Darlene Chapter 2

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Darlene Chapter 2
Darlene and I had been dating for a month and our usual routine was to see each other Friday, Saturday and Sunday night and sometimes a night during the week. Normally we spent Friday and Saturday night at my place and Sunday night at her place. If we saw each other during the week it was normally me coming over to her place.
Darlene’s drinking was still pretty excessive and I often thought she had to be borderline alcoholic. As was often the case our Friday and Saturday nights were a write off sexually as she just drank herself to a state where she passed out. It was slowly becoming a regular argument point. After a nice meal one Saturday night we got home and as was the usual Darlene basically passed out, I was horny as a dog on heat and just wanted to fuck but alas it wasn’t to happen that way. The next Sunday morning I decided to have the argument once and for all. The argument got a little heated and I felt like a right bastard as even to me it sounded like I just wanted sex, but we did get to a agreement point. That agreement point was on Saturday night Darlene would control her alcohol consumption, to be honest Darlene was a great looking woman and she looked great when she dressed up and sexually when she was sober the sex was sensational. Part of the deal was id she didn’t control her alcohol consumption on Saturday night if she passed out I could do what I wanted to her. She thought I was joking.
To try to make up for the argument I told Darlene to take Friday off as I was going to be away all week in Queensland, I told her to fly up Thursday night and we could spend a few days on the Gold Coast at a nice resort. She jumped at the chance and it seemed we were back on track. I dropped her home on Sunday afternoon and had dinner with Darlene, I didnt stay that night as I flew north pretty early.
My time was spent at a Dealership just west of Brisbane, as usual the Dealership Principle, the new car manager, the used car manager and the service manager all put up the usual roadblocks to inhibit any change. This was pretty much the standard within the industry, people dislike change. I have to be honest I was pretty excited as Thursday rolled around knowing I was gonna see Darlene that night. She was going straight to the airport after work and flying up, so she was expected to land in Brisbane at about 8pm. Around 4.30pm I had finally finished my time at the Dealership and was pretty happy to be leaving, so I jumped in my rental car and undertook the hour drive to Brisbane arriving at about 6pm. Having to kill a few hours I decided to walk around a local shopping centre located near the airport. Thank goodness for Thursday night shopping. I took the opportunity to walk around the local shops and soon found my way to the local lingerie retailer Bra’s N Things. I couldn’t resist and ended up buying Darlene 2 sets of matching bras and g strings, a cream see through chiffon camisole top and matching see through panties and a 2 pairs of stay up stockings, black and skin colored.
I used my phone and Darlene’s plane was on time, so I made my way to my car and too the airport. I took the opportunity to park the car at the airport and make my way to the gate, Darlene was one of the first people off the plane, she was glad to see me and kissed me rather passionately, she was also impressed that I used my frequent flier points to pay for her flight and used one of my free business class upgrades on her. We walked hand in hand towards the baggage claim and soon had her bag and were in the car heading down the motorway to the Gold Coast. More than once on the drive down my hand slid between her legs and rubbed her crotch, after the second time I did it Darlene slid her pantyhose off and pulled her g string off to allow me easier access. There we were driving down the motorway at 110kmh with me fingering her pussy, in fact after a quick little feel around I noticed Darlene had completely cleaned her pussy, she laughed and said she had a Brazilian on Wednesday. We got to the Marriot resort and Darlene asked if she needed her g string on, I told her it was her choice. We parked at the front at about 9pm and the valet grabbed her bag, my bag and the took the car away, Darlene laughed as we were checking into the resort, she whispered in my ear that her g string and pantyhose were sitting in the centre console for anyone to see, l did wonder if the valet would think or do.
We checked pretty much straight in to our room on the 14th floor and a few minutes later the same valet brought our bags up to the room, Darlene recognized the valet and smiled, he had clearly seen her pantyhose and g string in the car as his eyes were locked on Darlene’s waist. She got up and walked to a seat and sat in the corner facing the valet and myself and she gently spread her legs, not a lot but she let a teenie glimpse of her upper thigh be seen, if the valet wasn’t hard I sure as hell was. I tipped the valet and got him out of the room, closed the door and turned around and there was Darlene legs spread on the chair, her pussy glistening and she said hurry up baby eat me. I didn’t have to be asked twice and was soon on my knees lapping at her slit, within a few minutes Darlene had had the first of many orgasms that night, the lights were on in the room, the curtains were all open anyone in the surrounding high rises could have had a perfect view of me eating Darlene’s pussy. I didn’t say anything as I was hoping I could get her to do that again. Darlene not to be out done pushed me back on the bed and soon had my pants off and was greedily sucking my hard cock, again the lights were on the curtains were still open and this time they saw Darlene her skirt pulled up over her waist, sucking my cock absolutely dry, by god she offered great blow jobs and within a few minutes she had me squirting cream in her willing mouth. Not waiting for a invite Darlene jumped up and mounted me and soon was riding me with all the intensity she had, she lent down and started kissing my neck, gently biting my ear and saying how much she wanted me right now. After a few minutes I felt Darlene’s thighs quiver, it was her usual sign she was about to cum and then she let her orgasm have its way and for the first time Darlene’s pussy gushed, I could feel her juices flowing down over my cock. This put me over the edge and I was soon telling her I was about to cum, she told me not to cum in her pussy yet and climbed off me and begged for me to cum on her tits, she laid down and I was soon leaning over her rubbing my swollen cock over her face, soon I sprayed streams of sticky cum all over her tits, Darlene was rubbing the cum all over her nipples and tits whilst lying on the bed.
I looked out the window and sure enough there was a woman in a building a few floors up from our floor looking at Darlene and I. The thought that someone was watching made my swollen cock harder and I made my way around so that I was between Darlene’s legs and brought her legs up over my shoulders and entered Darlene’s pussy. Darlene’s pussy was drenched, she told me to make her cum again. I started nice and slow and soon was pounding Darlene like the end of the world was near, my hands were pinching her rock hard nipples and the harder I pinched the louder Darlene moaned, Darlene slid her hand down and was rubbing her clit and her orgasm was making its way towards me like a steam train. I wasn’t that far away myself. Soon Darlene called my name and I felt her body shake, her pussy squeezed my cock and I felt her pussy orgasm, with that I unloaded all my creamy semen in her pussy, her pussy was milking my cock, she was squeezing in unison with my squirts. Darlene was a different fuck when she was sober, she was bloody brilliant. I slid my cock out and some of my cum spilt out. I turned around and the same woman was still looking at us from her window, only now I could make out she was naked, I had no idea of her age or what she looked like. Darlene told me to come back to her so she could clean my cock off, this was a first and she soon cleaned my cock by giving me another great blowjob. I wondered what the other women thought of this behavior, I wondered how many other people in the other building also saw. I also wondered if any other people in the hotel were watching the other woman.
I told Darlene to look out the window and straight away she saw the other woman, Darlene wasn’t embarrassed or angry in fact she waved at her and to my surprise the other woman waved back. I still hadn’t given Darlene her stuff from Bra’s N Things so I took the opportunity to give it to her, she thought it was great, she took off to the bathroom and came back a few minutes later with the black stay up stockings on, the other woman was still there and it was pretty clear that the stockings were a gift and the other woman gave her a thumbs up in agreement. Darlene grabbed the chair she had earlier sat in and spun it around so it was facing the window and told me to sit, I sat. Soon Darlene was putting a show on for me and for the other woman. Darlene got on her knees and quickly took my hard cock in her mouth, she was going to give me a full on blowjob in front of the window, I looked at the other woman who was now sitting in a chair and looked to be rubbing her pussy. The excitement of doing this was making me really horny and I knew I was gonna explode, Darlene told me she wanted me to cum on the window, I couldn’t believe she was going to go this far, soon I was ready and Darlene pulled back and I sprayed my cum on the window, Darlene got her face right up to one squirt of cum and licked it off, I wish I could have seen what the other woman saw, from her window. Then Darlene used her finger to wipe up another glob of cum and standing in front of the window she slid her cum covered finger into her pussy and finger fucked herself, the other woman was standing and I could make out a dildo she was inserting into her pussy while she watched. Darlene too saw that and pushed me back down on the seat and sat down on me. Darlene was fucking me while watching the other woman fuck herself, and did Darlene get off to that absolutely, did I cum too I sure did. In fact when Darlene stood a mixture of cum and her juices flowed out of her pussy.
Darlene said she needed a shower and wanted food, I couldn’t disagree I was pretty hungry and I too needed a shower, she waved to her friend and her friend waved back, in fact there were a few other people that had seen the show, all the others left there lights off but you could make them out near there windows. I stood and made my way to the shower. We showered together and kissed more than a few times, when Darlene turned and asked if we could go have a drink in the bar, I didn’t care I had got what I wanted but I still thought there may be some more new experiences to come from this weekend. We dried ourselves Darlene put a set of the underwear I purchased on, it fit perfectly and she dressed as did I and we made our way down stairs. We got to the bar and Darlene suggested we have a drink by the pool bar as it was quieter and she could see people eating there. It was about 11pm. We sat down ordered bottle of wine for Darlene and I had a bourbon antalya escort bayan and dry. Apparently all we could get to eat was pizza and chips so we ordered a pizza and a bowl of hot chips, sex makes both of us hungry. We took our drinks and walked around the pool it was impressive with a selection of salt water fish in the pool that you swam with, there was a water slide and 4 secluded hot spas placed around the pool. Darlene said thanks for inviting me and I said I was happy she accepted. We got back to our table and whilst I didn’t like to bring the drinking issue up she had polished a glass of wine of before we got up and she polished a glass of while we were walking around, I still had half my bourbon. That little guy in my head had no hope because the little guy in my pants was so in charge after our escapade in the room before. Darlene drank another glass of wine before the pizza arrived and I ordered another bottle of wine and another bourbon. We ate dinner and ordered another bottle of wine and a few more bourbons, it was about 12.30am and the barman called last drinks. Darlene suggested another bottle and we could take it back to the room, I ordered another bottle and the barman suggested the pool area would be closed I told him we were taking it back to the room. Darlene had a glass from the new bottle then we made our way to the room, it was pretty clear Darlene was going to pass out after that bottle if she consumed it, and she was determined to as in the elevator she poured another glass and sipped at that. We got back to the room and Darlene poured herself another glass, emptying the bottle and consumed it in 3 mouthfuls, she pulled her clothes off, stripped her bra off and passed out on the top of the bed in just her g string. Fuck she looked great, shaved pussy. Black g string.
I pulled the curtains closed, turned off the lights and took Darlene’s g string off, Darlene didn’t even notice. The fact she didn’t even move made me a little more brazen, I spread her legs and slid my finger into Darlene’s pussy, again not a sound not a movement. Ok now I was excited again, so I slid my clothes off and was soon naked on the bed next to Darlene. The bathroom light was on offering a little light. My cock was rock hard and I was soon rubbing my stiff member nice and slow after a minute I was almost about to cum, Darlene was lying on her back passed out, naked with her legs spread a little, her pussy lips were gaped a little after the fucking we had from earlier in the night. I couldn’t resist and slid the head of my cock in her cunt and I soon came in her pussy. She didn’t move, she didn’t do anything in fact all she did was lay there looking like a slut. Her pussy was leaking my cum out and all she did was sleep. I wondered if I could do the same with her arse, if I could I was going to blow my load in her arsehole. I wished she still had the stockings on that would be perfect. I rolled Darlene over and still she didn’t respond, now on her stomach I spread her legs a little and was soon looking at her little arsehole. I lubed my finger up with juice from her pussy and slowly gently probed her hole with my finger, she was tight. Darlene moaned a little so I stopped for a few minutes, then slowly began again, a couple of times I had to use her pussy juices to lube my finger up but all I could manage was the tip if my finger in before she always stirred.
I was hard again and couldn’t bear to be this close so I started rubbing my cock again and was soon positioned to blow my cum all over her arsehole not in it but all over it and had soon let loose a stream of semen that pooled in her but crack. Darlene didn’t stir so I started gently manipulating my finger around her arse, and soon found that by manipulating her arseholethe cum slowly seeped into her arse. This was a huge turn on. I knew this was gonna be all I could get into her and out of her tonight so I turned the bathroom light off and crawled into bed next to her.
I awoke first the next morning and decided to get up have a shower and take a stroll around the resorts grounds, I needed to make a few calls and it was 8.30am so I could do it now before Darlene awoke. I was walking around the pool looking at the fish, having a phone conversation with a Dealer Principle of a dealership in Melbourne about the changes we had made and if it was working for them, after a couple of minutes I got off the phone and grabbed a cup of coffee from the poolside bar and sat in the morning sun for a few minutes. A young Asian girl came up to me and asked if I was a guest and once I affirmed that she told me she was offering massages at a discount rate that day. I told her I was there with a friend and we did a deal for two 90 minute massages for the price of one, we could either do it in her massage room or she would bring the stuff up to my room. I told her I would talk to my partner and come and let her know. She asked if I wanted them at the same time or did I want her to bring another masseuse, I told her she could do us one at a time, she said not one at a time I do together. She also told me her name was Jennifer, I finished my coffee and headed back up the room.
I got back up the room and much to my disgust Darlene was up and in the shower, I was hoping she would still be asleep or at least in bed and I may have been able to have a little fun with her. Darlene came out with a towel wrapped around her, she looked at me and she looked a little strange, I asked what was wrong and she asked if we fucked last when we got back to the room, I didn’t say anything other than whats wrong, and she asked again did we fuck last night. She then said her pussy had dried cum all around it as did the sheet. I knew I was caught so I told her I was really horny after she passed out so I wanked on her pussy, she came up to me and kissed me and said I was naughty, then said was that all you did, I told her I slid my cock head into her pussy then came. Either she didn’t know about me cumming on her arse and finger her tight hole or she wasn’t saying anything. I told her about the massage and Darlene told me that was perfect. I asked her if she wanted to go to the beach today or just laze by the pool, Darlene said lets just laze by this pool we also agreed on getting our massage just after lunch.
Darlene dropped her towel and said before we have breakfast you need to repay the debt, she wanted me to get on my knees and lick her clean little pussy so she could cum too, that way we would be equal, I hungrily dropped to me knees and started licking, soon Darlene was riding my face her hands on the back of my head trying to force my tongue deeper in her pussy or more forceful when it was servicing her clit. Darlene came and my face was covered in her juices, like I said she was a great fuck when she was sober. Darlene rummaged through her bag and came out with a little two piece pink bikini, I was sitting on the bed watching her put it on, my cock was begging to be pleased. I stripped and put board shorts on and a t shirt. Darlene had a little white short sun skirt on and a black singlet over her pink bikini. We headed down the restaurant and had a buffet breakfast. After breakfast we moved to the pool, I saw Jennifer and she came over to in traduce herself to Darlene. Darlene took her singlet off and threw it on the sun lounge, then she got her thumbs and slid the white sun skirt off revealing her pink bikini. Jennifer watched Darlene undress as did a few other people. Darlene sat on the sun lounge then leaned back with her feet up. I looked at Darlene’s body then saw there was a substantial wet patch on her bikini bottoms, Jennifer too noticed it and turned and smiled at me, in fact I was pretty sure Jennifer got a little turned on as her nipples clearly got hard and could be seen through her top. I leant down and whispered in Darlene’s ear she had a wet patch that was showing, I thought Darlene was going to die of embarrassment, all she did was close her legs, turn to me and say lately you have been making me so wet.
After a few minutes Darlene got up and dived in the pool and I too swam with her, we lazed around the pool and spa for a few hours. We saw Jennifer and she said she would be ready in a hour to give us our massage, Darlene and I took the opportunity to have a little lunch before hand. As we ate Darlene looked across at me and suggested we finish up and go up to the room early, I asked why and Darlene suggested that we should shower first I wasn’t going to argue. Darlene pulled her skirt back on but didn’t put her singlet on, I threw my shirt on and we headed up to the room. We waited for the elevator and soon we were in it heading up to our room. Alone in the elevator Darlene grabbed my hand and put it under her skirt, I gently rubbed her pussy through the bikini, if we were a few floors higher I reckon I could have made her cum. My dick again was rock hard, I figured she was teasing as Jennifer the masseuse was going to be along soon. We got in the room and Darlene started hungrily started kissing me, soon I had her on the bed and was about to pull her bikini bottoms off, Darlene told me no, I figured this was a tease until she pulled her bikini bottoms to one side displaying her cute little pussy. Darlene told me to lick her again, and I was more than happy to comply, Darlene wrapped her legs around my head and I ate her little shaved pussy until she came all over my face, Darlene was right she was wet, in fact I thought I could make her squirt if I liked and rubbed her the right way. I thought we were done but Darlene wanted to fuck. Sober Darlene was great. I climbed on top of her and she used her hand to make sure my cock drove straight into her very wet pussy. I fucked Darlene nice and slow, each thrust was deep and I could feel Darlene enjoying every thrust and every movement. My orgasm was building and it felt like it was going to be huge, I had hold of Darlene’s arse cheeks drawing her closer to me with every thrust. When I thought my orgasm was going to be intense Darlene whose orgasm had been building since we where in the elevator allowed hers to be freed, her body shuddered her legs squeezed me deeper and her pussy gushed, genuinely gushed all over my cock, that feeling soon helped me release my warm cream flooding deep in her pussy. We stayed in that position for a few minutes.
I got up and Darlene quickly pulled her bikini bottom back into its normal position. There was a knock on the door and we both looked at each other, so much for having a shower let alone the room smelt of sex. I walked to the door after positioning my pants and there was the valet who took the car the other day with a trolley with tow massage tables and a box of oils and other stuff. I let him in and Darlene was still lying on the bed, except she now had a huge wet patch clearly visible on her bikini bottoms and a look of I have just been fucked on her face. Her legs were still splayed open. Once she realized it wasn’t Jennifer she made a attempt to close them a little but the valet clearly knew what we had been doing. I opened the door to let the valet out . As I was about to shut the door Jennifer pushed the door and I pulled it open again, she walked in to see escort antalya Darlene legs spread with a huge wet patch, Darlene must have spread her legs again, the wet patch had tripled in size. Jennifer giggled and I think I turned red. Darlene just put her legs together again. Jennifer turned some music on and asked if we wanted the curtains closed or open, we chose closed, she also lit some incense and a candle. She told both of us to hop up onto the massage tables, one table was set further forward, as soon as I hoped up I realized I was still wearing my board shorts and had nothing on underneath, Jennifer had 2 towels and suggested we both take our clothes off. I slide my shorts down and Darlene watched, Jennifer put a towel over my waste. Darlene undid her bikini top and took her top off but didn’t take her bottom off, Jennifer suggested they too needed to come off, I knew Darlene was embarrassed as her pussy must still be leaking our juices out, Darlene started to push them down and the Jennifer just grabbed them and pulled her bikini bottoms clean off, I was looking and Jennifer had a long look at Darlene’s glistening pussy., then she put the towel across Darlene’s waist.
I was told to relax, breathe in the incense, listen to the music as Jennifer started working on Darlene. The incense was overpowering and I could have slept. Jennifer had put a few hot towels over my shoulders, back, waist and legs. Darlene on the other hand was having her back rubbed with oil. Jennifer had taken her top off and was just wearing a white lycra top that kind of resembled a boob tube. In fact Jennifer stopped at one point smiled at me and I could clearly see her hard nipple outline through the lycra. I thought Jennifer was getting turned on again, just like at the pool. Jennifer continued massage Darlene and soon was in a position to lower the towel down. Jennifer pulled the towel down so she could start working on Darlene’s butt and I don’t know if it was intentional but the towel soon fell away, Jennifer was on the other side of the table offering me a rather great view as she massaged Darlene’s arse. Jennifer was really oiling up Darlene and every now and then she would slide her hand into Darlene’s upper thighs, I was pretty sure she was rubbing Darlene’s pussy lips. When she did this I could actually see Darlene quiver a little, Darlene was getting horny. Jennifer stopped and said she needed to order more hot towels as it was time to stop working on Darlene. Few minutes later there was a gently knock on the door and another young girl delivered some more warm towels.
Jennifer wiped her hands and put the hot towels over Darlene. Jennifer smiled and said my turn, she also said I think Darlene is asleep. I looked closely and I tended to agree with Jennifer, Darlene was asleep. Jennifer started massaging my shoulders and I felt her climb up and sit on my waist as she massaged my shoulders and back. Jennifer said with me it was easier that way. After a minute she was rubbing my neck and she asked how long Darlene and I had been together, I said about a month. Jennifer said we must have a good sex life, I was pretty embarrassed as she was alluding to the big wet spots she had seen on Darlene’s bikini at the pool and in the room. I just said Darlene is easy to fuck as soon as I said that I knew I was at fault so I said we get along well. Jennifer leant down and said its okay I reckon she like you fucking her. Her pussy is still leaking cum. With that Jennifer got off me walked over to the sleeping Darlene and slid her hand up under the towel and showed me a glob of cum that I guess had pooled on the table. Jennifer then licked the finger and said Darlene is a lucky girl. I was kind of hoping for something else, like I want to be a lucky girl too. Jennifer came back towards me and leant back down and whispered in my ear, I want to lick your cum out of your little slut over there. Bugger I wished I would have bought a bottle of wine for Darlene to drink with lunch. Jennifer still with her lips by my ear whispered if your slut agrees you can fuck my tight little cunt, but only if your slut agrees. She then whispered in my ear pretend to be asleep and I will see how far I can tease her. With that she grabbed my hand and preceded to suck my finger.
I laid back down on my stomach and Jennifer made her way back to Darlene. She took the hot towels off her body revealing Darlene completely naked. I must admit I was wondering how or what Darlene would do with the upcoming situation. Jennifer slowly, gently woke Darlene up and told her to roll over she needed to massage her front. Darlene came awake and rolled over for Jennifer. Jennifer said to Darlene that she thought I was asleep, she then said maybe Darlene wore me out. Darlene didn’t answer so Jennifer was a little more direct and said was some of the best ways to offer relief. Darlene at that point said that she was pretty relaxed and relieved now, Jennifer was really trying to get Darlene to talk about sex but Darlene wasn’t saying much. Jennifer was rubbing Darlene ‘s toes and feet and still hadn’t put a towel over Darlene’s waist so Jennifer had a constant view of Darlene’s pussy, Jennifer was rubbing Darlene’s foot with a renewed vigor, lifting it twisting it all the time she was doing this im sure Darlene’s pussy was glistening and her lips would open a little. Soon Jennifer was working her way up Darlene’s thighs and I could hear Darlene moaning a little. Jennifer stopped and said your boyfriend is asleep if you want why don’t you masturbate and once you relieve yourself I will finish massaging you. Here was the test I really had no idea how Darlene would react, last night she happily put a show on for a woman in the building across from the resort, today would she put a show on for the sexy little Thai masseuse. Darlene said something I couldn’t understand but I did hear Jennifer say, you are still horny aren’t you, he fucked you before I got here and he fucked you before you left the room this morning didn’t he, he must have came a lot as its still dribbling out of your pussy isn’t it Darlene. It really was the moment of truth. Darlene told Jennifer she really wanted to cum, Jennifer told Darlene to do it masturbate her wet pussy to a orgasm, she also told her that she would keep rubbing her thighs as you rub your clit. Jennifer grabbed a pillow and put it under Darlene’s arse.
I could partly see as I had my head on the pillow not face down in the hole on the table, in fact my cock was really causing me some discomfort as I was lying on it, I needed to move but I really wanted to see what happens. Darlene used her right hand to rub her pussy and this almost obscured any view I had. Then Jennifer helped me by moving up Darlene’s right side to massage her, hence promoting Darlene to use her left hand. I could see the massage table vibrating as Darlene was using her hand vigorously, Jennifer told Darlene to fold both her legs up and spread them a little, now I had a better view, every now and then Jennifer’s fingers would brush Darlene’s pussy and you could see it would electrify Darlene’s body. My cock was killing me. I moved a little to offer a little relief and I saw that Darlene was using her other hand to rub her nipple. Jennifer moved back a little and used this time to slide her shorts down a little, then wiggled her hips a bit and they slid right off, then she stepped out of them. Darlene had her eyes closed and I could tell she was getting close to having another orgasm. Jennifer was now only using one hand and her other hand was buried in her hairy pussy fucking herself to what I suspected too would be another orgasm. I took the opportunity to get up a little and was now not hiding the fact I was asleep in fact I too had one hand under my stomach manipulating my cock. Darlene mumbled something and Jennifer started rubbing Darlene’s clit while Darlene used two fingers to fuck herself. Darlene mumbled something else and removed her fingers from her pussy and Jennifer stopped rubbing her clit, Darlene used her fingers to start massaging her clit and Jennifer buried her head in between Darlene’s pussy lips. At that point Darlene looked down and her eyes locked onto me, wide awake and watching her being pleasured by Jennifer, then as there was no need to be quiet anymore Darlene really started to moan. Jennifer redoubled her efforts and was soon rewarded with Darlene begging Jennifer to tongue her deeper. Jennifer slipped her right hand under Darlene’s arse and whilst I couldn’t see properly I was sure she was rubbing Darlene’s anus. Darlene came and this time I heard her say oh my god I think I squirted, you made me squirt. I still hadn’t came and I felt a little left out but that was okay.
Jennifer to her credit was still licking and slurping at Darlene’s pussy. Darlene was shaking and quivering and still under the control of her orgasm, Jennifer started to moan a little and I noticed she still had a hand buried in her cunt, her legs started shaking and soon she allowed herself to have a powerful orgasm. Darlene had pulled a pillow over her head and was pretty embarrassed, Jennifer was half standing half lying with her head on Darlene’s lower stomach, her shorts still off. In a rush of movement Darlene got up forcing Jennifer to stand and Darlene came to me, she leant down and kissed me fully on the lips and said it your turn to be satisfied, she took my hand and wanted me to stand, I did and Darlene led me to the bed. Jennifer stood rooted to her spot. She looked quite a site she was wearing her top but no shorts. Darlene told me to lay on my back, I did but used a couple of pillows to lift my head, my cock was swinging in the breeze. Darlene walked over to Jennifer and grabbed her hand and led her to the bed, Jennifer looked a little hesitant/apprehensive as she was led over. Darlene stood at the edge of the bed and kissed Jennifer on the lips, she got her hands under Jennifer’s top and lifted her top off, that broke the lingering and Jennifer lifted her arms willingly allowing Darlene to remove her top. Jennifer wasn’t wearing a bra and her tits were typical of a Asian a little small, and very dark nipples. Both Darlene and Jennifer were similar in build and similar height. Darlene kissed her again and this time Darlene slid her hand down and rubbed Jennifer’s pussy. In fact as they stood there side on to me I could see Darlene fingering this young tight little Thai girl. Darlene stepped back and licked her finger that she had been using to finger Jennifer’s pussy. Darlene put her hand on Jennifer’s chest and gently forced her to lie on the bed. She positioned her kind of next to me.
Darlene looked at me and said she was gonna satisfy Jennifer just like Jennifer satisfied her, and instantly Darlene had buried her face into Jennifer’s pussy, Jennifer was willing Darlene on as she had spread her legs as the mere mention of Darlene going down on her. Darlene stopped and grabbed a pillow and put it under Jennifer’s butt to lift it a little, then she went straight back to licking the tight young Thai girl out. As she was servicing Jennifer with her tongue Darlene used her hand to rub my cock. Jennifer was starting to moan and her body was shaking a little, Darlene antalya escort stopped and looked up and said I am going to finger your arse. Jennifer willingly lifted her legs over Darlene’s shoulders presenting her arse and Darlene wasted no time lubing her finger with Jennifer’s pussy juices and sliding it in Jennifer’s anus, in fact from wheat I saw it seemed Darlene could have slipped two fingers in her arse as one finger just slid in with almost no resistance. Once again it seemed I was left out as Darlene had removed her hand from my cock and was using that on Jennifer. I needed some relief and Darlene sensed my need and pulled her face out of Jennifer’s pussy long enough to suggest I have a wank and come all over her face, Jennifer told us both no, she wanted me to fuck Darlene from behind while Darlene serviced Jennifer’s pussy with her tongue. Darlene lifted her hips and was soon presenting me with her sexy slit. I didn’t need a second invite and positioned myself behind Darlene, there was no point in teasing, I wanted some relief. I just rammed my cock straight into Darlene’s willing cunt, I put both hands on her hips and just rammed her as deep as I could. Jennifer was looking up at me as I fucked Darlene hard in her wet pussy and told me to fuck her harder, Jennifer had both her hands on Darlene’s head pulling her closer to her pussy. Jennifer told me she was going to cum all over your girl friends face, does that turn me on, yeah it sure did, I pounded Darlene with a raw intensity, Jennifer could cum on her face but I was going to fill Darlene’s pussy with cum. I hoped Jennifer was going to be true to her word and lick my cum out of Darlene’s cunt like she told me. I was pounding Darlene, my swollen balls slapping into her, Jennifer was starting to really shake, it looked like Darlene had found her spot and better still she was still fingering Jennifer in the arse. I don’t know which one was turning me on more Darlene because she was eating this little Thai slut or Jennifer because she was letting Darlene eat her pussy and finger fuck her arse, whatever it was I exploded deep in Darlene’s pussy, this was another huge load of cum I had released in Darlene’s pussy. Jennifer was next to orgasm and she let Darlene know she was cumming, Darlene was still bucking her hips a little squirming against my cock, little did I realize Darlene had came.
I was breathing hard, so was Jennifer, Darlene lifted her face and Jennifer was right she had came all over Darlene’s face, Darlene looked so fuckable right then I thought I was going to cum again, in fact I felt my cock twitch, Darlene felt it too. Jennifer was true to her word she commanded Darlene get on her back she wanted to lick my cream out of her pussy. Darlene quickly got on her back, there was cum leaking out of her pussy as Jennifer started slurping at her creamy cunt. All of a sudden I was presented with Jennifer’s little arse pointing at me, she was hairy but very neatly trimmed, her dark lips and pink flesh was readily winking at me. Darlene looked up at me and said hurry up I don’t think I can last long before I cum. Jennifer turned her head and told me not to cum in her pussy as she wasn’t on the pill. Darlene grabbed Jennifer by the head and forced her back towards her pussy. I had a real issue here as I was ready to explode then and there, I really didn’t know if I could trust myself. Jennifer was wagging her pussy and arse at me and got her head up and said fuck me. My cock drove straight into Jennifer’s Thai pussy and Jennifer grunted in pleasure. Darlene told me to fuck her, make her cum all over your cock. I could actually feel Jennifer move a little it really felt like I was filling her pussy, I was thrusting pretty hard, my hands on her hips pulling her towards my thrusts, Jennifer again got her mouth free long enough to say she was about to cum, and please don’t cum in my pussy. Her legs were shaking, and soon gave away as she let her pussy cum all over my cock, her pussy was squeezing, quivering all at the same time. I was really trying hard to keep in control but it was incredibly hard. Darlene caught on and told me to fuck her in the arse, blow in her tight little arse. I quickly pulled my cock out and Jennifer cried she didn’t want that, I was beyond this it was either fill her pussy with semen or fill her arse with cream, I got the head of my cock in her arse and pushed a little harder. Jennifer was squirming telling me not too. I didn’t care I was beyond all feeling and I thrust hard into her tight anus, hell I didn’t even get it all in but I released all my cream in her arse. Darlene was having another orgasm, Jennifer was calling me a prick followed by telling me that she was about to cum. My cock was twitching in her arse and with each twitch another stream of cum was shot in her arse, Jennifer let her orgasm flow through her and turned and told me she had never let a guy cum in her arse. I pulled my cock out and out too leaked my creamy syrup. Jennifer quickly turned around and quickly sucked my cock clean.
I was still a orgasm behind the girls and I told them so, Jennifer said to Darlene what do you think do you have one more left in you. What I wanted was to fuck my girlfriend and unload in her pussy, Jennifer was great and she was tight but I didn’t have the self control and I didnt think she was going to let me fuck her arse again. I wanted too though if was terrific. Darlene was still lying on her back and suggested if I wanted to I could climb aboard. I lifted Darlene’s legs over my shoulder and was about to mount her when Jennifer wanted to sit on Darlene’s face, in fact she wanted to pull her legs back towards her. What a sight, Darlene on her back with her legs together pulled back and Jennifer sitting on Darlene’s face facing me. Darlene had placed both her hands on Jennifer’s arse. If my cock wasn’t rock hard it was certainly was right now. Jennifer looked at me and said fuck your sweet little Darlene will never be fucked like this again. Having Darlene’s legs together kept her pussy tight and it felt incredible as I slid my cock in. Jennifer asked if she felt tight and I just nodded. I started nice and slow I was going to enjoy this, Jennifer picked up on my intent and told me to really fuck her pussy nice and slow. That was fine but Jennifer used one of her hands to start rubbing Darlene’s clit. There was my cock driving into Darlene’s pussy slow and deep, yet Jennifer was rubbing her clit. It only took a minute and Darlene was starting to squirm, she was telling me to fuck her faster. Jennifer told both her and I no its nice and slow. Jennifer was still rubbing Darlene’s clit and it was making Darlene squirm and shake really hard. I was so tempted to fuck her faster but Jennifer told me not to increase the pace. As I pushed my cock deeper I felt Darlene cum, she was moaning a guttural like sound and her pussy was quivering all around my cock. Darlene’s pussy all of a sudden felt like a wave had washed over it she had squirted and gushed all over my cock. Jennifer realized it too but told me not to go faster. In fact Jennifer told me to stop. I did and Darlene was squirming, shaking, quivering and leaking all at once, but Jennifer still tickled her clit. Darlene made another guttural moan and came again, this time with more fluid, she had squirted harder. Jennifer looked at Darlene and told her not to stop licking her pussy.
With that I thought I would be allowed to finish the job and enjoy myself. Jennifer told me to slowly continue to fuck her and I did so, it was so hard not to just go wild and fuck Darlene as hard and as fast as I could. After three thrusts Darlene came again, not as intense but her pussy still gushed and her pussy felt like a vice as it gripped my cock. That had to be the green light to let me go. Jennifer asked me if I had fucked Darlene in the arse and I said no she didn’t like that. Jennifer said today was a day of firsts. Darlene said no, but it was hard to take her seriously as her pussy was still squeezing and she was shaking. Jennifer said shut up to Darlene she had said no and your boyfriend here fucked and came in my arse. Darlene became a little more vocal and Jennifer looked at me and said if you want she is ready for you. Again I had no idea how I felt, I was just so horny. Jennifer said it was my choice, I thrust a few times in Darlene’s pussy and Jennifer was right I wanted Darlene’s arse. I pulled my cock out of Darlene’s cunt, it was soping in there and it was all Darlene’s cum. I put the head of my cock at Darlene’s anus and Darlene was moving about a little, she knew I was over the edge and there was no stopping me. Jennifer was still rubbing Darlene’s clit and im pretty sure Darlene was angry about what was about to happen but her body was still being pleasured by Jennifer and her magic fingers. Jennifer looked up and winked at me then spread Darlene’s legs and lowered her mouth down onto Darlene’s clit. Well that was it, my decision was made. Darlene sighed and allowed the outcome to follow. I pushed and the head of my cock slipped straight into her tight arse, Jennifer was licking her clit and lapping at Darlene’s pussy. I pushed harder and after a few strokes three quarters of my cock was pumping like a piston in and out of Darlene ‘s arse. I was close to cumming and told the girls so, Jennifer lifted her head and said blow in her arse. Darlene didn’t say anything in fact she was starting to shake like she was a epileptic, Jennifer said im pretty sure she is going to cum again. I was just about ready when Darlene came, in fact this time she did squirt, all over me, with that I told the girls I was about to release my spunk. And release I did stream after stream shot from my cock deep in Darlene’s arse. Darlene was coming down from her orgasm, she was still quivering and twitching. I too was shaking, all I could think was wow. Jennifer too had came, I didn’t even notice she was lying on her back beside with her eyes closed smiling. Darlene opened her eyes and from the blue said that was fucking incredible, did I really squirt all over you. I pulled my cock out of Darlene’s arse and laid down beside her, Darlene lowered her legs and cum dribbled out of her gaping arsehole, she then kissed me and told me I could fuck her like that anytime I wanted. i could taste Jennifer on Darlene’s lips.
Jennifer opened her eyes and told Darlene she really should learn to clean her boyfriend off after a session like that, with that Jennifer leaned over and licked my cock clean. I wish I could say I was ready to go again but I was exhausted. Jennifer stood and said she needed a shower. Darlene kissed me again and said could Jennifer stay with us until Sunday. And it was only 4pm on Friday, we still had two more days to go. Jennifer came out of the shower completely naked and her body was glowing, Darlene asked Jennifer if she wanted to stay with us until we left on Sunday. Jennifer came over and kissed Darlene on the lips and said she could get into trouble if she did but if we kept it a secret she would. Darlene leant up and pulled Jennifer’s face down for another kiss and told her absolutely.
Jennifer made a call and said someone was on the way up to collect the tables and her massage equipment, she told us she had to leave. Darlene and I took the opportunity to have a shower together, when we came out Jennifer and her equipment were all gone.

Read Chapter 3 for the final episode.

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