Enticed and Humiliated Ch. 12

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Part 12 – The French Maid Cleans Up

I stayed in the kitchen a while studying at the table. My mind was not on my studies though. I still had the taste of cum and shit in my mouth. I could not believe how easily I had just slurped down a turd!

About half an hour later, Glen called me back into the bedroom. He was now fucking the shorter guy, in the ass, doggy style. The shorter guy was at the same time sucking the taller guys cock. I was very envious of his spit roasted position and wished that it was me there instead.

“I’m having trouble nutting and my dick is sore. Get down and suck my nuts. I need some more stimulation!” Glen ordered.

I must have wagged my ass like the bitch that I felt I was, as I jumped on the bed and wiggled under the short guy, who was on all fours. After I was under him on my back I lifted my head and took one of Glen’s hanging nuts into my mouth. I kept it trapped between my semi closed teeth and could feel the scrotum’s pull at the beginning and end of each of thrust.

At first I was content sucking on Glen’s nut but soon I needed more. I grabbed both his nuts with my hand and succeeded in stuffing both of them into my mouth. I would lick around them and in between them with my tongue. I must have been doing something right because Glen yelled, “That’s what I’m talking about bitch! I’m gonna nut soon!”

True to his word Glen came after only a few more thrusts. He rested in the shorter guy’s ass for a bit. After withdrawing his cock, he pivoted around and fed it to me! Once again I was slurping mostly on lube. There was some ass taste to his cock too but not much. After it had shrunk and I sucked the last drop of delicious cum from it he got off.

Since the taller guy had still not nutted the shorter dude was still on all fours with his ass above my face. I reached up and wrapped my arms around his waist pulling my face up to his hole. It was raw and there was lube smeared all around it. If there was more light, I would have been able to see right into it for it was gaping wide! Beşiktaş Escort

With broad swipes of my tongue I set about my heavenly task. I cleaned his cheeks and crack of all smears of lube. Now the good part remained. I made a point with my tongue and started swiping around his chute gently. I could hear him moaning on the taller guy’s dick. He also started clenching his ass in pleasure and the gaping closed. This was my cue to really go to work!

I formed an airtight seal around his back exit with my lips and stared worming my tongue in. After it was all the way in I would withdraw it and suck at the same time. Soon I had some cum coming out along with my tongue. I savored it, but did not get much because it was Glen’s second load. I was disappointed that I could not get more. Not for long though!

The taller dude came hard in the shorter guys mouth and grunted loudly as he did. The shorter guy quickly got off of me and swung around facing me. He lowered his face to me and kissed me deeply. With his kiss came a HUGE load of cum!

I was in heaven and savored this sticky surprise. I swished it around and held it until it got thoroughly mixed with my saliva and lost its stickiness. It was a pleasure to swallow it down.

“I’m glad you like it! I always hated swallowing that shit down!” the short dude said.

I noticed that the tall guy’s dick had started shriveling and had a nice size bead of cum on the slit. I sat up and took it in my mouth. With a little suction I got even more out.

Glen said, “Come on let’s watch some TV.” Looking at the shorter guy he added, “Since you haven’t come yet you can have the bitches ass after she serves us some beers.”

Together Glen and the tall dude went to the living room and switched on the TV. I jumped up and got them two beers from the fridge loving the feeling of the plug moving in my ass. The friction of all the lace on my skin also fueled my feeling of well being. I opened the beers and slowly poured them into two chilled glasses. I made Beşiktaş Escort Bayan sure to stick my pantied but out from under the maid’s uniform.

Once I had handed them the glassed Glen slapped me hard on the ass and barked, “Get out of here you nasty slut!”

I pranced back into the bedroom where the shorter dude was waiting for me on the bed.

“Do you really enjoy doing all of that nasty stuff?” he inquired.

“I can’t get enough of it. The nastier the task and the more I am humiliated, the deeper my contentment.” I replied with a big grin.

He informed me, “Well you really are a submissive slut! I am glad that you are here because I hate doing the nasty stuff that they like. It’s just that I am totally in love with my boyfriend.”

“Are you going to fuck my ass or talk about your problems all night?” I demanded and got on all fours.

The short guy got some lube of the dresser and lubed up his cock. He just pulled my panties aside and did nothing.

“What’s the problem?” I asked.

“Your dick is tied to a plug in your ass!” he exclaimed.

“Well untie it and fuck my ass good. I have been waiting for the real thing all night!” I whined.

He fumbled with the knots in the ribbon some before releasing my dick. I unclenched my ass a little and the plug shot out. My ass felt so empty until he stuck his dick in. It went in so easily because it was accommodated to the plug. Soon we had a good rhythm going.

“I am not going to last long! They have used me and kept me aroused all evening.” He shouted.

I was enjoying the friction of the panty material on my cockhead. My balls were hanging out the edge and I had a wedgie in my crack. My cockhead started peeking out of the top of the panties and the elastic band was doing wonders to it!

The shorter guy started spurting and I could feel the heat in my bowels! It was just what I needed to put me over the edge. I backed onto his shaft with all the force that I had. I ground my ass into is pelvic bone and Escort Beşiktaş could feel the wiry texture of his pubic hair on my cheeks.

I had caught the little cum that came out of my dick in my palm. After the shorter dude pulled out, I pulled the wedgie out of my crack, turned around and showed him how I slurped up the puddle that I held.

I think he took the cue and ordered, “Clean me off bitch!”

As I swallowed my jizz, I gladly went down on this guy and lovingly cleaned off his shaft. I was happy to get some fecal matter that had lodged itself behind the cockhead ridge. When it was clean I released his shaft and sat up.

Sitting up, caused unexpected pleasures. I could feel a cramp in my bowels and knew that it was the load that he deposited there. I quickly stood up by the bed bending my knees so that I was in a kind of standing squatting position. I could see the shorter dude looking at me inquisitively. I enjoyed shitting all of his load into the gusset of my panties!

When I knew that it was all out I carefully stepped out of the panties. A huge pool of shit streaked cum was gathered in the gusset! Being careful not to spill any I lifted it up to my face and sniffed. The heady aroma of my entrails mixed with this large load caused me to salivate, like one of Pavlov’s bitches! I always loved sniffing used panties but this was much more exciting!

I teased the shorter guy “Do you want to share this feast with me?”

He winced and said, “No thanks. You are one sick bitch! I don’t know how Glen is not grossed out by you. He thinks that you are the best thing this semester!”

Feeling extreme pride at what he just said I sucked up the lion’s share of the load. It was so divine! I performed my ritual of swirling it around my mouth before ingesting it. I then proceeded to such the remains of it out of the panty material. This was an easy task since they were so thin and lacy.

The shorter dude went out to the living room and announced that he was going to take a shower.

Glen called me over. I had the panties in my hand. “Did you cum yet?” He inquired.

When I affirmed he said, “Then you are useless to me. Get dressed and get out! Go back to your whore and see if you can please her! By the way you did a decent job of cleaning up tonight.”

To be continued . . .

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