Daughter Addicton

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This is just an idea I had and decided to write. The next installment of “Control: Who Wants It?” will be my next post and will definitely be posted by the end of the month. Again I welcome suggestions for new ideas, but realize that there are some areas that I don’t think I would write all that well.


“Ohh, yes there do it, yessss mooomyyy.” Zelma pulled on her dark nipples as the tongue moved in her pussy and her orgasm rocked her body with its force. Her breath came in sharp gasps as the slim nineteen year old Arabic woman reveled in the aftershock of her orgasm. When her breathing returned to normal she looked down at her friend Sophie, who made a comical sight, covered in Zelma’s cum and frowning.

“Sophie, what’s with that look, I thought you enjoyed my taste?” Sophie’s eyes narrowed and she stood grabbing a cloth to wipe her face. She waited until she was sure she was finished drying herself before turning back to Zelma seated on the bed with her arms crossed.

“I do enjoy how you taste, but I’m not a slut. I want to date you and would it kill you to return the favor. However the part that really irks me is the fact that when I go down on you, you’re not even here with me. Do you think I’m deaf or that I’m so lost in you that I would fail to notice that you call out “mommy” when you cum.” Sophie retrieved her clothes and Zelma said nothing. After she had dressed Sophie glared at Zelma daring her to speak. Zelma shrugged.

“Fine. I see no reason to lie to you. Yes, I am in love with my mother, I dream about her kneeling before me, serving my needs.” Sophie stared wide-eyed shaking her head.

“You would rather moon over your mother than enjoy a relationship with me? Fine (bitch) I don’t intend to do this again.” Sophie turned to open the door when Zelma spoke.

“You work at the lab tomorrow, right? We still on for lunch?” Sophie tensed up and the hand that had been reaching for the door was now clenching into a fist.

“You’re unbelievable, I have all but said that I don’t want to see you anymore.” She inhaled quickly and exhaled in a hiss. “Fine. I’ll meet you at the café, usual time.” Sophie just suppressed the urge to slam the door behind her. Zelma lay back idly stroking between her legs as she thought about her mother. Her mother, Dima, features similar to her own, however with darker skin as she was from Saudi Arabia and Zelma’s father had been a lighter skinned American. Zelma considered her mother’s breasts, which she had ogled on occasion like a horny teenage boy. Zelma had seized every opportunity to hug her mother to feel those breasts crushed against her own.

The next day Zelma sat at a table in the café around the corner from where Sophie worked at a lab getting work experience while she was going to college. Zelma was sipping an ice tea as she considered whether or not to order lunch or wait for Sophie. However before she could come to a decision Sophie came in through the door. Sophie saw Zelma and quickly walked over to sit across from her. Sophie merely nodded and ordered when the waitress approached. Sophie somehow managed to look angry and preoccupied at the same time. Zelma casually worked on her dish of tortellini and looked up at Sophie.

“So, Sophie what’s on your mind, beyond the fact that you are angry with me?” Sophie pretended to ignore Zelma for a short time before looking up.

“I’m disgusted with myself for even giving in to you to the extent of meeting you today. But that being said I have something for you. I know I’m just deluding myself, but I am hoping that this gift may improve my standing in your eyes.” Sophie pulled a small container out of her bag and pushed it across the table to Zelma who picked it up looking it over carefully. The container, which her hand fit neatly around, had no label or marking.

“What’s this?” Sophie continued to eat making Zelma wait. Zelma tried glaring, tapping the table and even waving in front of Sophie’s face. However Sophie continued eating and refused to rush. Sophie finished eating and took a long slow drink of her juice. Sophie finished and finally looked up.

“It’s a gift, something the lab was going to discard, but it will give you what you want.” Zelma arched an eyebrow.

“What it is really?” Sophie sighed.

“It’s wrong, but I’m giving you a way to have your mother. Before you say anything, let me explain how it works. I realize how this will sound, but I’m telling you the truth. This will alter your bodily fluids making them addictive. Drink it and all of your fluids will be like heroin to an addict. It takes twenty-four hours, then I guess you could masturbate in to a container and then mix that with something you know your mother will drink. She won’t know of course, but she’ll go through withdrawal when it runs out, I imagine you can take it from there.” Zelma stared blankly as Sophie stood to pay for her meal. Zelma took no notice as Sophie left. Zelma only came back to the here and now when approached by the waitress pendik escort to see if she wanted anything else. Zelma paid for her own food and picked up the container Sophie had given her as she headed for the door. Once home Zelma checked that her mother was out and sat in the kitchen to consider her next move. She obviously wasn’t ready to believe that it could possibly work, but she decided that she had nothing to lose by trying. Zelma cautiously opened the container and experimentally sniffed, but the scent was faint. She couldn’t quite make it out and slowly sipped, the taste was somewhat sweet, but almost as faint as the scent.

She soon finished and noted the time was just about one in the afternoon. Zelma walked to her room and wrote down the time and that sometime after that she would have to follow Sophie’s advice and masturbate in to the empty container in order to mix it with something. She knew exactly what to mix it with, every couple of days her mother made a smoothie in a pitcher that only she was allowed to drink. Zelma checked the fridge and saw that her mother had enough for the next day, meaning she would probably make a new batch that night, perfect timing. Zelma wanted to play with herself to an explosive orgasm that she knew would quickly erupt. However she knew that the best thing to do would be to tease herself to the brink of orgasm, but to save herself up to ensure that she could fill the container the following afternoon. So reaching this decision she undressed revealing her medium brown skin and modest breasts so like her mother’s body, although after having Zelma her breasts were somewhat larger. Zelma lay on her bed in a semi-seated position and softly pulled on her tits. Zelma moaned as she imagined her mother crawling between her legs to use her tongue on Zelma’s cunt. Zelma wet the fingers of her left hand and rubbed her left tit as she moaned louder imagining what her mother would say.

“Mistress, please let me taste you, I need your cum. Don’t deny your slut.” Zelma smiled as she imagined her mother’s wide pleading eyes and almost pouty look of her lips. Zelma reached between her legs and had barely touched her lips, missing her clit, and she gasped out loud as she reluctantly stopped touching herself lest she cum and ruin her plans. Zelma wanted to scream in frustration, but if there was a chance that this could work, and since Sophie wasn’t the type to play such a trick on her, then she would endure this small frustration.

Zelma later woke with a start and took some moments gathering herself and realized that she had been asleep for several hours. A sound downstairs told her that her mother’s arrival had woken her. Zelma sat up double checking that her door was closed, she wasn’t concerned about it being locked as her mother never entered without knocking. She dressed and rushed downstairs to find her mother seated at the kitchen table and a stack of mail in front of her as was her habit to go over the mail when she got home, however the glass of wine in front of her was unusual, but not unheard of. Zelma glanced at the nearby bottle and knew that the practically full glass was her mother’s second of the day.

“Rough day mom?” Her mother looked up, her face looked drawn and her eyes were bloodshot. She nodded after a moment of staring that Zelma was sure was not at her.

“Yamama, yes they are foolish and most of the men stare at me, their intentions obvious.” Zelma shook her head, she would never understand the habit among her mother’s Arabic side of the family to referring to daughters as ‘mama’.

“But you’re the boss, can’t you do anything? Although” At this she embraced her mother, pulling her tightly and even letting hands to drift down her mother’s sides, but stopping just short of her hips, “I don’t blame them, you are really hot mom.” Her mom’s reaction was to laugh and Zelma could feel her visibly relax in her arms. Her mother put the mail down and looked up smiling. Zelma felt that her mom looked just a little less tired then when she had first come down.

“So what would you like for dinner?” Zelma was tempted to say “you”, but she suppressed it shaking her head.

“No mum, I’m fine getting my own dinner, you work hard all day so, you don’t need to keep working when you come home.” Zelma got rice and chicken from the fridge and warmed them on the stove with some seasoning. She wasn’t a cook she would be the first to admit, but this pretty simple, watch so it doesn’t burn and pile on the seasoning as that was how she liked it. Once it was ready she separated it on to two dishes before setting one in front of her mother sitting with the other opposite her mother at the table. Zelma ate as she watched her pour a third glass. Zelma shook her head, this was a rare sight the day must have been worse than she had guessed as her mother usually only drank more than two glasses on her anniversary. This was something that had only started in the last three years since Zelma’s father had passed away. Zelma shook her maltepe escort head as she didn’t want to cry in front of her mother, especially after the day her mother had obviously had. After they ate Zelma took care of the dishes. When she finished she found her mother passed out on the couch, a combination of alcohol and exhaustion as her mom could put it away when in a mood. Zelma got a blanket and pillow from her mother’s room and made sure she was reasonably comfortable before going to her own to make a start on the homework that awaited her.

Zelma awoke the next day to find that she had fallen asleep in the middle of working on her homework. She set her homework aside and stretched, groaning in her stiffness. After a quick breakfast she returned to her homework as she didn’t want to lose the rest of her weekend working on it. She struggled to continue until she couldn’t wait any longer for lunch. So she stopped for to eat and when she returned to her room she saw the time and realized that it had been twenty-four hours since she took the formula that Sophie had given her. Still feeling skeptical that it could do what Sophie said she dialed Sophie’s number. Sophie didn’t answer right away and Zelma was growing increasingly impatient as she considered hanging up when she finally heard Sophie’s voice.

“Yes? What is it Zelma?” Zelma sat back relaxing as she now felt in control.

“Sophie, are you sure this will work?” Sophie sighed, it was loud enough that Zelma felt certain that it was for her benefit.

“Yes Zelma, I’m sure this will work. I feel sick helping you in your perversion, but I want you and if I can do something for you I will.” Zelma shook her head.

“Fine then I have something to take care of.” They both hung up and Zelma quickly undressed and lounged against the headboard of her bed feeling the cool surface against her back as she casually rubbed an index finger over each tit and moaned softly. Once her nipples had hardened, Zelma pulled on them and she bit her lip to keep from moaning too loudly. Zelma fantasized about the things she would have her mother do once she had control over her.

Zelma continued to pull on one nipple with her left hand while she began to move the other hand with growing speed over her lips, she imagined forcing her mother to walk around the house naked and to even crawl in Zelma’s presence, wiggling her ass like an eager dog wagging her tail. Zelma could no longer suppress a moan as this image entered her mind. Her pussy was wet and she pushed a finger between her lips as she imagined spanking her mother for being such a tease. Now she was rapidly thrusting two fingers into her sopping wet pussy and pulling on her nipple as she continued to fantasize about the plans she had for her mother.

Zelma was going to move into her mother’s room, sometimes making her mother sleep on the floor and other times letting her sleep at the foot of the bed like a pet. Zelma moaned at the thought of having her mother’s tongue available at all times, such as when she wakes up in the middle of the night feeling horny. The image of her mother between her legs looking up at her proved to be too much and she only just managed to grab the container that had contained the formula from Sophie’s lab. It proved messy, but Zelma managed to get most of it into the container. It was not a ton, but she figured too much and her mother might notice and dump out her smoothie thinking an ingredient was bad. Zelma carefully put the container on her nightstand before laying back feeling warm and content for the moment.

Zelma stirred sometime later as she heard her mother call her for dinner. Dinner proved quiet as both were occupied with their own thoughts. Zelma returned to her schoolwork and even managed to make progress before she heard her mother heading to bed. Zelma set aside her schoolwork and grabbed the container before heading to the stairs. Zelma listened to make sure her mother was in her room. Zelma began to tiptoe when stopped and laughed softly, she was a grown woman she didn’t need to sneak downstairs just because it was late. She wanted to run in her eagerness, but walked normally. She reached the kitchen and quickly located her mother’s pitcher in the fridge and poured in the contents of the container. Zelma mixed it thoroughly and sniffed experimentally. At least the smell wouldn’t give anything away as she couldn’t risk tasting it to be certain. Zelma drank some water and went to bed.

The next morning Zelma was eating breakfast as she watch her mother pour herself a glass from the pitcher and she tried not to look like she was watching. Her mother put the glass to her lips and drank deeply, while Zelma felt her heart beat faster. Her mother swallowed making a curious face as she did so.

“Hmm, I don’t think I did anything different, but that tastes kind of…sweet, more so than usual.” Her mother set the glass on the counter as she considered what she had done differently. “Oh well, I can’t solve that kartal escort mystery right now, see you tonight yamama, I have to get to work.” Zelma smiled as she eyed her mother’s retreating ass. So far so good, she doesn’t suspect. Now to see if it will work. Zelma sighed as she realized that the only way that this would work would be to wait until after her mother ran out of her smoothie and started to experience withdrawal. This meant that she would be waiting the three days until the pitcher ran out and she started to miss it. Zelma finished breakfast and finished dressing for class. Class was not overly boring, but her mind was not on it as she was impatient for her mother to submit to her. After class she met Sophie for lunch.

“So, how goes your perverted plan?” Sophie was trying to be light, but Zelma could tell the smile was only on Sophie’s lips, it didn’t reach her eyes.

“What do you mean my perverted plan? You gave me the plan with that container, so you are to blame.” Sophie’s smile disappeared as she turned her attention back to her food. She however spoke softly despite no longer making eye contact with Zelma.

“Zelma will you be satisfied if you get your mom to submit?” Zelma stared hard at Sophie opening her mouth to speak, but closed it again as she stopped to consider the question further. Finally she spoke.

“What do you mean? Do you mean will I be content to have her service me? Or do you mean will I be satisfied and thus be free for you?” Sophie sighed as she dramatically put her fork down.

“Zelma I am tired of your condescending attitude, I have made my feelings clear. I know I’m being foolish giving you anything, but I suppose that’s to be expected when you’re in love.” Zelma nodded and continued her meal before speaking.

“So, are you coming over today?” Sophie glared at Zelma.

“One, I’m not feeding your fantasy by letting you pretend I’m your mother and two, you will be addictive for another twenty-four hours. I have no intention of becoming another one of your pets. I want to date, not serve you.” Sophie finished her meal in silence, refusing to respond to Zelma. The two finished and departed. Zelma arrived home and continued with her schoolwork, she had less than three weeks to finish a project, but it was a struggle as she was eager to begin the next phase of this plan. She put down the schoolwork and sat back in her chair as she considered what Sophie had said to her. Zelma wasn’t ready to give up on her mother, but perhaps afterwards she might give serious thought was Sophie had said. However Zelma was only about halfway through college and as such was not interested in a serious relationship, but Sophie was clearly tired of the casual nature of the relationship.

Later when her mother came home they had dinner and Zelma didn’t hear her mother who was speaking to her.

“Sorry mum, what was that?” Her mother shook her head smiling.

“Zelma why are you so preoccupied?”

“Nothing, really mum I just have a project to finish.” Her mother held her gaze a moment before shrugging and resuming her meal. The meal ended in silence and Zelma returned to her room to continue working on her project.

Zelma looked up at the clock and realized that it was late and she stretched groaning in the pain of her stiffness. She went to the kitchen to get a drink before going to bed. She stopped with a start as she realized that the pitcher with her mother’s smoothie was just over half empty. So it’s taking effect faster than I thought, at this rate she should finish it tomorrow. She might even be desperate for more before the day is out. Zelma fell asleep with a smile on her face.

The next morning Zelma was awoken by a sound from the kitchen. Once her mind was clear of sleep she rose to find out what had roused her. She reached the kitchen to find her mother seated at the table with a cup of coffee and a tired drawn look on her face. Zelma looked around and saw the pitcher sitting on the counter, on its side with ingredients strewn around.

“What’s wrong mum?” Her mother looked up, her eyes were bloodshot, clearly she hadn’t slept.

“I don’t know I woke up last night and I came down her to get some water, but instead I get some of my smoothie. I drank two glasses and went back to bed, but I couldn’t sleep. So I kept getting up to drink more. It didn’t take me long to finish it. I made more, but it wasn’t the same, finally I realized that it was just about time to get up so I came down for coffee.” Zelma nodded trying to conceal a smile and put a hand between her legs, she was wet. Zelma struggled to maintain a straight face and above all to be quiet as she slowly worked a finger into her wet pussy. She only made sure that her finger was wet before she withdrew it and swiftly thrust it into her mother’s mouth. Her mother’s response was one of shock and to open her mouth wider, allowing Zelma to push her finger in further. Suddenly her mother’s lips closed on her finger and she sucked hard. Her mother was sucking so hard that it almost hurt despite her not using her teeth. Then her mouth released her with a gasp as she sat back in her chair. Zelma smiled, walking away. Zelma only waited in her room a moment before she heard a knock at her door.

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