Denise’s Degredation

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Denise was not a happily married woman. She had been married to Harry for over 15 years. It was her second wedding and she had wanted it to be her last. Denise was in her mid-thirties, she had attrractive facial features, bleached blonde shoulder length hair, five foot seven and one hundred forty pounds with 36C breasts, she did have outstanding legs. When dressed in a short skirt with heels, Denise had walked men into walls as she passed. She had two kids with Harry and she was trying to hold the marriage together for them. They lived in a run down ranch in a small far-western suburb of Chicago.

Denise had a very good job as a drafter with a large Engineering firm near the city. She just did not make enough to cover all the bills. Harry was good to her and the kids but he had problems holding any job for a length of time. He also could not hold onto money. Denise could not even leave money in the checking account. Harry spent any money he could get on beer, marijuana and gambling. Denise covered her despair with a tough front. She knew though that one-day things would get out of hand. She had already turned a couple of tricks when the cash on hand would not stretch to cover the bills.

Denise did not know what to do. Bill collectors were calling. The bank wanted the mortgage brought up to date. She needed to make a car payment. On leaving work for the day, she found a repo vehicle pulled up to her car. She ran forward a shouted at the attendant. She said she needed the car, he said he needed a payment to drop the vehicle back off of the tow bar. Denise was in tears, if she did not have a way to work, she was finished. She asked the attendant if there was anything she could do. He eyed Denise’s figure up and down. He said yeah there was something she could do and by the tone of voice he used she understood what he wanted. Denise said, “OK, just not here.” The attendant told her to get in his tow truck; they were not far from a place. He then drove into some deserted warehouses and parked the vehicles out of sight from the street. Denise got into the back seat of her car with the attendant. He kissed her and unbuttoned her blouse and unfastened her bra. He threw them in the front seat. Denise kicked off her shoes and he then pulled her skirt off and her pantyhose and panties. When she was naked he lay down on her and was suckling and twisting her erect nipples. Finally he pulled back and unbuckled his pants and pulled out his stiff seven-inch dick. “Suck it first,” he said. Denise took him in her mouth and proceeded to run her tongue up and down its length as she bobbed her head on him. He was groaning and Denise hoped that she could get the act done and be gone soon. Finally he grabbed her head and held it while he fucked her mouth. He gasped, rammed his dick as far in her mouth as he could, and Denise felt his cum spew into her throat. She swallowed and drew her head back and his prick slipped from between her lips. She said “I have to leave.” To which he responded, “No, we still have act two to do.” He then had her suck his member again. Soon Denise felt his shaft harden and lengthen in her mouth. When he became rock hard he pulled his prick out and told her to lay back. She asked him for a rubber and he laughed. She had a choice “No rubber or No car.” Denise lay back and spread her legs. She felt his weight settle on the length of her body. He lay there for a bit and then started kissing antalya escort bayan her and playing with her breasts. Finally he grabbed his cock and directed it into her wet vulva. Denise was a sexually active woman, and while she did not routinely sleep around, her body was very responsive. As she took the full length of his shaft into her, she felt her legs automatically go around his body and she grabbed his shoulders with her hands. She felt her body jerking as he jammed his dick into her vagina again and again. Heat spread through her groin from her clit. Before she had a chance to orgasm, he stiffened and grunted as he came. She felt his dick jerk inside her as he spewed into her. He sat up, grabbed her blouse and dried himself. He then said “Souvenir” and took her panties and bra. He got out of her car and she felt her car drop as he took it off of the tow bar. She heard his truck start up and drive away.

Denise lay there for a few minutes; She then forced herself to get moving. She wiped herself with some tissue until she could get to a rest room. Denise then put on her blouse and skirt and drove off. She knew she was still in trouble. The repo company would be back tomorrow and she still did not have her car payment.

Driving down the street, Denise called Harry and said that she was going to be late as she was heading over to see her friend Michelle. She then called Michelle and asked her to cover if Harry called. She then continued down the street and pulled into a bar.

Once in the bar she used the restroom sink to rinse out her blouse and the electric hand dryer to get most of the moisture out of it. She also cleaned herself up. When she went back into the bar she saw a well-dressed man who appeared to be her age sitting alone. She sat a couple of seats from him. He started up the conversation and asked if he could buy her a drink. Denise let him and he moved over. She finally looked him in the eye and said, “Look, I am in trouble. I need two hundred and fifty dollars. If you can give me that I will let you do what you want in the back seat of my car.” Looking her body up and down, he quickly agreed.

As she settled into the back seat of her car, Denise ruefully thought that at least things were getting faster. She had fewer clothes to take off. The stranger got into her car and rubbed her nipples and sucked on them. He ran his hands all over her body and into her vagina. Not having cum earlier this area of Denise’s body was still sensitive. Finally he pulled his prick out of his pants. He told Denise that he wanted her to get on her knees facing away from him. She sensed him behind her and she heard him spit and then his hands were on her hips and he was pulling her back. Denise felt his cock spread the cheeks of her ass. He slowly pulled her onto him. She realized that his penis was probably only seven inches long but its circumference was huge! She gasped and groaned as she bottomed out on him and he started rocking and fucking her in her ass. She kept her mind on her car and that she would have another month. The twinge brought about by the stretching of her butt brought her back to what was happening to her. He was breathing heavily and he had considerably sped up his hammering of his shaft into her rear. He cried out and jammed his pecker hard into her and Denise felt the warmth of his cum spread through her. He then sat back and pulled her onto his lap. escort antalya He played with her breasts for a while as his breathing evened out. Finally he had her suck him hard again. He then laid her back on the seat and pushed his member into her pussy. Denise was physically wet and ready. He quickly set up a motion as he fucked her pussy. Having not come earlier, Denise almost instantly experienced an orgasm and her cunt was dripping. She felt his member slide in and almost out of her. She had her legs locked and he was speeding up. Finally he cried out again, rammed his dick in till his groin met hers and shot his cum throughout her vagina. After he recovered he paid her the two hundred and fifty dollars and left her. Denise pulled on her blouse and skirt and drove to a gas station to clean up. She was not going to trust the clientele of the bar she was just in.

The next morning she called in sick to work and went to the bank and paid her car payment. She then went home to Harry. They had to work something out. “We are broke!” Denise stormed at Harry. If we don’t find some cash soon we are going to be out on the street. Harry said that they should remortgage the house. “We’ve done that, there is no equity left to borrow against!” was her tearful response. Harry looked at her and said “We could call Steve.” Denise stopped at this and looked at her husband. Steve was the dealer that Harry bought his dope from. He was known to lend out money, but at rediculous interest rates. “What choice do we have?” Harry continued. Denise gave the OK for Harry to call Steve.

That afternoon Steve came over and talked to Denise and Harry. “OK, looking at everything, I can bring you even on your utilities, pay off the car and bring your mortgage up to date. The total amount is thirty-five thousand dollars. You are going to be paying me two thousand dollars a month minimum with a thirty per cent interest rate.” Denise choked on the figures. Steve said, “That’s not all, Harry has to get a job and then there is you Denise.” “Me?” Steve looked at her. “The only equity you have in this deal is your body. Once you both sign the papers Harry is going to take the kids out for ice cream while you and I finalize the deal.” He then explained that she would go on “dates” if they could not make their monthly payment to him. So she would go out with three of his men (friends) and “demonstrate” that she could hold up her end of the bargain. The paperwork was signed and Harry left with the kids.

Steve looked at her standing there and in blue jean cutoff’s and peasant blouse. He asked her if she was wearing underware and she said “Yes.” This is the last time, even when you go to work. He then had her undress. When she was naked he had her kneel in front of him. He pulled out his eight-inch cock and had Denise suck it. She Ran it in and out of her mouth. She kissed its tip and tongued the ridge around his circumsized head. Steve groaned and said he was not going to hold it back. He grabben Denise’s head and exploded into her mouth. Denise was swallowing to keep it from drooling out of her mouth. Steve then pushed her backwards to the floor and lay on top of her. He played with her breasts for a time and kissed her. He then moved himself to between her legs. Denise felt his dick enter her pussy. She felt the wood flooring on her back and new she would come out of this scratched up. Steve had always wanted Denise and antalya escort now he was happily fucking his brains out on her. He was running his dick in and out of her cunt and Denise felt her first orgasm blast through her body. She cried out just as Steve came and collapsed on her. As She lay there pinned to the floor under Steve’s weight, Denise wondered how long she would be able to balance this out. If she was not careful she would come out of this situation as a prostitute with no family.

When Harry returned with the kids, Denise left. She drove aorund aimlessly wondering what she could do. Her life was starting to unravel. At least she did not have to “try out” with Steve’s friends until Harry got a job. Around dinner time she saw one of Harry’s friends, Ken, enter a local bar/hamburger joint. Denise entered and when Ken noticed and acknowledged her, she asked if she could talk to him. They went over to a dark corner and Denise explained that Her and Harry were in financial trouble and Harry needed a job real bad. Ken let Denise stew for a little bit and then asked her if she was serious. Yes her husband was a great guy and a buddy, but as a worker, he generated negative cash flow.
Denise said that she would really appreciate anything that Ken could do. She understood the difficult position she was putting him in. She took hold of his hand and placed it over her left nipple under her blouse. Ken flexed his fingers a few times and since no one was looking in their direction, he pulled up her blouse and suckled her nipples quickly. Denise’s body instantly responded and she drew in a sharp breath. Ken led her out to his panel van in the parking lot. Denise climbed in the back and kicked off her sandals. Ken pulled off her shorts and when he saw no panties he quickly got her blouse off also. He then kissed Denise and ran his tongue down her body stopping for several minutes at her breasts. The path then continued downward with a quick stopover at her navel. Denise was sweating from her internal heat. She was trying to force his head down to her vagina. Ken resisted briefly and then moved his lips to the lips of her vulva and ran his tongue between them. Denise groaned and raised her hips into the air. Ken kept licking and nibbling her clit and Denise gave a little cry and had her first orgasm. Ken purposely kept on eating her pussy and Denise cried again and twised her hips in response to her next orgasm. Ken then positioned her hips and guided his nine-inch long three-inch around penis into her cunt. Denise gasped with pleasure as his member filled her vagina. She was wet and dripping from her earlier orgasms so she easily accepted his full girth into her. When he had completely filled her love canal denise again flared up as another orgasm ripped through her body. Ken started riding her and pistoning in and out. Denise could not keep quiet as her body entered into a series of orgasms. Finally she returned to normal. Ken was lying spent on her body, but she did not mind his weight. She realised that she had completely forgotten her situation during the past minutes. She figured that Ken deserved a reward for this and sucked him hard and let him have her ass. She remembered overhearing him talking to one of his friends that he sure would like to have a piece of her real ass. Ken groand and pushed his shaft into her. Even though she was lying on her stomach. Denise did most of the work. Finally Ken ejaculated into her and fell asleep on her. Denise decided not to move. Harry now had a job and if she stayed with Ken tonight she could rest until tomorrow. Then she would face the three “friends.”

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