Deal, Chapter 2

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She was well rested when they entered. Although she was still completely naked and there was no top sheet on the bed, the room was pleasantly warm and relaxing. Her ass was still a bit sore, but other than that her whole body had completely recovered from being thoroughly and exhaustively fucked the day before. She had done nothing but eat and sleep for the past 36 hours, except for her preliminary examination of her restraints. Her wrists and ankles were still in their manacles which were chained to the four posts, but there was enough slack in the chains that she could move freely around the bed.

She could even stand beside the bed, but if she tried to take even one step the chains pulled tight against the bed which was heavy oak and bolted to the floor. On one side of the bed was a table with a large tray of food and drink, enough to last her several days, and on the other side was a large basin of water and a stack of towels. The manacles were padded and never hurt her wrists in the slightest, but there was no apparent way to remove them. She was too tired to worry about it at the time, and only awoke a few minutes before they opened the door.

She could hear several voices and mellow music playing somewhere down the hall. “Here we are,” he said as he entered the room and propped the door open. The first man from the day before led the way as a string of men entered the room, a dozen at least, all eyes lustfully upon her. She had been lounging in the center of the bed, but now sat up and moved casually to the headboard. She hugged a pillow to cover up her tits; the only available covering was the pile of pillows she was sitting on, and something told her that trying to avoid their staring eyes would make them want her more.

The first man was saying, “She’s here to do anything you want, so go nuts and have fun. And if she doesn’t do what you tell her to,” he pulled on one of the chains to show it was sturdy, “Well, she’s not going anywhere.” With this many of them she knew they wouldn’t ask permission, so she licked her lips seductively to get them to play nice. The chuckle that rippled through the room and the eager gleam in the eyes of every man present thrilled her to have seduced them so invitingly, and she hoped each and every one intended to be inside her before the night was over.

She removed the pillow as the first man led the group back into the hall and she could hear him saying, “You’ve all been tested, right? I don’t want to catch anything later on.” He left the door wide open so everyone except her could come and go as they pleased. As the group passed three men talking in the hallway and disappeared from sight around the corner, one man stayed behind. He hadn’t taken his eyes off her the entire time, and as he looked over her breasts, legs and shackles, he unbuckled his belt and walked over to the bed. She crawled over to him as he pulled out his dick, making sure her tits swayed with every movement.

She lay down on the bed with her face at the edge, keeping her legs together, bent at the knees, and her ankles crossed. Her tits spilled out over the edge of the bed as she propped herself up on her elbows, started caressing his ballsack with her fingernails and guided his dick into her mouth. After that speech from the first man, no one at the party would hesitate to fuck her pussy and ass repeatedly if she refused to pleasure them, and she was hoping to give them an excuse to do just that. Her body had been invaded and exhilarated so long and so completely the other night that she now considered blow jobs, cum in her mouth and a cock in her hand facts of life. But with this many of them she knew her pussy would get tender and start to chafe, so if she could keep most of them out of her pussy then it didn’t matter how many men came in her mouth as she pleasured them or on her body as she jacked them off.

He put his hands on his hips and rolled his head back as he let her pleasure him with her mouth. She slid her mouth slowly up and down his shaft, licking the underside and using her hands to stroke his member and tickle his balls. She could feel him swell to his fullest in her mouth and was glad as she tasted pre-cum. His hands grabbed her wrists gently and she had to take her mouth off him as he rolled her over on her back. Willingly she arched her back to let him fondle her breasts as she took his manhood back into her mouth.

Moments after he grabbed her tits she felt his ballsack tense up and he let out a long sigh as he filled her mouth with squirt after squirt of his cum. She held it all in her mouth until he had pulled out and zipped up his pants. Turning on her side, she sat up and when he had gone she spat the contents of her mouth into a tall, empty cup on the tray. Only after she had untangled her chains and turned back around did she look up and see the group of three young men from the hallway entering the room, eyes fixed on her. They couldn’t have been over 20, and it was clear they had been watching her and wanted in on the action.

All three had taken off their shirts and were starting to unbuckle their belts eagerly. She had only ever had somewhat older men and was eager to get a piece of these young studs. While they finished stripping she sat near the edge of the bed and ran her fingers in circles around her nipples, licking her lips and moaning softly. When they were finally naked, they seemed to hesitate and shamefully held their boners as they mumbled to each other nervously about what to do next. She swung her legs over the edge of the bed, spreading them and sitting up so they got a good look at her pussy. Then she beckoned them over alluringly, reaching out for their dicks as they came near. She began to stroke the shafts of the outer two and slipped gently off the bed to kneel at their feet. With her knees spread wide and her tits thrust forward she took the center cock gently into her mouth.

All three cocks were rock hard and budding pre-cum, their owners agape at the spectacle before them that was clearly beyond their anticipations. She was proud that she had so thoroughly seduced them as her hands and head moved in unison, and she jacked them off and sucked them off like a little whore. When the cock in her mouth tensed up she pulled back until only the head was in her mouth as she had been trained and gave a little moan to entice them. It worked, and all three cocks erupted simultaneously. While one filled her mouth with its creamy lusts, the other two covered her shoulders and tits with theirs, one squirt at a time. Their young cocks doused her with their cum and only after they had gone soft again did she stop milking their inexperienced and overeager members.

She pulled back sheepishly and sat back up on the bed, lowering her face until they finished pulling their clothes back on hurriedly and left. Then she spun around and spat again into the cup by the side of the bed and breathed a sigh of satisfaction. They had provided her with a wash basin and a stack of towels so she didn’t have to wallow in her visitors’ cum all evening. The creamy lust from the three horny dicks had covered her chest and was running down between her tits in a small rivulet. She checked down the hallway and once she was sure she was alone she cleaned off as best she could, smiling to think that this was not the last time she would have milky emissions all over her skin this evening.

No one entered for several minutes, and she lounged on the bed and tried to relax. She must have dozed off, because a man had come in and startled her as he climbed onto the bed and crawled toward her, already naked. She tried to sit up and turn toward him but he caught her arms in mid motion and held her down on the bed. He began licking and sucking on her tits as his legs and hard cock pressed up against her body. His dick was tantalizingly close to her pussy and he was holding her down like he meant it, so after letting him make love to her neck for a minute or two she whispered, “Here, let me suck your dick,” in his ear, “I promise you’ll like it.” Pulling away with a grin he laid back across the bed and she crawled playfully toward him.

Running her hands up his legs from his ankles she could see his dick grow as the blood rushed to it and it jumped when her hands wrapped gracefully around his shaft. Caressing his balls and shaft until he was fully engorged, she bent her head down and took his head, already oozing pre-cum, into her mouth. She bobbed up and down on his cock a few times, licking the underside of his head and shaft with every stroke, when he reached down and pulled her mouth off of his dick. He held her neck along his shaft, looked her straight in the eyes and said, “Sit on it.” The look in his eyes made her pussy wet, and she smiled, nodded, and sat up.

Making sure her tits swayed, she coyly bit the tip of her finger and shimmied up on her knees to straddle him. His eyes never left her tits, and by the time she started rubbing her pussy slit on the length of his shaft she had felt enough cocks cum in her to know he was close. She put her hands on his pects, thrust her chest forward, and started to moan as she slid her pussy lips up and down the length of his shaft. A man came in through the open door and meandered around the room as he watched her pleasuring this man with her body.

After only two and a half strokes he erupted, shooting his load across his own groin and abs. She kept rocking and moaning until she had emptied his balls of their substance, and when she finally swung her leg over and dismounted him he sat up and shouted at her. “Damn it, you made a mess, you little cunt.” She crawled backwards up the bed as he slid off the edge and stood up. “Get over here and lick it off,” he commanded, and she hurried to do his bidding.

She knew it was her fault he had cum too soon and she was eager to keep him placated. Kneeling on the floor again she started with his dick, taking it into her mouth and sucking it clean. Then she moved on to the base of his shaft and balls, attending them with her fingertips and licking with her tongue until he was clean. Reaching around to hold onto his ass she licked straight up his body to the middle of his chiseled abs, and continued to lick until there was no trace of his cum on his body. Even though she mainly needed to grab his ass, hips, and lower back for support, antalya escort bayan she hoped he would be pleased with her and forgive her for not letting him cum in her pussy like she knew he wanted.

The other man watched her lick him clean from various angles around the room, and when he stepped close she reached out and grabbed him by his pants right at the buckle, pulling him close. The dick at her chin was a little harder when she pulled away, but she wanted a raging hard cock to suck on and she knew there was no way he was ready to go again. She started unbuckling the belt in her hands hoping the other man would be placated enough to walk away. While all the cocks she had seen so far had been mostly straight, when she reached into this man’s pants to pull out his dick she saw that his member curved like a saber, and tried not to think about it sliding into her pussy. She started gently fondling his balls and shaft, and as she took his head into her mouth she was relieved to see the other man getting dressed out of the corner of her eye.

Because of the curved nature of this penis she couldn’t deep-throat him, so she took him into her mouth as far as she could and stroked the base of his shaft with her fingers. His dick was rock hard and she pulled her lips off of him to jack him off in long, fast strokes and get a quick glimpse around the room while his eyes were closed in enjoyment. It turned her on a little to see people stop at the door and watch her mouth and body at work, and her heart skipped a beat when she saw a group of five men enter.

She recognized one of them as the third man from the day before and she quickly turned back to the cock in her hands, plunging it into her face as her heart started to race. It was clear what they wanted, and she knew how she wanted to play it. Nothing would keep the third man out of her pussy now that he’d had her around his shaft, and if he got her pussy they would all ignore any plea or deal she could make. All five of the men looked horny and removed their clothes while they waited their turn to fuck her.

The cock in her mouth tensed up and her lips went instinctively to the ring around his head to receive surge after surge of his satisfaction. Her hands seemed to work on their own to pump him dry. Even as he was cumming in her mouth her thoughts were on the next five she would have to satiate, and she could feel her hope for an unravaged pussy vanish. When he was finally finished he pulled out and she wiped away flecks cum spittle from her lips with the back of her hand, still kneeling vulnerably on the floor and fully aware of the five wolves closing in.

She swallowed and sat up on the bed as the spent man stepped back and buckled his pants. The five, now wearing only boxers, stepped in around her and with a lick of her lips she said, “Who’s next?”

The third man dropped his shorts to reveal his raging hard cock and said, “You are.” Two of them gabbed her wrists, climbed onto the bed and held her down as she pulled feebly against them with gasps of exertion. Her tits were bouncing as she struggled to turn over and pull away, but the other two grabbed her ankles, forced her legs apart, and maneuvered her ass and pussy to the brink of the bed.

“Come on,” she pleaded as she realized struggling was useless, “Wouldn’t you rather have me suck you off?” The five of them just laughed as they manhandled her and the third man pressed his shaft up against her pussy slit, leaning in to play with her naked breasts.

“We tried that last time, remember?” he said, and coated his cock with her sex juices as he rubbed it along her vulnerable womanhood. She had become involuntarily aroused from giving blow jobs all morning, and now her own pussy was going to lubricate and pleasure him as he violated her.

Her arms were stretched out to her sides and her ankles were pulled back toward her hands as far as they would go, exposing her pussy, ass, and tits like sweet dessert on a silver platter. “Please don’t rape me!” she pleaded as he rubbed her tits and lined up his head and shaft for penetration, “I’ll stroke your shaft and kiss your head. I’ll do anything you want!” But nothing she could say would stop his advances. Now only two men were holding her wrists and ankles, one on each side of her as the rest looked on and jacked off. They were strong and she had no chance of escaping as the third man played with her pussy, running the head of his cock along her slit and pushing it past her pussy lips with every pass.

One of the men mounted the bed and knelt, straddling her head as he grabbed her and started rubbing his dick on her face. She tried to take his cock into her mouth or at least lick his shaft in the hopes that she could keep one of them out of her pussy, but he just turned her head and kept rubbing his swollen member on her cheek and neck until it was his turn to rape her. Now she started to squirm, hoping to somehow loosen her wrists or ankles from their bondage, move her head from under this cock, or get the dick away from her pussy; but all in vain. The men holding her down tightened their grip, the cock at her face batted her nose and forehead every time she turned, and the dick at her pussy pushed in deeper and deeper as she wiggled to get away until it finally bottomed out inside of her.

She froze as she felt the head of his cock prodding her kidneys and his hands started caressing her ass and thighs as he relished the feeling of being inside her. “Oh God, she’s still so tight,” he said and started easing himself in and out of her pussy which contracted around his invading member. One of the men came up beside him and jacked himself off as he watched her being slowly raped by this man’s long cock.

The pace started to build and she drew in a breath sharply, letting it out in all-too-feminine grunts as he drove his shaft home again and again. His dick swelled from rock-hard to near bursting as he stroked her naked thighs and quickened his pace. Her every grunt turned into a soft, “No”, with each stroke of rape that built to a loud, long scream when he buried his shaft inside her and his cum started splattering inside her in waves of domination.

After he was completely satisfied by her pussy he pulled out and went to clean off. She lay exhausted from struggling as her wrists and ankles were released and the two men beside her removed their boxers. By the time she realized she was free she only had time to curl up before they grabbed her once again and forced her arms and legs apart despite her struggles. “No, no, no! Please don’t rape me!” she cried as the next man stepped between her legs. Without hesitation he started sliding his cock past her pussy lips and filling her with his shaft despite her futile attempts to wriggle away.

He leaned in and started kissing her nipples and groping her bare breasts as she tensed and pulled against her captors’ strong grasp. By pulling her face away she only managed to slap herself with the cock on her cheek and bury her nose and mouth in his ballsack. The man inside her was gyrating his hips to drive his shaft in and out of her womanhood that, against her wishes, was gripping his swollen member hungrily as he raped her. The men beside her were pulling her ankles up toward her wrists which they kept pinned to the bed with her arms stretched out tight. This kept her pussy and ass positioned perfectly for getting pounded by the cock inside her as he rammed it home again and again. He had not quickened his pace but she knew he was ready to cum by the way his head and shaft swelled and pulsed.

She let out an stifled scream as he grabbed her tits and held himself deep inside her before pumping his semen into her cum catcher. Every muscle in her body remained tensed until he was finished and slid out of her. She lay there exhausted again while the man at her face walked around the bed for his turn to rape her. He rubbed his cock along her pussy like he had on her face before easing the head of his cock past her pussy lips. Holding himself there he relished the feel of her passage reflexively tightening around his member. He reached under her and squeezed her ass cheeks, then pulled himself into her until his balls tapped her asshole. He then began plunging into her waiting womanhood, pulling her hips to grind against his as he pleasured himself in her.

His shaft slid vertically in and out of her while he lay on her and fucked her. His hands groped her ass and thighs as his cock sped up and swelled inside her. He slammed himself down into her as he started spurting cum, and her own traitorous pussy convulsed in pleasure and milked him dry inside her. He licked her tits and slid off of her to go clean up. The last two men holding her down released her and got off the bed.

Without hesitating she pulled away and crawled to the head of the bed trying to get away, but it was no use. Standing on either side of the bed they grabbed her chains and dragged her kicking and struggling back down toward their hungry cocks. The fourth one turned her over and pulled her legs off the bed so she stood on tiptoe as he lined his cock up for penetration. The other kneeled on the bed and started fucking her face while she tried not to gag on his invading member. She felt the cock pushing past her pussy lips and she lurched forward when the shaft slammed home inside her so that she deep-throated the dick in her mouth.

With balls tapping on her chin and on her pussy with every stroke of their wanton members, the domination overwhelmed her as her five-man gang rape culminated in this double penetration. The cock head sliding along her tongue was smooth and silky, and she could taste his pre-cum as he enjoyed the feel of her lips sliding up and down his shaft. She was ashamed that the cock in her pussy felt so good, and she felt herself cumming with him when he plunged his cock deep inside her and completed his satisfaction.

The dick in her mouth pulled out as she and this stranger pressed into each other, and she heard a long scream flow out between her lips as her frustration at being raped combined with the apex of pleasure she felt from this man’s cock. As the cum being shot into her subsided she felt two pairs of hands pressing her ass and shoulders down into the bed. No sooner had one cock slid out of her pussy than another escort antalya had taken its place, and her orgasm rolled on and on as this new cock rode her hard from behind.

She could not admit to herself how much she now loved and longed to be manhandled and violently raped by any and every cock she saw; she just lay there in an exhausted stupor as he slammed her ass between his hips and the bed. He was already dripping precum from her sucking so dutifully on his cock, and after only a few strokes his balls ejected their substance into his dominated victim. She let out a tired gasp as her rolling orgasm peaked then and subsided in its final waves. Her slit quivered and convulsed as he pulled out of her, trying to grip a cock that wasn’t there. It eventually subsided, but left her horny and wanting a complete orgasm.

She still curled up and pulled away when they let her go, but watched them pack up their dicks into their boxer shorts and leave. Once she was alone again she washed up, checking to see if she’d been hurt by their brutality. Her hips were sore from having her ankles stretched back so forcefully, but when she cleaned out her pussy it was sensitive and tingled with anticipation for another cock. She was ashamed that it felt so good and as she finished cleaning off and lay back on the bed her mind started to wander, thinking about what the next time would be like. When she started getting wet again just thinking about several strong, handsome men holding her down and forcing themselves on her, she immediately broke that train of thought and scolded herself for even thinking like that.

After ten minutes or so, a familiar face entered the room; it was the first man from the day before. He started undressing as he smiled at her and said, “How are you liking the party?” She looked away defiantly, but a telling blush crept absent-mindedly across her cheeks. “Not talking to me, huh?” he continued as he stepped out of his boxer shorts toward her, “Well, you don’t need to talk to suck my dick.” She watched his semi-hard dick sway as he knelt on the bed. “Don’t worry, I remember our deal. Just suck it till it’s hard and then I’ll cum in your ass.”

She hesitated as she stared at him not wanting another dick to stretch her asshole, and he pointed authoritatively to his cock. Crawling over to him she obediently took the limp length of his shaft into her mouth. She slid him completely inside her and planted her lips around the base of his shaft while he started getting hard against her tongue. He grew quickly to choking size and she started slowly gliding her lips and tongue up and down his shaft. She could feel his head swell and jump every time she touched its underside with her tongue, and his sighs and moans told her she was getting really good at sucking cocks. Her ass unconsciously swayed in the air as she bent over his member and she got lost in the steady rhythmic motion of the blowjob. The next thing she knew he was pulling his dick away.

Looking up at him she saw the relaxed smile on his face as he told her to turn around. “No, please let me keep going,” she said, telling herself it wasn’t because she loved sucking his cock it was to keep him out of her pussy and ass.

“Oh don’t worry, I’ll only fuck you in the ass,” he said and she grimaced. “You don’t want to break our deal, do you?” he asked, and she shook her head reflexively. Crawling on all fours she turned slowly around and waited for him to rape her ass, her naked tits swaying beneath her in the open air.

She felt his hands slowly rub her asscheeks and his dick, lubricated by her saliva, started sliding up and down her asscrack. His balls brushed her pussy lips on every pass and only made her pussy crave a cock all the more. He grabbed her ass and, opening her asshole with his thumbs, started sliding himself in her back door. A look of hesitant pain crept across her face, but once he was inside her there was only a profoundly strange yet somewhat pleasurable feeling. He held his cock inside her and it twitched and swelled full-hard before he started pulling it out again. Slowly he fucked her ass and all she could do was brace against the bed and wait while every stroke, quicker than the last, made her tits sway faster and faster. They brushed her arms now and struck her chest each time he plunged into her.

Her ass had been stretched so much the day before that now it didn’t hurt her to be raped there at such an alarming speed. He finally slowed his pace and pressed himself into her, and she waited for him to be done. An explosion inside her and several pumping thrusts told her he had cum, but he lay his chest on her back and reached around to fondle her breasts while he finished. When his hands touched her nipples she felt a surge of energy in her ass as he pumped his load into her with renewed vigor.

After he had finally subsided he pulled out and got off the bed, taking his clothes with him as he went to go wash off. She lay there a moment, her pussy unfulfilled and slightly in pain from anticipation, before she, too, began to wash up. Two more men entered and touched themselves as they watched her from beside the bed. She washed her pussy and tits in addition to her asshole, telling herself it was to wash off the sweat and not to entice these two lusty men. When she finished she crawled back on the bed and knelt innocently in the center, sitting on her feet with her knees together and her back straight, keeping her hands near her groin and her tits thrust visibly outward.

When they undressed she watched, staring at their cocks as they dropped their pants and scolding herself for getting wet. One of them walked around behind her while the other knelt on the bed in front of her. Without hesitation she was shoved forward, her face slapping the cock before her as she caught herself with her arms. She felt her legs being pried apart as the man behind her knelt between her thighs and she felt the hard head of a cock touching each set of her lips at the same time. Her pussy lips were the first to part as the head and shaft slid effortlessly into her inner sanctum. Her mouth followed suit and slid forward over his head and shaft, licking his canal as she turned the first, forced penetration into a second, willing penetration. She started rocking back and forth between them and told herself that it was to get it over with more quickly.

One of her hands reached up to grab the base of the shaft at her face and fondle his balls while the other slid between her legs to stroke his shaft as he slipped smoothly in and out of her.She tightened her pussy around the shaft of his cock as it swelled to its fullest in anticipation. Likewise, her lips and tongue pressed their dick tightly against the roof of her mouth as she slowly deep-throated him in long strokes. She could feel steady hands on her hips and strong, gentle hands on her head that guided her motion and prevented her from relenting in her pendulum of pleasure. Both of them were pulsing deliciously with virile lust as she did her best to help them rape her, gripping, sucking, waiting expectantly for their ultimate expression of desire.

Her pussy was just abandoning its ache for arousal as the hands on her hips held the cock deep inside her pussy and burst, gushing waves of cum into her. She sucked the dick in her mouth as deep as it would go and rested her lips on the base of his shaft while she focused on the fuck-stick sending a cascade of warmth up through her groin. Her nipples got hard and reached down to touch the sheets as she tensed her vaginal muscles to milk as much pleasure as she could get out of him.

The swollen head in her throat could no longer contain its pent-up load and she let it glide to the tip of her tongue as it sprayed inside her. She pulled his head almost completely out of her mouth and sucked on his spout while the man behind her started getting soft and pulled out. To her surprise, the cum on her tongue tasted pretty good and she held it in her mouth a moment to savor it after he’d finished before finally swallowing, wiping her lips, and sitting up.

They stood and stretched before putting their clothes back on, and she sat shyly on the edge of the bed and stared at their dicks and asses out of the corner of her eye. These two were really handsome, she thought, and even though she didn’t climax when they raped her, her pussy stayed wet for their cocks until well after they had left the room. She was alone. She sighed and cleaned herself up yet again, wiping the warm washcloth carefully in and around her pussy for a long time, fingering herself through it as she lay on the bed. “I’m just being thorough,” she thought to herself with a blush, sitting up and replacing the cleaning rag. She sat back against the pillows and waited for the next young, horny man to make use of her services. “I don’t really like it,” she thought, failing to convince herself, “It’s just physiological. That’s all.”

Her blush deepened when she saw the second man from the day before enter the room with a devious smile. “Hi there,” he said as he pulled off his shirt, shoes, and socks. “Getting plenty of visitors I hope. I know how much you like cock.” He was actually quite handsome as well, she thought, then looked away bashfully when she got wet thinking of his throbbing member raping her the day before.

She stared inadvertently as he unbuckled his pants and pulled them off with his boxer shorts, stepping out stark naked toward the bed. He sidled up to her and started running his hands all over her naked back and tits, all the while pressing his hard member up against her skin. She tensed at first, then closed her eyes and relaxed into his touch, knowing with absolute certainty that his cock would be inside her before long no matter what she did.

“You know,” he said slyly, “I seem to recall a deal we made the other day.” His hands guided her into a kneeling position on all fours and he slid in between her legs. She could feel his cock pressing against her ass, its length sliding up and down her slit. “If memory serves you agreed to let me fuck you in the ass if I let you suck my dick.” He pulled her asshole apart with his thumbs and she closed her eyes, remembering the pain in her ass from the day before. “But then,” he continued, sliding his cock into position behind her pussy lips, “you asked antalya escort me to change our deal. You asked me to fuck your pussy instead.” She could feel the tip of his throbbing dick stroking her pussy lips and her desire to have him inside her drowned out all other thought.

She ached to cum on his rock hard fuckstick and feel his satisfaction course through her body, but like a good little cum catcher she rotated her hips so that her pussy was easily fuckable and waited. “Now, I know we can all make rash decisions,” he continued, “and I don’t want you to feel remorse. So we can go back to our original deal if you want.” Wordlessly she shook her head No. “How about it? Do you want me to rape your ass?”

She said, “No, not in the ass,” and pressed her torso into the bed, making her asshole less of a target and spreading her legs wider to part her pussy lips so now the tip of his head was wet from the emissions of her desire as it waited, poised for penetration.

“The first deal we made,” he continued, toying with her, “you said you didn’t want me to fuck your pussy. I mean, I’m either going to take your pussy or your asshole, but I’m a man of my word. If you don’t want me to rape your asshole, you’re going to have to rape yourself on my dick.” At this she waited, not knowing exactly what to do. It was one thing to be chained up and ravaged, or even to find you enjoyed it, but it was something else entirely to willingly rape yourself on a stranger’s wanton manhood, even though she’d had him inside her at least a dozen times the day before and her pussy longed to feel him inside her again. She felt his fingers run the length of her spine from her shoulder blades over her ass and down to her dripping slit, and his hands repositioned the swollen head of his cock at her puckering asshole. She felt the tip of his cock jump slightly in anticipation, and knew what she needed to do.

She reached a hand between her legs and stroked his balls. Then, sliding her fingertips higher she wrapped her fingers around his shaft and gently guided his cock head from her asshole down to her swollen pussy, dripping with expectancy. It convulsed once in anticipation of his juicy man meat when her wrist brushed past her clit, and she longed to grip an engorged shaft and entice it to burst its substance into her waiting, starving, cum-guzzling pussy. Then, taking a deep breath she slowly leaned her hips back into his.

Her pussy ached with relief as she forced herself toward him and his raging hard member pierced her flesh and stretched the puffy pussy lips that lubricated his invading head and shaft. She could feel him sliding down her pleasure passage until she pressed her ass hard against his hips. His dick bottomed out inside her and she held him there, relishing the feel of his pulsing manhood probing her depths. Then, pussy quivering and starting to contract in a budding orgasm of elation, she moaned and leaned forward again easing herself off of him. He let out a sigh of gratification as she began forcing him into her once again. “I thought you might want to rape yourself,” he said smugly. Her ass pressed up against him once more and she could feel his legs pressed inside hers from her feet right up to her pussy.

“But don’t worry,” he said assuringly, “If you’re uncomfortable you can stop at any time and I’ll finish off in your ass.” As he said this his cock swelled again and her already full pussy was stretched even more. She didn’t want to think what that would do to her asshole and she quickened her pace. Her orgasm, on the brink from the last several dicks she’d fucked, began to roll over her in waves that made her pussy tighten down on the invading, stretching member. Her pace quickened and her mind was consumed with the feeling of the man inside her as a scream rose up through her. At first it trickled then flowed freely, starting in her pussy and rising up through her whole body until it burst from her mouth like a river of sexual frustration and release.

As her climax rained through her she kept up her pace and fucked herself on his rock hard cock like a wave crashing against the shore. She could feel he was budding pre-cum and quickened her pace despite her waning orgasm. Her mind was filled with hard dicks and cum, and she never noticed several men watching from the hallway as they walked by, or the three men standing around the room with their dicks in their hands masturbating as they watched her pussy obsessively devouring the cock that raped her.

As her ecstasy began to subside she felt his hands on her back holding her up against his hips, and she flung her head back with eyes closed and mouth gaping to let her rising, sensual moan escape her lips. His swelling cock burst deep inside her and every pulsing vein on his shaft made her orgasm rise and crest once again. Her arms locked outstretched forcing him deep within herself as his strong hands on the small of her back and his thick, juicy manhood filling her with his cum slaked her pussy’s ravenous thirst for rape.

Her body thrilled at his dominating touch and her mind was so filled with her climax and his member that she barely even noticed when one of the men in the room filled her open mouth with his cock. Without a thought she started sucking, and her tongue seemed to move on its own to the pleasure spots she knew so well while she let her scream rise and fall with her orgasm, muffled around the new dick between her lips. The second man caressed her body as he came and left his cock inside her until he was completely spent.

The orgasm that had swept through her left her exhausted, filled with endorphins that paralyzed her and she lay there moaning softly as the second man pulled out, another strange dick forced itself roughly into her pussy, and the cock raping her mouth started gushing cum down her throat. Strong hands held her head and she passively swallowed several times while getting reamed hard and fast from behind. The pair of hands on her hips forced the cock deep into her, and each time his hips slammed into her ass her clit felt the familiar slap of a large pair of balls.

When the dick in her mouth was finished with her it pulled out, and she lay flat against the bed to brace against the onslaught from behind. She relaxed and let him rape her til he came, pressing into her with all his might and holding himself inside her until he had finished. She could hear another few men around the room and when this one had pulled out she stayed in her position: chest pressed into the bed, knees spread, pussy in the air as the next young manhood stepped up behind her. Her mind was filled with bliss from her climax, and she swayed her ass playfully until his hands grabbed her hips and raped her.

She smiled. Her face and tits were pounded rhythmically into the bed. As long as she had a hard dick in her pussy, she felt at home. His warm shaft pulsed as he raped her womanhood, and she stretched out her arms and fondly reveled in his invasion. His hands grabbed her ankles as he pulled himself into her, and she knew she belonged to him; her body was his property to fuck as he pleased. This stranger owned her sexually along with all these other men who would dominate her in turn, and she would pleasure them all like a good little cockwhore.

He held her in place with his cock buried deep inside her as he came so she couldn’t get away, and she didn’t want to. His climax brought life to her and she gorged herself on his desire. She felt him release her ankles as he finished cumming in her, and when he slid off the bed another man stepped up behind her. He stroked her ass and legs before pressing his dick into her cum-soaked pussy. His hands caressed her back as he gently began thrusting, admiring her skin with his fingertips as he caringly raped her.

Maybe because there was still part of her that was trying to stop their dominating onslaught, or maybe because she wanted him to fuck her harder she started saying, “No, please stop! Don’t stretch my pussy with your big strong dick! You’re raping me!” He was stretching her a little, but that just turned her on more. To her dismay and relief he didn’t stop taking her, his thick member unrelenting in its pace as he ravished her. She propped herself up on her arms and made a half hearted attempt to crawl away from him.

His strong hands caught her around the torso, and he pulled her onto his cock by her ribs as she squirmed and tried to get away. She felt his knees inside hers, prying her legs apart until she was paralyzed under his powerful hands as he pulled her tightening pussy over his impressive head and shaft. Her tits swayed between her arms and she relished the size and slow, steady force of his cock as she was fucked on him.

She let out a soft cry when he swelled and held himself deep inside her. He leaned forward and cupped her breasts in his hands and held her back to his chest. Every inch of her body was touching his, from her ankles and thighs to her back and shoulders. His soft, strong touch calmed her as her pussy stretched to accommodate his bulging manhood. She felt warm and safe under his constant pressure, closing her eyes and lifting her head back against his cheek as he erupted inside of her and made his rape complete. Her body thrilled and accepted every pulse and spurt of cum as he gently rocked his hips to milk himself dry inside of her.

Her pussy was so tight around him that her mouth was frozen half-open as she enjoyed his ultimate domination. He gently massaged her tits as his orgasm began to subside and he stayed inside her, enveloping her with his body until long after he had finished cumming. When his dick finally started to shrink, he released her and pulled out. She lay sprawled on the bed, awaiting the next assailant. Her pussy and ass hurt a bit from abuse, she felt dirty from being defiled and cast aside by so many men, but her face beamed with sexual satisfaction.

After several minutes she looked around the room. It was empty; her pussy was safe for now. There were no more naked men waiting to have their way with her, no more cocks for her to indulge and satisfy — no more cocks to satiate her. With a sigh she crawled to the washstand and began to clean herself up. She fingered herself as she cleaned her pussy and thought about all the cocks she’d fucked. Her climax earlier had left her spent and she didn’t cum. Instead, she looked forward to the next time she’d have them inside her. She curled up near the pillows with thoughts of raging hard cocks inside her lulling her to sleep.

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