

“Baby, come for Mommy. Shoot your cum up inside my butt. That’s it baby. Come on…”

She rode his prick in long, rhythmic motions a few more times before Danny let out a long moan and she felt his cock spasm in her ass, shooting hot streams of jizz deep inside her.

She rode him like this until he went soft. Then she got off and licked him clean.

“Oh Danny! Thank you for putting your big penis in my bottom. You’re such a good, sweet boy.”

“Mom, I love you. Thank you.”

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