Divine Justice: Conner’s completion

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Chapter 2

The moonlight coming in through his window was enough to tell Conner something was wrong. There was someone in his bed with him, moving. On instinct he jumped out of his bed and flipped the light switch, revealing his sister Selena. Her dark hair was draped around her green eyes, and falling down to the middle of her shoulders. She was under the covers, but Conner had a very distinct memory of her nude body. Just a few hours ago he had given her the orgasm of a lifetime, joining in for one of his own. Now he swore, realizing that he had lost control long enough for her to see and feel what was happening. He realized he was as naked as she was, and his ten-inch cock was sticking out in front of him. Selena’s eyes were glued to his manhood, though she looked at him when he swore.
“ What, not used to waking up next to a naked girl before? You should get used to it with that new body of yours. Have you had that monster the whole time or is that new too?” her singsong voice was seductive and angry at the same time. She knew he had used her, and then not used her. But she couldn’t know that he controlled her mind, made her strip and then had pleasured her for almost two hours. Conner sighed.
“ Yeah, its all knew. But you’ll never know how or what. Now get the FUCK out of my room, or I’ll call mom and dad. You helped with what happened yesterday, I’m sure of it. Your lucky I didn’t fuck you and get you pregnant!” Now that he was awake he was pissed. She had helped destroy his life and today he would try and get his vengeance, but this wasn’t the start he wanted. She got out of his bed, looking at him and walking to him. One moment he was looking into her eyes with hate, the next her arms were around his neck and her tongue was deep in his throat. Conner tried to protest but she shoved her tongue back down his throat, kissing him passionately. He tried to push her away, not wanting to hurt her at first. Then he shoved her off of him and back onto the bed. She looked at him with a smirk.
“ So you’ll do everything but kiss me and fuck me, huh? Wait till I tell them.” With that she started towards the door. Halfway there he intercepted her and pulled her into a kiss. She didn’t resist, kissing him as she had before, her tongue dancing with his in a frantic dance. Conner picked her up, letting her wrap her legs around his waist. He carried her to the bed and laid down on top of her, his cock harder than diamond at the realization it was mashed into his sister’s sex. The siblings kissed frantically, Selena overcome by the need for her brother’s cock and Conner in need of a distraction. After a while she calmed down, her mind rewired to believe that her reality was a dream. Conner kissed his sister once more before putting her to sleep. He then carried her naked body to her room, creeping by his parents’ room to Selena’s. When he laid her in her bed, her arms were still wrapped around his neck. He kissed her again and unwrapped them. He left the room quietly, shutting her door and stopping. He went to his parents’ door he listened, hearing the frantic moans of sex. He quickly went to his room, crawling between the sheets and reaching out.

Jenny Evans was overcome with need, making out with her husband with a burning energy. His cock never quite satisfied her, but his stamina meant he lasted longer than ten men. When she stripped out of her robe, she broke the kiss and crouched on the floor, wrapping her lips around her lover’s six-inch cock. She sucked and swirled her tongue around his throbbing head, feeling the heat from his organ in her throat. He placed his hands on the back of her head and pushed, forcing her down onto his member. She moaned, knowing he wanted this as much as she did. Finally she felt his cock throb and tighten, knowing his cum would be shot straight into her throat.
The first rope hit her tongue, giving her a taste of her lover’s seed, before she let the rest be emptied into her throat, swallowing the large load with ease. Finally she went up and kissed him again, knowing he wouldn’t go down on her. Still, she felt him pick her up and throw her on the bed, and then she watched him lower his head to her cunt and begin to suck, lick and tease her. She was thrown into a world of feelings she hadn’t felt since….
When she felt her orgasm approach she yelled out, feeling the wave of intense feeling hit her hard. She squirted cum onto her husbands face, her sensitive pussy finally given a release after so long. Then he kissed her, her passion intensified by his care for her needs. As her tongue danced with her lover’s she tasted her cum, relishing the taste of woman in her husband’s mouth and on his tongue. Then she felt his manhood push into her, deeper than ever before. She gasped, her orgasm returning at the feel of her husband’s manhood on her cervix. He hit the back of her cunt every time he thrust, sending her into the throws of orgasm, making her desperate for more. When at last she felt him shoot his seed into her, she squealed at the sensation of her husband’s seed reaching her depths at last.

When Conner woke in the morning, he checked the alarm clock on his bedside table, reading six am. He lay in bed and thought about what had happened in his parents’ room last night. For some reason he hadn’t been able to read his mother’s mind past a certain point. The two of them had treated him like a piece of shit for his entire life, giving his the bedroom without a/c or heating, making him buy his own clothes with his own money. They had supplied a room and food, not a ride to school or a place for his former friends to come over. And yet his sister, the hottest girl in school, got everything she wanted. And he had helped them… well somewhat. The removal of his mother’s birth control had been somewhat vengeful, but not enough. He could only put it to chance.
He went to his sister’s mind again and was surprised to find her dreaming of the two of them fucking passionately, telling one another that they loved each other. He checked the changes he had made and when he was sure they were intact and permanent, he got out of bed and showered. He thought of what Lucifer had said to him yesterday, the bit about physical alteration. He remembered perfectly, one of the many mental changes the fallen angel had made to his mind. Before he had met the demon he had been short, wimpy, and not smart by any standard. Now, after the devil’s gift package, he was six foot one, muscular and the smartest guy in town, not to mention psychic. He thought about being six foot five and he watched as the cheap showerhead grew closer and closer until it was level with his eyes. He chuckled to himself. He returned to his new normal height, making his cock grow another inch so that the bulge was easily felt in his jeans, and threw on a black t-shirt. He grabbed his backpack and went downstairs to make breakfast. Heading down to the second floor, Conner had two interesting encounters. The first was with his sister, who he accidentally bumped into on his descent. With a roll of her eyes, she shut her door in his face.
Man, what the hell happened to him? He’s still buffed up, and… man I’m wet again! Every time I see him… and then those two dreams last night. I wonder if he really is that good at kissing… wonder if his cock is really that big?
Satisfied, he pulled out of his sister’s head and continued down the hall. Then his parents’ door opened in front of him. The sudden arc of the door sent it slamming into Conner’s face, giving him a nosebleed. His parents exited, noticing his dilemma after shutting the door.
“ Oh, honey did the door hit you? Sorry, grab some paper towels and make sure none of it gets on the carpet, ok?” little prick of a son, you had to ruin the moment, didn’t you? Walking without looking where you’re going is going to get you killed before long. Conner’s mom patted his shoulder and continued walking downstairs towards the kitchen. His father nodded good morning, muttered something and followed his mother. Conner let his anger at them flare, giving his mother a headache and shortening his father’s cock to five inches. Hopefully they got another kid, and then they would just forget him.
Finally reaching the bottom of the stairs he realized the time was seven o’clock, time for him to start walking. He didn’t bid them a farewell, just walked out the door. Normally he didn’t leave for another half an hour but he wanted out of the hellhole that was his house. As he walked, he felt strange, as though there was something coming. He was already well into the shady neighborhood when a door opened to his left. He turned and was amazed by what he saw. Standing on the stoop was a beautiful girl; her red hair cut short and her blue eyes creating a startling contrast. She was short, maybe five foot five, but it wasn’t really what he antalya escort bayan saw that amazed him. The connection was instantaneous. Her name was Melody Vanell, she was in his class, knew just what had happened to him. Something about her was different, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Melody descended, seemingly wondering why he was staring at her.
“Uh, sorry, I didn’t mean to stare, it’s just that I didn’t expect to see you here… and well, I hadn’t seen your eyes before… Melody, right?” Somehow he summoned up the courage to speak. When he finished she brushed her hair from her eyes and nodded. Something still didn’t seem right, but he couldn’t place it.
“ Yeah, that’s right. You’re Conner, right? The kid that, um…” she seemed nervous to bring it up, nervous that she was standing next to him. So that’s what it was… he should have known some of his schoolmates would have believed it.
“No, not the Conner that they spread around school. Same name, same victim, not THAT guy.” He was red, embarrassed and angry and he knew it. Melody dropped her gaze, muttering an apology and walking towards the bus stop at the entrance to his neighborhood. He sighed and walked away. She would be waiting thirty minutes for the bus; he would be at school in fifteen minutes. He left her alone.

When he did reach school, he began his work. First he tore down all the flyers, counting over two hundred and shoving them into the trash. Then, with ten minutes till the rush of busses and students, he began preparing a few surprises for his fellow classmates. Including the principal catching two students getting pregnant. Revenge would be sweet.


After third period, Conner had taken enough. His sister and her friends had decided to plant a prepaid phone with certain pictures on it in his locker and then tell the principal. It was time. He had been searching the school all morning and now he knew who had done this to him. He decided to make it an early funeral for some very important classmates. Ron Ferris, Mary De Mane and Georgia Roberts, along with his sister and her friends, had tried to ruin his life and now it was payback time. The school would know a couple scandals after today and he would be scot-free.
Fifth period, Conner reached out to a few people, including Selena, and had them leave class. They had specific instructions, and this was going to be sweet vengeance. When the lunch bell rang, he let the motion towards the cafeteria happen as normal, allowing the students enter the cafeteria before trying to stop them. There were only three doors into the large room, and he was keeping a third of the students at bay. At least, until the screams came from inside. Then he let them in, to find three football stars and several popular girls be found half naked in a room that reeked of sex. Of course one guy and his girlfriend were in each other’s arms, with his cock in her pussy and his cum leaking out. They woke at the sound of screams, all fourteen of them waking and frantically trying get their clothes on. Several of the girls had fallen asleep on top of one another, and his sister had been seen with her mouth in her best friend’s pussy.
The next day, they school was called to assembly. The kids listened to the principal lecture them on what had happened and tell how sex was not allowed among the students. However, they would only be suspended and would go to alternative placement for the rest of the year; and Conner, the helpless victim, got to sit on stage while they apologized to him and their classmates for the terrible prank they played on him.
After the Friday assembly, Conner walked home on his normal route, accompanied by a few of his classmates who usually got picked up by parents after work. He enjoyed the talk, and the group agreed to walk home on Monday as well, and even go to the movies that weekend. The group was somewhat large, five guys and seven girls, all who lived in close range to Conner. Finally the walk was left to Conner, Melody, and Sarah, the only junior among the mostly sophomore group. The two were best friends and both extremely hot, Melody shy but smart and funny, Sarah bubbly and confident in herself. When finally the three reached Melody’s house, the girls exchanged hugs, and Melody reached up and hugged Conner.
“I’m glad you got them back. If you wanna talk, my number is in your backpack.” The whisper left him stunned. He and Sarah continued their walk, both living in the same neighborhood and surprisingly on the same street. He walked her to her house, where she too reached up to pull him close. But Sarah pulled him into a kiss, a tender, lingering kiss that quickly turned into a passionate make out session. After she told him she would see him and Melody tonight, if he called. He walked home chuckling at the pair of foxes.


When Kyle got home, he was on edge. His parents weren’t home yet, but two cars were parked out front. He could sense the fourteen who had tried to ruin him inside, all of them malicious. He could tell he would get to beat up some football players if they wouldn’t talk to him. He walked into the house, greeted by a fist shooting into his gut. The wind was still in his lungs, or at least enough to lock the second swing. The quarterback of the football team, who had been suspended and kicked from the team, tried to throw a third before Conner could get his wind back. Catching the blow on his elbow, he shot his fist into the teen’s gut twice, and then kicked his legs out from under him. The girls stood in awe, wondering how the wimpy kid they had tried to get expelled had become this fist-fighting stud (Their exact thoughts). He didn’t even address them, simply grabbed the phone and went upstairs to his room.
He had known it was coming, and he had taken down the biggest guy in their school. After calling the number in his backpack and talking to Melody for a bit, they agreed to meet in the town park at eight. Then he went back downstairs.
He sight was sad. The girls were sitting awkwardly in the kitchen and Ron was sitting on the couch with his football buddies, all of whom kept some distance from Ron’s girlfriend. When Conner stepped off the stairs, he knew what was coming the seven guys in the living room stood and approached him, prepared to avenge their comrade.
“What the fuck do you pricks want?” Conner’s anger surprised them enough to stall them. They looked questioning at him, forcing him to continue. “ You think that beating the crap out of me will fix the problem. I could have pressed charges against your buddy, but instead I got him suspended instead of expelled! And he tried to tear me up for that? Huh. I’ve taken enough crap from you guys, I’m done. Come on, let’s fight, ill take you all on!” even the girls looked up at that. He had reached out to the minds of the adults and made them remember a talk with him on the subject though they wouldn’t say what was said.
Finally after much foot shuffling one of the nicer linebackers stepped forward and apologized, making the rest do the same. They shook hands and they all left, with one or two looks at Ron. Once they left he looked at Conner with pure hatred.
“ You lying son of a bitch! You might of fooled them dumbasses but you aint fooling me! Why would you try not to get us expelled?” in his anger he approached Conner with balled fists. Conner stepped to meet him and he backed up.
“ It’s the truth, douche bag, and you can talk to any of the guys who were making the decision. So fuck off! Plus, as much as I hate my family, if my sister gets expelled ILL get blamed. So I was looking after my own ass, not yours. By the way, happy father’s day.” With that, and a hating look towards his sister, he walked out of his house. Once out on the porch, he realized he still had the handset. He called the last number and rescheduled, setting the phone down on the rail and heading towards the park.


Ten minutes of waiting in the park before Melody appeared, and those weren’t terrible ten minutes. Conner stood when he saw her, reaching out to hug her. She ran the last few steps towards him, wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling his lips to hers. He wrapped his hands around her waist, resting his hands on her ass and kissing her with tenderness and passion. They stood kissing for several minutes, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouths. Finally they broke away, keeping their noses touching and smiling at each other. After saying hello he pulled her into another kiss, his hands sliding up to her hair and increasing the passion behind his lips. She responded the same way, their tongues intertwining and writhing in each others mouths.
Finally they separated, smiling broadly escort antalya at each other and heading off towards the nature walk, a long trail that led away from the rest of the world for a at least a two hour walk. As they walked they pulled each other closer, until they were attached to one another by the hip. Finally they reached a river crossing, where Melody pulled him into the trees on a hidden path. After about ten minutes they came to a clearing with a few picnic tables and a large tent set up. Conner allowed himself to be dragged towards the tables, where she turned and kissed him. Breaking away she whispered in his ear,
“Sarah thinks we are meeting at five, so we’ve got a couple hours… what do you think we should do?” Her voice was as seductive as possible, sexy and sweet and warm in his ear. He grabbed her by the ass and lifted her onto the picnic table they were closest too. When she felt herself being lifted into the air she wrapped her legs wrapped his waist, as Selena had done that morning. Her sandals fell off behind him, her jeans pressing tight into his waist as they kissed each other into a state of frenzy. The first breath the shirts came off, revealing a sexy white lace bra containing a set of 26B tits. The breath lasted as long as there was fabric in the way, then the kiss continued, the two becoming rougher and more passionate with one another, the bra coming off at some point and allowing Melody’s tits to push heir hard nipples into Conners chest. They did not stop the kiss to remove their pants, the shorts and blue jeans dropping and the pair getting closer.
Finally the two broke the kiss, and Conner lifted her higher on his stomach, putting his mouth over her breast and making out with her nipple. He exercised every way he had learned to pleasure Selena, his tongue swirling around her tit and causing her to moan and yank his head tighter to her chest. He switched to the other and ran his hands over melody’s back, caressing her as much as possible with the need for her burning in his gut. He reached out to her mind and made her tits, stomach, ass and pussy more sensitive when she was aroused, making her moans turn to cries of ecstasy. Finally he set her down and tore her panties off, forcing his tongue and three fingers into her soaking wet crotch. He felt her feet slide his boxers down so they were around his legs, freeing his ten-inch monster.
“Oh FUCK! Give it to me, make me cum, of fuck yes oh fuck me oh finger FUCK MY SOAKING WET CUNT!!” her scream made Conner increase the speed and power behind both his tongue and fingers. He also slipped his last finger and thumb into his sex, making her scream even more.
“ YEEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!! FIST-FUCK MY FUCKING CUNT, SUCK MY CLIT, MAKE ME YOUR LITTLE SLUT, MAKE ME CUUUUUUUUUM!” with the last words his wrist slipped into her cunt and she came harder than Conner had thought possible, even after Selena. He felt his testicles tighten at her scream, feeling the cum fire out of his cock onto the picnic table. When she stopped shuddering, he pulled his fist from her cunt, licking his fingers and tasting her. He watched as she raised herself off of her back and smiled at him, pulling him back into their passionate make out session. After a little bit she broke off and looked at him, keeping her forehead on his.
“Thank you… I’m sorry if that was a bit frightening…” She was still breathing heavily, his breasts moving in and out with ragged breaths escaping her lips. In answer he pulled her back to his waist and trapped his cock between her sex and his chest and puling her lips to his. They kissed tenderly, gradually increasing their energy t what it had been. When they stopped for breath he smiled.
“ That was the hottest thing ever… you are the sexiest most passionate person ever. Not to mention gorgeous, smoking hot, and the nicest fucking person on the planet. Don’t apologize for being the sexiest girl on the planet.” She kissed him again, pulling away after a moment.
“ I thought the comment about making me your little slut would be to far… I’m glad you enjoyed the show.” She smiled and ground her pussy into his cock, the feeling making them both moan into each others mouths as they started making out again. Conner picked her up and walked towards the tent, stepping out of his shoes and underwear, all while Melody ground her sex into his. By the time they made it to the tent, they were frantic again, the desire for the other burning deep in their souls. Crouching, Conner stepped into the tent and laid Melody on the air mattress inside, not caring whose tent it was. He was gonna fuck this erotic creature hear whether or not the people were close. When he laid her down, she tightened the grip her thighs had on his waist, increasing her passion until they were shoving their tongues down each other’s throats like animals.
Finally Melody released his cock from her nether lips, allowing him to break the kiss and position his cock at the entrance to her cunt. He didn’t have to look into her eyes to know that it was ok. He shoved his cock into her cunt, driving his meat in to the hilt and forcing his lover to cry out in pleasure. He pulled her back into the kiss and began to rapidly shove his cock into her pussy, her wetness making a sloshing sound when his balls slapped her ass. He fucked her with everything he had, moaning into her tongue and breaking off to look into her eyes and suck on her tits. If she was frantic when it was just oral sex she was an animal in heat now. She screamed for more, begging for his cock with all her being, cumming with the force of a waterfall and squirting all over Conner. They changed positions twice, starting off in missionary and switching to where she could ride him, then where he was fucking her from behind. Finally Conner was on top of her again, pounding away and trying to keep his stamina up just a little longer.
“OHfuckyesfuckmeohfuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmeYEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!” She came like a hurricane, her arms roughly tugging at her tits and her back arching, cumming squirting from her cunt by the gallons. The sight of his lover cumming so hard set Conner off, making him pound and her cunt and bringing forth a yell from his throat.
“ OH FUCK IM CUMMING IN YOUR FUCKING CUNT” Conner felt his nuts tighten again, felt the heat in his shaft as the cum raced out of his into his lover’s cunt. Just before he came he made his cock grow an inch around and two long, making the fit so tight Melody moaned at her cervix being pushed back. The result forced Conner’s seed directly into her womb, forcing another orgasm form her tired, sweaty body. Conner used his ability to keep cumming as long as possible, extending both of their orgasms. Finally he could take it no longer and collapsed onto his partner, wrapping his arms around her and rolling so that she was on top, before passing into dreamless slumber.

When Conner woke, he looked into melody’s sleeping face, her breaths gentle and deep. The feeling of warmth engulfing his cock made him start, almost waking Melody and making his cock jump up into whatever was surrounding his cock. When the tongue started circling the head, he thought that the owners of the tent had returned and had happened to be horny women. But reaching out, he looked into the mind of Sarah, discovering some interesting things about her. Quickly, he made the sensitivity adjustments, also bumping her 20D breasts to a size 36D, making the transition slowly. He also made it so that Melody would grow larger breasts over time, reaching 20C eventually. He also checked her body for signs of pregnancy, thanking whatever divine being cared that she wasn’t pregnant after all the cum he had poured into her womb.
He enjoyed the blowjob, gradually getting to the point of orgasm. Sarah really was good, and by now her tit were the expanded size. She had gradually stripped, now completely naked while still sucking and grazing his cock head and making the arousal even greater for him. Finally he came, again giving his testicles another boost in their cum shooting. Conner decided when she gagged he would stop, though the pleasure of her mouth of his cock and his continued orgasm became to much and he was forced to stop. He altered his nuts again so that he would have twice his normal amount of seed by the next time he came. He heard the tent flap open, and rolled Melody off of his chest so that he could escape. He quickly walked out, seeing Sarah sitting on one of the picnic tables. He walked over, embracing her and cupping one of her tits as he did so.
“ You guys started without me. That’s just plain mean.” The sarcasm in her voice made Conner chuckle.
“Don’t be mad at me, sleeping beauty was the one who told you to come at five. We’ve only been here since three.” By now she was leaning antalya escort back into him, his hand tugging lightly at her engorged nipple. She obviously liked it, due to her placing his hand down on her pussy. She turned her head and kissed him, not as hard as Melody had but sweet and tender. He gradually massaged her breast and cunt and making her moan into his mouth. He let go of her sex and her breast, turning her so that he could place his re-hardened cock into her pussy. Her cunt was dripping from the massage and his meat slid inside of her as easily as day turns to night. He pulled her close and kissed her again, making love to her as tenderly as possible. One day he and melody would love like this, maybe even tonight, but right now he focused on Sarah and her needs.
She kissed him with love, not frantically but slowly and sweetly. He slid his cock in and out of her body with care, its new length and girth stretching her cunt to its limit. Finally she came for him, holding the kiss and arching into his body. Her cunt spasmed all over his cock, taking the intruder in as though it was meant to be there. Gradually, as happened with the blowjob, he built up to orgasm, making her cum three more times and making her cry out in ecstasy. Finally he broke the kiss and shoved his length up into her pussy and up against her cervix. He brought his mouth close to her ear, whispering that he was cumming. The cum in his cock exploded into Sarah, her cervix being bombarded by his seed. The force of his orgasm sent Sarah into her own and they sat cumming together. When at last it was over and he pulled out, she kissed him again. Then they heard Melody stir in the tent, and smiled to one another.
The two of them entered the tent to see Melody stretching. The motion of the two getting onto the air mattress with her woke her up completely. She looked at Conner, then scooted closer to Sarah and began to kiss her as Sarah had kissed Conner, with passion but tenderly. Conner watched, stroking his growing cock at the sight of these two beautiful women who he had fucked having their own sex. Gradually Melody laid Sarah down and climbed on top of her, increasing the passion of the kiss until they were making out, tongues dancing in and out of each other’s mouths. They hugged each other as close as they could, mashing their tits together and enjoying it. Conner almost fainted when Melody began to grind on Sarah’s leg. Sarah returned the favor, moaning at the feel of her sensitive pussy rubbing on cum-coated skin.
Conner decided to make the scene a little more interesting, doubling the sensitivity of the girls bodies, and then he decided to let Melody fuck Sarah with her own cock. He reached out, making sure both were okay with the idea of becoming a hermaphrodite for a short time. When he was sure he connected to melody and made her clit slowly grow to become an eleven inch, rock hard cock. She even he testicles dangling from her newfound member. When the two realized what was happening they watched in amazement then looked at Conner. He grinned and continued stroking his cock. He also elevated their hormone levels to such a point that meant they would strip and masturbate in a park full of children. The two were filled with such lust that they didn’t question the change, simply accepted it. Melody took the change well, driving the meat into Sarah with one thrust and pounding into her with force enough to start slapping her new testicles against Sarah’s ass. The sound gave Conner and idea. He quickly got behind Melody, placing his cock at the entrance to her ass.
“Relax and this will feel amazing, trust me.” She whimpered but Conner felt the muscles in her tightest hole relax. He pushed, letting her thrusting into Sarah do all the work. Her desire to fuck her girlfriend was greater than the desire to go easy on her ass, and in a short time Melody had Conner’s cock up to the hilt in her ass, fucking herself and her best friend at the same time. She moaned at the fell of the meat in her ass, the squeezing of her sphincter causing Conner to grunt every time she came, and she came more with every thrust. Finally both Melody and Conner drove forward and came, sending their largest load of the night into their lover.
The three extricated themselves and Melody kissed Conner, before looking down at her new cock. He received the message and made it sink back into a clit, her testicles shrinking and retreating as well. Finally she looked totally normal. They all sat and kissed each other for a few minutes before standing and walking to the picnic tables. They dressed, making small talk and arranging the next date between the three of them. They decided that since they were all in love with the other two that the dating would forever be a threesome. After packing the tent and mattresses, they headed back into society. After a short walk they dropped Melody at her house. After a long kiss for each of her lovers, she entered the house. Conner and Sarah kept walking, the camping items being hers they stopped there first. He put the items in the back shed where she instructed him and then kissed Sarah goodbye, slipping his hand down her pants before breaking away, making her cum in her backyard and leaving a wet spot on the crotch of her jeans.
Finally Conner reached his house, tired and satisfied. He walked up the stairs, knowing either his parents weren’t back or they were all three out. He entered his room, walking to the bedside table and switching on the light. When he turned to his bed he jumped out of his skin, the sight of his sister Selena sitting on the edge scaring him beyond belief. She stood, wearing only her bathrobe, and stepped towards him.
“ Do you really hate me?” her voice was so cracked and sad he couldn’t tell her he did. “ And don’t lie to me! I want the truth, Conner.”
“Yes.” He was stunned by his own words. But now everything was pouring out, and even he, with demonic powers, couldn’t stop himself. “I mean, what did you expect? You treat me like shit, and everyone knows it. So do mom and dad. You guys hate me, why shouldn’t the feeling be mutual? You tried to ruin my life! If I hadn’t…” he stopped himself before he told about his powers and their origin. “Selena you had me ready to just end it. What you did that day… Jesus did you think I would laugh? Then again, if it hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have met the two girls I met. So I guess I should thank you.” He walked to the door and opened it, gesturing for her to leave. He almost felt bad, but when he thought of everything that had happened he was pissed. She stayed in the same spot. Looking at him as though there was something left to say.
Conner shut the door, knowing she wouldn’t leave until she had her way. He walked back to the bed, sitting down, and then standing again.
“ What is it? What else could you want from me?! I gave you the truth! What else??” he was hoarse now, ready go to sleep and exhausted from his threesome fuck. But what happened wasn’t what he expected. She walked up to him and pulled him to her face, and kissed him. He didn’t have the energy to argue, or the energy to fuck her. So her just kissed her, their tongues intertwining and twisting with each other. He was too tired to do anything, so he slipped off her robe, knowing there was nothing underneath. She grabbed his shirt and pushed it up over his head, undoing his jeans and pushing those and his boxers down to the floor, pulling him close and holding him there. Somewhere he found the strength to pick her up and lay her on the bed, lying down on top of her.
As they kissed he caressed her ass, her thighs and her hips, moving his hands all over her body. The kiss continued, but he rolled her on top of him. They stayed like that until his cock was hard between them. Selena broke away and looked at him, before sliding onto his cock. He pulled her back into the kiss, his cock sliding up into her until he encountered a barrier. He had always assumed she had let her first boyfriend have her virginity. He stopped and looked at her, looking for an answer. She kissed him, and increased her passion. He knew she wanted it, so he pushed and tore through her hymen and stealing his sister’s virginity. He was rejuvenated enough to be ready to come quickly. He knew he wouldn’t last long, so he made his cock as big as she could take, and slowly slid in and out of her cunt, making love to one of the people he hated most.
He felt her pussy tighten on his cock, knowing she was cumming on him. The feeling sent him over the edge, causing him to squirt his seed deep into her sex, filling her womb and then her cunt so much that he felt it running out onto the sheets between them. He kept himself cumming, forcing her orgasm to continue. Finally they fell asleep in each other’s arms, Conner’s cock buried in Selena’s newly fucked pussy, her lips on his.

***Thanks for the ratings, first stories and I’m glad you like them! Sorry for all the question marks in the last one and sorry for the mistake. And this is most likely the last story with Conner.

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